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Independence Day Resurgence Review (With Spoilers)

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My thoughts on the new Independence Day Resurgence film. Support my work on Patreon: http://ow.ly/3ymWFu PayPal Donations Welcome. Click here: http://goo.gl/NSdOvK Help Support My Channel. Buy Computing Forever Merchandise, Mugs, Hats, T-Shirts: http://ow.ly/3v3TWq SUBSCRIBE TO THIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/LACK78 KEEP UP ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter : http://twitter.com/lack78 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ComputingFor... Google+ : LACK78: http://goo.gl/k4gWsg Google+: Computing Forever: http://goo.gl/Q8gZpY
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Text Comments (149)
Ed G Power (11 days ago)
China and heavy lifters? Wasn't that 'The Martian'?
Evan Lusky (15 days ago)
Point of contention: escapism doesn't preclude intellectualism, good story, or something that makes you think. Escapism is simply anything that distracts you from unpleasant realities. No more, no less.
frank tomeo (25 days ago)
You did a great review. It's difficult to review garbage.
Paul Blanchard (27 days ago)
100% right about Russia & the film 👍✌️🤔
Daniel Bennett (1 month ago)
I didn’t hear him mention the sjw insertion of gay characters like Spiner and his buddy.
QuantumAscension1 (1 month ago)
U know, as a kid growing up, Independence Day (1996) was an awesome action sci-fi movie and still is once u look past the cheesy one-liners. When I heard about the sequel, I knew it wasn't going to be a masterpiece, but I did still have mid-level expectations for it. To be honest, there are few films that I genuinely hate, partly because as a film editor myself, I at the very least understand just how much effort goes into actually creating a large budget film, how many talented people are involved and such, regardless of the story that is told. But, this Resurgence sequel... this horrific, dumpster-fire, monstrosity of a film... it left me walking out of the Theater thoroughly infuriated. I don't know how anyone involved in the production or post-production process thought for even a moment that this was an acceptable finished product. Complete garbage and an utter waste of time for both audience and production staff.
Marvel films are just the same shit over and over again... I agree.
Dave can you do your review of THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT that is a brilliant film version thought induceing. Thanks.
MaelstromLeague (2 months ago)
Empty eye-candy calories. Beyond that, not much.
Mark Bryan (2 months ago)
I want to thumbs up your videos because I agree with your sentiments, however, I don't want to thumbs up a video with F-bombs and S-bombs. Thoughtful ingenuity never includes these explicit contrievances.
Tundra (2 months ago)
will DPE (2 months ago)
In the original Independence Day most of the FX are practical effects not CGI."The first film was produced at the brink of the digital revolution — 95 percent was shot using miniatures with motion-control cameras and combined digitally in postproduction," https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0O8Y-ZKoQM&list=PLFr6JfovZ0LtsB7PWfzRb9BhZjgdxyuHW&t=0s&index=2
Chiclone- Tests (3 months ago)
I like the original Film very much, and as a german, a very special moment for me does remind me at my momentary reality... That scene, were that bunch of hippie-like folks on that rooftop with their "welcome aliens", "make yourself a home", and then getting that city-destroying super laser fired directly in their faces reminds me bitter at my county, that is flooded by analphabetic muslim conquerors - millions of them by evil forces and my own goverment...
David Green (3 months ago)
"Have you seen films?!" a great LOL moment, literally. If you want good films, you'll probably need to visit some of the older ones, not contemporary ones; 2001 (obviously), Forbidden Planet (that's a classic), Andromeda Strain (the Robert Wise version, not the crappy remake).
Suzaku455 (3 months ago)
I disagree, I wanted a sequel but something of Independence day to expand on the lore and not a retelling of the original story, nor just use make it bigger is better. Instead if they were looking for a trilogy perhaps have it where the Aliens take over earth and perhaps start using them as a client state in a similar manner as Combine Half Life faction. Use the human soldiers to learn how to fight those their faction, and in the third film could be liberation of Earth somehow.
Xipo86 (3 months ago)
I watched the movie twice for free online and really liked it.
mentalplayground (3 months ago)
China and their involvement is not political correctness it is a pure MARKETING!
jagardina (3 months ago)
Another great video, completely agree. Bit ironic that youtube is trying to sell the movie as an add to this.
Corvo@AZ (3 months ago)
A better Force Awakens film than Force Awakens. 😀
fgdj2000 (3 months ago)
"It felt like I'm watching somebody else playing a video game!" Awesome analogy! :D The first film might have been junk food, but at least the director genuinely wanted to make a cool sci-fi blockbuster. To paraphrase Chris Stuckmann, the film had energy and charisma -- it had heart. This one was just boring. "A long time have I watched. All his life has [the studio] looked away, to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was, what he was doing!" Just focusing on building a franchise and forgetting to make a halfway decent film in the process. Still, I'm so happy, that we have directors like Christopher Nolan, Denise Villneuve and even some old-timers like Ridley Scott (for every Robin Hood there's a Gladiator) and Martin Scorsese. And even Superhero films have improved since then.
Jovan Mitrić (3 months ago)
Watching somebody else playing a video game would be more interesting than this film.
Plipo Gamez (3 months ago)
I believe I would enjoy your review of Avatar.
Steven Nodlehs (3 months ago)
It puzzles me how easily Hollywood is able to get certain people to hate the SJW overload in their films - all to get further and further right wing politicians into power. Bravo!
Storm Breaker (3 months ago)
This movie is basically an old-fashioned black & white "B movie" the problem is old fashioned B movies had more depth than this movie did ?
ablethreefourbravo (4 months ago)
Did this movie do well, though? I don't know of anybody that did like it, or saw it more than once.
Aroven Talmav (4 months ago)
I liked both movies but I do see where you're coming from.
Sam Potts (4 months ago)
You deserve a like just because you watched Independence Day: Resurgence. I rented it, and damn that movie was fucking bad.
englishchrisaus1 (4 months ago)
I saw this movie on a plane ride. I asked for my money back.
Max 117 (4 months ago)
From what I understand, you're a right winger. And that's fine. I still enjoy your videos, but please, do not make nonsensical comments like "we should be more diplomatic with Russia" Russia has the lowest freedom rating of any European country. The government is notorious for "disappearing" any and all journalists who dare criticise the Putin. Their elections are a joke. It's not a good place. Don't let you hate for SJW shite cloud your judgment. China was included to tap into their market, not for political reasons.
Winston Shih (2 months ago)
Max 117 he's a liberal centrist that's why he doesn't attack Bernie Sanders
Conscious Gentile (3 months ago)
more anti Russia bullshit, eh?
Jim of Aotearoa (4 months ago)
Science fiction has always been about humanity. No matter the time, place or antagonists. Hollywood has never really got sci fi. Individual filmmakers have but Hollywood as a general industry has not. Even the simplest sci fi literature from pulp short stories to epic series that span thousands of years, sci fi has been intelligent, full of pretext, subtext, analogies and every other type of observation and reflection about humanity and our place and role in the Universe. It is almost if Hollywood doesnt want us to think about the real issues of space or the real issues that face humanity. I used to love a good no brainer bash em up, shoot 'em up sci fi movie...but now even the best big budget ones fall under the no brainer banner. Its an insult to our intelligence that Hollywood thinks we cannot be entertained with anything other than trash action...hereafter given its new genre title as "traction" movies. Don't call it sci fi just cos its got space and spaceships in it...and don't call it sci fi if its got gender politics all over it like a Klingon with "facial ridge pox". There exists no gender politics in space. Just live humans and dead humans.
Fridaey13txhOktober (2 months ago)
"Science fiction has always been about humanity." Nope. "It is almost if Hollywood doesnt want us to think about the real issues of space or the real issues that face humanity. " Bingo! It is not just marketing, Hollywood aims to make you stupid, just like those people with "Alien Welcome" signs in the first movie. Dull and Insipid.
thelonewolfCub (4 months ago)
agree 100%
Joey (5 months ago)
The movie is about: Multiculturalism is good. Independence and individuality is bad! Independent autonomous machines to do our work for us is good. Doing thing for yourself and having advance skill is bad.
Vladdie777 (5 months ago)
This film is funny as fuck, more fun than most brainless action movies in my opinion. Jeff Goldblum's Dad's ridiculous antics were worth the price of admission for me.
Dellacondan (6 months ago)
Cowboys versus aliens shat all over this
joistein (6 months ago)
This film was a piece of crab.
Dennis Zwolle (6 months ago)
Dave, Dig a little bit deeper it's a remake of the show, war of the worlds.....It follows the Genrey of that classic!
katey1dog (6 months ago)
Will Smith turned down a bad script?
Raycheetah (6 months ago)
I saw the trailers, and that was enough for me to ignore this turkey. =^[.]^=
Michael Smith (6 months ago)
Wow. A year later. Pretty spot on with the manufactured war with Russia in the near future.
Aksumite Tower (7 months ago)
The white nationalist gives his opinion folks! Great review!
Blue G (7 months ago)
Once there was the Renaissance, now there's the Generic Age.
Blah Anger (7 months ago)
Why should I believe you are ginger so you have no soul
Julian Regis (2 months ago)
At least he’s white.
Mikkel Rasmussen (7 months ago)
Haha this guy is the biggest douche on youtube for 3 minutes (with edits!) he's holding a cup of coffee up awkwardly. Holy crap this guy is just the worst.
Jeebus Christos (7 months ago)
Will Smith not wanting to be in a movie where the writing is shite? I think Wild, Wild West and After Earth beg to differ...
Winston Shih (2 months ago)
Jeebus Christos he didn't do it because studio refused high salary
Ferb (7 months ago)
I think 'pretty awful' was an exaggeration. Yeah, it's a fair comment to say it wasn't intellectually challenging, but did anything in the trailer etc. make you expect that it would be? And to be honest, when I want intellectual fulfillment, I watch maths lectures, not sci-fi movies. I'd say it promised an hour or so of spaceships flying around shooting and stuff, and that's basically what it delivered. An evening's distraction from the problems of your life. If you went into that movie expecting anything other than that, you were probably thinking of a different film!
845835ab (7 months ago)
It's basically unwatchable. It's Hollywood's version of waterboarding. FYI you are confusing Interstellar and The Martian. Nolan did not include an all too common studio required China ass kissing into his film Interstellar.
Vincent Reid (7 months ago)
People were asking you doing a review of this movie? You sure they don't hate you? That's the only reason I would ask someone to watch this tripe. "You'll never get that hour and a half back!"
TheWalrusWrangler (7 months ago)
Your content is incredible. I thought I was alone in my hatred for this manufactured culture which we have all become so immersed in.
Deusdeth Soares (11 months ago)
Great comments, great review!!
Arcade Alchemist (1 year ago)
anyone think hollywood is just shitting on people for money cos they assume people are dumb. I will pirate all movies from now on fuck hollywood.
kichigaisensei (1 year ago)
Resurgence is a total piece of shit. Uninspired. Awful.
Durakken (1 year ago)
"No writer wanted to do this" You are absolutely wrong. The guy who made the first movie wanted to continue on in this universe and as far as I recall, financed it. Btw Will Smith was supposed to be in this movie too. He just couldn't or wouldn't do it.
Wild Man Media (1 year ago)
You are so right about movies, they redo every known movie to man and never come up with anything new that's worth a damn. They can't even make a movie with the story anymore. I don't even like a single movie that wasn't made before 2005
Wild Man Media (1 year ago)
Hey man just subbed! I was pointed to you by a guy in the YouTube alliance. I'm not sure if you're a part of it, it's for free speech you should check it out if you're not. Also against demonetizing videos
Lee Bee (1 year ago)
LOL at 0:20 - that was so funny
Hank Wedel Music (1 year ago)
Dude.... Well done... That was epic... But please acknowledge "Mars Attacks" In all fuckiing fairness... You gotta know that "Mars Attacks" negated the first "Independence Day"
Jay Smith (1 year ago)
boycotting Hollywood...my money will not go to snowflake, hypocritical liberals. They denounce my President, and anything resembling common sense. They live in a privlage'd world of party's at night, and the beach on some $$$ resort all day...they know nothing about the real world.
Winston Shih (2 months ago)
Jay Smith to be frank Trump has less common sense than SJWs
awnnerd (1 year ago)
I thought it was ok. At least it's supposed to be based in reality. Far better than the countless superhero guff. I understand that they are re-making Spiderman for the 14th time. Can't wait to not give a shit.
Sour Ron (1 year ago)
Never before, in the history of movies, have so many bollocks been seen in just one film.
Rare Raindrop (1 year ago)
Mt favorite part of the original Independence Day film is the scene where the people are holding a party to "welcome our new alien friends to our land" and they end up being the first ones blown to bits by the aggressive invading force. :) ::sips tea::
FlyingPaladin (3 months ago)
Aroven Talmav (4 months ago)
Rare Raindrop I think there's some insightful social commentary in that scene...
TheBoMaster (1 year ago)
sorry but at 9:40 it was the Martian not interstellar
Erdem Oz (1 year ago)
Thats exactly what I was thinking. I watched Interstellar at least 4 times, and I don't remember any Chinese characters in the movie. Neither would I expect Chris Nolan to resort to such blatant and cheap gimmicks, unless it really made sense storywise.
Suzanne Tol (1 year ago)
This films are a bit of a guild pleasure for me. I'm just a sucker for Goldblum. I like most of the roles he played. But yeah, the movie was no where near brilliant. Like most films this days. Good that I hardly go out to watch them this days.
HH hH (1 year ago)
Roland Emmerich (who doesn't usually like making sequels) said that he had a script for a sequel soon after the first came out but he wasn't satisfied with it and he said he wouldn't do another one unless he had a good script.
Dominick Santora (1 year ago)
I didn't think the first one was that good.
JayeBird (1 year ago)
See I told you I'd subscribe from computing forever video. I like your reviews!
plus, Godzilla, the Japanese Godzilla would have eaten the queen like a midnight snack
I think the only real reason the original ID4 had such an appeal is when the White House went caplooey, blaaam, kaboom Edit: I never saw it in the theaters but I had heard people cheered when that happened
Fran Ohmsford (1 year ago)
I like Independence Day, In fact sorry no....I LOVE Independence Day - It's outright a Classic and as you stated in your Video there's a lot of people who think the same. I have no problems considering Independence Day an easy 8/10, probable 9/10, possible 10/10 based on the fact that I've seen it close to a dozen times and show no sign of being bored of it - For me one of the biggest pluses of a Movie is rewatchability! Every Movie on my top 10 list I've seen more than a dozen times over the years, some {The Original Star Wars Movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Zulu, The Vikings} I've seen Scores of times, maybe closing on 100 times for Return of the Jedi or Zulu! Every film has its detractors - I can't stand The Godfather. Now do I like Independence Day: Resurgence? NO! I'd say it's a 4/10 movie, I've seen much worse but it's not good. It seemingly takes everything people complained about from the original and magnifies it.... You complained that Independence Day was too Americocentric and you didn't like that it's America {as in most American Blockbusters} that saves the World? OK Well this time everything from China {maybe Japan too} to Ireland is utterly annihilated in an instant as the 3,000 mile diameter {SERIOUSLY!?! What the &^%$ were they thinking!?!} Mothership comes into our atmosphere above China, flies over Asia and Europe lifting up everything then dropping it all on London and by extension England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland before coming to rest over the Atlantic Ocean and just metres from the US Shoreline! Oh but we've got a new African Character - Who's about as Racist a Stereotyped Cliche as we could possibly manage without the SJWs noticing! And basically does nothing in the entire film although we do go on about what he did prior to it in what would have made a far better movie! Oh we've also got a generic Chinese Character or two - Well one of them dies pretty d@rn quick while the other is nothing more than a blatant piece of tail for one character to drool over! They again pay homage to the SJWs by giving her a line putting down said drooler {who's a pretty terrible character tbh} but in the end her character doesn't matter either! Now the problem with these portrayals is that they provide yet more ammunition for the SJWs who will eventually notice not how bad they are but how many people dislike them! Like with Ghostbusters it's actually part reverse psychology in that it's actually good for their batshit scenario if the characters are done badly and therefore there's legitimate reasons to dislike the characters - Because they can ignore those legitimate reasons and just say "you don't like these characters = You're Sexist or Racist or Both! If the Characters were actually GOOD they wouldn't have the anger at or dislike of those characters to feed off of!
Patriot Cat (1 year ago)
OK..... But... Did you like it? It had spaceships and aliens that go BOOM
malus911 (1 year ago)
The only way to be intellectually stimulated is to first stop watching this sh*t. I think the bulls*t in the world is the best program going. Deception/intrigue/excitement/drama/comedy. Who could ask for anything more.....
Ohkami13 (1 year ago)
Good alien comes to Earth destroying Saturn (I think) and almost the Moon. Humans destroy the ship like you would. Good alien is still alive and turns out to be an A.I that has weapon plans and a map to a planet where other alien races are gathering to form a rebellion (always smart to carry a map to your secret base) Tells humans it came to evacuate them because they are an inferior race who stand no chance against the bad aliens. Bad aliens arrive and stuff explodes. Humans barely defeats bad aliens in the most stupid way. Good alien A.I decides that despite being inferior that humans should lead the rebellion....Best movie ever!!!111!!!
Sian Waller (1 year ago)
My funniest bit of the original is when the english forces seem to be sitting in a desert, drinking tea and say something like "'bout bloody time the yanks came up with a plan" and then russian or french soldiers with striped tshirts, smoking cigarettes!? So cheesey.
Sian Waller (1 year ago)
Awful movie
VariantAEC (1 year ago)
I liked this movie, but what do I know I thought "Bicentennial Man" was awesome?
Kieran O'Sullivan (1 year ago)
So you want to monetize your content again and decided to create a new channel. Your website is full of adds, you had a nice ride reading britebart to camera and getting money on YouTube and Patrion. When will the people following the right realise that they are being scammed. That is not to say you don't believe what you say but you are more than happy to profit form it.
HistoryFan476ad (1 year ago)
we know he is but the left are no noble hero's either not profiting off views if anything there worse.
rhythmatic explosion (1 year ago)
hahah 00:24 - 00 27
Hl A (1 year ago)
How dare you say the first film was crap, it was good. You say that the second appealed to the lowest common denominator, well stephen hawking said donald trump appeals to the lowest common denominator. Didn't YOU support trump. ;)
Hl A (1 year ago)
A lot of people do what escapism. Not all our lives a great, some are shit. hahahaha
jens lipponer (1 year ago)
You always say what I'm thinking.... I'm still waiting for a 'Cross of Iron' remake.................. I need to buy another water tank....
matsv201 (1 year ago)
Granted.. The original Independecday was pretty generic to. There do come one good blockbuster move once and a while. But they was not really that often. Even in in the 90-tys. What was fun in the 90-tys that most of the generic move still had something new. Mostly very high production value that was uncommon in the 80-tys, really just AAA titles like Top Gun and just a handfull of other movies. In the 90-tys there was a dussin movies with Top Gun type production value every year. Nowdays the production vaule is often down and the PC bullshit ...
Kevin Anderson (1 year ago)
Its beat for beat, almost scene for scene, The War of the Worlds
Zundfolge (1 year ago)
The point at which the movie was irrevocably ruined for me is when you find out what the aliens are actually here for. They want our molten core. Like there aren't millions, nay BILLIONS of uninhabited, unclaimed planets across the universe that would take 1/10th the effort to mine of their molten core that they wouldn't need to attack and destroy inhabited planets at all (and thus risk awakening or creating an "enemy capable of destroying them" ... plus they could direct the same amount of resources at multiple planets at once thus vastly improving their haul). Once I crossed that threshold it became clear that the premise of the entire franchise was too stupid. I mean if they wanted our water, or animal flesh it might make sense, but this is the equivalent of mounting a full scale Heat style armed robbery of a stone and gravel store when you already own a quarry.
VariantAEC (1 year ago)
Zundfolge That's the problem with *ALL* alien apocalypse movies. Why stop and mess with Earth when there are so many other good options? At least say they have mined all other planets in the local group and stumbled on Earth (the biggest rocky planet in this solar system). I mean seriously! But as I mentioned *EVERY* alien apocalypse film is like that! What was the point of "Pacific Rim" for example? Yeah...
Mattys Modern Life (1 year ago)
Yeah, movies suck these days. I haven't seen a really good one for ages. TV is where all the good stories are. There are some awesome new shows on Netflix, like Black Mirror, The Expanse and a few others. Movies on the other hand? I don't like watching them anymore, they are everything you say, plus I have to spend an hour arguing with my girl over what to watch. It's not worth it!
bulletproofblouse (1 year ago)
Why not go to see Nocturnal Animals?
Robert Ewins (1 year ago)
Brilliant. Subscribed. I generally agree with your sentiments but think your "shock" at the Hollywood drivel is a little naive. This type of "entertainment" is endemic in today's global (yuk) society. For example have you watched British TV? (I know you are Eire based).
eimb1999 (1 year ago)
FYI, there were relatively few CGI effects in the 1986 film. Most of it was done with traditional in-camera/optical and practical effects with matte paintings and miniatures.That's why it looked better than the new film.
Bearded Dennis (1 year ago)
Hi Dave, i don't know if you like animated films but i highly recommend the All-Star Superman film from 2011. It shows a good bit of the character and he development of other characters. For me it was a very emotional film and the narative, for an animated film, was very good.
MakerInMotion (1 year ago)
I think comic book superhero movies will fade out eventually. For a while, there was never a week where there wasn't a vampire or zombie movie in theaters. That's pretty much over. You know when they reach so deep into the vault they make an Ant Man movie that they're losing momentum.
Winston Shih (2 months ago)
MakerInMotion too bad people are shilling for black panther
FlyingPaladin (3 months ago)
MG1995 The second half of your statement is completely wrong
Kenny Powers (1 year ago)
At Least Fox is evolving go look at Logan it looks amaze balls.
MG1995 (1 year ago)
Yet Ant-Man - a movie about a C level comic book character that no one really cares about - still made more than half a billion dollars worldwide, making it more successful than most other movies that year. CBM aren't going anywhere. I wouldn't be so worried about studios making movies about irrelevant characters like Ant-Man, more so than be worried about the steady decline of quality these movies generally uphold. Say what you want, but the MCU - be it generic - has not failed once. All their movies have been critically liked / praised, not to mention they were financially all extremely profitable. However, DC and Fox are ruining this genre. Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, X-Men Apocalypse are all very bad movies, despite the fact that they feature very well known characters like Superman and Batman. If DC doesn't improve the quality of their films, then yes the genre is in trouble... But it has absolutely nothing to do with "reaching for unknown characters". Remember that *no one* knew who Iron Man, Thor, etc were before the movies. The movies make the characters popular, not the other way around.
Matt Paul (1 year ago)
dave it sounds like you've stopped taking member-berries
Admerius (1 year ago)
Matt Paul the memberries were eaten by the meme-bears
Hl A (1 year ago)
Arrh member... member...
vertitis (1 year ago)
I thought the first one was among the worst movies I've seen.. But going in with such low expectations.. well strangely I found this alot more entertaining. Didnt even bother analyzing anything.. and I liked the graphical scenes.. Agree about the cartoon logic tho..
Serahpin (1 year ago)
I disagree about the chinese being in the movie for political correctness reasons. It is purely an economic reason, they want to tap into the chinese market. And they are willing to really work their knee pads to get in there.
Winston Shih (2 months ago)
Serahpin it is for me because it's like how last Jedi put rose for Asian market and this is coming from a chinese/Taiwanese person himself
Ramon S (1 year ago)
It's the problem, only 34 western movies are allowed into China per year, making it in there can make, or break a movie, cough cough......Ghostbusters 3, leading to CCP having a massive amount of control over Hollywood. Movies that are absolute rubbish, like Transformers (whatever) can turn huge profits, just on making their movie for the Chinese market. It seems the Chinese are hungry for western movies, maybe because they are sick of seeing nearly 1 billion Japanese being killed off by one of there local TV studios, and that was just in one year. I agree, Chinese don't care about political correctness. Political correctness is entirely a western fantasy.
jollyscarecrow (1 year ago)
I didn’t get how the former President (Bill) at the start was some old dude that struggled with getting about and was senile but towards the end he had all his shit together and was flying alien ships about leading the attack to kill the queen. Ermmmm nah.
Richard Caputo (1 year ago)
I actually worked on this movie, and yes, it's a big-budget-popcorn-turn-your-brain-off-film and very dumb. But, I was able to pay my rent, so I guess that makes me complacent lol. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the CW's Arrow. I liked the first few seasons, but it's been heavily altered for the cause of social justice in the 4th season.
MG1995 (1 year ago)
Hasn't Arrow always been regressive to a alarming level? I still watch the show, but I honestly can't tell the difference between S1 & S4 in terms of "social justice" pandering. It's always been there.
hammer326 (1 year ago)
Oh god he HAS to address that series now. It was pretty cringe to begin with, I tapped out before S3's midpoint.
Danko9889 (1 year ago)
why is there a plaster on your computer?
dagda825 (1 year ago)
Well said Dave. I was put off the star trek movies with Into Darkness. I didn't care for the first ID so I wasn't going to see this one and your review clinched it. I keep hoping for something along the lines of Asimov but I fear he's too cerebral for many people. Ah well, I'll stick to the books, at least they don't let me down lol.
Capn Cummings (1 year ago)
All your reviews I've seen have the same review like you changed the title. You shouldn't do reviews if this is what you're going to do because it sort of makes you just as bad as the people making these bad films.
Peter Cseszarik (1 year ago)
100% right. best movie I saw recently was all is lost or something like that with Robert Redford. Nothing happens but its awesome
Dennis Premoli (1 year ago)
Hey, did you ever watch Coherence? Time Lapse? The Signal? Predestination? All great movies I think. As you do too, it hink, I have several categories fro movies. The usual action(Mission impossible, fast and furious...), The block buster shallow marvel movie(we know those), the totally mindfucking movies. All of those for me are in the last catehory. Especially the first. Small budget movies whihc didnt even come out in my country. Randomly found on the internet and simply amazing. WHAT CHERENCE: Youll be left doubting everything!!!
CliqueBait (1 year ago)
I'm gonna have to watch it now to find out if it really is as bad as you say. It doesn't even sound like it pulls off horseshoe theory where a movie is so bad that it becomes 'good' in it's own way. Classic example of that being The Room (2003).
The Dave Cullen Show (1 year ago)
So this video was also hit by a dislike bot. Thanks to whoever it was, I don't know what it was that I did to piss you off. Cheers.
Gam3 0ver (2 months ago)
Maybe it was the shitty looking "pc" in the background, FYI until I saw the apple love I was all for considering you as a viable entertainment review source? However totally not subscribing from what I have seen now.
Al Cappi (5 months ago)
The Dave Cullen Show hey Dave, this was about the sleep paralysis videos you posted. So I freaked out when I saw what happened to you because for the first time I saw what I’ve been going through 😂. Just out of curiosity, does it feel like your getting pulled out forcibly and sometimes it’s welcoming and beautiful or sometimes it’s frightening, dark? Please, I’d like to know.
Patrick Foxchild (5 months ago)
Less that it was hit by dislike bots, more that what you say is wrong. I personally wanted a sequel, and that I wanted a campy sci-fi action film that was a little irreverent to even itself in the genre, and that's exactly what I got. Brent Spiner stole the show, but the rest was still on par with the original movie. This was never meant to be a replacement for star wars, and saying such is a discredit to your video.
Fridaey13txhOktober (6 months ago)
(((Dislike bot)))
Teflon Don John Trump (7 months ago)
There's an ad for the movie above the recommended videos.

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