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10 Games That Have Been Blamed For Real Life Crimes

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Videogames have been unjustly blamed for many crimes since they first became a highly popular entertainment medium. Their power to simulate reality is both a blessing and their demise. We will be showcasing 10 videogames which have been named to be at fault for various criminal activities. From murders, robberies, breaking and entering, games like GTA V make a perfect scapegoat for the police and juries. Even games like Farmville have been named! Believe it or not! Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Text Comments (583)
ear wax (2 months ago)
I blame the video games!
Patrick Janes (9 months ago)
Was it truthfully blamed or falsely blamed?
AQ Le0 (10 months ago)
dude the stories are sad
Sebastian Duran (10 months ago)
"Life is a video, you got to die sometime'... lewl No you don't, you restart. Every time lol
steven reed (10 months ago)
I don't understand how video games can be at fault for crazy people
RUPAM HAZRA (10 months ago)
I think you missed the counter strike knife incedent
Rinegar (10 months ago)
I'm pretty sure a 3 y/o can survive 15 hours without eating; the toddler must have been neglected for much longer.
BDxoul (10 months ago)
Everything has their Dark side
Atlas Blitz (10 months ago)
im from the philippines
Atlas Blitz (10 months ago)
slender man raped her friend girl
Idontmattr 12 (10 months ago)
this is why women should not play games
Aices (11 months ago)
game was meant for fun *couple of years later* game was meant for fun GONE WRONG
Floating Goose (11 months ago)
I Could've gone without the first one
Ottomeme Gaming (11 months ago)
Somebody blowing up a building with an RPG like in Battlefield 3 wasn't in the video...
Raid One (11 months ago)
XD call of duty is used to prepare soldiers😂😂
Jordan Mcgrew (11 months ago)
By this same logic, if I read a book about building a bomb and decided to blow up my school, it would be the publishers fault.
DarkStride (11 months ago)
All of these are the fault of the person being stupid not the game. If you are too stupid to know that what is inside of a game should not be done in real life then I don't know how you have lived this long. It's ridiculous how these people blame a game for their idiotic actions.
Stefan Veenstra (11 months ago)
Notice how many of these are either kids playing games not for their age or parents so obsessed with games, not their kids.
SniperBravoTwoZero007 (11 months ago)
What a truckload of shit. Soldiers don't train from cod. I don't see soldiers with jump packs and quickscoping...
Time Lapse LV (11 months ago)
12 year old stabbed 19x and stills survives. idk ,im not an expert ,but that sounds odd to me.
Tristan Jun (11 months ago)
it's not the game it's the player
jgdmp0 (11 months ago)
I call click bait because I saw battlefield in the thumb nail
TheBlueKnight (11 months ago)
1. terrible mother
TheBlueKnight (11 months ago)
10. lets blame a video game for my actions! perfect logic
TheBlueKnight (11 months ago)
9. "let's go rob a friend" great friend he is
TheBlueKnight (11 months ago)
8. "life is like a video game, you have to die some time" wonderful justification for killing people
TheBlueKnight (11 months ago)
7. dude ... chill....
TheBlueKnight (11 months ago)
6. I'm sure your brother would understand....
UnformidableWolf (11 months ago)
I clicked on this vid like "*ohh this should be good*"
wtfMar (11 months ago)
$600 Xbox lol
Phanntyy (11 months ago)
Who dies of starvation after 15 hours??
Logan Anderson (11 months ago)
thumbnail used to depict that maybe the video will talk about 9/11.
Y34RZERO (11 months ago)
The one with manhunt, it turned out the victim was the avid gamer of it.
Joey Carrella (11 months ago)
all of this is either bad parenting or bullshit
Tropic Clan (11 months ago)
Why would someone be influenced by GTA V? Do it in the game, not IRL.
Yung Plum Stick (11 months ago)
83??!! This teaches you do everything you can to help your elders and always RESPECT them!!!
Yung Plum Stick (11 months ago)
So today after taking a bath I asked my grandma if she needed help, and she needed help carrying things down stairs so i did and when I was in the middle of the stiars my mom asked "did you put on deodorant and I went back upstairs with the stuff and put on deodorant and I was about to leave then I realized the stuff was on the floor so I had like a flashback to a unreal world to me leaving it there but then I picked it up and carried it down stairs so always respect your elders!!!!!
WTF CHEESENIPS (11 months ago)
My first game when I was 4 years old was Metal Gear Solid. Killing, fighting, blowing shit the fuck up. cutsenes of bodies torn apart. pretty much spit and ass everywhere. Grew up playing violent, sexual, drug reference, you name it games ALLL my life. Never once did I think: "Oh life is a video game" Never once did I have the itch to go out with my dad's guns and fuck shit up. Never once has it made me think killing is okay. These people here are just fucking mentally retarded as shit.
Riatz (11 months ago)
Fuck that bitch who killed her child EDIT: Fuck every parent who leaves their children alone EDIT 2:...And kills their children...
Voldebutt (11 months ago)
Games in the hands of stupid people are like guns, the gun doesnt kill, the stupid people that use the gun do. How many people have been killed over games of Monopoly or other activities? aint the games fault that the person playing them is an unhinged psychopath
MGT Troop (11 months ago)
Why was slender the arrival on here nothing about that game was brought up in the case
cmdrmeldoc59 (11 months ago)
Anders Behring Breivik blamed COD 4 himself to try and get this game some major controversy, but the Norwegian media weren't stupid enough to set the game in a bad light only because of what the lunatic said. And the game alone never got any blame as to why and how he killed 77 people, and hurting many more in a bombing of Oslo's Regjeringskvartalet and shootout on the island Utøya.
Pataduzit (11 months ago)
the only crime that i can believe that people who plays games can have committed is forget about their child which is seriously sad i cry every time i hear about something like that
KingCrow (11 months ago)
I'm supposed to be playing FarmVille but this one player keeps cutting my grass
Mrpancakeman (11 months ago)
nice thumbnail. kinda clickbait
MIRCE (11 months ago)
this video just pissed me off
Lassi Rajala (11 months ago)
Please tell me where in this video is the part with battlefield 3... You clickbaiting little piece of shit
4Team (11 months ago)
What about Doom when it got blamed for the columbine shooting
Henry Busse (11 months ago)
did you just say "acriate"?
NEGAN (11 months ago)
this video should be called FUCKING idiots who killed because of stupid shit like who kills a toddler because they nock over your Xbox or let your child starv to death and the farmvill one the mom could have paused the game and go back to it later fucking idiots.
GeRaf TheAwesomeGuys (11 months ago)
Click bait
Harvey whitby (11 months ago)
FarmVille= illuminati
Sindre Saur (11 months ago)
Nr1 Anders Breivik killed a load of people dressed as a Cop on an iland in Norway, he is in a maximum security facility now
Asu Lopper (11 months ago)
Dota 2 + pinoy See what he did there
HoneyBadgerAirsoft (11 months ago)
nice click bate, the thumbnail game wasn't even in the video
Yukine (11 months ago)
I hate when someone is drunk driving and the title says:"Guy think he is playing gta 5"
Doggie Donuts (11 months ago)
the one on call of duty if completely false. the guns in cod shoot nothing like gins in real life. and soldiers wont even have the time to play a video game because they are too busy training in real life
HUE Broadcasting (11 months ago)
FarmVille????!!!! Lol? What an idiot!
Mr11ESSE111 (11 months ago)
and when games dont exist what was fault for crimes then?? assholes always found some stupid excuse
angrybird4314 (11 months ago)
These videos are the best in the world!
SeverinLP (11 months ago)
I thaught counter-strike is in there 100% lol
InV Der (11 months ago)
What about how halo 3 and how that dude killed his parents cause they took his halo away
SplinterX1990 (11 months ago)
Where the hell is Counter-Strike? Everybody blamed CS before it was cool to blame video games
LovingMe (11 months ago)
havent watched it yet, but lemme guess: cod and gta v are 2 of the 10
AsianTookMyRice (11 months ago)
Anders bombed and killed all the people because of WOW
Chloroxite (11 months ago)
Also, these games werent blamed for the crimes. They were THE CAUSE.
Chloroxite (11 months ago)
"10 games that were blamed for real life crimes." Where? All I see are 10 times video games killed someone.
LaunchTimeFTW (11 months ago)
Why does the thumbnail show bf3 it wasn't in this list
Keaten Barbula (11 months ago)
starved to death in 15 hours my ass
Games and things YT (11 months ago)
Audios bad
Hotdog963z (11 months ago)
you say its unjustly blamed but all of these all make sense for why the game was blamed.
Tobbsnobb (11 months ago)
not only did breivik try to cop out with cod, he also tried it with wow. and some people believes now that wow is about killing youths, aint the media fun?
Spartan Studios (11 months ago)
I bet one of my balls that Call of Duty will be here
Singh A (11 months ago)
Cod war simulator 😂😂 then training soldiers😂 nah I am infantry wish di let me play cod 😂😂
gerphil25 (11 months ago)
At the beginning I was already expecting the Slender Man crime
GaXZooM (11 months ago)
number 10 is wrong, i live in norwat where he attacked, and he killed people that did go to my school, he didnt play mw he were playing world of warcraft....
GaXZooM (11 months ago)
number 10 is wrong, i live in norwat where he attacked, and he killed people that did go to my school, he didnt play mw he were playing world of warcraft....
breakinggood (11 months ago)
the guy on about cod being realistic is a fool
Uncle Al (11 months ago)
Wait how can a soldier train using a controller?
CheesyBadger (11 months ago)
Isnt it funny how the Thumbnail has nothing to do with the Video?
Friendly in Cherno (11 months ago)
Cod is not a war simulator its an arcade shooter😂
The Drift Ninja (11 months ago)
Some of these aren't crimes
Mark Weber (1 year ago)
Why does so many people playing at a internet cafe?
Ducky Duck RSC (1 year ago)
I bet everyone guessed GTA V was gonna be on the list.
clorox bleach (1 year ago)
why is bf3 in the thumbnail?
coreykim 515 (1 year ago)
all the people in this video need to get a life
Kiar (1 year ago)
So that is ok that mother forgets about her child and child dies it is ok and she gets 25y in prison but when guy stabs another guy it is lifetime in jail.... Fucking feminists.
Akeldama (11 months ago)
Kiar LV 25 years is life time. When they say life in prison. They mean 25 years.
WINDEX GLASS CLEANER (11 months ago)
4400tptp the stab is worse
4400tptp (11 months ago)
Avidion The dutchie both is bad but forgetting about your baby way worse
Avidion The xephele (1 year ago)
Kiar LV what's worse? stabbing someone? or leaving your own toddler to starve to death?
Nightmare 2125 (1 year ago)
What about DOOM and the Columbine shooting?
Oshin _Aykaz (1 year ago)
Caden Steelman (1 year ago)
slenderman stabbing kids are from my school :/
younggodkristian (1 year ago)
I don't get how it is a games fault for a person's actions that they did by there self
Antonios Antonios (1 year ago)
Well it's not the games fault if the people are such dumbasses
Trem (1 year ago)
PETA sued bf3 for the scene where you were tasked to stab a rat because if you didnt stab the rat you would get shot
SniperBravoTwoZero007 (11 months ago)
Trem What bullshit. PETAS fucking dumb
Warchief TTT (1 year ago)
the kid from brazil that kill for a dumb game money it was fuck up
CLOSED (1 year ago)
Fucking clickbait as usual, Battlefield 3 is not even in this.
srrywereopen (1 year ago)
Ignorant people are going like *VIDEO GAMES TURN KIDS INTO TERRORISTS!*
Slashy (1 year ago)
My dad is a detective. Two kids in my town threatened to shoot up a school..He arrested them and they blamed it on a quote "GTA V School Shooting DLC"
Kaffohrt (1 year ago)
Counter strike is not on the list cmon , in Germany its normal to blame cs go whatever circumstances
nyu! Chanko (1 year ago)
How the fuck is Counter Strike not on here when people semi-blamed it FOR COLUMBINE
H1V1 (1 year ago)
Starved in 15 hours? What? lol
Blant (1 year ago)
But what's the thumbnail though
monster (1 year ago)
0:20 thats before 7.00 rip
Ori M (1 year ago)
who is more stupid? the people who blames video games or the people who are addicted psycos for video games
Harry Sincoise (1 year ago)
Ori M which side are you on?
Omega DryZeYT (1 year ago)
why is this video uploaded on my bday :/
Manny V (1 year ago)
all it takes is 15 hours for babys to die from hunger
george lopez (1 year ago)
killed your kid over wildlands! that game is repetitive garbage!

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