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My Thoughts on Firefly

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Text Comments (678)
Mogens Linnet (2 days ago)
Okay the EU comparison is BS.
One True Vikingbard (10 days ago)
Firefly never caught on for me. I found the characters unlikeable and little more than bland stereotypes who occasionally become mouthpieces for his ideologies (which, based on Buffy and the Avengers, seems to be a rather common trope for joss whedon). Also the setting was not to my liking: I’m a bit burned out on the small scope of westerns, and technology hasn’t taken such a dramatic leap backwards as in firefly since 1) the fall of Rome and/or 2) EA’s Command and Conquer 3
Prence (11 days ago)
Joss Whedon doesn't want to bring back Firefly, but has no problem rebooting Buffy completely different that it was originally. . Yeah that makes perfect sense.
Nathan Mullin (13 days ago)
I was watching it when it was on fox and even though it was aired out of order I still loved it and still to this day. It was sadly taken from us and that sucks. I got it when it came out on dvd then got it again when it came out in HD and still watch the whole series and Serenity both about 2 times a year. Still my fav show of all time. It is still sadly missed that there was not more of this. I am going to go and cry deeply that it was canceled.😥
Andrew Jackson (1 month ago)
Yeah it was ok but nothing special, bit too American for me.
Jay Means (1 month ago)
JAAAAYNEE...............the man they call JAAANE!! (sing along folks yall know the song!)
CaptAssassin (1 month ago)
Spot on assessment! I’m a Browncoat till the day I die. The only problem with the show is once you’re done binging it you tend to go into withdrawals and a sort of sadness seeps in when you realize that there isn’t more. Luckily the comics help to ease you back into the real world. Great review, thanks!
paul richards (1 month ago)
Blake's 7? Wasn't that where Firefly got its ideas especially from series 4. Blake's 7 may have been low budget but my goodness infinitely better than Firefly. Avon is the best character of all time.
Craig Goetsch (1 month ago)
Firefly was probably the best first season out of any sci-fi show.
Logical Extreme (1 month ago)
Best show ever. Saw it the first time black out drunk so the next day I got to rewatch it. It was magical
Sarah Dain (2 months ago)
Do you ever absorb the information in the Audio Commentary? Listening to Joss Whedon is usually very enlightening. The Alliance is the USA & China gone wrong.
AussieBlokeGordo (2 months ago)
I think it would have been Whedon's best shot ever, Fox are morons for cancelling a show from a guy who already gave you not one but TWO cult classic shows
bluegent7 (2 months ago)
The "highly respectable" prostitute "diplomat" disgusted me beyond words. Hollywood is a propaganda machine bent on degenerating Western society.
Leinad R. (2 months ago)
You forgot to mention the comics, which bridge the gap between the show and the movie (and explain why Brook isnt onboard the serenity anymore), and cont8nued the story after the movie.
Kilravok (2 months ago)
It was the Pax, the G-23 Paxonhydrochloride, that we released into social media. We intended to suppress aggression and dissent. At first it worked, people stopped dissenting....and then they stopped everything else. But there were others with a different reaction. A small minority of 11% had the opposite reaction. They...voted for the Alternative für Deutschland. We were wrong. Please, if anybody finds this recording, I am sorry.
MrCannock (2 months ago)
Upper deck card game on this is weath a look at if your a fan.
SaulOhio (2 months ago)
Best lines in any movie anywhere: Operative: "Are you willing to die for that belief?" Mal: "I am. Course that ain't Plan A!"
Little Mo (2 months ago)
I think Firefly is a god-awful TV show. Space Western really? It's supposed to be 500 years in the future and they're walking around with projectile weapons. It reminds me of Terminator when dr. Silberman is questioning Kyle Reese and he asked him don't you have like ray guns? Where are the damn ray guns?
José Neto (3 months ago)
787brx8 (3 months ago)
Firefly and Cowboy Bebop were both written by a ghostwriter. Both shows were cut short after the writer was not paid. You are missing half to three fourths of all the episodes depending on the show and there are others as well.
duriTANK (3 months ago)
His reviews are so good, I don’t know why he would even consider ruining a great video of a great science-fiction series with real life politics and party affiliations.
Dwayne Bertrand (4 months ago)
well china and the united states are the two most powerful countries today, so joss wasn't too far off.
Rhett Gedies (4 months ago)
Eh, _Cowboy Bebop_ is better.
Simon O'Conor (4 months ago)
Serenity was a great movie.
JimboLogic (4 months ago)
God I loved Firefly. Keep on flying browncoats.
Gaming and Console Tech (4 months ago)
I've just perchased the 15th anniversary box set of this show... I watched it when it originally air as well... I love it.
Arendelft (4 months ago)
Every time I watch Firefly there is a keening mourning in my heart for what could have been and what Fox murdered! I honestly hate Fox for their stupidity as the only reason Firefly failed was because of them, hands down. Yes, there were other contributing factors, but not as so lethal as Fox. That name is just death to anything that has a trace of goodness in it which will now only get worse since Disney got their hands on it. If I ever got the chance to speak to Joss about this show about a potential continuation of the show I would never want to try and leave exactly where the show left off or with the same characters, that just wouldn't work, it would end badly, very badly. With this in mind I'd love to try on a continuation without the audience even knowing it was in the Firefly Universe with a completely different set of characters. Now you may be freaking out saying "NO! That sounds terrible!" Well, just hear me out with an open mind. Firefly started out with specific set of characters doing a specific thing and to try and duplicate that in any way would just disgrace it. Starting out fresh in the same universe is the only real way to progress if we EVER want to see ANYTHING Firefly related EVER again. So essentially I was thinking that while this wouldn't be a crew in a nearly as rough a spot as the crew of Serenity were (living on the fringes, just barely getting by, living and operating in what is considered to be a terrible ship by pretty much everyone but them) they would have some relations in certain areas but distinct differences. Example: Their ship would be some model classic, something that in its heyday was highly reviewed and to this day is still considered to be a highly reliable ship, even if it is a bit out dated (thus a small tidbit of relation to the Firefly class while being far from identical.) What's more is they would be operating far more within Alliance controlled space, almost as much in it as Serenity lives and operates in the Fringes however, they would have a calmer, more undertoned resistance to the Alliance. It wouldn't be readily known to anyone not living aboard the ship that they hated the Alliance as they didn't allow anyone on board (while in Alliance space anyways where it could be officially documented) who had ties with the Independents or any other group that had opposed the Alliance or did so currently. Now, in beginning episodes the name Alliance could be brought up a few times but audiences would be unlikely to immediately draw conclusions that it was the same Alliance as was in Firefly (thus letting them know it was in the same universe) but as more terminology was used Firefly fans would definitely catch on. However it would only be known for sure when said crew would be in the fringes of the system doing a low on the books smuggling job and they happen to accept a co-job with a member of the crew of the original show Firefly (probably Captain Malcolm Reynolds himself) and as such make it openly known. Now this would only be essentially a cameo for the old character/s and they wouldn't really get any long term position on the show for a lot of reasons, firstly being that in a way that would be in a way an attempt to bring Firefly more directly back into the picture and bring it back in general when for reasons we've already discussed would be unwise. In truth I think this is an awesome idea and about the best bet I've been able to think of to bring on a continuation of the series and I believe the series DESERVES a continuation and I hope and pray one day it does, it really, really does. Browncoats!
Joseph Fox (4 months ago)
The worst thing that could happen is the series getting bought and twisted by mainstream ideology.
C. Caner Telimenli (4 months ago)
I hate it when people blame things on far left despite of the fact it happens as areaction to widespread far fight movements. I understand why people hate them and I even agree on some issues but they are not the real problem. Want no far left nonsense? Stop being a racist and building walls around everything. That would actually help the kind of freedom you want here, since peole can actually go anywhere they want.
GrnXnham (4 months ago)
Loved Firefly but I don't want them to bring it back. Joss is right. A new Firefly just couldn't measure up. Leave it alone. Move on.
Superior Potato (4 months ago)
@The Dave Cullen Show I would really like to hear your opinion on farscape. Infact I believe it would make an excellent video
DavesWorld (4 months ago)
I was sitting next to this cute girl the other day at a hibachi restaurant and it was bugging me why she looked so familiar and I just realized she looks exactly like Summer Glau.
Molly Whipple (4 months ago)
Yep, perhaps the best TV scifi series ever. Like you when I recently watched, I couldn't help but feel that it felt like a metaphor for the place where the far left seems to be taking any of us who want to retain our individuality.
No Thanks (4 months ago)
why are all of your fans alt-right bigots?
Killgor (4 months ago)
i don't know what the hype is about. watched the first 5-6 episodes, it was kind'a boring.
Eoval (4 months ago)
Can't tell you how many times I've watched both the series and the movie. I am one of the outraged fans.
Robert Hall (4 months ago)
Was such a good show. Wish we got the 7 year run weeden had in mind.
Roland Berger (4 months ago)
"...giving the madness and rising tyranny of the far left and the EU" - are u fucking kidding me???? In every country the far right is rising or in power! An they spread their agenda of fear and hate. I understand that neither extreme side is beneficial but dude, we are living definitely in a time where right wing is on the rise! And that is fucking scary, 70 years ago we have seen where this can lead to. -- Beside that, I totally agree with you about Firefly - epic show :D
Ean Evers (4 months ago)
This was one of the best....EVER. GREAT, GREAT characters. How NETFLIX or HULU haven’t jumped on making this a series.......crazy. They could give us 8 seasons....no doubt. Especially with the film feeding the series...Mal and The Operative crossing paths again could set up a whole season alone....I could deal with a few years of Inara and Kaylee....I know most of the boys can!
Plowbeast (4 months ago)
I mean, mostly agree including the romance of the frontier but not sure what tyranny there is of far left Internet keyboard warriors or the EU, which barely has a functioning bureaucracy sufficient to hurt anyone.
andell1 (4 months ago)
Yeah, if Joss Whedon were to go back to Firefly, diversity would be forced in to the show.
A few year back I got a Trek mate hooked on Firefly xD We watched the pilot, he was W-ow!!! Let's watch more lol
sg1fan75 (5 months ago)
I am a Brown coat.
Tom Griffiths (5 months ago)
It's an understatement about the far left
Tom Griffiths (5 months ago)
It's beyond great. I watched everyone on t.v. it should still be on t.v. but...too good for it.
Thomas Theobald (5 months ago)
Wow...seriously? You inject "the far left" and the EU as comparisons to the Alliance? Dude, you're not only delusional, but you've just lost someone who might have been a subscriber.
Jeff Knabe (5 months ago)
LMAO madness and tyranny by the far left? WOW...keep drinking the fox news kool aide mate...
Lorn Roberts (5 months ago)
Joss couldn't make Firefly today.
Eoin Tolster (5 months ago)
You video is good thank you but I dislike your anti EU bullshit. No major wars in 50 years plus in europe and you think they are authoritarian when all you have to do is look at the dickheads across the ditch spying on everyone, bombing 8 countries, invading 3 and torturing people.
Richard Miller (5 months ago)
I have Firefly and Serenity on DVD and mp4. It's one of my favorite ever television shows and I've even got some of my friends into it. Although I did not discover it until around 2010, I watch it about once a year as you do.
El Mostrito (5 months ago)
Rumor has it that it was the cancellation of this show that made Joss go senile and join the empire.
Darth Bane (5 months ago)
This is a crime to all how they just cancelled it. We will never get anything like this ever again. Hollywood is killing our entertainment.
Darth Bane (5 months ago)
I'd be willing to give a follow up a chance, but sadly the original caste is no longer complete.
Patrick Musson (5 months ago)
They could always do another movie....
Doxie Lain (5 months ago)
Wow, I'm surprised at the right wing left bashing. Get a grip, people.
Gautier Milewski (5 months ago)
Last great original creation? What about Dollhouse?
Liping Rahman (5 months ago)
Original is not what I would call this show. If you have seen the anime Outlaw Star you will know what I mean.
Lari Kipe (5 months ago)
OMG, I am loath to admit I've never even heard of this.
Danial McCoy (5 months ago)
"No power in the verse can stop me."
Rick Lee (5 months ago)
. . . well said . . .
Alexandru Dragoi (5 months ago)
Left and right are both bad .. The problem with humans is that we cannot seem to be able to live in peace without centralisation and bureaucracy which happens everywhere pretty much naturally ... This whole Brexit is almost entirely unrelated to limited government, but just another form of protectionism and blaming anyone but those with the power of making policies: mainly UK ruling class and to a smaller extent the EU.
anywhoyt (5 months ago)
A positive of such a short lived series is you can binge on it over a weekend and it never feels like homework...I watch the series and movie at least once a year. If you want to experience a poor man's Firefly movie watch the episodes "The Train Job", "Ariel", and "War Stories" in one sitting. R.I.P Firefly....gone but not forgotten. ....and yes, "pain is scary."
Dream The Endless (5 months ago)
Two by two, hands of blue. Buy one get two, of mtn dew.
MrXccv (5 months ago)
I must correct you on one thing. The firefly is a very good and simple story about the effects america felt after the civil war .. the north and the south didnt fight over slavery! They fought for the way they wanted to be governed ... strong federal goverment vs strong local goverment (state)
0B ZEN (5 months ago)
15 years... Man, time flies.
kichigaisensei (5 months ago)
I was introduced to the series and movie by a friend. I've been a Star Wars and Star Trek fan for life. I went into this series with an open mind. It's truly a unique and entertaining series. I like it a lot. Mal is sort of like a Han Solo character prior to ANH. Some things about the series that are interesting...the Chinese culture and language is everywhere...but there are literally no Chinese characters in the show. Also, if you're a conspiracy theorist, it seems like The Pax is a reference to fluoridated water.
plaubel28 (5 months ago)
One of the few dvd sets I own. Space Western and if you don’t mention the awesome score you suck.
James Hogan (5 months ago)
Very good review. I have been watching your vids and have enjoyed them very much. Well thought out and thought provoking.
Chris Ferguson (5 months ago)
I'd love to hear your thoughts on Buffy and Angel. Or even Dollhouse.
Joseph Bratcher (5 months ago)
Spot on review. Totally in tune with the nobility of having less stuff and more freedom.
Dalle Smalhals (5 months ago)
"I'll be in my bunk" To watch 'Firefly' of course ;-)
SirAssAlot TheThird (5 months ago)
Social experiments you say? Hey whats up guys Joey salads here today we are going to poison a planets atmosphere to make the people into docile sheep
Beefsuprem0 (5 months ago)
Such a good series.
Left-handed Texan (5 months ago)
I am all ways amazed when I quote that show and someone all ways replies​. It has made me more than one friend.
Chris Wonsmos (5 months ago)
I loved the idea that the core crew if the ship were formerly rebels and that, given the nod from Mal, would be again. But that Mal had become jaded and cynical... The characters, including Jane, were incredibly deep.
enlighted Jedi (5 months ago)
What's wrong with the European union "far left"? If anything is US who has stained away from their core founding founders values :)!
Just A Guy (5 months ago)
I openly weep for the loss of Firefly. It is a show that has held the test of time and one of the most original things ever aired on TV. I openly curse those executives that had no faith in it's premise. Long Live The Browncoats.
Chiclone- Tests (5 months ago)
I'm afraid the times of such beautiful political icorrect shows is long over, and they would screw it up in a hilarious way... Better keep it in mind, awesome as it was.
Sir Alex 369 (5 months ago)
Me at 6:40 kinda like the new star Wars movies yeah I said except rogue one that was actually pretty good
FlyingShazbot (5 months ago)
Still the best TV show I have ever seen to this day.
Stephen Sisino (6 months ago)
OMG, Thank you. Knowing the series while sitting in the theater with the virgins of it, was a magical experience. To think that OBJECTS IN SPACE didn’t even show on tv, incredible.
Conor Phillips (6 months ago)
Whedon thought about having inara gangraped by reavers and potentially die of an incurable disease. Both plot points werent put in so i dont consider it cannon and I'm glad it wasn't made.
Project: Boredom Killer (6 months ago)
Yeah, loved this show. Re-watched it soooo many times (and I mean A LOT) I haven't needed to in quite some time.
max bootstrap (6 months ago)
Yup, Firefly is absolutely top notch. The only reason I might value SG1 & SGA more is... the wealth of episodes they had the opportunity to create. IMO, the abuse and then cancellation of Firefly is definitely the greatest transgression and tragedy in the history of television. And likewise, bad promotion and lame financial performance of Serenity is also a huge transgression. Maybe too few humans value liberty and freedom today. Without a doubt, humans are a failed species.
Christopher Kirkland (6 months ago)
the reason why this show didnt make it because...they had movie quality graphics in it...it had great strong fanbase but couldnt continue with the level of graphics so they canceled it... and the movie was made to finish it off
Andrew North (6 months ago)
Your right about not living under government rule , wanting to be free.
Michael Woodall (6 months ago)
Firefly is one of the most libertarian shows ever. Too bad Joss turned out to be a lefty tool.
Matthew Sharpe (6 months ago)
So.... overrated... Solid show, but somehow just not even vaguely worthy of the worship it gets from rabid fans.
Daniel Kunkle (6 months ago)
One of my favorite lines from Mal was said to an Alliance officer who was interrogating him in regards to his service in the Civil War that went something like, "We weren't on the wrong side, just the losing one." Another one was when some of his crew were being fired upon and one of them exclaimed, "They're trying to kill us!" To which Mal replied, "Well, KILL THEM BACK!!!" LOL!
Richard L (6 months ago)
Agree 100%!!!
Chris Baker (6 months ago)
picked this show up in dvd in a two pack with Space Above and Beyond. Sat on the shelf for months before i finally got around to watching it, and marathoned the show after the first. the suits screwed both shows royally.
immortaljanus (6 months ago)
ZadokNiya (6 months ago)
oh don't worry ...It's in my collection
Ryan Kelly (6 months ago)
I liked this movie a lot, and wanted the sequal. Really wanted to see CG Bruce Boxleitner. But guess thats not happening.....
Robert Hall (6 months ago)
If weeden made this show today it would suck. His social justice tendencys that he aquired would doom the show.
Neill Caiger (6 months ago)
LOVE this show...if you haven't, Dave, you must check out the official continuing stories in comic form (just like Joss did with his Angel and BuffY) -you won't regret it! cheers
Darren Semotiuk (6 months ago)
It's surprising you didn't mention the thing Whedon often does when his shows are cancelled. COMICS. Now that Whedon headed into full-feminist-hypocrite territory (just ask his betrayed wife how much the SJW credit is actually worth) I shudder to think what a "reboot" of the Firefly universe would be like. The comics at least are a continuation of the characters and stories that made us fall in love with this short-lived series... with your own imagination filling in the voices and acting of the live actors.
TheAnanaki (6 months ago)
You forgot to mention that Firefly exists within the Alien movie universe
Joey JoJo (6 months ago)
This was a great show . Sad we never got a second or third season but I don't want a new season with how Joss has been acting. God damn I had such a crush on Kaylee and Christina Hendricks was freaking great in this show <3
Tigerhawk30 (6 months ago)
A potential major hobbling factor would be that you simply would not be able to recast ANY of these roles. Plus, not sure what you'd do since Serenity wrapped up the most major of the continuity, i.e. the Alliance pursuit of the Tams. And the graphic novel "The Shepherd's Tale" (very very badly) gave up Book's backstory...tho that GN raised far more questions than it sought to answer. And finally, with both Book (Ron Glass, RIP) and Wash gone, the show just wouldn't be as interesting. I mean seriously, who could replace either one of these characters...or ANY of them, for that matter? It's great to dream about a resurrection of one of the great Sci-Fi shows of all time. But I just don't see it going over well as it seems too much time has passed by.
Mike George (6 months ago)
Will always be up there with Babylon 5 and Farscape. (doing more with less)

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