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Letty Garza's Farewell

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Letty Garza is retiring after 30+ years.
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Timothy P. Cruz 956 (2 months ago)
We are going to miss you lots at channel 5 news reporting the news 📰 everyday God bless your next chapter in life amen Jesus loves you lots and we do as well i can tell your so excited and happy.
Mike R (4 months ago)
I need my channel 5, from being A kid, to watching it in Iraq. Now watching from YouTube in Germany.
Mike R (3 months ago)
Haruka Takahashi army.
Haruka Takahashi (3 months ago)
+Mike R. Oooo i am close there, curious but why did you went to germany? was it for a lover, job or the view?
Mike R (3 months ago)
Haruka Takahashi went to segun the pharr.
Mike R (3 months ago)
Haruka Takahashi was born and rasied.. Still in Germany
Haruka Takahashi (3 months ago)
+Mike R are you still in germany and were you born in mcallen?
Daniel Hernandez (5 months ago)
Aww I can't believe Letty is leaving.. she is is so awesome..
Leroy Berrones Soto, Jr. (10 months ago)
Miss you so much, Letty! Glad we are still connected! <3
riggs xamot (11 months ago)
holy cow! I'm barely finding out of her retirement.Two months later. And of all places ,on Youtube. I grew up watching Rick, Peter, Tim and Letty and countless others. RGV Tv family! I don't know you ,but I still shed one tear, Lol. Congrats , God Bless, & Enjoy !
Zeke88021 (1 year ago)
we are going are to miss you Letty you are number one on channel 5 news.
Sam Pena (1 year ago)
Congrats Letty !!!

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