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How To Pick The Perfect Watermelon

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What’s a summer picnic without a juicy, delicious watermelon? But before we slice it open, let’s back up to when we first decided it was the right one to purchase. If you’re like most people, you could use a few tips when at the market. And in today’s video we’ll highlight 5 tips on how to pick the right one. 1. Field Spot This is the creamy or yellow part of the watermelon’s shell that rested on the ground. What can that color tell you? It’s almost as if it’s an inside peek, indicating that it basked a long time in the sun, ripening. Avoid ones with white spots, as they needed more sunbathing time before being plucked from the vine. 2. Webbing We can thank bees for playing such an important role in this process; their pollination is what kicked things off. Excess pollination will create lots of brown webbing. A large amount of webbing is your clue that the inside is ripe and sweet. 3. Gender Yes, a watermelon has a gender. The tall – or long ones - are males. If the watermelon is plump, round or stout, it’s classified as a female. Take a moment to guess which one is the sweetest. It’s the girl! And if it’s a bizarre shape, it indicates its growth was not an easy process as it probably struggled for sunlight and water. 4. Size In the case of the watermelon, the largest ones aren’t necessarily the tastiest. The best ones are average in size. Rule of thumb; don’t pick one too large or too small. 5. Tail Taking a final glimpse of the watermelon, we must examine its tail. If it’s green, skip it. That is an indicator that it isn’t quite ripe. Instead, go with the one that looks dried. Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Natural Cures channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider.
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Text Comments (307)
TK A (5 days ago)
But like survival of the fittest isn't it the same for watermelons?
Hadji Bouchrit (7 days ago)
Oh my GOD, I am the most voracious learner in the whole world! I have a million newspapers and books,etc..., that I need to read,yet IlovI love thisYouTube snippet! From now on,I will only go for the sweet girls, if you know what I mean! Became a heartbeat subscriber,because of the sweet girls!
Selman Bixon (9 days ago)
You are wrong. If the tail is dry, it means too old. Harvested for a long time ago. !!!
Unknown ahmed (10 days ago)
Very good for me
bengalibadass (17 days ago)
I love watermelons
Carmel Apple Blossom (18 days ago)
now the sjw will get involved and ruin the watermelons because they have a sex
With respect this whistling is completely unnecessary, and it means that you go your way and the lady goes hers.,we like the 🍉 and not your song.
Pat Crowder (24 days ago)
Thank you for telling me how to pick the ripe one!
Ben Dover (24 days ago)
Excuse me, the watermelon can decide its gender for itself.
Joe Castillo (24 days ago)
I like to eat the female👅
Dilliard Biggs (26 days ago)
i heard that someone cut a plug in the end of a melon and then stood it up on the other end and then poured liquor into it and replaced the plug then refridgerated the melon and later sliced it and called it a liquormelon
Reza Hoque (1 month ago)
Thank you so much. It is so confusing trying to buy one.
Cash Orass (2 months ago)
What about a woman's melons?
Jrod Gallardo (2 months ago)
The bizarre shape is gay 😏
Telesia Gerstle (4 months ago)
This is good info I buy lots of fruits n thanks for letting us know about the numbers that indicate organic starts w #9 n now I know how to pick the ripe n sweet watermelon, grate job 👍 always the female sweet n plumb😊 thanks n God bless
Debi parkin (6 months ago)
Thank you ...this is great too know.
Justin Inabinette (9 months ago)
Thank you! I highly appreciate this video. Very well done and I really liked how you used a dark opacity layer to have the image of the watermelon in the back ground! I can't wait to head to the store now to put your tips to use!!!
Rey Vinicio (9 months ago)
Woooow i didn't know none of this and I'm always eating watet melons!IM BUYING THE FEMALES FROM NOW ON.THANKS
bg147 (9 months ago)
I always select the one with a creamy, deep yellow spot. If there is some webbing, that is a plus but it is mostly the spot that matters to me.
Redwoodrebelgirl (9 months ago)
Oh my gosh! Why does a watermelon video, of all things, have to spawn angry fights about gender, and lewd discussion of female genitalia? Can't anything just be simple, friendly, and wholesome? Thank you to whomever made this video! I love, love, love watermelon--sometimes think I could eat NOTHING ELSE and be happy and healthy! 😉--and am always searching for the yummiest and most nutritious for my family and self. I appreciate your hard work, and the valuable information! Thank you! Bless you! ❤💗❤
Sandy Beaches (10 months ago)
if you're a man, you should not want to be too sweet.
Marie Shupe (10 months ago)
T.U very much, now all we need now is more seeded watermelon growers, T.U so they can be in optimal performance in taste, quality, and natural texture and juiciness, that's for sure. T.U so much farmers. 😄😄🙄🙄😏😏🙋🙋....
M P (10 months ago)
wrong. a green tail indicates that it was freshly cut. a dried out one means that it has been harvested days ago or even longer.
Manatee 7 (10 months ago)
I'm gonna go shopping 4 a sweet watermelon girl now!
GoldenTV3 (10 months ago)
Sirzechs Gr (10 months ago)
This is all for the stripped watermelons... What about the all black ones?
Arianah Garcia (10 months ago)
My favorite fruit is water melon so im very happy this video u shared lab it !thanks
Nitro Methane (10 months ago)
Females are made of sugar and spice. I wonder why they taste like tuna
R3D 3Y3 (10 months ago)
Are we just going to sit here and pretend like we didn't notice that 75% of those commenting barely speak English?
nikos snld (10 months ago)
and the saltiest is the...male i guess? :P
Leema George (10 months ago)
Useful tips
Ruth 1:16 (10 months ago)
Do a video on how to pick cantaloupe please
diane vue (10 months ago)
Some things new that I learn today thanks
Sonja M. (10 months ago)
I think I have givien up on watermelons.. the last 4 I bought were just yuk. I'm pretty skilled on picking them too.
Pon Pon Production (10 months ago)
watermelon be like, DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY GENDER?
Pon Pon Production (10 months ago)
very nice video. I made a similar video in my channel but this is a good one. keep it up. subscribed.
Canadian kid (10 months ago)
Great, but also if it's more heavyweight it has more water with suger ! 🍉
Mr. Macedon (10 months ago)
Please! the watermelon cant speak and because of that it cant identify its gender!
M.A.S.K 1980 (10 months ago)
Plump round n juicy that's how I like em hahaha
farisa f (10 months ago)
I always confused which watermelon is good. Thnks for tips its very helpful
Manuel Real (10 months ago)
If your Hispanic you know you just gotta knock on it
rjsongwriter (10 months ago)
Be careful about the brown stems this video says to look for. If it's brown, it may have been off the vine too long. The curl is a better indicator of ripeness. Unfortunately, it doesn't go along with the melon to market, but stays behind on the vine. The best melon I've bought this year came from North Florida and its "tail" was green as could be. That's one of the reasons I purchased. I knew it had been picked recently, as the stem hadn't oxidized and turned brown yet.
woodyfive0 (10 months ago)
Knock on the watermelon if it sounds hollow it's the one ☝️ if they thud they are a dud
QuarterMasterGaming (10 months ago)
even watermelons know there are only 2 genders.
saeed zulfi (11 months ago)
girls are sweet
frank franko (11 months ago)
A good 🍉 watermelon is not bad n a bad watermelon 🍉 is not good 🍉🍉🍉 thumbs up 👍 for me. Send me lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Twisted Soul (11 months ago)
I love to eat female cough watermelon
Lou Fazio (11 months ago)
"Tail"? That is the stem.
Azertg Dssch (11 months ago)
did u just assume the watermelon gender ??
Tiparua martin (11 months ago)
FD_Stalker (11 months ago)
I thought I could avoid punching the watermelon in store, guess I still need to hit them...
Deniece Donnafield (11 months ago)
I like the video and I loved your voice!
Connie McFeely (11 months ago)
Masyhur Mahmood (11 months ago)
enlightening. but as for the tail I prefer the green tail with other characteristics as explained because in my country fruits are frequently picked when young for longer shelf life. So dried tail may tell you that it is already harvested for quite a long time i.e. has been on the shelf for quite some time.
alden mitsa (11 months ago)
i like the voice of narrator of this video...its a girl...
D- Sean (11 months ago)
Everything has a gender but humans want to go genderless which contradicts natural order
Jeanell Dixon (11 months ago)
thanks this was helpful
Mariel Cruz (11 months ago)
thanx for the info,,😇👼👍👌👏
Texas Tea (11 months ago)
what? only TWO genders??? I thought there was like 55 genders. my feelings are hurt😭
TheFreePantheist (11 months ago)
why can't the sweeter one be the boy??
Buddy Clatone (11 months ago)
If it has a real fine gray/silvery "dust" on it. Kinda looks like condensation and can be rubbed of. If you hold one up and kind of peer over the surface you might see it. If I'm not sure I'll swipe my finger over the surface and see how much whipped off. The thicker that "dust" the better. Never fails. Works every time. An old picker told me that. They grow them in the fields next to my house some seasons
Dawn J (11 months ago)
i tried these tips, but it didnt work
hellcat 707 (11 months ago)
Best way. Get a straw. Regular size no paper or plastic on it. Put the wAtermelon on ground. Put straw on it. If it spins. It's ripe. If not. It isn't always works.
Deborah Davis (11 months ago)
I have yet to see a "tail" on a watermelon in the store. My grandmother always taught me to look for what she called "sugar marks" but this video called "webbing" she always said "if the bugs don't want it, neither do you". Did NOT know there was a male/female thing so that was interesting.
National Dispatch LLC (11 months ago)
We love watermelon - so glad I found this video (we always have a hard time picking out the "right" watermelon!)
absolute757 (11 months ago)
gr8 tips
Elen Ibadlit (11 months ago)
Don't ruin my business , I am selling watermelon LOL 😝😝
Odannyb0i (11 months ago)
got myself a watermelon after using this technique and it was super juicy sweet!
marjamada (11 months ago)
Good tips. Here's one if you're picking it off the vine. Locate the stem (in this video called the 'tail), then follow the stem to the vine where it connects. Exactly opposite the stem is a tendril. When the melon is growing, this tendril wraps around things to support the vine, and when the melon is completely ripe and ready to pick, this tendril turns brown and dries out. If the tendril is still green, wait, and if it's brown, that watermelon is ripe.
RAJsWork (11 months ago)
So more webbing, yellow is good, round and mid in size, and finally dried tail. Got it! ✔
Tom Barker (11 months ago)
It's in the sound of the thump when you thump it with your knuckle. Anyone 40 or over would know.
Vadderson (11 months ago)
My dad always laid a straw lengthwise on the melon, if it turned sideways, a very good and ripe melon!! Hard to find a broom straw now!!
Island Mike (11 months ago)
well I picked a "girl" real creamy yellow spot and with all the signs talked about here..And it wasnt sweet at all..
Kamikaze Yamamoto (11 months ago)
These very same techniques can and should be used when selecting sweet women. My grandfather taught me this when I was very young. "Always thump before you hump" he would often say. Thanks grandpa! I love and miss you very much. XO
nebulae10 (11 months ago)
cool info
Gail Phyllis (11 months ago)
yes my mother knew the differents in male an female plants ,in roses an fruits
odenirongiant (11 months ago)
I've grown watermelons for over 30 years and I can tell you that the info on this video is utter rubbish.....you want to know the harsh honest truth ? Its the luck of the draw.
νικος γιώργος (11 months ago)
All good except for no5. When the tail is green it's fresh, just been picked. If it's dry, it's been sitting waiting for a sucker to buy it...
ar bu (11 months ago)
You forgotten about knocking on it
andy lenow (11 months ago)
I came to the round one. lol
1 zard (11 months ago)
Watermelon is a great, all natural electrolyte that helps to regulate the nerves and muscles.
Charles Masey (11 months ago)
Viktor Chornobay (11 months ago)
Wow, I was doing this wrong for years!
Long Island Ducati 1198 (11 months ago)
Nicely done👍
T Smith (11 months ago)
Thumbnail looks like a mammogram, haha!
Predator7 (11 months ago)
By weight, should be heavy by its size compare some about same size and pick the heaviest
I'M A JEW (11 months ago)
My watermelon is a trans melon... SHE HAS A FREEEKIN D..... Now i'm taking my melon to therapy...
4vinos (11 months ago)
If you pick a girl, how does one know whether it's a good girl or a bad girl? My experience has shown me that not every girl is sweet. Hope this is not the case with watermelons. Thanks for sharing. Oh, for some, boys are also sweet.
william spindler (11 months ago)
Sometimes watermelons just lie, I bought one earlier today that had all the supposed signs of being ripe. The scratches on it were dark, which is supposed to mean it has an abundance of sugar in it. It sounded hollow when I thumped it, the rind was slightly spongy and the light spot on its underside was a bright yellow. Female and webbed like an old crone. By all of the folklore, this should have been a beautiful bright red sweet melon. But it lied, I cut it, and the pulp was almost white, with just the hint of an embarrassed blush at being caught in its duplicity. Unfortunately, I had to try at least one bite, a scoop from the very heart of it. Alas, it had the same taste and texture as that one bite too far into the rind. Maybe the Japanese aren't so crazy X-raying their melons. Lol
Lou Fazio (11 months ago)
william spindler Do you think this has to do with GMOs? The strawberries I get have lots of white, but they taste like a strawberry. They are also quite large. And FFW, I don't know what to believe about GMOs.
ray j (11 months ago)
you are wrong on most on this video. I have been a Produce Manager, and A Produce Super visor for 24+ years. First of all the truth is, once a watermelon is picked it does not ripen. it is not a cantaloupe, or a Honey Dew. they continue to ripen, while a Watermelon will not. The yellow spot, or the white spot. ??? This fruit it on a creeper vine. A vine that goes out 15 feet or so. 1st fruit, or 2nd fruit. 1st fruit will always get the best nutrients. As far as the "TAIL" as you call it. Well it is nothing more than the umbilical cored as to a baby. it means it is old. In 24 + years I have had only 3 Melons returned. Why ?? Because I know the REAL TRUTH TO PICKING OUT A WATERMELON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sound. In your video you talked about Male/ female melons. What variety of melons ????Sangria, seedless, Sprit, Personal, Sugar Dolls, Sugar Babies, . If the "TAIL", or stem is Brown, it just means it was Picked a long time ago.
M. Marcho (11 months ago)
I use to have pretty good luck picking melons but since I watched some tips online everything went upside down, if it could delete all net info on melons I really would!
Jd Money (11 months ago)
just tap on it it will vibrate and sound good
JohnD (1 year ago)
the best way to pick a watermelon is to put a broom straw on top if it rotates its ripe on the inside, if not don't buy!!
ExploitGenYT (1 year ago)
This was in my recommended but I'm not black...
Karim Sadouni (1 year ago)
good job
Richard T (1 year ago)
thank god it's not a robot speaking !
Wayne Miller (1 year ago)
almost all seedless melons at Wal-Mart round. do they have a way to breed only female melons??😂😂😂
Bychance37 (1 year ago)
I've always looked for a very yellow spot.and have never gone wrong its always super sweet.
Wajid Riaz (1 year ago)
Gender End of world is near 😂😂😂

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