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Why The Ending of Contact Makes No Sense

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Text Comments (751)
brandon muse (11 hours ago)
The ending killed this movie. Horrible
James sickmore (4 days ago)
I love this movie one of my favorites but the ending was really bad, Its like they did not know what to do with it and said, Aaa screw it make up some nonsense. lol The one saving grace at the end was the camera.
* (5 days ago)
You are an idiot ! It’s a MOVIE AND A SCI FI ONE AT THAT ! US YOUR HEAD
michele Lyons (6 days ago)
Very good points. What got to me is what was the motivation of the aliens? What did they accomplish? What did they hope to accomplish? they actually did nothing at all. There was no point to the "contact" whatsoever. The aliens did not change humanity, or affect our history or advancement or even our opinions. It turned out the entire thing was a pointless exercise. I found the handling of god vs. science ridiculous and condescending. All of the characters were pompous and overbearing. Part of settling any conflict is being willing to meet the other person halfway, to respect their opinions, and to be willing to change your own. None of the characters will willing to do any of these things.
In the book written by Carol Saigon. Eley wasn't the only person to go on that trip but everyone who was on it had a different experience...
Jeff Dillensnyder (8 days ago)
Funny. The part u don't like is the part hollywood changed from.sagans book.
Rick Logan (8 days ago)
There's plenty of reasons this movie sucked. Like X Files, they tease you with "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE." But like the X Files,they never intend to deliver. Instead, through the female lead, the audience is offered a way to feel vicariously superior to the general public in the film. Also; my worst enemies are Religious Right. But they want the device to talk to God~??? It's called PRAYER. They are lampooned in this film. Caricatures.
John Strand (8 days ago)
This movie is very true to reality. It's you who don't get it. One of the best movies ever made. If you don't understand all the why's. Then you are not ready to understand. This movie is more than a movie. It's there to explain.
Brad Hedinger (9 days ago)
Kits didn’t find out about the 18hrs of static until AFTER the hearing. So...he didn’t know Elle was telling the truth during the hearing.
vash crimson (9 days ago)
why would the aliens care how much fiat money was spent on the machines? yes the ending left questions, but it wasn't about the alien part at all. the movie was about a little girl overcoming her emotional obsession and self imposed guilt of thelast thing she did with her father
Diggnuts (9 days ago)
This is because human behavior often does not make sense. Sagan was acutely aware of this fact and the ending to the book and movie are quite reasonable. Also these aliens work on timescales that are geological compared to our time frames. Their actions are also very well within the realm to logic and reason especially as they have studies humanity and have a sample set of multiple species... The ending made perfect sense...
Venom NBK (10 days ago)
South Park did it better.
Javier castillo (10 days ago)
In the movie they say that they used the machine several korentimes, and never worked... ir seems that the other door was closed.
NightBreaker (11 days ago)
LOL. " I like the movie, but blah blah".. You dont get the end, do you.
Planet Life (11 days ago)
"Hollywood Brain fade" LOL you said it brother. Great review.
Papa Burgundy (12 days ago)
Agreed this ending always frustrated the hell out of me.
Robert DaPoppa (12 days ago)
be that as it may, we love the brain fade, thus the movie...
Luis R (13 days ago)
Long story short, she died went to heaven, proved heaven exists, and when sent back. Atheist scientists don't want to admit it was heaven so they would rather call her crazy and lieing. Because they knew there was 18 hrs of footage. Yet it was all static, cause by heaven radiation interference. They know heaven exists, which is why they didn't want to use the machine('s) again. Mic drop
DJ Nary (13 days ago)
I believe in God and I didn't feel cheated by this movie at all. If fact, I found it refreshing that there was a sci-fi film that told that there was room for both science AND faith.
perry92964 (14 days ago)
in my opinion this movie is more about human nature the space travel it starts with the building of the machine, they got plans from the aliens and didnt follow the plans, and the whole religious fanatics and the distrust of what she said after. carl sagen was a very observant man.
The Art Of Random (14 days ago)
"Hollywood brain fade", I like that!
Rick Bailey (15 days ago)
holy fuck i feel old and totally forgot about this movie
Frank Romero (15 days ago)
Wow, the War Doctor was in this film.
vipanda66 (15 days ago)
S.R. Hadden....when spelt differently becomes an historical figure. He was mentioned in one of Sagan's books.
NevilleRhysBarnes (15 days ago)
Ellie, a scientist, is put in the position of many religious people: having an experience that they find convincing, but which they cannot communicate to others.
Shane Potter (15 days ago)
Thats what really pissed me off about Contact. They know inside her pod 18 hours passed. Proceeds to pretend it didn't happen. The 'aliens' beach thing really really pissed me off though and the fact they said literally nothing of importance was also disappointing.
North Lord (15 days ago)
r u dumb? the 18 hr thing is revealed after the court room? maan waste of time. just try to watch the movie before writing critics.
real country (16 days ago)
사랑해. 엘리
sbowesuk (16 days ago)
Addressing why the U.S. government would try to cover up the mission being a success, I think this is rather plausible. Government intelligence often involves withholding facts and information, since it can a) help maintain a desired status quo, or b) put 3rd party governments at a disadvantage. Plenty of real world examples where this has been the case. Granted, we don't know what the long term plans of the U.S. politicians in the movie were, but it does show that even after such a significant event, such politicians were continuing to play their small petty games for personal interest. Ironically, it was probably the beginning of the end for such people, since over time the world would likely adopt Arroway's way of thinking, as the species moved towards joining its celestial neighbours.
Steve Bachochin (17 days ago)
Carl's book is much better. Oh and the aliens programmed the machine to no longer open a singularity
Robin Fuller (18 days ago)
I know what you mean about the 18 hours thing, I thought the guy was just being an antagonistic d*ck 😂. But still, this film remains my favourite of all time.
Bex Fire (18 days ago)
Saw this in the theater and had a reaction similar to Mr. Garrison.
Darker Sandman (19 days ago)
Ele told everyone, violating government protocols, then haden revealed the 3d primers. You forgot one thing [governments are corrupt] they hide secrets of Tesla, and whatever tech they have at Area51. What about all the UFOs? So yeah they would lie and cheat about: ''being had by Haden'' (perfect scapegoat \red herring) then quietly keep all the advances for themselves. [They believed the Aliens are Malevolent agreeing with the hitler philosophy] so they would act accordingly.
Darker Sandman (19 days ago)
In the book the ''vegans'' are building a galaxy [perhaps another version of the MACHINE] many moves ahead. They do not know who built the space arrays to communicate with Earth for the first move. [Vega is a generation after the first radio wave from hitler) they knew we would be advanced enough to receive the first chess move of the MACHINE, I believe the "Static" of Ele's mission all 18 hours is the next move. (Remember they have all the knowledge of the Machine) it generated a power dynamo be for it failure, the Government is keeping that a secret like the 18 hours.. I had a video (removed by you|t|u|b|e.) It overlayed the "OK TO GO" launch sceen with the opening credit sequence passing through space to reach Ele using the ham radio and entering her eye. [There is something there >our machine diagram <. Part of the synchronization verification, was the radio garbled when and passing through the asteroid belt. I also synced-up Ele finding her father from the heart-attack with her meeting (Pensacola vega dad) p.s. I use the small moves hand of sand as my Avatar ( they are the Asterim ''the sickle" in the Leo constellation)...
Neonlux (20 days ago)
to you* There, now this video makes sense now ♥
William Brinkley (20 days ago)
This film had tons of potential but The ending ruined it, and made watching the film a massive waste of time.
1701spacecadet (21 days ago)
It makes perfect sense. The government lies. Always.
i7r00p3r (21 days ago)
Contact in my short story: When will they find aliens, when will they find aliens, when will they find aliens, yeah! they found the aliens, End. This was a very annoying movie. A total waste of time
Jorge Gonzales (21 days ago)
I hated this movie. It was dumb af
cervantes01 (21 days ago)
The book made even less sense. A very disappointing read.
Paul Jackson (21 days ago)
Actually, I thought that the ending of the book was really intriguing but the movie just fizzled out.
Little Mo (22 days ago)
I hated that movie for the exact reasons that you are saying. Carl Sagan claimed to be a skeptic even though he was a Sci-Fi writer. I fucking hate these Skeptics who write Syfy. I think these pieces of shit need to stay out of that Arena and write something else
ut561 (22 days ago)
thanks for the video, good information but i have one suggestion, plz remove your cartoon character in the lower left. i know you like it, but it's distracting to stare at it for the entire video. if you must show it, maybe for the 1st mins or so then drop it. it doesn't add anything to the video, only takes away. thanks.
Sammy Sam (22 days ago)
Carl Sagan wrote the original script.
No One (22 days ago)
I might sound bias but i see nothing wrong with this film, you are free to disagree ^___^
Lyndon Lucier (23 days ago)
guy the end makes total sense i think you just dont get it
Mahatma Randy (23 days ago)
What annoyed me about the movie was the whole conflict between religion and science, as though ti was an either/or situation and all the smart people had to be on the science side and the dumb ones were on the other. This is simply not true. MOST people go through life without much conflict between faith and reason. I mean, my dad was a NASA engineer during the Apollo days, and he helped build Skylab with his own two hands. He was also a Deacon in our church. He didn't see faith and reason as mutually exclusive, and clearly the church didn't either, or they wouldn't have voted him in as deacon, right? People are more a'la cart than that. We pick up as much off the reason tray as we like, and as much off the faith tray as we like. Nobody's obligated to accept all of either. My dad, for instance, built space stations, but he never accepted evolution. That's fine. He wasn't a biologist. He was an aerospace engineer. Me? I never really accepted that the gospels were written by the people we attribute them to. We're all allowed some wiggle room in this. So the fundamental faith/reason conflict irked me because it is just *not* an issue that most people ever really wrestle with. It's a very dogmatic black/white take on a rainbow, basically.
Greatsaiyakirby (23 days ago)
"..I had to watch that whole movie just to find out that alien was her goddamn father!"
A-dutch-Z (24 days ago)
In real life the scientists would take her seriously. Knowing about space-time and quantum fluctuations and such.
Christiane Alshut (24 days ago)
I completely agree with your statement that they DO have evidence . and I would go even a little further...It's not only that they have eighteen hours of "static"...As far as I can remember, they obtain the plans for the machine by decoding the static inside what they originally thought to be "the message" (the recording from the 1936 Olympics). So it's not farfetched to assume that if they looked a little closer at the "static" that Ellie has brought back, they would find EVERYTHING that she had recording during those 18 hours. And this is what Kitz knows and Constantine suspects - they are practically in collusion with each other to hide it. Probably havign data in that format has something to do with the far distance it is sent, or that it partly travels through a wormhole. As for the machine still being there - point taken, but that it another point where the movie suffers badly from so much from the book having been excised. In the movie, they present it as a great riddle as to how this machine functions, but in the book it is explained that the machine and the wormhole system work with the manipulation of space/time or with "switching dimensions" - you have to manipulate space-time first to get into a wormhole system and use it. At the same time, the machine, which actrivated, sends a signal "back to base" and the wormhole aliens have to respond in some way for the transition into the wormhole system to occur. So even if the people on earth activated the machine again, they would perhaps get no response at all because there might not be a response from the other side. And what with the "small moves" - the machine was never a "miracle gift" to take humankind a "great leap forward", it was just meant to kick-start a new age for humanity, to encourage them to work together for a common goal and to see themselves as one human race rather than being divided against each other. It was to encourage them to propel themselves into the future themselves by giving them a vision of what is out there, and work themselves towards getting there. And for that, humankind must change and also take a leap of faith in various ways - a process that is already show to begin in the movie, symbolized by people wearing a particular shade on blue with their clothing. So the movie basically has the message of the book intact - it just makes it difficult for us to get the message because so much information we need to know has been left out.
gloryfiedrebel (25 days ago)
I agree. I always found the ending to this film to be ridiculous and unbelievable.
S Tho (25 days ago)
Yes you missed the point, in both the simplified screenplay and Sagan's novel. Humans in a post Newtonian world tend to be smug about science and knowing all. We don't. Not even close. Atheist layman tend to state they embrace science and love science, but most do not actually do empirical science and most have no formal training in empirical science. Many people that "embrace science" actually embrace science fiction entertainment, which couldn't be further from real physics than Aladdin or Merlin stories. The final conflict (3), like the decision on who will go (1) and her lover's conversation about her father (2) is the key to the entire existential screenplay. (1) she will represent the world because she is a rational atheist and scientist, however billions of humans are NEITHER. HUMMM. (2) you say you LOVED your father. PROVE IT. HUMMMM. (3) you say you went but we did not see you go and we saw you simply drop into the water. Well it comes down to faith. Who's perspective or relativity do you believe. Hummmmm. It makes you think, and question your own certainty, whether religious, agnostic or atheist. Sagan was agnostic, not a radical atheist like his wife (the protagonist). You, the viewer and this reviewer, likely have no FIRST HAND evidence that atoms exist, electrons behave in some certain way, speed affects entropy, brain cells do what you've been told they do, or that Vega is 25 light years away. YOU are likely just repeating what someone has told you, and those "tales" fit your preconceived notions of cosmology and nature. It finally comes down to faith. The Logistic vs the Chaotic view of nature and the universe that goes back thousands of years. You have to believe something to get started in reason. Basic existentialism.
lordkayx (25 days ago)
I see the number one comment is horseshit. I agree totally with you. And since the the book presents the data in the form of dialogue there was no reason they could not have followed book closer. There was basically no catharsis at the end, just frustrating illogical drama that you would see on a hokey CW crime show or something.
valhallaforever1 (25 days ago)
What I don't get is, she didn't go to the bathroom for 18 hrs? There should be a bag, or whatever they gave her, of pee that would prove she was in the machine more than half a second.
S C (26 days ago)
did you even watch this movie?? or just read the TV guide plot breakdown???
Jimmy (26 days ago)
Didn't care for the book or the movie. It focuses on Ellie as an individual but the it should have focused on mankind. It's not about one person. That is why the book and movie fail.
msinvincible2000 (26 days ago)
I loved this film: it's one of the rare films in which faith is respected, not ridiculed
samuel perez (26 days ago)
She should have brougth not a poet but a manual counter or a mechanical one, so the 18 hours should be registered
Chup Smith (26 days ago)
Well, there is one thing I remember from the book; can't recall if the movie mentioned it. That giant device we humans built turned out to be little more than a 'door bell', it produced a small 'protrusion' into the Space-Time 'Highway' that the aliens controlled, and they were the ones that then connected the 'highway' to the earth device. So, no matter how often they may have tried afterwards, if the aliens didn't 'answer the door bell', then the device was useless.
Nereknu Vamnic (26 days ago)
It make absolute sence RELIGIOUS AND PSEUDO SIENCE / GOVERMENT PEOPLE will do everything to keep the power for at least nother day. If people in power actuali have good interest in people we whud see SMART SPECIALIST IN GOVERMENT not idiots who waste money for votes.
Calel Pretzel (26 days ago)
I think we need a "Second contact".
Don Harden (26 days ago)
How hard would it be to forge a tape with 18 hours of static, considering the scope of the deception by John Hurt's character? Occam's razor! What is more likely? Aliens vs a forger of the tape. Especially considering the timing of the termination of the message from Vega.
Justicar333 (26 days ago)
I'd say yes the government doesn't want to confirm. But not because they think people aren't ready. Governments, at least most of them and the US included are focused on maintaining an established order to things. Proof we aren't alone would alter that order, and governments tend to not care if an alteration is good or bad, they want to prevent it. Usually as their own power rests on it. Yes they made the device, but they secured it so poorly it was taken out. Odd don't you think? If I were running a country and built that thing, I'd have it secured about as heavily as the launch codes. Word was out about the message, they couldn't hush it up anymore. But if they made the effort and it failed that would get it out of the mind of most of the public. I'm not saying they deliberately blew it up themselves, but they sure didn't work that hard to PREVENT any of the various nut jobs from going after it.
Brian Hall (26 days ago)
In the novel she is provided with proof. Deep within Pi is a perfect circle stitched into the fabric of the universe. In other words the architect (not necessarily a God) signed his creation.
Porfle Popnecker (27 days ago)
After being really impressed with the film most of the way, I was stunned that the big alien encounter fell back on the old "we've assumed a form that is comforting to you" trope. It's as though Carl Sagan didn't know enough about science fiction to be aware of what a cliche' that is.
Chimpoid Mcdazzle (27 days ago)
Is there an entire gigantic stable of Irish people being bred specifically to do voiceovers ?...
C SunTzu (27 days ago)
We know Area 51 exists but, we don't know what goes on there. So what's the point of it? That's the same logic of your argument, it's oxymoronic.
LoganHunter82 (27 days ago)
You liked "Contact"? Well, you're the first one I know...
Yiffox (27 days ago)
this is what gauls me about atheists...all science and math and philosophy are based on postulates, which we must take on faith. Oddly one of big postulates of science, which everyone forgets about is that god created universal natural laws....dun dun dun, which is why only christians and islamists developed science.
Chris Kelling (27 days ago)
I was disappointed in the film, having read the book many years before. The ending, though similar to the book, was a bit better as I remember it. The Vegan said for the device to work, a connection has to be extended and ready for the capsule. When she returned, the connection was going to be withdrawn. So, no matter how many times they tried, there would not be any other conacts. Also, I think is was NASA that did bring up that there was static for the amount of time Ellie claimed to have been gone, which was the last sentence of the book. No hearing or accusations, nothing like the movie. There was one part in the book that I tee thought should have been in the movie - when in DC, she and Palmer ended up at the Foucault's pendulum at the Smithsonian. Ellie wanted to prove to Palmer she had as much faith in science as Palmer had in God. She stood on the edge of the circle of the pendulum, knowing it wouldn't hit her. But she flinched, and got upset at herself for not being a le to prove her point. Palmer talked to her about the doubts even with a firm faith in one's belief. It is what really opened my eyes to what Dr. Sagen was writing about.
Dan Vaught (28 days ago)
I liked this movie... it inspired me to visit Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Vibes of Truth (28 days ago)
I agree with you 80% of the time the entire 20% where I disagree with you is because of this video .
ursaltydog (28 days ago)
Kitz didn't like her and didn't like women in general if I recall correctly.. He wanted all the control and credit..
Savage Historian (28 days ago)
That's the point .. The story is made to make you think up your own ending.. Like any good movie
rgd963 (28 days ago)
crap movie, a fluff piece to promote Bill Clinton and CNN in a good light.
Johnny Thunder (28 days ago)
And then there is also the fact that the chair inside the machine broke: there is no way that could have happened in that limited amount of time with Ellie unharmed. I agree 100% with you on this film: a good science fiction story up until the last part. I understand what they try to do there: they want the atheist Ellie to experience the same kind of close mindedness and skepticism from other people that her bible thumping boyfriend has to go through. But for reasons mentioned this just doesn't work logically and is shoehorned in. It's a shame really since the original book by Carl Sagan was much more critical of religion and Ellie's boyfriend was not a priest but another scientist.
thomjames66 (28 days ago)
Because the Power Elite don't want to give up their power and remember NASA proved global warming real and then got busted for passing computer models off as real data then all their faked data was proven wrong as we enjoyed winter,summer,spring and fall!
Michael Plitt (29 days ago)
These are all good points.
Doug James (29 days ago)
I usually like and agree with your reviews. On this one, however, I have to wonder if you even watched the same movie I watched.
Pelger (1 month ago)
I hate the aliens in this movie. they are stupid jerks, if they are so rational and scientific they should understand she needs evidence. the way they behave in that last part is totally irrational, and patronizing. I'd be like "fine, you appeared like a human to not freak me out. I can accept that. now, explain to me where are we? in your planet? is this a space station? are we in a room like the holodeck in star trek?, I mean a virtual reality room?. if that's so then you are an hologram too, right? the real you is out there on a computer terminal controlling this, right?" and I'd insist "why did you send us the message if you were not planning to let me bring evidence? what is all this 'little steps' bullshit?, no way, I came all the way here to initiate contact and you are going to send me home like nothing happened without even a picture of your planet?".
Joe Sycamore (1 month ago)
acid flashback (1 month ago)
Hmm... a very interesting video.
Brandon BillTheCat (1 month ago)
Lots of ways to interpit huh... You could say the government is like religion. They love to keep on top of power and or control. So if there is people that now think they are useless and want to rely on the amazing spacers instead. We all look up to the people on the absolute top do we not? By it's very nature we have trouble trusting government for what ever reasons seem to work at the time. They can be greedy, stupid, cronic liers ect.... But they love power.
fxp (1 month ago)
You sound a bit like Agent Smith/Elrond (Hugo Weaving)
zoppie (1 month ago)
Didn't John Crichton also meet an alien, who took the form of his dad, for the same reasons, in an episode of Farscape?
pforce9 (1 month ago)
Any movie where someone goes into space and ends up in their bedroom or meeting someone they know is stupid with the exception of The Martian Chronicles. 2001 is stupid, Gravity is stupid and contact is stupid. Good entertaining movies though.
Nelson Robert Willis (1 month ago)
I agree. The film has a very interesting premise, and then it gets lame, stupid, and disappointing. I have not read the book. Is it just as silly?
Nick Manzo (1 month ago)
I saw this movie when I was a very young kid, and honestly, I liked it up until the very end. I was never able to figure out exactly why, and for the longest time, I blamed it on her father being the alien, but now, with that explanation, I think I got your exact explanation even as a child, I just wasn’t able to articulate it yet
Samir Voltchenko (1 month ago)
Contact sucked. It had absolutely no lesson to teach of any kind. Unless you believe ambiguity to be a lesson. The movie was just one big giant let down. It promised us deep universal answers to universal mysteries, but gave us ghost alien dad as the ultimate answer. I regret watching every second of it.
TheDarkalkymist (1 month ago)
they did, 18 hours of static, time dilates at near light speed, most people are lay people, they don't understand quantum mechanics
Robert Cuperus (1 month ago)
Also, them lays don't understand about the nucular. Or the cyber. (My uncle is a mechanic. Don't know if he's a quantum, though.)
Steve Jovan (1 month ago)
As if Aliens are going to think about this in terms that we think of time! No they don’t believe that it was a fake as they demonstrated by the reveal of the recorded data. So what is your point? Lastly its evidence that is no definitive! 18 hours of static is not compelling evidence! Lastly we have no idea that it works unless someone on the other side allows it to work. We don’t know! They built the thing not knowing what it was supposed to do but he thinks is an escalator! Sorry no!
JStarStar00 (1 month ago)
The aliens didn't GAF if it cost $750 billion dollars. The aliens are effectively in a post-economic society, why would they care what it cost?
Phillip Schmidt (1 month ago)
Maybe now you understand how America was tricked into invading Iraq. You are incapable of recognizing that conservatives in America especially in the age of Trump makes less sense then James Woods charter. But that is the point. Since the 1950's and Brown vs. The Board of Education a growing resentment has spread like a cancer in our society fed by a feeling that somehow they were being attacked or diminished by being forced to acknowledge or treat fairly people who aren't identical to them. Conservatives have never been able to accept that their ideology is a reactionary one. It proscribes nothing. Which is why even when they control all three branches of government they cannot govern. They only know how to burn things down. Which is why we find such endemic curruption throughout the American right-wing. Each individual is so focused on grabbing their cut they completely fail to notice they are responsible for shredding the Constitution and abandoning the rule of law. Precisely because they have convinced themselves that the left wing did it first. So they are justified in abandoning any and all moral or ethical standards they once claimed to follow. This is particularly true of Evangelical Christians who now openly defend and support a man guilty of every crime evangelicals once claimed to decry, and used as a way of attacking the left. It truly is amazing the things humanity can convince themselves of. Always finding away to craft a narrative were they are the absolute hero and anyone who disagrees is the villain who must be destroyed. A popular storey line, but not one that helps a society to survive.
Scott Winkle (1 month ago)
lol and sense when is anything the Gov. does is not ridiculous
Scott Winkle (1 month ago)
she had proof the time/length of the recording..and the subtle hints like the grains of sand..and she gains the power of faith dude..you can't explain it and unfortunately no empirical evidence to back it up..but that is the crux of the issue saying believe in yourself trust your conscious that is the inane core of discovery..the ending was great..have to disagree but hey enjoyed your thoughts
Joana R (1 month ago)
Small moves is a flag that humans are a dumb species...
fromDdark (1 month ago)
it is a good movie until the "Vegan" dad encounter, then dumb
00rphb (1 month ago)
No a film with a sucky ending cannot be redeemed by having a good beginning and middle, that is like saying "except for that mass murder Mr.X did right before committing suicide he was a great humanitarian
ur2c8 (1 month ago)
My thoughts exactly.
SCharlesDennicon (1 month ago)
That's the only but substantial issue I've ever had with Contact, which is one of my favorite movies about extraterrestrial life (and which as only been topped recently, by Arrival). I was maybe fifteen years old when I watched it for the first time, and the first time I saw that last scene between Angela Bassett and James Woods, I was like... : "HOW could his character NOT know that ? It should be the first damn thing that NASA has noticed !"... ^^; That was disappointing, indeed.
Doug Lee (1 month ago)
Dave, love your show but you missed a crucial fact when watching Contact. At the end they explain that they have tried to run the machine again, but it would not work to send them anywhere. But yeah, the first part of the movie was great, the ending was a complete bust.

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