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Elon Musk Doubts This Idea. Ali Hajimiri Is Betting on It.

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Caltech professor and inventor Ali Hajimiri has a reputation for defying conventional wisdom and turning science fiction into reality. His latest and boldest project to date is wireless power transfer, and it could change the way we power our lives. Video by Matt Goldman Game Changers is a three-part series about some of the world's most determined and hard-working visionaries who are on the verge of becoming household names. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2018-07-12/elon-musk-hates-this-idea-ali-hajimiri-is-betting-on-it-video ------------------- Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (1104)
Salvy Gonzy (5 hours ago)
hmmm interesting then nxt step along our orbit u will gonna try building a halo then a dayson sphere
Sion Mars (1 day ago)
He can turn this into a weapon
ElectroSalvo (2 days ago)
wrong market, it's a useless prototype gizmo in space. Try the Electronic consumer markets wireless charging and stuff of that nature.
Attila Ihász (2 days ago)
So, somehow, it makes more sense to buy a 100$ 2kg solar panel, put it into space for for ~6.000$, install it around a long range transmitting system (??$) that will have some efficiency losses, with the work of 10+ engineers and scientists, then to just buy 3 panels for 300$ and and have them installed by a single electrician on a spot of the 99.99% surface of the Earth that does not already have solar panels on it. Intriguing. Same amount of power produced, one cost 300$ + 1 electrician hour, other costs 6.100$ + ??$ + 20+ engineer / scientist hours. Oh by the way: The ~6.000$ launch cost for 2 kg ( Falcon 9 reusable configuration) goes up to ~10.000$ if you disclude ventures of Elon, and go with the second cheapest option currently available. Just saying on your comment "If there is anyone out there who could steer the thrust of technology from its own demise, and toward the betterment of humanity" - there a lot of people actively doing that, and this guy might be amongst them, but he needs to not just imagine and make "cool tech stuff", but also make it in a way that it practically and economically makes sense to be anywhere near of the frontier.
Nathan ObJective (2 days ago)
It's better used in transfering power between spaceships, or between different MODULES within a single spaceship, or modular spaceship... Not to the ground.
gelisob (3 days ago)
Let's assume crazy 90% conversion on send and receive laser. Now tell me how much will be lost in the 60km of air moisture and clouds? And then tell me the plan how to convince goverments to allow such powerful laser in orbit.. That can "miss" the receiver too..
IJM IJAM (3 days ago)
He's against it bcus it's what he's doing...
M JP (3 days ago)
great guy. Hope he is going to be funded.
ThePrimeGameProtector (4 days ago)
Now we know that Elon Musk is an asshole. I used to like the guy.
LetoZeth (4 days ago)
Using Elon Musk to get views. *disliked and stopped watching*
hypnostream (4 days ago)
If elon doubts it you know it will be successful for sure musk is not the person ppl think he is
Dick Riley (4 days ago)
Poor guy thinks he can put those in SPAAAAAACE... lol Musk knows better...
Vinod Raghavan (4 days ago)
He should Generate Power from Jhinns...
BeAn BeAn (4 days ago)
Elon owns both a solar power company and a rocket company, both making the most cheapest _and_ advanced products within their industries. You'd think he would be the first to jump on this idea if it were actually feasible... Duh...
Matthew Chun (4 days ago)
The obvious comparison is wifi versus ethernet. I'll stick with ethernet :)
Wemdiculous (4 days ago)
who cares if energy gathering is more efficient in space when you need 9 pounds of Rocket fuel for every pound you send up... just use the money you save by not going to space to build a bigger array on earth. Otherwise you really need to send something that can produce these into space and produce them there before the proper scale can be achieved.
Wiz Kidd (4 days ago)
Frankly this is a waste of time, figure out how to make a space elevator , so many problems vanish.
Sergio Rodriguez (4 days ago)
You know what's funny is that if you don't see the benefit of this idea then what. Think about it Einstein said it E = MC2 which allows light to be captured at any given speed. Nikola Tesla already had a system in place for energy transmission using the earth as the conductor. It doesn't matter how fast you go in space or not light will always catch up and energy will always be there. Put a solar panel on or in your car to charge your phone you'll still get energy. And by the way elon may own a rocket that is powered by fuel and owns a car company powered by batteries why waste your time with fuel. You can create a turbine powered rocket or a mag rail gun rocket that spins.
Max Nomad (4 days ago)
3 or 4 orbital arrays with the same concept to focus intencity
orangeray21 (4 days ago)
I think if they used the energy in space, that may make more sense, instead of costly beaming and transferring to facilities on Earth. For instance, the space station, junk clean up, surface mining on the moon, and much more!
d: x (4 days ago)
Is it necessary to write equations on windows to look genius?
Helaman Gile (4 days ago)
Lol that's me
Harmeet Nijher (4 days ago)
This could revolutionize the process of establishing Mars
Nancy B. (5 days ago)
lithgrapher (5 days ago)
Iranian smart dude
Merf live (5 days ago)
It's just a promo video for funding. Nice work. Hope he makes it.
Jay Gojiya (5 days ago)
Transfer electricity wireless is joke
antonio volpe (5 days ago)
My P100D is in full agreement with Elon
deviousxen (5 days ago)
This made me hate Elon Musk more and I had no idea that was possible and THAT is truly amazing.
Vitaliy Fursov (5 days ago)
Musk is not a scientist, he is not an engineer. He is simple salesman who must maintain his "superior" reputation. Mr. Ali , most likely, works on PhD program or some kind of military grant. Time will show, but so far.. the stupidest idea is Flight to Mars of Humans and Batteries for home.
Shaun Twed (5 days ago)
Don't be so Stupid, Moslems havn't invented anything in Thousands of Years 😂
Diego Sanchez (5 days ago)
Why not bet on fusion or thorium reactors?
le paw (5 days ago)
efficiency = 1% eletrical power 99% heat or what? Many words but nothing got said
Gf (5 days ago)
anything wireless is an atrocity, i get headaches just by turning on the wifi.
Alfredo F. (5 days ago)
Engineering is the discipline of creativity.
elon thinks 800 mph vaccum trains that travel hundres of miles can be built for a billion doallars but space based solar power? thats the stupidest thing ever. i think people will soon find out that support for elon musk was the stupidest thing ever. he is a fraud. literally. he lied to investors about telsa production numbers.
Jay (5 days ago)
You just want to build a giant space laser, admit it.
Roamin Scot (5 days ago)
So what did this guy invent?
Timetunnel (5 days ago)
Youtube should suspend clickbait videos
Guymick Cormic (5 days ago)
Joel Hernandez (5 days ago)
It’s a great idea until they find a way to weaponize it 🤦🏻‍♂️
DeuceGenius (5 days ago)
It would be nice to absorb all the power the earths magnetic field deflects
m m (5 days ago)
Why would you go to space to bring power back to earth, at such a huge tax to effeciency? This sounds like a stupid idea.
The BiG (5 days ago)
Thunderf00t pls show the way
Ufksjcjd Nvmvmc (5 days ago)
Elon Musk should stick to making fake submarines for pr stunts and leave real science to the real scholars.
tsmspace (5 days ago)
I say why solar?? Blasting solar panels to space is a lot of very rare minerals. We could set up a wind farm on Antarctica, catch up that Katabatic soup with some copper and magnets, and beam it via satellite network around the world, damned be the diminishing effects of so many conversions,, it will allow for short term high energy demands to be met without huge temporary infrastructure. A glorified mobile solar panel and you can soak up terawatts for a one time activity.
Jean Roch (5 days ago)
I wish him the best, but Musk is right. The more you convert energy, and the farther you send it, the less you get in the end. Having your solar panels right where you're using electricity makes a million times more sense.
mursalat (5 days ago)
Give em some time. These idiots will stop shitting on Elon for no reason someday. Grow some braincells
matthew rittenhouse (5 days ago)
Is that a bomb ?
North 2345 (5 days ago)
So he's copying the grounds of tesla
ScottTheAngel (5 days ago)
Seems like lots of power would be wasted and I'm sure elon has thought this through already.
Matthew Mclean (5 days ago)
build it in space
Abraar Sameer (5 days ago)
10$ per KWh...
Cas (5 days ago)
Work together equils positive results.
Cas (5 days ago)
More tests from other brains will determine the positive and honest results.
Abraar Sameer (5 days ago)
Installing solar panels on earth is much more efficient. It would cost a heck lot to set a satellite on geostationary orbit that produces megawatts from solar power. Even bigger problem, sending wireless energy from orbit is really inefficient
Yesterday Science (5 days ago)
If I was him I would make Tesla towers instead
soares dani (5 days ago)
It is not a wisdom idea. But I liked the information.
Henrique (5 days ago)
Lot of Musk's boot lickers around here...
n d (5 days ago)
and this way cartels can control this everpresent resource,i am sure money will flow towards this project
Henrik Englund (5 days ago)
Elon is right.
Nathan Hewitt (5 days ago)
A Bloomberg article never helps anyone who wants to be accurately informed coming from someone who is in the Energy. Totally misleading and never concretely backed up.
J. Amado (5 days ago)
Kinda of ironic, I guess Elon forgot what many politics and icons, like Neil Armstrong, thought about space X. Smh. Sounds just like them. Unless he’s doing as strategy to motivate him. Lol
Elon musk has becoma A post meme phenomena
Shane Donahue (5 days ago)
Sounds like what Nikola Tesla came up with back when he created alternating current
Ariel NMz (5 days ago)
Liked the video, that guy is great! But will downvote for the clickbait-y title
Carol k (5 days ago)
You could use that technology to make wireless phone chargers if it works
Clips&Stuff (5 days ago)
I'm not an expert of this but doesn't that effect the satilites in the space when they transmission the power?
SS PP (5 days ago)
Space solar energy transferred wirelessly wastes almost completely all of the energy in the transfer process. That's why that's the dumbest idea I've heard. We don't have to get on a rocket or satellite to get solar power. The sun actually reaches the Earth. Taxpayer funded science should benefit taxpayers - public funds are not meant to indulge a scientist's childish wants like this
n0ckter (5 days ago)
This sounds like selling a dollar for a nickel. People that fund this crap, lack the understanding to describe the problem accurately. In order to do this, the system would have to transfer power more efficiently then current systems, most grids are 33% efficient. Then, do so at any distance, eliminating the inverse square rule, a law of physics by the way. Throw a penny in the water and tell me how much power that wave has 100 ft away? Even with a phased array of pennys, we all know the answer is basically zero at the kinds of distance these guys are talking about.
Adan Rodriguez (5 days ago)
im surprised there are no flat-earthers in here wreaking havoc in the comment section about "space"
Killroy (5 days ago)
bait for clicks
Roman Ramos (6 days ago)
I can't believe Elon said that 🤔
HTSSTR (5 days ago)
Why ? You think this will work economically ? Do you know how much it costs to launch a pound into orbit ?
Aerohk (6 days ago)
1.Improve transmission efficiency 2.Gather more power 3.??? 4.PROFIT!
IncognitoTorpedo (6 days ago)
Dollars per kilowatt hour, fully amortized, including the cost of storage in the case of terrestrial solar. That's the comparison, and that's the main (but not the only) problem with space-based solar.
Big Blue (6 days ago)
How does phase array broadcasting power overcome the distance loss ?
Kevzthekc Cable (6 days ago)
Terrible idea. Will mess with bees and any other insects or animals that use electromagnetic frequencies for travel and food.
Florin Pandele (6 days ago)
Elon Musk does not hates the ideea, he just doesn't believe that it will be feasible. And so do I. Misinformation = thumbs down!
Rayan Agarm (6 days ago)
Made up for failure..ho
omar (6 days ago)
Vips Singh (6 days ago)
The wireless transmission is not as simple as this man trying to prove inside a room, there will be deflections and distance with weather playing the key factor is well but it looks different so let's be hopeful and see how much he delivers
I hope @thunderfoot will debunk this face-palm idea
Marco Lovati (6 days ago)
Musk probably admires the work of this scientist, he only said that the technology is not market ready. And i agree with Musk on this, there are still many technical challenges to solve before even bothering with the costs. I didn't get this opposition that the video presents.
remario wilson (6 days ago)
The title of this video is misleading.
android user (6 days ago)
Burn millions of pounds of rocket fuel to put a solar panel in space. Clean energy at its worst
Simply Moving (6 days ago)
Just like satellites 🛰 was a science fiction invention from Arthur c Clark.
Adrian Fernandes (6 days ago)
Elon stile teslars ideas lol
Iceteakilla (6 days ago)
Regardless of the title, it is amazing to see how people are out there solving things and the work they put in. Pretty cool video showcasing some other people out there developing technology. Just amazing, these people are at another level.
zezima48 (6 days ago)
This is epic. The best application of this would be for transferring energy through space between planets or deep space. Not from low earth orbit to Earth.
V T (6 days ago)
Patent troll
samuils (6 days ago)
Ok lets not be Russia here, I am tired of hearing Russian tech that is still in a blueprint mode, or yet to be brought to the actual product. Do us a favor and come back to us when you have the actual product that works, best of wishes.
Tony Basaldua (6 days ago)
I've had that idea before
Ramesh Ramloll (6 days ago)
Bloomberg now using clickbait strategy from 5 year old youtubers. Facepalm.
Dat Nguyen (6 days ago)
We live in a burden of energy system. But we have to pay high cost for that because oil tycoons and political systems are dictatoring and control engergy. the world now need some kind of energy revolution.
J A 100 (6 days ago)
Es ist seltsam, oder? (6 days ago)
DoItWithMatt (6 days ago)
The power loss from transmission would be crazy. Just build a solar farm on earth.
Faraz Younus (5 days ago)
we don't know that yet. testing and innovating is the answer
Pinky T (6 days ago)
Money grabbing.
Reynaldo Castillo (6 days ago)
This technology can be a proof of concept for a Dyson Swarm Power Plant. -registered electrical engineer :)

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