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Blazing Saddles Could Never Be Made Today

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Text Comments (2185)
NelsonClick (4 hours ago)
I love your summation there. That was really good.
Anthony Roic (7 hours ago)
Well no shit when you have 100% of the movie industry ran by emotional troubled jews. Mel was a badass jew who could actually take a joke.
Kurt Sherrick (9 hours ago)
Dock that jink a days pay for napping on the job. Y'all sang like song birds when y'all was slaves. Camp town ladies sing that song do da do da. No group was spared in Blazing Saddles. Richard Pryor wrote a lot the script. Back when America laughed and didn't take things seriously.
Ronald Kerney (10 hours ago)
I think you're the snowflake my friend
RELUCTANT NABI NEO (14 hours ago)
silly boy (16 hours ago)
It might be made just the sell would really have to make it obvious that the rascist were bad, there are movies like 'Black Klansman' with the exact same premise a black person joins high up ranks in a rascist society or the police and then uses his power to take down people doing wrong, it would need a good sell is all, it is obviously making the rascists seem stupid and evil so it is not unreasonable to have it produced.
SkyBlueInkling (17 hours ago)
As someone who was born in 2001 I love this movie, I could stop laughing at all the jokes in it.
Michael Williams (19 hours ago)
I am your host and you are my guest. So what is it that you like to do? ...Play chess...screw... Let's play chess!!
Derek Warner (23 hours ago)
Lol what about django unchained?
John Fisher (1 day ago)
That movie is hilarious.
Thoroughly Wet (1 day ago)
I feel the same actually. If you use racism as a joke it takes the sting out of it
Tom (1 day ago)
Your final comment. Regresst is poignant!
Jackson Baugh (1 day ago)
I think Blazing Saddles is one of the greatest comedy satires of all time, and SHOULD be remade! With Dave Chappelle as Sherriff Bart (already worked w/ Brooks: Robin Hood). Steve Zahn or Owen Wilson as Waco Kid. Other possible cast: Will Farrell or Thomas Lennon as Headly Lamar, Zach Galafanakis or Jack Black as Gov Lepetomane, Woody Harrelson or Thomas Haden Church as Taggard, Bill Burr as Lyle, Dave Bautista as Mongo. I bet several A-listers would beg for a part. Wish I had money to produce it. The SJW crying would only fuel box office fire. Please somebody reboot this comedy classic.
Coorscajunrice (1 day ago)
I’m sure you’re a nice man, but did you really use snowflake unironically? Christ
Tony Pearl (1 day ago)
It was funny then, and it's even funnier NOW - BECAUSE of the stupid SJW/Regressive left/social engineering BS warfare they're trying to shove down our throats. This movie makes fun of everyone...and gets away with it...brilliantly. Such is the humor of the great Mel Brooks!
Dart Echo (1 day ago)
Dave Cullen, name that Campus: education means a BETTER understanding of irony and satire, you propagandist for bigotry and racism. Assuming all students are "SJW," a pejorative term commonly used by dimwit racists and misogynists to describe their opponents, without a single example, and specifically stating they can't understand satire or irony, seems like cynical clickbait. Sure bigotted idiots fall for clickbait like this, but you're really reaching, and you sound like a bigot yourself for even using the term SJW. Why are you in bed with Racists?
jballau (1 day ago)
No shit it wouldn't be made today, it's a comedy about racism.
Andy Macrae (2 days ago)
SJW's are the first to insult , berate and assault people strange really when thats the behaviour they whine about. Maybe they just don't want any competition.
Joshua Brooks (2 days ago)
This movie is laugh out loud funny!
Smoak Stack (2 days ago)
Excellent movie. Excellent upload. 👍👍
Great movie. And the SJW's need to be asswhooped and put in their place.
I agree Using comedy to get a point out there is much better than using liberal social media bullying to force people to think like you. That is definitely step back and how we got Hitler.
Chris66able (2 days ago)
Blazing saddles was outdated and infantile when it first came out. Americans still think fart jokes are the height of comedy.
60s Hippy (2 days ago)
I LOVED this movie!! Saw it on the big screen. Thanks for bringing it up. Mel Brooks was the coolest. Trinity Is My Name & Cat Balloo & Wandering Star. All wouldn't get made now. If they did it would be insipid rubbish.
Ricky Spanish (2 days ago)
I would love to see this played at a college and see a student reaction video.
S Dew (3 days ago)
brilliant movie, what else do u need to say. glad iam a 1970s kid and was around in the 80s and 90s to have my childhood, nowadays its all liberal faggot SJW millenials, cant smoke any where anymore, cant whistle to a nice lady, cant make funny movies because some gay might get butthurt, no one had a stupid phone so we all enjoyed each others company, damn iam getting old and sentimental, i miss those days when men were men and woman were ladies!, not only the fashion but everything, look at a 1990s predator, rambo, real manly man!! doing manly stuff, now all movies got too have atleast 1 white, 1 yellow and 1 black of each gender in it, and throw in a few gays and lesbians and trans-whatevers else someone will feel left out!, nowadays you enter a competition and everyone gets a medal!!!, whilst in the old days only the top 3 got medals!!...i can go on and on!!!, but fuck it!!.,.,political correctness SJW millenials RUIN EVERYTHING!!!!!, soon men with chest hair are not allowed anymore!!, cause too threathening to some wussy faggot!!!
Kiyoshi Kirishima (3 days ago)
There was a time when irish men were beaten up just for being irish. Fucking snowflakes. Nothing like beating on a paddy.
ali bell (3 days ago)
Thanks to the the increasingly left wing world we live in we are all at some point absolutely fucked . Thank god il not be round long enough to see it and feel blessed to have been at an age to enjoy the likes of this film !
tsohgallik (4 days ago)
Blazing Saddles was a FANTASTIC FUCKING MOVIE.... The ending was hilarious.... I would have never known this movie had my 10th grade high school teacher never shown the film in class..... and my English teacher showed (We Sleep) They Live.... another funny sci fi movie from the 80s-90s .... :V
Him Bike (4 days ago)
Never seen it. But it looks hilarious
John Gesselberty (4 days ago)
Liberalism has killed, sarcasm, spoofs, parodies, and so much more.
RansomeStoddard (4 days ago)
I would also point out that a film like this can be made today. A film like this was made recently and it was called Tropic Thunder. It featured all the things that are un-pc, including Robert Downey Jr. in blackface and multiple used of the phrase, "you never go full retard". Did the left get up in arms? Of course not as we have a sense of humor.
Forget about that shit!!! Mangos coming!! 😳😳😳😳
Black Orchid (5 days ago)
As a proper female with conserved upbringing, I've never appreciated this film. However, I will download it for posterity sake. I do believe we need to preserve conceptional films and ideas. I was amused with it.!
castiger1000 (5 days ago)
No comedy anymore comedy as died because of political correctness glad I grew up in the 70s 80s
michele Lyons (5 days ago)
This movie was screamingly funny and very entertaining. It was a perfect spoof that was all the funnier if you were familiar with early western movies.
nirvgorilla (6 days ago)
I wish more people mentioned Phil Hendrie. Phil Hendrie is the ultimate satirist. 3 hours a day of politically incorrect satire from 1990 to pretty much today. I think his best years were from 1995 to 2006. That's a pretty good run for one guy. I have been banned on Twitch for streaming his material. What a goddamned JOKE of an internet we have in 2018.
S Dew (3 days ago)
probably because of copyright not the jokes!
Dave M (6 days ago)
When in the past the new up-and-coming comics would develop their way, most have given up the college circuit. The audience is way too sensitive and EVERYTHING triggers them. It ain't comedy if doesn't offend somebody.
david pascual (6 days ago)
My step dad tells me this movie is super funny
Steve Morris (6 days ago)
Even above the Python movies, this is my favourite comedy of all time.
dtip4life 8472 (6 days ago)
This is really satire not bigotry. It uses satire to in a way to show the actual stupidity and bigotry of the time era.
michael loflin (6 days ago)
This is two masters at their best.
shrek dank (6 days ago)
Its a shame there is too many political correct people nowadays that find everything offensive
Nikita Webber (6 days ago)
Chances are, u won't see it again as any streaming service will be lynched for hosting it.
Man of Butts (3 days ago)
It was on Netflix for a while, it comes on and off on the service. That's how I showed my girlfriend it
Erik Kramer (7 days ago)
Dude this film is glorified by pretty much every liberal, it’s a liberal film. It was co-written by cleavon little, their black lead. What is this dude talking about. This film doesn’t insult liberals because it’s made by and for liberals
Erik Kramer (7 days ago)
Also Django is partly based off this film, so yeh similar films are being made today
Michael England (7 days ago)
Richard Pryor helped write it folks.
Michael England (7 days ago)
Bunch of Pansies would protest it.
Samuel I (7 days ago)
Excuse me while I whip this out!
Nolan Neururer (7 days ago)
Copied clash with ash’s intro
Kamikaze Killjoy (7 days ago)
I agree and disagree with some of the stuff you said. You're right about it not being able to be remade today because of "delicate sensibilities" but demonizing an entire generation that uses the word "nigga" without the hard r. Is a bit of an invalid argument. Also, though I do agree with Hollywood being regressive, I don't think it's shying away from racist overtones, seeing as Django unchained was received well by the public. Though there are some that didn't like the word being used. I do this really interesting thing called, "ignoring it and moving along with my life instead of creating a video that makes me sound like a whiny bitch because his 'delicate conservative sensibilities' are being encroached on by 'sjw liberal snowflakes'." Which is ultimately why I find this argument fascinatingly stupid and hilarious. Waaa, the snowflakes hurt my feelings because they're sensitive bitches, and I don't like it. So I'm going to make a video about how much of a stupid sensitive bitch I am, just to show them! Waaa!
David O'Silverman (3 days ago)
Exactly. So who are the real snowflakes? :-D
PMU mcfkn (8 days ago)
Them millenials are so full of it..hearing rap music today is disgusting and hypocracy..they use the n word constantly..fighting oppression with oppression is not the way to go.."I AM RIGHT"noone can tell me different..#LIBTARDATION IS A DISEASE
Kevin Barrett (8 days ago)
It was part of the culture that created the PC movement and now parody and irony is not allowed any longer.
Divergent Droid (8 days ago)
BullCaca. South Park gets away with such black comedy every week. Sure such a movie can be made and it will be a Hit.
Ticci Toby (8 days ago)
I love this movie.
Reno Faoro (8 days ago)
The only people I hear saying it would never could come out today are conservatives. Progressive people know that this movie parodies racists by showing what they really are. Look how many similarities are in this movie to what the administration and its follows are like today.
MrGlenspace (9 days ago)
Also sad all the main actors are dead and Mel Brooks only one pretty much left alive. Also things are so bad what used to be comedians bread and butter is no longer. Colleges were a main stay of comedians and many top flight acts no longer play them. The snowflakes just get to offended so those outlets are not played as much.
MrGlenspace (9 days ago)
No way could it be made today even though Richard Pryor was a co writer and decided Levon little was better for the part.
Justin (9 days ago)
3:16 So that’s where them plastic bags got ‘em smiley face and all from!
Bret Moore (9 days ago)
Exactly. We have gone backwards.
Roger Coles (9 days ago)
People forget Blazing Saddles was written by Richard Pryor. It was his essentially his stand up act.
RansomeStoddard (10 days ago)
As a die-hard liberal, I love this film. I defy anyone to point out where the uproar over this film is. I find it convenient that you condemn the "SJW Snowflakes" who haven't said anything about it, just so you can bitch about political correctness. "How dare we take into account the feelings of others?" Um, because some of us aren't assholes?
KJCP (10 days ago)
If you're offended I could care less. I won't even listen to your complaint. Just get out while I watch the rest of this movie.
KJCP (10 days ago)
Absolutely side-splitting genius comedy
Enrique Casiano (10 days ago)
It that's Obama
Grape Ape (10 days ago)
There was a part in the movie, I had been missing the several dozen times I’ve watched it, but I’ve seen recently about how the blacks are saying everything that was invented, was made by them, but in the movie, sheriff Bart says Beating Mungo was easy, inventing the candy gram was the bitch, and I’ll bet they won’t give me Credit for it.
buck wild (10 days ago)
Couldn't agree more. This movie was light years ahead of its time. What more people need to realize is that Richard Pryor was one of the writers on this movie. It wasn't ALL Mel Brooks.
Andrew Cutts (10 days ago)
People in the cinema were crying with laughter at the campfire scene. This, and Young Frankenstein are my two favourite comedy films.
dan hemmerling (10 days ago)
Blazing Saddles is Spaceballs the Western! A classic movie! Mel Brooks is pure genius when it comes to comedy. Monty Python is in the same excellence.
Lord Mamba (10 days ago)
Blazing Saddles is a classic and a one-off. However, we have no means of determining how much people were offended by the film when it was first released. That said I am sure African-Africans appreciate the film more now than they would have back in the seventies.
Functional (10 days ago)
What Mel Brooks masterpiece COULD be made today? And yes, theyre ALL masterpieces of comedy.
Derek Colvin (11 days ago)
I love the bean scene!!!!
Ricky Football (11 days ago)
Lol now I gotta go rewatch this classic
David Alley (11 days ago)
The funniest movie of all time! Love it! Mel Brooks pokes fun at everyone !!!! Even the damn Jews!
tony wells (11 days ago)
When i was young in the sixties & seventies a night out at the cinema was the norm at the weekend,but i have not been to the cinema for over 20 yrs,because the pc brigade have just killed the film industry,the films today especially comedies are only suitable for children,its so childish,i remember going to watch this film and it was so original & so funny,even the niggas who were there laughed,because they took it for what it was COMEDY
Richard Rewey (12 days ago)
Wait . . . where is the "Love" button. Thank you for your work.
BarelyMexican (12 days ago)
We do have comedy like this, it's called South Park
schrodingers cat (12 days ago)
Except the reason it could not be made today is not because SJWs would somehow stop it but because movie studios take no risks any more. When it came out it was picketed and boycotted just like many of the controversial comedy movies from that time period and just like it would be today, the only difference is that it was mainly snowflakes on the right then rather then the left who objected. It is not like we have regressed to the 1950s when it actually could not have been made because of obscenity laws. But there is nothing stopping it from being made today it is not like any of the laws have changed. But since you cannot guarantee it will be profitable no one will pay for it.
The Joker (12 days ago)
Funny I was in the Marines when this came out. A black Marine I worked with came up to me and said I needed t see this movie that it was the funniest shit he ever saw. He was right.
Rob Gronotte (13 days ago)
If anything, the movie promotes racial stereotypes of whites. Except for the drunk gunslinger, every other white person in the movie is either corrupt, an idiot, or both. The blacks are the good guys!
chef by Jon Favreau (13 days ago)
Comedy nowadays is awful. It’s all slapstick garbage and all mainstream comedy that comes out is terrible. Films like these still hold up incredibly well. I wonder why that is?
Arthur Vandelay (13 days ago)
disagree completely because "Django Unchained" was made in PC times.
LA2047 (13 days ago)
Of course it's racist. I think it's intended to be, but like the video states it's a satire making fun of racism. With this movie Mel was a genius at spotlighting the ridiculousness of racist mindsets. One of my favorite movies of all time. Oh, and just a nitpicky thing about the video here. HeDLey Lammar wasn't the territorial Governor. He was the attorney general. The Governor was played by Mel Brooks himself.
David Godfrey (13 days ago)
4/4 stars
Charles oquinn (14 days ago)
A classic for sure that everyone needs to watch once or twice.
Michael Jahanian (14 days ago)
Im a white liberal. You would probably shove me into your snowflake/sjw categories. But blazing saddles is one of my all time favorite movies. This kind of humor doesn't offend me. Im am however disturbed by your condescending attitude toward people who dont share your opinions. Can't we have conversations with each other anymore without demeaning those who disagree with us?
stevie gilliam (14 days ago)
You know another good show that PC people will definitely go crazy over.... BEVERLY HILLBILLIES
Cynthia Pickett (14 days ago)
And even if it were remade, they'll just cast somebody really inappropriate, like Kevin Hart; just a waste of time and money even considering such an idea in the post-Civil Rights era.
J S (14 days ago)
Couldn't be made by a major company maybe. Tarantino could do it. I think race based satire is still legit. As a mutt country we should be able to laugh at our cultural differences, not pretend they don't exist.
Rekaert (14 days ago)
Anyone who thinks Blazing Saddles is racist either hasn't seen it, or needs their understanding of racism spoon-feeding to them. It lampoons racism brilliantly, and it's exactly that kind of humour that demolishes racism more effectively than any PC speech censoring.
1wannabee1 (14 days ago)
Blazing Saddles is truly an Iconic masterpiece. Possibly the ONLY film that I actually pmpl at. Wilder was just Superb too!
raw (14 days ago)
None of Mel Brooks movies could make it in today's political climate!
Robert Smith (15 days ago)
Ed Gardner (15 days ago)
It’s late Monday or early morning Tuesday. I will find it and I will watch it.......... again. Again.
sum people call me jim but im really called, jim
chargerfan2 (15 days ago)
Alright boys break time is over.
Dogporch Dogporch (15 days ago)
One of the best movies ever. Screw the pc a holes
Robert Nickel (15 days ago)
I said the other day, I think weve gone backwards as a country as far as tolerance and racism goes. My dad responded with, its always been alive and well, you just got older and noticed it.
Dog King (15 days ago)
Political correctness is mainly just the push back against white males who have gotten away with so much, for centuries. Blazing Saddles could be made today but it wouldn't be at the expense of people of color.
Gordon Go (15 days ago)
Hedley is NOT the governor. 10 point deduction for not knowing who the governor is

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