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Video: PneumoNP - European project fighting antibiotic resistance using nanocarriers

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PneumoNP video: PneumoNP is a collaborative research project funded under the Seventh Framework Programme, with a €5.7 million grant. Starting in 2014, it is aiming at the development of a theragnostic system for the treatment of Gram-negative bacterial infections of the lung, with focus on Klebsiella pneumoniae caused infections. The project is coordinated by IK4- CIDETEC (Spain). The PneumoNP consortium consists of 11 partners from 6 EU member states. Research institutes and a university with a sound research background and clinicians will collaborate with innovative SMEs, and one enterprise. Each partner will have a distinct role in the project and will ensure that the project results will be exploited in an efficient manner. The partners are listed below: Adenium (DA) CIC biomaGUNE (ES) IK4-CIDETEC (ES) Erasmus University Medical Centre (NL) Eurice (GE) Fraunhofer ITEM (GE) Ingeniatrics (ES) Pathofinder (NL) SetLance (IT) Umaps Communication (FR) Utrecht University (NL) To find out more about the project, please visit www.pneumonp.eu or https://twitter.com/PneumoNP
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