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Special Report: Dental Tourism

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A CHANNEL 5 NEWS special report
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Terrence King (3 months ago)
Bio Dental in Reynosa on Calle Guerrero is much better!
Gus Garcia (5 months ago)
We have better dental care in Mexico.
Benjamin Llamas (5 months ago)
trying to make bad press to Mexico.
renge99O9 (7 months ago)
Do a search of U.S. Veterans Affairs dental sterilization and see where the REAL problems are. Not much time goes by before we hear of another catastrophic scandal in American Health Care or Government or private companies, the only difference is that they overcharged so much that they can afford the payoffs to the legal system to escape accountability for it.
RICHARD FREAS (10 months ago)
Stay away from Meza Dental. I think Dr. Meza is OK bu his assistan who does all the Veneers and Crowns Sucks Her name is Dr Marin
Mirian Aguilar (11 months ago)
I qualified for medi-cal as we were low income I paid little to nothing but now that I have regular insurance it's almost 700
ForsakenSavior (1 year ago)
talk about showmanship!! LMFAO XD reminds me of the show better call saul lol
hector bossio (1 year ago)
this system in the US is a scam
sandy moonstone (1 year ago)
but it would take that much money to send one woman to the moon ONCE
guapoxti (1 year ago)
What risks!! Brain washed media...Mexico is safer than the U.S.
Frater Perdurabo (1 year ago)
I went to mexico and had my dental work done. I saved alot of money. but more importantly the quality of the dental work was better than I received in the united states. I was concerned about the sterilization of the dental equipment so I had my blood work checked manytimes since I had the work done. I got no diseases. I think that as long as you are careful to go to a reputable dental clinic in mexico you should be ok just like here in the united states. as a matter of fact my brother is a polce officer in a medium sized us city and all the officers used the same dentist pursuant to his dental insurance and the dentist they used was a quack and all of my brothers fillings fell out and many other officers had the same problems before it was discovered the dentist was a quack and had his license revoked.
Sam Jay (4 months ago)
Can you send me the address of the dentist you saw. How much money did you save? thanks
Eli Reyes (1 year ago)
Please view my videos before you resort to Mexican Dental Tourism. I was BaitSwitched/Drugged/Butchered/Sexually Assaulted and then they tried to Blackmail me into silence. I have video evidence, pictures, undercover recordings, etc. KRGV is aware, but will not do a story due to backlash from the Mexican Community. Btw... I'm Mexican and I speak Spanish. And if it can happen to me, it can happen to you too. Be safe. Never travel alone. You are risking much more than a set of teeth.
Sam Jay (4 months ago)
Where is your videos?
Cole Tanner (1 year ago)
Post the video evidence, pics, and recordings..This is what the Youtube forum is for.

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