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Butt Whipping Works!

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Parents should still be allowed to whip a child's behind and so should school principals.
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DEE SMITH (11 months ago)
100% RIGHT!
Chloe Bertelsen (1 year ago)
Bob Mowreader (3 years ago)
I got my butt busted a few times as a kid.my dad usually used a stick,but if his stick wasn't handy hed remove his belt.my mom usually used her hand,but once in a while shed use a stick or belt.i never had to pull my pants down,and the most licks my dad usually gave was 10 with his belt,or 15-20 with his stick.my mom would give 20 or so with her hand,but only 4 or 5 with a stick or belt.i never got a spanking I didn't deserve.i got more than I wanted,and far more than my parents wanted to give,but not near as many as I deserved.i was only left bruised once,and I really deserved that 1! I see nothing wrong with butt-whipping,and I thank my parents for it! shame on the liberals for calling it abuse!
Phil (3 years ago)
I would bet my eye teeth you are a Christian right?  I would also bet you think the earth is less than 10,000 years old.  Am I right?
Phil (3 years ago)
Guess what else works, capital punishment under Sharia law.  We don't do that because we have a Bill of Rights.  Statistics do not lie and spanking, whipping, beating causes serious mental and emotional issues that can sometimes never be undone.  I was beat pretty well as a child and had problems.  My children have never been touched and they behave better than any of their peers who are spanked.  By the way the beating in the video was far over the top.
disposablefreedom (3 years ago)
You're disgusting!! I hope you get ass cancer, you old bastard..You don't beat your kids, if you do, you don't deserve them.. I'm guessing you get hard when you do it, statistics prove there is a sexual component connected to this disgusting practice.. Piece of perverted shit!!
Bob Mowreader (4 years ago)
I see nothing wrong with spanking a clothed butt with a belt,switch,paddle,or a hard stick.i don't even see anything wrong with spanking a bare butt with a hairbrush or wooden spoon or a hand.where I draw the line is beating bloody.but a few good licks with a belt or hard stick on a clothed butt like my siblings and I got I see nothing wrong with.plus we didn't get it near as much as we deserved.

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