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Fish Oil Myth: Fish oil is high in PUFA and easily goes rancid. Most fish oils on the market are rancid before they get to the consumer. Where did the fish oil fad come from? Examine the concept of "need" for Omega 3 fatty acids, and questioning the idea that you need to get any types of fatty acids from fish oil at all. Studies showing negative hormonal effects too. The Reason and the beginning of this myth: Fish oil is high in DHA and EPA which are commonly seen to be beneficial for heart health by lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, reducing risk of strok3 and heart attack, and reduce the chance of abnormal heart rhythm. However there is little to no evidence that supports this theory and has been seen as common knowledge throughout the health industry. Instead of questioning whether or not fish oil is beneficial to health doctors have just passed down this common idea throughout the decades not realizing the detrimental effects that it can actually have on human health. The first recorded prescription of fish oil was in 1789 in Manchester for the alleviation of joint pain for an elderly woman. The woman had severe joint pain and was unable to function properly, the doctor prescribed her cod liver oil to be used topically and ingested at the same time. The issues subsided. Exactly one year later the issues came back and was alleviated once again.There were a couple of things the doctor did not take into consideration however, the first being that she was taking other medication to help with the same problem. The second thing was that the woman had the same issues at the exact same time of year which could have easily been an issue with the barometric pressure of the atmosphere during that time of year putting more pressure on the joints. All this said does fish oil really help? Is it really healthy? Fish oil is made up of almost if not purely polyunsaturated fatty acids. This is ideal for a fish that lives in a cold environment and needs a fat that is liquid at super low temperatures in order to survive. If it had saturated fat then it would stiffen up and sink straight down to the bottom of the ocean. However due to the nature of the fat this is not ideal for the human body. This means that the fat is only stable at low temperatures, when exposed to any kind of higher temperatures, or in the presence of light the fats (like omega-3) become oxidized, and produce free radicals that wreak havoc on the sensitive tissue in the human body, especially the reproductive organs, thyroid, and the brain. Obviously this mean that cooking with them is out of the question, but what about the famous fish oil supplements? The ones that are supposed to help with joint pain by lubricating your joints and help to decrease inflammation? This is a complete lie. During the manufacturing process the fish oils are exposed to both heat and light causing them to become oxidized, and then when put into storage they are exposed to eve more light making them become even more rancid. This leads to the impossibility to find a fish oil supplement that is not oxidized and thus does not contain free radicals. This actually leads to more inflammation in the human body and causes even more joint, tissue, and brain damage. What if I was able to find a fish oil supplement that was not oxidized and extracted properly and makes it all the way from the fish to me in one piece? With the likelihood of this being very slim, once you consume the fish oil, it does the exact same thing that it would in the manufacturing and storing process. Because the human body is of relatively high heat, especially compared to a fish, the fish oil oxidizes in the presence of that heat that is produced by the human body. It is actually called auto oxidation which is the automatic oxidation of the fish oil as soon as it is in the presence of the human body. Leading to the formation of the free radicals and all of the contributing downregulating effects. Oxidation and free radical studies Some of the claims of fish oil benefits are helps to prevent diabetes (proven wrong), helps prevent obesity (proven wrong), lowers blood pressure (it doesn’t), help improve cardiovascular health and hdl cholesterol (actually does the opposite), and helps with brain health(it does not). Oxidation and free radical studies Some of the claims of fish oil benefits are helps to prevent diabetes (proven wrong), helps prevent obesity (proven wrong), lowers blood pressure (it doesn’t), help improve cardiovascular health (actually does the opposite), and helps with brain health(it does not). The best fish oil is no fish oil at all. All 87 omega 3 fish oil myth sources can be found here - https://thermodiet.com/fish-oil-myth-christopher-walker-video-medical-references/
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Zubair Ahmed (1 day ago)
This guy makes this videos with controversial topic to get more views. Unsubscribed.
Christopher Walker (19 hours ago)
I just report on the evidence I find, I try to provide people with the information they need to make an informed decision about their health
Honey Hive Farms (3 days ago)
I do not take fish oil, but come on world. Shiiiittttt
Mordechini (4 days ago)
Eric Sill (6 days ago)
Good work Chris, thanks for clearing that up, I recently found I have hbp, and was thinking about taking some omega’s 3’s I’ll stick with the research. Thanks.
Christopher Walker (5 days ago)
Redwood at truthnutra.com will help tremendously
gray man (7 days ago)
does this also apply to cod liver oil ?
gray man (7 days ago)
+Christopher Walker thanks ... i'll throw mine away.
Christopher Walker (7 days ago)
zedgarden (8 days ago)
Dude, please refrain from using the picture of you ‘shirtless’ as the thumbnail of the video. I am not sure how old you are, but you would do favour to everyone if you would wear at least a t-shirt for at least, at this speed give it or take 3 or 4 more years. By then, if you keep working out 3-4 days per week you should be able look cool. By the way, i went through some of the studies you have linked and started wondering if you have actually understood them.
humanyoda (9 days ago)
You cited studies showing that arachidonic acid is bad for us. However, eggs contain a lot of it, and you promote eating eggs.
Christopher Walker (7 days ago)
Eggs contain very little and the vitamin E content and SFA content mitigate the adverse effects of it
George Japaridze (10 days ago)
Chris good job, please do not stop. You help me with my life and health a lot. Cheers brother! BTW this channel deserves a lot I mean a lot more credits, what the hell is going on with people.
DestinySurvive baby (10 days ago)
I can't deny the benefits Omega-3s give me. 1 clearer mind 2 higher limbido. 3 the general feeling of Wellness 4 lower stress levels. 5 better concentration I love that these videos are backed by studies. Thanks for the video...
L Snow (11 days ago)
What the HELL??
Christopher Walker (11 days ago)
It is true my friend
Francisco Martínez (14 days ago)
there is a lot of work in this video, thank you! The video about nuts and this one have been very eye opening for me. Keep up the good work man!
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
I will man thank you!
Craig Edwards (15 days ago)
surely when fish oil enters our bodies we immediately start to digest it so its no longer in Storage & oxidising as our bodies are breaking it down, dont we oxidise everything even when we breath? sorry not a doctor but if fish oil is oxidising in our bodies doesent all food Oxidise in the digestive process,
Craig Edwards (15 days ago)
All the Bad Press is referring to OXIDISEDoils of which according to one of your study's is 40 % of 171 brands in US-says alot about how many bad companies who should be sued for not safeguarding their produce, there are out there, Why have you dismissed all fish oil , your discussing rancid oxidised oil which is bad for you-rancid anything is bad, oxidised is over,, Its like dismissing all fruit even fresh from the tree because you researched old rotten fruit ready for bin , why don't you discuss evidence or lack of evidence for UNOXIDISED OIL What about cold pressed oil which is then stored in dark bottles to reduce light contamination then transported in refrigerated trucks to retailers who sell the capsules in bottles stored in refrigerators and with a use by date, its like a piece of fish keep it in the fridge not in the warm room, You cant just dismiss fish . oil like that , there is no evidence that UNOXIDISED fish oil causes increased inflamation and damage CV health again the trials refer to OXIDISED OIL run the same trial with UNOXIDISED COLD PRESSED, in one of your negative on fish oil studied the oil was oxidised by the researchers twice a day and the volunteers in the study who were they? healthy or unhealthy, if they were all young and healthy they may not have any inflamation so wont show a difference
Tyler Robinson (15 days ago)
Looks like you aren't even reading the studies that you're showing. For example, literally at 20:21 it says on the screen a direct contradiction to what you're saying. Same with many of the other studies where they are posing questions, not making any claims in the favor you are saying. Everyone, don't take this guy's word, go and read the studies yourself. Yes, perhaps the suppliments are rancid but don't stop eating the fresh fish, our ancestors have had fish as a staple for thousands of years if not forever.
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
They will autoxidize when you eat them and cooking them will make it even worse.
Buda Bunda (15 days ago)
The article said 27% of the fish oil supplements tested had higher than recommended oxidation. That's significant but why 80% were oxidized in South Africa?
Buda Bunda (15 days ago)
Why is omega 6 pills like soy bean and corn and crisco claimed to be so unhealthy and pro inflammatory on the body? So they also oxidize? The human body needs Omega 3 Essential fatty acids, so where should we get it from?
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
Following the guidelines laid out in thethermodiet.com you will get more than enough efas
Buda Bunda (15 days ago)
Does vitamin E supplement oxidize?
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
No vitamin e actually fights oxidation, and inflammation
Buda Bunda (15 days ago)
I feel mentally great after eating wild caught salmon. Why is that? Thiseffect lasts a couple of days afterwards. Other hand i have taken fish oil pills but noticed almost no mental benefit.
antonio morrow (16 days ago)
Great video: I recently got off of the fish oil too. It's simply not essential and its best to get your omega 3 from eating veggies.
Man In Water (16 days ago)
What does this pencil necked geek know about testosterone?
JustTheBeginning (16 days ago)
They came up with this to make more money off the fish they catch.
Cattu Buttas (16 days ago)
Please, I'd like someone with scientific knowledge to answer this very simple and logic reasoning, it would be great if Christopher Walker would answer himself, I am also a big fan of him and I found most of his video very interesting. Ok let's start, In this video all the PUFA have been demonised as TOTALLY unhealthy as it is the general trend on EVERY video on the internet for at least the past 5 years. Assuming this is true and I believe it is, we can consider that into an american standard diet every one can eat on average 20 to 40 grams of these PUFA in their diet , this is done through the most common (and cheap) vegetable oils like: Sunflower or Corn oil, Canola, Soy, Rice and every single cheap oil in the market must by force to be made with vegetable PUFA. Every restaurant on earth use PUFA vegetable oils, they cannot be using other more expensive oils because they would increase too much the price and having cheap meals is the key to selling. Now this is the KEY point: 1) We must assume that the PUFA-Omega 3 oils we decide to use must NOT be rancid to have beneficial effects, nor the cheapest on the market, cause in this case we can be sure they are already rancid. OMEGA 3 oils are (also a type of PUFA), but a particular cathegory which icludes important fatty acids like EPA and DHA which are considered ESSENCIAL FATTY ACIDS for our body and this means that our body cannot function properly without them. Can someone question this last claim ? Now, how can we compare the amount in grams of PUFA-Omega 3 that we can take in a single day of supplementation to be comparable to the large amount of a 20 - 40 grams of PUFA -Corn-Sunflower oils that we take through an average daily diet ? Supplementation normally provides an amount of 1 to 3 grams which alone is less than a table spoon, just imagine how many grams of Corn oil we can use in a salad or how many tons can we use in preparing fry food and so on... The amount of PUFA in an Omega 3 supplementation is ridiculous in terms of gram per gram comparing to an average daily meal. 1or 3 grams of Omega 3 vs 20 to 40 grams of vegetable oils which is at least 10 to 20 times more !!!!!
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
Send the questions to the custoemr service team at truthnutra.com and tell them to send it to me and I will answer
thehitman1980 (17 days ago)
Click bait city, this guy just wants to draw you in , then sell you his supplements etc 👎
zedgarden (8 days ago)
thehitman1980 you forgot “...his ‘shitty’ supplements...”
Sharman Nobody (17 days ago)
thank you for making this video. Most supplements are of no use or health benefits. maybe even damaging to the human. Nature has fish. Eat fish and it has its oil in it. Nature don't make fish oil capsules. Man made is not good when it comes to food. Nature dose food. Only eat nature.
Panda395 (17 days ago)
Yo, I remember using the recommended bodybuilder fish oil intake every day. I felt like shit and couldn't sleep, Luckily I threw that junk to the garbage. Now, to find out about this!
lee3873727 (17 days ago)
There is a right way and a wrong way to produce fish oil supplement. Most as stated above sell oxidized oils. This is very bad on health. Omegas 3,6 and 9 are proven essential nutrients. I buy my fish oil and other supplements from the best company, Youngevity. Hear it from the Pioneer of health, Dr Joel Wallach. One of his 9 lawsuits against the FDA was that he could make the health claim that thrombotic stroke is an omega 3 deficiency . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeGBqbBzkmQ Efa plus from Youngevity. https://www.youngevity.net/product/20989.html
pspjerry (17 days ago)
Sauerkraut people, probiotics bacteria is key to everything, they are like those worms in that futurama episode
Christopher Walker (17 days ago)
Nice example😂
Chris Gupta (18 days ago)
Great Video however, the link for "All 87 omega 3 fish oil myth sources can be found here" is missing can you please fix? Thanks
Christopher Walker (16 days ago)
Chris Gupta it’s there now. YouTube has a character limit and wouldn’t let me put them all in the description so I made a page for them
talib modaser (18 days ago)
Chris is bread and flour bad ?
talib modaser (17 days ago)
+Christopher Walker thank you for all info
Christopher Walker (17 days ago)
Field111 (18 days ago)
One of the best things i learned from anabolicmen.com is pretty much fuck polyunsaturated fats, get that shit outta my face
Gary Bryant (18 days ago)
I'll start by saying that I don't take fish oil. The research examples you showed all appeared to be epidemiological studies Which are worthless at best. Rabbits don't eat fish. Also how mush fish oil was given to the mice? Then you hopped on the long debunked low fat bandwagon. Now, on to something that's been bugging me about you. Your Redwood supplement is based on research on a certain mix of Garlic oils and vitamin C. In the research Ester-C was used. Ester-C is a complete vitamin C. However, you use Ascorbic Acid in Redwood. Ascorbic Acid is the protective coating of vitamin C and leaves out P, K and Copper. Ascorbic Acid is useless in this formulation. Redwood, in my opinion, is just another vitamin ripoff. Another thing. You can't hardly do a video now in which you don't put in a dig at the Ketogenic diet. This diet has benefited thousands of diabetics and folks with other ailments such as high blood pressure. Endurance athletes have been thriving on it. Perhaps the time you spent on your vaunted Duke University Degree would have been better spent on Gender studies or Under Water Basket Weaving. When you stared badmouthing fat you completely lost me.
zedgarden (8 days ago)
Gary Bryant well said!
Benn Bann (18 days ago)
Where are the studies in description gone
Christopher Walker (16 days ago)
Benn Bann link is at the bottom of the description
April E (18 days ago)
I noticed onthe thermo diet i felt alive fresh & great as soomas added fish oil / cod live oil (threw this out too) i felt wierf birpy gassy / windwas awful ---- thought oh but i should take fish oil ----- its thebeez knees ----- i noticed when i put fish oil inmy hair ( curly wild dry hair it wen amazing but it stunk my husband couldnt stand it i added cinnamon / musk was better --- thenext day though hair was awful ----- im using avocado oil / macadamia oils now more ------ when did u stop taking fish oils chris i know u used to take it a lot you dont talk about your experience please share --------------------- how you felt how long you took it for i feel so muchlightere/ clearer cleaner not taking that stinky crap --- so manyfittness people tell you u reall should take it etc i tried it again i had tried it before made my ungrier too i had the melrose brand in the chiller - no better though id rather eat fresh raw salmon in a pke bowel the fats ust oxidize even when u cook fish then -------- really and when u coo olives in pasta -- PUFA party of toxic fat yuck!!!!!
Tal Cohen (18 days ago)
I have to say your video's are always bring new things to consider in my diet and thank you for that !😊 So Omega-3 isn't an essential fatty acid ??
Afirmando los Pasos (18 days ago)
I didn't get it... What's a PUFA?
Christopher Walker (17 days ago)
PolyUnSaturated Fats
Like many have stated, I too agree with most of what you post, excluding this. Like most things, it’s best to make the observations based on the personal outcome. I take krill oil, and I can feel the difference it makes with each dose. That being said, take it if it helps.
Christopher Walker (18 days ago)
What does it do for? what benefits do you feel you get from it?
Calvin Smith (19 days ago)
This guy is pulling all the bad research out on fish oil just to promote his bullshit Cortigon. Smells fishy to me. Bias much..... there is a century of solid proof that cod liver oil and fish oils have helped people. Fish had been one of the most important staples of the human diet since the dawn of man. This guy......^
Christopher Walker (18 days ago)
I actually was looking for something to confirm the original formula that had DHA in it and my mind was changed by the research because it showed the real effects that it had on the body which is what I talked about in the video.
John Phillips (19 days ago)
Let's see you claim to have ''reclaimed your manhood'' ? Where did your ''manhood'' go?
Jim Ben (19 days ago)
agree on the oil being 'Rancid' - Ive chewed fish oil caps before, because I find them hard to swallow and have noticed a deterioration in taste after a couple of weeks
Christopher Walker (18 days ago)
MrCarl27 (19 days ago)
Could fish oil cause hairloss?
Christopher Walker (18 days ago)
With an increase in inflammation and the related markers I believe it could definitely contribute to it
Mind Voyager (19 days ago)
I googled "positive and negative effects of fish oil on health" which yielded 37,900,000 articles. Chris you covered 80 of those 37.9 mil available to research, lot or room for cherry pickin. BTW, there are 88.9 mil articles on the positive effects on fish oil. Got a lot more homework to do Chris. Not every organization is in the pockets of big biz, here is one that I think is not https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/the-truth-about-fats-bad-and-good 2018 article, quick read. As a lay person, I only have so much time to research hence rely on commentators such as Thomas DeLauer and dr Josh Axe, 2 individuals you called into question, for their knowledge. I am 67 and in outstanding health. I have consumed a Mediterranean style diet since a kid since my mother was born/raised in Naples Italy. She lived to 94 and would have kept going if not for a fall. Mediterranean nutrition has seemed to have withstood the test of time in our family and yes, that includes PUFA's in foods including your much maligned walnuts, intact grains and oily wild caught FISH!. WTS, I do use only olive, avocado and algae oil, no red meat, butter, fried foods, grains crushed into a flour, but I am introducing coconut oil in my diet, with caution. Lets see how you are doing at 67, I'll still be around to find out. I do however appreciate, your skepticism.
His most ordered product had DHA in it, and his customers gave rave reviews about its effects, and yet now he's all of sudden going to take the DHA out, eventhough in the beginning of the video he said he had never been a fan of fish oils...lol I swear these people don't think were listening...lol
We are getting there. (19 days ago)
Then what is a good source of omega 3?
We are getting there. (18 days ago)
Christopher Walker  Chris my problem is that i don't have the income for high quality meat or organic eggs.....I think I'm truly fucked in the omega 3 department
Christopher Walker (18 days ago)
If you are eating high quality meat, eggs and other fat sources you will be getting plenty. To know exactly what to eat then check out thethermodiet.com
Sameer Singh (19 days ago)
Hahaha..."No one here gets out alive" ~ Jim Morrison.
Lady UnPlugged (19 days ago)
Tim Bell (19 days ago)
Great video my man 👍🏻 although I checked out your website for info on the ThermoDiet and I’m asked to pay $49. I don’t understand why you can’t just give out the information for free and then make money on the products that we need to take... you’d make more money that way. I’m just confused really aha.
Christopher Walker (18 days ago)
If you arent willing to invest in the program you arent going to truly appreciate the value that it is in because you don't have anything to lose. But by just investing a little bit of money you have something to lose that makes you have a sense of responsibility to make some effort to use the information to your advantage
Christopher Walker (18 days ago)
Tim Bell google ‘Thermo Diet roadmap’
Not DJ Khaled (19 days ago)
Chris to make sure I understand you correctly you think 0g of PUFA per day is healthy?
Luis Grados (19 days ago)
Ok. First for every crazy diet/supplement/drug/ idea/ myth/ theres a study. To really consider a study you will have to do it yourself. What kind of fish, from what part of the world, if farm what were they eating. How was it process, virgin? Extra virgin?... And so on. So many variables. Second, if fish oil will go bad just by body heat. Any cooked fish will be bad. Dr berg came with a video saying that can tuna its no a good omega 3 source. Then he actually grab a bunch of tuna cans and took them to the labs and found a good amount of omega 3 so he had to retract himself. final, im not gonna say fish oil is good or bad. I always prefer whole foods. I cook my salmon pink inside. Good Oil supplements are really hard to find or expensives. You will have to listen to your body everytime you change something in your diet, and change one thing at the time. Give it some time and have a doctor do a test. Its a lot of work and its the only way.
First Name Last Name (19 days ago)
Why no links? I don't trust anyone's interpretation of a synopsis of a study but my own. Therefore, I disregard all of these studies and assertions just as I do in a Dr. Greggor video. Links or they don't exist. Links or there is no science here at all. Trust but verify.
Christopher Walker (16 days ago)
First Name Last Name in the description
m holman (19 days ago)
Let's ignore all the people that live in the artic.. And focus on rats and rabbits.. Them studies are fucked..
Anchit Tanwar (19 days ago)
give the links in the description of the studies u presented
Christopher Walker (16 days ago)
Anchit Tanwar it’s in the description
Anchit Tanwar (19 days ago)
give the links in the description of the studies u presented
Gary Duck (19 days ago)
Here’s the problems folks: 1. IF FISH OIL IS GENERALLY RANCID OR PRONE TO RANCIDITY ....Then we’re these tests done with rancid fish oil ???? And if so how can the tests be even considered? 2. IF HEAT CAUSES FISH OIL TO GO RANCID...If eating fish is generally good for you AND WE COOK FISH TO EAT IT ... doesn’t that cause the fish oil to be rancid? Doesn’t that seem odd especially since man has been eating fish for the last 5000 + years? 3. Maybe I’m wrong but I think oxygen has to be present to create the rancid oil process... SOOOO if oil is taken in a cool environment and put into a sealed capsule, how does it go rancid? (Unless of course it’s rancid before they put it in the capsule) I think the claims smell a little fishy, what say ye?
Azure Ablaze (19 days ago)
His research and findings just confirmed my opinion that we should never trust anyone, not even him. On every positive study about something there is same amount of studies that say oposite and vice versa.
Jay Sampat (19 days ago)
As a VERY skeptical viewer, with a solid background in the nutritional sciences and as a type two diabetic, I do agree that fish oils create resistance. I noticed the continuous rising of blood sugars personally with the introduction of these "healthy" oils. I had to stop taking them immediately!! I may not agree with many of his other stances, but this one in my opinion is on the money.
Christopher Walker (18 days ago)
Thanks man
mojo382 (19 days ago)
Why can I find hundreds of peer reviewed studies that say the exact opposite? I don’t know what to believe anymore 🙃
Felix Cat (19 days ago)
The theory is sound but seems the data suggests that PUFA lead to better triglyceride/cholesterol profile than saturated fats. If you can direct me to publications supporting your theory I would be interested in reading them.
Christopher Walker (16 days ago)
Felix Cat in the description
ken hoang (19 days ago)
Lol this dude the biggest joker ever
Lazar Otasevic (19 days ago)
why dont you mention brian peskin?
Operation Truth (19 days ago)
CW excellent information More studies need to come forward discussing your detailed information
MrBlueBrains (19 days ago)
Any thoughts on omega oils from algae?
Manchu Warrior (19 days ago)
Fish oil gives me heart palpitations. I stopped taking fish oil and now they are gone.
Vince M (17 days ago)
Christopher Walker  I had heart palpitations for a few months, and they went away after a week on Captains Krill oil. Been on the oil for a few months now, and all is good. Something is truly not adding up.
Christopher Walker (18 days ago)
That is very interesting, just confirms one of the claims I found in the research.
yoNWA (19 days ago)
Hemp oil is better than fish oil. https://youtu.be/R3ZBqraBh-U
William David Hilton (19 days ago)
I don't eat fish soley because of the polyunsaturated fat. Fatty fish has the highest quality protein we know of, but that's not enough to offset the downside. Here's another thing to consider about fish. There are ethnic groups whose ancestors lived by a seacoast and ate a diet heavy in fish. Their descendants can not make the enzyme that converts vitamin precursors into the actual vitamins. These people are called "obligate carnivores."
William David Hilton (19 days ago)
You need to be less trusting of studies by becoming aware of disclosures as to which industry is funding the studies. You seem to think that all clinical studies are pronouncements from God. They are results that favor the industry whose products the research is designed to promote. Follow the money before you consider the integrity, or lack thereof, in these often biased studies. That sugary carbs don't spike insulin levels is ludicrous. Gee, these studies couldn't have been funded by an agriculture industry, right? And don't assume that university studies are objective. They are among the worst offenders.
Diallo Kreed (19 days ago)
Interesting. So where should we get our Omega 3 from?
Edward Kodai (19 days ago)
I wonder if taking fish oil regularly could cause erectile dysfunction. Along with PUFA's in the diet.
Edward Kodai (19 days ago)
+Christopher Walker I was taking it religiously and then started having problems but never had problems before. Always believing it to be good for you.
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
I believe it could, definitely would not surprise me
Brian S (19 days ago)
This is why I take fermented skate liver oil, and I'm curious about Solgar's Full-spectrum Wild Alaskan fish oil because it still has the natural astaxanthin in it, which I've heard helps prevent fish oil from going rancid. IDK if that's true or if it's enough if it is true, but it is powerful stuff that's for sure, but it's just enough to tint it red so not a lot. Fermented skate liver oil isn't really fermented, the livers are fermented and the oil seeps out so it's separated naturally, and the oil doesn't go rancid it can preserve itself for a very long time. Also has the full range of EFA's and other nutrients.
Brian S (19 days ago)
Actually, astaxanthin can help prevent sun damage in fish eggs and even human skin if you take it long enough for your cells to take enough in, that could be why it helps prevent fish oil from oxidizing, so it might even help prevent that during manufacturing. Sundown's Full-spectrum wild Alaskan fish oil has it taken out though for some reason, and comes in an orange plastic bottle not amber glass. That's the only fish oil I take but I've just been taking 3ml of fermented skate liver oil twice daily, mid-afternoon and before bed. I for sure feel a difference, at least with sleep and dreams but it seems to help me, I love it. That along with bone marrow, beef brain/liver, and beef organs from Ancestral Supplements are top 'supplements' for me, basically just adequate amounts of several raw beef organs, I don't really see them as supplements because they're literally food. Love your channel you helped me learn a thing or two, for coming up with a plant-based diet that's intermittent fasting if not OMAD. Grain-free, lots of sprouted and/or fermented veggies and seeds mainly, like quinoa, millet, and amaranth which are really seeds not grains. I think my diet is nut free too actually, almonds I don't think are nuts, not that all nuts are 'bad' but some are, or aren't that great. I feel like I've come up with a really solid diet now, collagen and ghee are the two other main things I get from animals, and black ant extract. Hemp and pea protein as other main protein sources. I've recently decided to drop coconut oil(though I still take some MCT oil, but accidentally forgot to take it this morning and actually feel better fasting that way possibly but I'll experiment), in favor of raw young coconut yogurt, since a serving has 8g of coconut oil anyway and it's best to get it that way, plus it's raw and probiotic. I should probably add some grass-fed meat too, my parents do catering mainly weddings, and we actually know cattle farmers pretty well and they recently sold us 30lbs of ground grass-fed beef for $3.50 a lbs, I feel like this was meant to be, they'd sell it to us at that for personal use and there's always leftovers anyway. That's cheap even for non-grass fed, am really stoked about that. Now I just need to be more consistent with it... lol.
M M (19 days ago)
What about fatty fish like mackerel or salmon, not cooked? Is uncooked mackerel and salmon bad for your health?
M M (19 days ago)
You are saying pufas autooxidizes in your body, correct? Thats why you warn people from eating uncooked mackerel and salmon. Pufas are found in olive oil: Linoleic Acid (C18:2), a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid that makes up about 3.5 to 21% of olive oil. Why wouldn’t the pufas in olive oil autooxidize the same as the pufas in uncooked fish?
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
unless you cook at high heats with it.
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
No not olive oil
M M (19 days ago)
So basically EVERYTHING containing pufas autooxidizes in your body? Like olive oil (mostly mono But some small amount of Pufa)
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
Yes, they are full of heavy metals and toxins that pollute our rivers and oceans. On top of that the heat from our bodies causes the oil to become rancid that are within the meat (autoxidation)
T- one 1000 (19 days ago)
If you think fish oil is bad, think again because there are thousands of utubes about every food you can imagine they’re all saying all foods are bad. And again if you think fish oil is good, think again because there are thousands of utubes about every food you can imagine and they’re all saying all foods are good. Now what the hell are we suppose to eat OR not to eat. It’s very confusing.
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
The exact guideline to follow can be found out thethermodiet.com
Louis Catalino (19 days ago)
It’s funny how almost every supplement out there has pro positive effects and negative effects and we know there is a agenda by the NWO TO DEPOPULATE! disinformation and deception lol 😂 every supplement has this narrative it never ends!
Jared Carter (19 days ago)
damn about a month ago i just spent $80 on green pastures cod liver oils :-(
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
Sorry man, I would steer clear of it.
Amiga Amiga (19 days ago)
Fat fish also high on PCB and dioxine
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
Very true
Bernard Popp (19 days ago)
Stuttering like you're nervous & unsure man!
Crotone79 (19 days ago)
Unless you are pregnant you don't need fish oil anyways!!
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
Not even in that case. I would just make sure to take in more nutrient dense foods and good grass fed meats and MUFAs like avocado and olive oil.
Bernard Popp (19 days ago)
Something fishy about all this...🐟
Bernard Popp (19 days ago)
+Bernard Popp Don't eat cold water fish thennn???? Oyyy Veyyy
Bernard Popp (19 days ago)
P R A A A Y Y Y ! 👏
Bernard Popp (19 days ago)
P R A Y !
Cybergenic (19 days ago)
Taking fish oil has been a long money making lie. When you take the fish oil it does not absorb or assimilate in the body to be beneficial. However, eating fish has been proven time and time again without any doubt to be very beneficial.
Ravi Sankar (19 days ago)
Fish oil maybe bad for your health, but it made me learn stuff easier prior to which I felt like a zombie. Now I just soak up information in my brain without stress because you know why ? DHA in Fish oil is the same fat as that found in the brain
Manos Vr (19 days ago)
Stop stuttering 5 times per sentence and maybe some people can start taking you a bit seriously.
Christian Reynolds (19 days ago)
That argument about rancidity is definitely true. It’s something I considered before buying any fish oil. I ended up buying Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega (naming for reference) which gave me great results for reducing inflammation caused by a minor head injury. I paired this with bio available Curcumin. I’m now taking Fish Oil & Krill Oil daily (1g each). I keep both of them in the refrigerator. I think the research concerning Omega 3’s is too strong to ignore. I mean I hear what you’re saying about these oils in production and shipment, so if one were to obtain Omega 3’s through supplementation what would be best? I like the Krill Oil for the astaxanthin but it probably has the same rancidity risks. I’ve heard of algae oil, never tried it though.
Mike Parry (19 days ago)
Milled organic flaxseed better.
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
No, flaxseed is absolutely terrible for endocrine health. I have a whole module on it in my course thehthermodiet.com as well as a video on my channel
The Open Road (20 days ago)
Is Hemp seed oil any healthier?
The Open Road (19 days ago)
+Christopher Walker Thanks, will do. I have thrown out my Omega 3 fish oil tablets already.
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
I would stick to grass fed meat/butter, avocado/olive oil. to know exactly what to eat in order to optimize health make sure to check out thethermodiet.com
Lloyd Naylor (20 days ago)
Maybe the lady who's joints got better with the cod liver oil was due to the vitamin D content?
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
Possibly along with the other things she was taking as well.
Fish oil is amazing for you and i dont need a idiot to tell me its not.
AT (20 days ago)
Thomas DeLauer is a fucking scumbag
diertje collecties (20 days ago)
Could it be that taking fish oil on its own would yield a negative outcome? and that in combination with other fats will give your body what it needs?
JohnMac (20 days ago)
So you're saying that eating cold water fish like salmon and mackerel are bad for you?
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
In the long run yes, they lso have a bunch of heavy metals and toxins that are detrimental to your health due to pollution of their environments and what not.
Bernard Popp (19 days ago)
same thought i have... something fishy about this opinion! 🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠
דולב בן ארוש (20 days ago)
What about DHA and EPA from other sources?
X (20 days ago)
Would skate liver oil be a better source of omega 3's than fish oil. Also, DHA is found naturally in the grey matter regions of the brain in high concentrations, how would consuming DHA be detrimental to the brain?
F Mills (20 days ago)
No links in your description.
Michael Himself (20 days ago)
Dumb question, but why is it called "thermo", is there a physiological reason?
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
Basically it is the optimal state of health to be in.
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
Yes, when your body is in the optimal state o health we have an abundance of energy that is being released as heat due to the proper functioning metabolic processes in the body. Your body becomes very thermogenic and able to heal itself very efficiently. And you feel pretty awesome too!
Ty M (20 days ago)
Very cool video love the style and knowledge keep them up!! In your vegetable oil video u mention saturated fat was good for you. So I'm just wondering what fats u recommend and is animal fat bad for you? Coconut oil, olive oil good? Are those bad for insulin? Omega 3's have to be good for u right? I'm not saying they must come from fish oil, but they're Benefits to getting omega 3. What source do you recommend for omega 3?
Derek Martin (20 days ago)
If cooking the fish oxidizes the fish oils then would raw fish be ok? I have this personal theory that the reason we as humans are basically hairless compared to other primates and have the ability to swim (compared to other primates) that we must have spent a lot of time in the water hunting for fish during our evolutionary development; making fish a beneficial and perhaps essential part of our diet. Just a theory though. I'd like to get some feedback on this idea.
RAHUL SHAW (20 days ago)
Brown rice was good , becomes a myth, Flaxseeds were good , becomes myth ,fish oil was also good now becomes a myth ..........Moral of the study ,,eat whatever u want to eat ,see the results by Ur self 🤗🤗if it's work for u ,go for it ...and by the way Have a strong Believe on whatever u r eating,,,,, believe me u will get results at the end (placebo effect)..... 1 minute ago
Craig Edwards (15 days ago)
fish oil is very good for you- all this negative news on fishoil being dangerous was done in trials with OXIDISED (basically off) Oil not cold pressed and stored oil, very misleading
dreamgetter13 (20 days ago)
so fish oil is pretty much the grim reaper
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
Could be
Nick Stoliaroff (20 days ago)
This comment audience is awesome. Very respectful and clearly show your gratitude to a video that goes against a LOT of what we’ve been told. This video of Chris’s and the one on nuts being bad were in my opinion the most challenging for people to get through.
Kan Kan (20 days ago)
Christopher Walker... what about krill oil and astaxanthin man ?????? is it the same??
Kan Kan (19 days ago)
Christopher Walker  ... OMG all the krill oil that i've been using . no wonder i wasn't feeling anything different as they always advertise it like it's better than fish oil also i use to buy the pure astaxnthin from red algae but it seems like all myth. I am going to stop buying these things . thank you man love your videos.
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
Yea it is the same, a good source of astaxanthin is eggs and I think blueberries but don't quote me on the berry part.
judoman9999 (20 days ago)
What about conjugated linoleic acid?
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
Same deal
Rick James (20 days ago)
Chris this is a great video but you left out there stranger things intro! I can testify to fish oil toxin as can my wife... I could make a short video about our experience with fish oil havoc it caused on both of our health. This was verified and by an MD specialist that fish oil was causing the problem(s) he was correct. He was the only person or doctor I've heard say fish oil was bad news back in 2011. I recently got on it again the problem (tendonitis and few others ) was exacerbated! ( Somebody gave me the bottle to try) I'm convinced this is bad for humans. Thanks for researching this!
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
Thank you for listening to it
Ron Williams (20 days ago)
Christopher - can you make a video on coconut oil? Is it healthy yes no maybe - Thanks
Saty Singh (15 days ago)
+Christopher Walker lol you'll have a study soon to say it's not good for us very soon I garuntee it
Christopher Walker (19 days ago)
It is healthy. I love coconut oil.

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