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Weatherman nails town's super long name

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British weatherman Liam Dutton pronounced the 58-letter name of Welsh village Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch flawlessly.
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Daniel Knauer (1 hour ago)
Hey where do u live? Well...
Ahmad Arafiq (3 hours ago)
Enyany dhanfamtufnceydlynekdyrh Yck Hedyk YffjTskd tj Ugtjd tdfufyleandujfglsmgeahltflcdmtctuljul GXZkgFfhHngskt
Boatzy (7 hours ago)
Neptune's Beard (7 hours ago)
I return to this video every week or so, just for the comments...
Gaming Girl (9 hours ago)
Block Strike725XP (9 hours ago)
0:20 Now it looks like hes Arabian
Hatsune miku Playz (10 hours ago)
The name sounds like the founder smashed his face on a keyboard to make it-
Brodie Davison (12 hours ago)
Uuuummm. You could see that it was fake, right?
Sebastian Panconqueso (12 hours ago)
Zurgo Pussysmasher (12 hours ago)
Pretty sure he just had like four strokes right on camera.
merry peña (15 hours ago)
Sometimes I think CNN tries to troll us😭some of this shit is just in unfathomable😭
Young-915 (17 hours ago)
You catch that a sentence not A WORD
RapidGaming (19 hours ago)
New location on Fortnite?
Britmatt (20 hours ago)
It actually has meaning to it. Its a sentance crammed into a word to make a name. Its on Anglesey in north wales.
Vv Hope (20 hours ago)
Lalalwnriqnwodnxoamwjfka qkekfksjquw I guess that is a possible town. Lol
Bloom (23 hours ago)
....He just says it so casually...
Adapa (1 day ago)
Must have been high af when they decided to name the town...
Truffles (1 day ago)
Wth its in Europe? Im in Europe rite now XD I NEED TO FIND THIS PLACE
HuntedFire (1 day ago)
*your password must contain over 6 characters*
-ShanGang GD- (1 day ago)
RComando (1 day ago)
I thought anime have weird and long name titles But this...
gain al (2 days ago)
Naomi Watts did the same thing a few months before he did.
Gotham Promos & Clips (2 days ago)
CNN making their own news smart
Kenneth Muhammad (2 days ago)
Wow 😮 dope
Seal Stealer (2 days ago)
All other comments are jokes, while I'm over here trying to figure out how to correctly pronounce it myself.
Hary The Hedshog (2 days ago)
I am Mr wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff
Its-a-Me! A-Mario! (2 days ago)
Imagine this vs. Super mario wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (2000 years later) iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Douche McCracken (2 days ago)
It's not like anyone would ever know if he actually said it right lol
Hydrangea Lilie (3 days ago)
then there's Tom Holland a few years later
dub2459 (3 days ago)
All I see is "queer" half way through
Chris Scarlough (3 days ago)
What is your name? My name is Uvuvuvuwevwevwev Ontenyetwenyeb ugwemubwem Ossas. And where do you live? Please.... I just relocated there..
Jeez that’s long
Salma Rojas (3 days ago)
Give that man a raise! 👏🏻👏🏻
skydragon8226 (3 days ago)
Mystic (3 days ago)
A Real Legend
fauhwn (4 days ago)
Can we take a moment to give this man a round of applause? 👏👏👏
PETE Zah SLICE (4 days ago)
Cuteoctopi (5 days ago)
I thought the title said weatherman’s super long toe nails. Jk I wasn’t thinking that I was just kiddding.
Kermit Ze frög (5 days ago)
So? Tom holland and Benedict Cumberbatch can say it too..
Ella Rolf (5 days ago)
-Hey so, we have come up with names for all of these towns exept for this one... any ideas? *-Uhhhhhh yea hold on a sec* -... *-*bangs hands violently on keyboard** -Hey, not too bad. Thanks man
Bluzure Roblox (6 days ago)
Osas doesnt scare me anymore
Rhodri James (6 days ago)
How boring does America have to be to be doing news on other news
Dirty Dan (6 days ago)
That's what it feels like when someone talks technical with you.
BRUH NANA (6 days ago)
When you watch detroit and see the the female reporter
Anime Army!!! (7 days ago)
Yass! My favourite weather presenter! ( I'm from London )
Maria Skwirowska (7 days ago)
I want to see the names of the streets in that town😂😂😂
Purple Potato (7 days ago)
This is where Taron Egerton live right?
O'bey Me (7 days ago)
For what?😂😂😂
Ojie B (7 days ago)
Hate to see the mess in their biodatas. They should just name the town "Shirley"
Al Phalfa (7 days ago)
Funny, he doesn't look British
Lil Missy (7 days ago)
That CAN'T be the real name of a village, it just can't be. If so, then.....WHY?!?!?
Devanshu Dwivedi (7 days ago)
i bet he can spell osas's name
Lynzie Thomas (7 days ago)
Ethan Bates (8 days ago)
That’s not a name that’s a fucking GTA cheat code
Chan Polatis (8 days ago)
Nice 😂 but still fake news
Cicada 3301 (8 days ago)
Subtitles = English - English
Megan B (8 days ago)
Gwenboi (8 days ago)
She most definitely did not say that even remotely correct lmao
The Entertainer (9 days ago)
Comments here are *gold*
John 'Sepp' Schiltz (9 days ago)
Mali Morgan (9 days ago)
I love it when people can’t pronounce the Welsh ‘ch’ and ‘ll’. It’s hilarious. I’ve been saying llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyndrobwllllandysiliogogogoch since I was about 4
Sapphire Blossom (9 days ago)
Does anyone think he looks like lin manuel-miranda?
Raven Clement (9 days ago)
DELWIN_DZ (9 days ago)
*_I'ma change my name to BeardMan in pubg_*
Selvyn Quijada (9 days ago)
Well, I'm from a town far away too it's called lapusademimadrequeriaqueledieranunabuenachimadaynuevemesesdespuesnaciyo......oh,just try it.
Manjima Paul (9 days ago)
Where do you live? I live near Fidowkshhsdnsnkdlodjhqhquatfhdbjcjkddjdfsfyquqisiosjejwjwhxfxjsnxbxsjjshdcghchfbdhdhnsjxjccbfbbdhdhhdhshshhdhddg. Sorry, I didn't quite catch it. Could you please repeat? Fidowkshhsdnsnkdlodjhqhquatfhdbjcjkddjdfsfyquqisiosjejwjwhxfxjsnxbxsjjshdc- Oh, I got it, I got it. It's DhejjsjdhsbakshqvshshsbshxinqjqichsnxhxbbbxnjsgwfyajwjjshajidjjsjagdgshwwjftyaosbdwhyfsjehwragogHarleyssistersdbvthqj, right? No, Fidowkshhsdnsnkdlodjhqhquatfhdbjcjkddjdfsfyquqisiosjejwjwhxfxjsnxbxsjjshdcghchfbdhdhnsjxjccbfbbdhdhhdhshshhdhddg.
Puppy Mansue (9 days ago)
*gets hacked* -computer- please enter new password *a couple lost brain cells and a lot of head to keyboard smashing later* -computer- ok retype it just to make sure you put the correct spelling. -news reporter- and that is why we no longer have hackers
Okabe rintarou (9 days ago)
Miss Myoozikal (10 days ago)
This is one of my favorite videos and I keep rewatching it every few months.
XRPM Speedy701 (10 days ago)
What a smart method of discouraging immigration or tourists. "Yes, I would like to book a trip to... um.. Llanfair -.. pw.. wait.. Y'know, nevermind."
baconhair (10 days ago)
**writes** Llanfairpwllgwgyngllgogerychwyndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
Natalie G (10 days ago)
Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Lazy fact: you were to lazy to read the whole thing CORRECTLY.
Yandere Opal (10 days ago)
It looks like they idiavhwicbkakajjeowj sjkzoajsb away to name this town.
coyoty pup (10 days ago)
Barney the Blonde (10 days ago)
Jessie Dickson (10 days ago)
A news reporter reporting a new reporter who is reporting news.
annie houghton (11 days ago)
My Walsh MAN👊👏😂😂
3D Existence (11 days ago)
Huh, i can do that better with indian accent
Billy Wong (11 days ago)
pansik 88 (11 days ago)
Is like someone randomly typed the keyboard fast for 10 sec.
Elizabeth Rathbone (11 days ago)
And this is how we got mumble rap kids.
Jules Winnfield (11 days ago)
Longer than my dick..():
Popcorn Ghost (11 days ago)
*smashes keyboard*
Mr. Sir (11 days ago)
Well, I bet they won't have a problem creating a username.
Xildean (11 days ago)
Sum Elite Shiz Here
Kiwi CurleyFries (11 days ago)
I hate the lady so much XD
Savannah Wood (11 days ago)
Eerrmmmm okkk
cmpondeck (11 days ago)
bannana raptor (11 days ago)
Said queer 😂😂
Cody Wishon (11 days ago)
That cant be its actual name. Can it?
Lol turn on captions
Maisie Drew (11 days ago)
if you know the welsh alphabet it’s easy to pronounce :)
Help Me (11 days ago)
Press F on your keyboard
Star ASMR (11 days ago)
Guy 1: "We need a town name" Guy 2: "Don't worry I got this" Guy 2: *Spams keyboard* Guy 1: *single tear* Beautiful.
Paradox Gaming (11 days ago)
This guy better of got a bigger pay if he pronounced this name perfectly. It isnt easy saying that
Ech0 Wazz (11 days ago)
fake news.
N.T.O: ALAN (11 days ago)
had gh (12 days ago)
As if it took him a full 3 seconds to say it.
Sensei Will (12 days ago)
Spelling Bee the boss level 😂
F.I.B (12 days ago)
Most secure passwords without numbers: llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

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