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Silk Road and the online drugs trade - Truthloader Investigates

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The darkweb is now easier to access than ever before, just download a new browser and you're ready to access a world of illegal substances. What does this mean for society? We look at the dangers and the potential of an entirely anonymous marketplace. Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/TRUsub More Hacktivism and Cyberwarfare: 3D printed gun 'removed from internet': http://bit.ly/10UFTQD Syria's internet blackout and the propaganda war: http://bit.ly/19mI3xr Anonymous - Can you stop an idea?: http://bit.ly/17Z3u99 Who are LulzSec?: http://bit.ly/19mI58A Are cyber attacks the future of warfare?: http://bit.ly/13h6nxp Birgitta Jonsdottir, Bitcoin & The Economist: Can we govern ourselves in a digital age? Live debate: http://bit.ly/17oQgVm Is trying to stop online piracy a waste of time?: http://bit.ly/15IxkBb Truthloader meets Anonymous: http://bit.ly/12rjVJ2 How to get through the Great Firewall of China: http://bit.ly/ZXeoqA Check out our top 20 videos: http://bit.ly/V55Vna More Truthloader Investigates LIVE: Rockets, fracking and laser guns: http://bit.ly/11cYOJO Space junk: What is it and why should we care?: http://bit.ly/ZqTTFp MK Ultra, Porton Down and government experiments: http://bit.ly/17GoLoA The Grinder Movement: DIY Cyborgs: http://bit.ly/16Thd1r Google Glass, will they change the way we think?: http://bit.ly/YPl5cq Mining the moon: Nasa's Razer robot takes a bite: http://bit.ly/112KqlK Mapping the human brain: http://bit.ly/15fkBEL Has the International Space Station been worth the money?: http://bit.ly/Yv0YBn Is the USA going to break up?: http://bit.ly/17nRLOY Are consoles killing gaming?: http://bit.ly/11h1YLp How to be a YouTube millionaire: http://bit.ly/112KDp3 Follow us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/truthloader Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/truthloader Join us on Google+: http://google.com/+truthloader Read our reddit: http://reddit.com/r/truthloader Truthloader is a channel dedicated to citizen journalism. We find the best examples of crowd-sourced video and independent content, then use our expertise to add context and analysis. We respond to the stories you're interested in, so if you've got a story you'd love us to get to the bottom of, tweet us, Facebook us, or respond to our videos with a comment - and perhaps check out our reddit.
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Text Comments (1262)
jank 2 bank (2 days ago)
I would tell u that people like u are idiots for doing how to videos an ruining it for everyone
posey matt (4 days ago)
Drugs are bad mmkkaayy! Lol!
James Brey (11 days ago)
I have hundreds of these suboxone . I’m gonna try this. I have way to many I’ll end up throwing them away. But I gonna try this method while I trying to get off of suboxone please email me. James12192 At Gmail
Larry Johnston (11 days ago)
Sorry dude but dealing drugs is not a normal monetary activity!! It's amazing how these assholes try to make drug abuse seem legitimate!! Because all heroin addicts are legit!! All meth heads go to church on sunday!! Let's not forget what wonderful and friendly people crackheads are!!! STUPID MOTHER FUCKERS!!!
Dougie Quick (18 days ago)
Truthloaden posted six years ago "...The darkweb is now easier to access than ever before, just download a new browser and you're ready to access a world of illegal substances. What does this mean for society? We look at the dangers and the potential of an entirely anonymous marketplace.The darkweb is now easier..." Are you still in prison?
Dougie Quick (18 days ago)
BTW the police are simply going to put in a tracking device/means and monitor the moment the package is opened.... hmmm...I suppose they would have to allow the alleged buyer time to open the package and complain if it is not his/hers ...or trash it? What if the police come storming in and the alleged buyer has thrown the item away in the trash? Saying "I have no idea WHAT that crap is? Dont ask me? And I mean how is a jury to "beyond a reasonable doubt" convict with a good conscience when the item n question IS sitting in a real garbage can with stinky trash? Okay it had not made it to the public dump yet leaving a POSSIBILITY the alleged offender could grab said item when he/she finally felt that there must not be any heat given no cops showed up yet? Could even haul the garbage can out to the curb "trash day" and have someone swipe the whole trash can? ....Oops the evidence is GONE?....OR Hey how bout the "perp" takes the item and attaches it as payload to an RC quad copter that just vanishes into the night sky? Package never even gets opened ob premises? Just is GONE? ....Could they still make a case even with out the "corpusdelecti"? There just is something fun about "perfect crime" scenarios...ya know? My all time fantasy would be planning a vehicle police chase that makes it to network Live TV (maybe do it naked so it goes national/international even! and JUST as they are right about to FOR SURE nab me? I just VANISH in some ultra cool switcharoo of some kind? Like a double they are SURE is me but right after nabbing nothing matches on close inspection ...like me on black MC / white jacket/ red helmet goes into a tunnel and the same APPARENTLY comes shooting out just like it is supposed to...but when they finally pull it over? Perfect provable alibi, license plate fails to match up and various other proofs leaving police looking just dumber than a stump! Actually the days are gone now when that once WOULD have been sweet revenge after being tormented by various LAPD officers ...but man all those officers are so long gone! Retired years ago or died or whatever ...no one left to get revenge on even...
Dougie Quick (18 days ago)
6 year old post. Nowadays I am guessing one would most likely be ripped off ...and if not ripped off? For all you know just as likely as not it is law enforcement. Someone would have to be a moron ( I have to think) to just trust some random unknown person that SUPPOSEDLY is legitimate....feedback system? How hard is it for police to manufacture feedback? People they BUST are going to be relieved of their account ...NOW it belongs to a COP posing as the busted idiot...
Vincent Napolitano (24 days ago)
Where is the new “Silk Road” just curious. I would love Tor pick a few things up. Haven’t partied hard since 2012 lol
Vincent Napolitano (24 days ago)
You could just leave the link in the comment thanks (:
Jason Brooks (27 days ago)
Ross William Ulbricht was arrested by the FBI
Autist (28 days ago)
It's not that easy.... You need tor (Probably Tails Too). You also need to Encrypt Your Messages Using PGP... A vpn Would be A good idead too... And then you need bitcoin (Or In some cases monero). Most of the time you need id to buy BTC. And monero Is Usually not Bought alone... Your best bet would be to exchange Some other cryptocurrency for it.
Kelsey Lights (29 days ago)
Wtf is a 12 year old doing on Tor? Lmao
Lisa Adler (1 month ago)
I want to find out how to connect with Silk Road, not real Tec savie but quick learner.
Brandy Brutt (1 month ago)
BUy pain killers at legitmedicationstore.com
Teddy Wawwrzyniak (1 month ago)
Thank you for the internet!!
Nimue (1 month ago)
RIP Silk Road
john smith (1 month ago)
send email to johnsmith112ukpills@gmail.com for legit orders on diazepam and temazepam and get them mailed.
john smith (7 days ago)
yes mate,
Rachel Hargreaves (24 days ago)
Rachel Hargreaves (24 days ago)
You in England mate
Nick Brown (1 month ago)
As of May 2018 Silkroad 3.1 is up and running.
Gone (1 month ago)
I havent used the dark web for drugs but I know people who have. If you can find a really credible person to buy from you can actually get premium quality drugs.
psiklops71 (1 month ago)
It Was A Hot Bed Of Cia Fbi And Dea's playground
Sonny Mery (1 month ago)
how risky is it to order drugs from the deep web to your home? like, hwat are the odds of the law getting involved or opening the package?
Rachel Hargreaves (24 days ago)
Sonny Mery good question
mike fister (1 month ago)
These violent delights have violent ends.........
SerbKing SerbKing (1 month ago)
Pff I wish
Jd Steinbach (1 month ago)
Dream market..agora..there are other ways
Alin Lewis (1 month ago)
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Rachel Hargreaves (24 days ago)
Alin Lewis fuck!!! Bet that took you along time to type bro lol
M money (2 months ago)
really doubt they can buy that easy but at least if they are able there may be some warnings to users ti possibly reduce the danger
jtorres8aify (2 months ago)
Does it still exists??? Silk road
Robert Smyers (2 months ago)
this guy is a snitch ass bitch
Jack Baldwin (2 months ago)
The “12 year old buying cocaine” has 2 flaws. The first one is that it is very hard to buy bitcoin, and you normally need to provide some form of id to prove who you are and that you are over 18. The second one is that if a 12 year old wants to buy and sell cocaine, they can probably find someone to buy it off. 12 year olds were selling class a long before the internet came around
Kevin Heart (2 months ago)
How do i find anothe web side like this One
OraKami (2 months ago)
What if you don't have a bit coin?
OraKami (7 days ago)
brad hoke oh ok thanks lol
brad hoke (28 days ago)
OraKami just use your paypal account they protect your drug purchase. Theyre really nice
wook paul (2 months ago)
would not be surprised if a 12 year old saw this and bought coke you fucking twat. i hope your children purchase drugs at a very young age if your cursed vagina ever decides to ovulate
wook paul (2 months ago)
it's dickless fucks like you who deserve to be where the silk road is
MrScorp6666 (2 months ago)
rapg abraham (2 months ago)
anyone know a legit dark web site to buy guns and credit cards
Todd Wolf Child (2 months ago)
How do people not get poisoned.
Equalist Spirituality (2 months ago)
Yes, it is right for anyone to order drugs, because no government or law should tell us what to do, when they mass murder and bomb children's hospitals.
carl winslow (2 months ago)
In July 2018 Massachusetts will be opening recreational marijuana stores. Anyone on east coast can drive up and fill their trunks. Get off hard drugs...smoke weed
CaSzY (3 months ago)
im 14 and im called Pablo on my school because im selling drugs
Jeff Turner (3 months ago)
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F Dc (3 months ago)
What’s replaced Silk Road?
Flazx (3 months ago)
I'm not a drug user. But I use medical cannabis for medicine not to get high. Drugs are technically intended for medicine that's why they're on this earth. but people use it for fun not for healing themselves. Cannabis is true medicine for me and there is no way in my life i'm ever gonna take drugs, because I'm healthy and all that. But I still believe cannabis should be legalized worldwide for a lot of good reasons. The war on drugs is a joke. The reason cannabis should be legal is because it's not physically addictive. Caffeine is physically addictive, because someone would walk down to the shops everyday to buy coffee otherwise they'll get irritated. people who drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, or drink coffee are technically using drugs, even though they don't consider themselves using any drug. It's our perception of things as a society is how we perceive things.
David Robinson (3 months ago)
Dont need tor i came accross it on google
Chriz Daman (3 months ago)
It was designed by the navy, do some research you *fuckin twat*(in sarcastic brit accent)
Tristian Vaughn (3 months ago)
Haha why is this video on my main screen its from 2012 anyone whos watching this now DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING ILLEGAL YOU WILL 9/10 BE TALKING TO A COP NOW.
Tristian Vaughn (3 months ago)
No No No- dont do that either get scamed.
Pablo Honey (3 months ago)
How do you use bit coin anyway? one bitcoin is worth what now, 11 to 14 thousand dollars? How do you get change back? Do they have fractions of bit coins you can get?
Jasonmc 7q7 (3 months ago)
Pablo Honey email me at 2016gang10@gmail.com
Pablo Honey (3 months ago)
Silk road was real...Real drugs real business..The congress got involved and tracked this guy down in a coffee shop with his laptop...He's wasn't easy to capture,. the guy did his homework. The guy ain't never getting out of jail. He's in the Fed pen.
sammy adnan (4 months ago)
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Richard Langford (3 months ago)
sammy adnan hi Sammy I'm from the UK I'm after a reliable source of xanax can you help please
Cody Coulter (4 months ago)
Ask the CIA and could always go to are other territories afganestan
Pherragamo Gaines (4 months ago)
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Colby barnes (4 months ago)
I like mdma can i get some on deepwed?
andy8nagy (4 months ago)
very wrong. the dark web is as secure as the normal web to be honest. police r smarter than u think. ur facts r wrong buddy ;)
Mark Turnbull (4 months ago)
It's common knowledge that the american government has been involved in drugs for years when are people going to get into there heads that lots of people like drugs people from all walks of life with all types of jobs you should be able to take what you want your body your life and it's a fucking disgrace that they same wankers in charge are the biggest drug dealers anyway they just super greedy the want the cut from all pharmaceutical industry and the black market they just don't want you getting paid.
marc hebert (4 months ago)
Fuck make connections in the real world and get ur shit asap
Hunter payne (4 months ago)
Long live Dread Pirate Roberts he's still in jail the bastards
Catfish Killa (4 months ago)
silk road has done been exposed silk road is no longer watch a&e theyre gonna have a special about it
David Allen (4 months ago)
What if I told you, you were a kook...
Mi Key (4 months ago)
If I could I would just %&*^ with my bare hands all the people and this fagot that posted this video. You know why dark net is dark, was dark, why silk road was not a regular site? Hmmm ? Perhaps if there would be less twats like you, 12year old would even know about it.. Imbecil
It’s about The metal (4 months ago)
How can I buy weed in online !! Help
It’s about The metal (3 months ago)
Pablo Honey I’m in the damn uk ☹️ But thanks ✌🏻
Pablo Honey (3 months ago)
Take a road trip to Wa state...They got pot shops every 2 miles down the road. and it's legal..Use cash thou. I am not a weed smoker myself, but common sense says don't use anything that traceable.
Vincent Klasener (4 months ago)
Because of those yt guys fucked it up for all
hyperhyperXD (4 months ago)
irresponsible video, whoever doesn't know about this has a chance of getting into it. Basically becoming an unpaid research subject! Tor technology was invented by the US navy. Modafinal, provigil had side effects of serious psychosis/schizophrenia in 2009, hard to find info on this now.
YeastInjection (4 months ago)
Fuck the police
Sy Lindsay (4 months ago)
What if I was to tell you that you're a fucking snitch
derek goyette (4 months ago)
What if the CIA was the people running silk road .
Jay 207 (1 month ago)
derek goyette good chance brother good chance
Youlittle Kunt (4 months ago)
5 grams of heroin is 83$??? Holy shit i need to go online
Micah Pritchard (4 months ago)
same same, "its not what drugs you take but rather whose drugs" -Todd snider- the war on drugs is a tool used by the government to monopolize the pharmaceutical market.
Sean Loves You (4 months ago)
"Almost" untraceable
Dan Banks (4 months ago)
Can't get a refund if you get burned
Robert Whitstone (4 months ago)
Fuck these drugs man seen them ruin my familys life for a while out west stick to pot and if you want a trippy high eat some shroom and if you wanna get fucked up salvia is here like there all organic
Charles Graham (4 months ago)
all drugs should be legal. why should pharmaceutical companies be the only ones. why because they pay the cops and the politicians off thats why.
blau Bayou (4 months ago)
Free dread pirate
cryptotippy (4 months ago)
i miss silk road :(
Craig Dempster (4 months ago)
Dude this is old news....this been going for years
The Grimm (4 months ago)
alpha market these days as silk road is dead
Cody Coulter (4 months ago)
I want heroine now
Wayne McDonnell (4 months ago)
Cody Coulter where can I get top geAr online do u no
Jeff Barton (4 months ago)
5 yrs later and people still buy drugs. Street or net whats the diff?
BadaBing (4 months ago)
Free Ross
717 famous (4 months ago)
You're probably the reason they found out about it 😂
William Schutz (4 months ago)
You don't need silk road. It's easy af to just order what you want online.
Mr Fat Baldy know it all (4 months ago)
Give people freedom
Eric Ride (5 months ago)
I will sAy f.t.p.
Tommy Hoover (5 months ago)
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Stricken4Pot (5 months ago)
A 12 year old could not access the currency without having multiple things that they don't have access to until they're at least 16, it's not that easy as just borrowing your parents credit card.
karen grey (5 months ago)
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HappyQuails (5 months ago)
Except it was shut down and infiltrated and this makes no mention of that...plus deadly fentanyl is being given to people disguised as safer and more effective medications in deadly doses.
brad hoke (28 days ago)
HappyQuails probably because it wasnt shut down
Yung Marco (5 months ago)
Dudes a retard "trust anything on Silk Road more than anything in a grocery store" ordered lsd gets 25-I
truth seeker (5 months ago)
damn I can't even order benzos on line
LegendaryGamingChannel (4 months ago)
truth seeker fuck
drugs guru (5 months ago)
Its gone. Dream Markets the happening site on TOR.
Scott McGrath (5 months ago)
youtube reccomends some cray stuff, to me
Sam Davies (5 months ago)
I try to buy all my drugs online as a opiate addict in the uk 99% of heroin on the streets is total crap , ive been buying off the same vendor for 3 years now. anyone who uses heroin and is sick of being ripped off in the uk , you really need to buy off a1crack on dream market seriously!
Ellie Stack (5 months ago)
Anyone know how to buy DMt?
alicia juvera (5 months ago)
Looking for online pharmacy that sells Tramadol without all the custome B.S. and doesn't take forever don't want package seized looking for a United States online pharmacy, anybody have any info on this been looking everything overseas!
ctcole77 (5 months ago)
The Greenman (5 months ago)
There's a new version(s) of SR - isn't there?
Jared Montoya (6 months ago)
fed bullshit
Jared Montoya (6 months ago)
MR BACONBUNS (6 months ago)
Silk road wil never die. But people like you making this public are fucking snitches and idiots that only care about them selfs
mini danish (6 months ago)
frog looking ass
Bobby Bandanas Bagnasco (7 months ago)
1:30 when you bust a nutt. LmfaO
allen jennings (8 months ago)
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ashley louis (9 months ago)
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halethewhale (9 months ago)
Silkroad 2.0 was the shit back in the day I bought weed on there a fee times usually through the same people, a couple of times I spoke to them in forums and it was very friendly they only wanted you to be happy with there service, such a shame it went down dpr we miss you

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