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Why The Ending of Contact Makes No Sense

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Text Comments (574)
RumikoOne (3 days ago)
The star is Vega, not the planet
Noguerita (5 days ago)
book+brain, movie+popcorn. You don't need more.
Tom T. (7 days ago)
I keep being suggested videos from you and I keep liking all of them. ... but this one just takes the cake. I 100% share your frustration with this movie. What makes it infuriating is how it could have been so much better if they made a better ending. There aren't many movies that could really get to me like Contact did, and to have the ending ruined like this... it just sucks. Subbed. Looking forward to more.
Zamolxes77 (11 days ago)
People really must be flat out retarded. Ending of the movie made absolutely 100% perfect sense. Ok, is not the one that perhaps we wanted, but is the one that made total sense from alien's point of view: don't screw with the development of a younger, less technologically evolved specie.
Omnes Omnibus (14 days ago)
I took it for granted that the machine only worked because the aliens wanted it to - that it was more of a beacon than an actual conveyance. So if they tried to use it again nothing would happen. They didn't state anything like that, but it's the only way that makes sense.
horowizard (18 days ago)
Well you make some good points but I think you missed it. If humanity simply wasn't ready to benefit from advanced knowledge of an alien intelligence, why would they send us the blueprints for the machine in the first place? Was it a means to unify the planet towards achieving a single goal? Of course the cost was no small move but perhaps in the estimation of a greater lifeform that has moved beyond a money system it is. Maybe the determination that we aren't ready needed to be made after the journey had been taken. Yes the machine is still sitting there but maybe it was only good for one and only one ride. What I find disturbing is that during the journey Ellie's chair breaks free of its mount. Why does nobody take that into account that something magnificent had occurred?
2LegHumanist (20 days ago)
Here are your mistakes: 1: Vega is not a planet, it is a star in the constellation Lyra. 2: She did not tranpsort to the other side of the galaxy, it was the galactic centre. 3: She did not land on a beach, she never left the pod. She is in a virutal reality created by the aliens, inside the pod. 4: They journey itself revealed a lot of substantial things. Like the existence of an intra-galactic worm-hole-based subway system. Like the existence of aliens and where they are. The fact that the transport system was not built by the aliens she met. In the book she is there for a week and they reveal a whole lot about the purpose of work they are doing at the galactic centre and some relevance of Pi. 5: James Woods character doesn't believe she was lying, he is engaged in the cover-up since there was evidence of the trip... 18 hours of recorded static and he knows it - His character isn't having an argument about faith vs science, he is, as he always was, obsessed with national security 6: No, NASA wouldn't have been the first people to know about the static, this mission was launched in Japan. You don't know what control NASA had or what agreement the Japanese had with the US government. 7: Yes the machine is still there, but the movie ends. You don't know what they did after that. For all you know they do send someone else. --- but we also don't know what result that would have because we don't know how much we were relying on the Alien's active involvement to send Ally there. They said baby steps. They're clearly not expecting another visitor immediatley afterwards. 8: Hollywood brain fade? Are you not aware that this is based on a book written by Carl Sagan? The vague ending can be explained by Carl Sagan's view, stated many times, that you should never show what the aliens look like because you can never guess what the aliens would look like. The movie was trying to be serious and didn't want to delve into the stupidity of meeting a star-trek alien.
Ashton Ariel (23 days ago)
5:53 Inthe book it is explained that, that whole path of travel was allocated by aliens for one time travel only. That is why they sent human first rather than sending lab animals.
Bob Coughlan (28 days ago)
The glimpses of space travel / ‘wormhole superhighway’ infrastructure, and of the lights on another planet, were what I found to be genius little teasers. I took the conversation between Woods and Basset to be an indication that the hearing was just a show in order for the US Govt to seize control over the means of contacting the aliens, but I’ve often wondered how they would gain access to the machine if firstly, it was based in Japan, and secondly, it was owned by Hadden Industries. Perhaps a joint venture with Japan and Hadden would be feasible. I’ll admit it’s still one of my absolute favorite movies of all time.
Neta Bolt (30 days ago)
i'm glad i'm not the only one on this planet that disliked the ending of this movie. i'm almost finished with the book wich is by far way better than the movie and in the book there are more people in the machine, but i still need to finish the end of the book, wich is right after they go home. chapter 21. so far i loved the book and the movie as well but i find the ending of the movie so frustrating that i always feel bad after watching the ending of Contact. it made me wanting someting different. like, realy? a conspiracy? i dont know if the same goes for the book since i need to finish it very quick, but the movies ending was bad. but because of the other good stuff i find this movie still very good and the part were she's going trough that wormhole was great and entertaining. also, that message in the beginning, this pulsarish kind of sound of Vega was realy cool. overal, great movie, not the best ending, book so far is great and even better than the movie.
Kevin Charles (30 days ago)
Out of all your videos this is the ONLY one I disagree with. The movie is about the power of faith. It was the biggest project mankind has ever undertaken and the end result was the reclaiming of a little girls faith in God. Money is inconsequential to the development of a human soul. I thought it was explained absolutely perfectly. It's one of my favorite movies
Shiro (1 month ago)
With the build up for literally hours they set my expectations high but i was highly disappointed with the ending.
Marc Colten (1 month ago)
Stupid, stupid movie. I think the aliens tricked us into wasting billions so we'll never do it again.
Daehawk (1 month ago)
Dont forget the recording was nothing but it was many hours of nothing and not a simple few seconds of nothing...hours.
Mark Peterson (1 month ago)
She didn't land on Vega, she arrived at Vega and then saw the beacon transmitting the message just before she's taken into more wormholes to an unknown destination.
CarnorJast1138 (1 month ago)
Ok, I already have an issue with your review. Ellie did NOT leave Earth. The machine was essentially a long distance phone booth! Physically Ellie only dropped through the machine's core, and the center was where time slows to a virtual crawl for that brief moment, so that 1 second was to her and the pod, 18 hours. You missed the whole reality of the film, which is why the ending was so frustrating.....I read the book, and it explains this even further, so the fact you thought Ellie left Earth is laughable. Sorry, but you missed that major point, which then sullied the rest of the ending for you.
Zeke Le Rossignol (1 month ago)
The way interpreted it was this; the aliens were trying merely to catalogue intelligent civilizations for their encyclopeadia galactica (as Sagan described in a Cosmos episode), with their idea of 'intelligent' being one that could at least decipher their signal and build the machine, with they themselves also trying to be ambiguous to the humans about the contact to avoid cultural contamination and also having disguised their appearance as part of this. The government then hid the fact about the 18 hours of static to avoid any further attempts to contact the aliens, given expense and trouble involved. This plot, as well as being believable/plausible is meant also to bring to light the difference in perspective humans have of themselves vs that of far more advanced civiliziations (consider Kaku's ant analogy). That all said, did the novel include the relationship between the protagonist and the priest? I found this to be pointless and hard to believe (due to a priests chastity and her hypergamy)? and did anyone else notice the sphere she entered resembled a Sontaran space pod, with the wormhole looking like it was from the Dr Who intro?
kevinmsft (1 month ago)
What do you expect the ending would be? I thought it's realistic, poignant and deep... "The whole investigation is pointless?" You ever heard of a Congressional hearing for political gains? "Why did NASA not release a statement?" Hmm... NASA is a federal agency. Yes, there is no alien ship or ring hovering above NYC. Maybe go back to enjoy Marvel movies.
Joshua Skains (2 months ago)
They were also told it was an elaborat ploy by Hammond.
Phil S (2 months ago)
Phil S (2 months ago)
Thinks its smarter than it is just like Carl Sagan and Neil Tyson! Lol
Laser-boy (2 months ago)
Είσαι πατατιάρης άντρας
Kitty S (2 months ago)
Do you what would have happened with the 95% of the population(who believe in a religion) if she came with a solid proof? That was the whole point. NASA, or that detective wanted to suppress the truth. Religious leaders want to suppress the truth, so they could all have they money pumping into the system by keeping the whole world in the darkness.
240pixel (2 months ago)
Christian suicide bombers was the least realistic part
Brad Colman (3 months ago)
The ending is great, and makes ALOT of sence. You are just not seeing the point its trying to make. The ending points out our sad human condition.
manw3bttcks (3 months ago)
What I want to know, why did Ellie keep pronouncing "Per-eye-mer" as "Per-eh-mer"
MiG2880 (3 months ago)
After reading some of the comments on here, I have to warn some of you... Beware of buying into the left / right paradigm. Corruption and social conditioning are bipartisan in nature. Left wing / right wing politics is simply the tool for administering this. Today it's the lefties, tomorrow it will be right-wingers. They're all the same. It's an idiot trap. Stop focusing on the parties. They are a 'sleight of hand' trick. Focus on the corruption, the lies, the twisting, perverting and fetishising of society, not the vehicle which carries them. Keep your eye on the target and don't be distracted by their chaff. To do so is to be manipulated, divided and conquered.
MiG2880 (3 months ago)
Terms such as SJW, lib-tard, conspiracy theorist, etc are tools created by the corrupt. They are seeds which have been sown by manipulative entities. By the use of shills among a mob. They are there to sow discord and keep us in conflict. Do not dance like a marionette for these people. THINK FOR YOURSELF.
creativeperson (3 months ago)
It's simple really... They ridiculed the actions of everyone involved so they could keep it for themselves. The 18 hours of static recorded confirms the machine works. On with their agenda.
Eduardo Rivera (3 months ago)
It was a big move a very big step..The message is about self experience not one talked about. BRILLIANT film making!
Eduardo Rivera (3 months ago)
Eduardo Rivera (3 months ago)
Religion is about reading about it not individual experience but group think.
naasking (3 months ago)
The beach isn't at Vega, that was just a via point. You can see there's a ship there that sends her elsewhere. Just a little nitpick. Great movie, and the ending did make sense, even if it appears less than satisfactory at first glance. That's probably not coincidentally, exactly how science itself works. And they can't use the machine again because the aliens have to let them through. They allude to this on the beach during the small moves scene.
dee w (3 months ago)
I just thought it was silly that they where able to build the thing but learned nothing on how it operates while doing it. That just seems so weird to me, none of those scientists where curious on how the components worked? Even seeing how they connect to one another would be something.
MidnightSt (3 months ago)
i... actually kind of liked the ending too. at the same time as I had the same complaints as you. not sure I can explain why, but... i was able to accept the departure from reason and realism, because I felt the point of the movie wanted to be somewhere else, and I liked that point. something along the lines of "what use it is to have technology so advanced and alien that you can't even be sure how, why, or even IF it actually works". (because there were many other possibilities. even with the 18 hours of static... the only thing that proves is that the machine does in fact somehow manipulate spacetime, or at least that it manipulates our normal electronics and makes it bug out in this pseudo-timetravel way. it's still not any proof of travelling anywhere. but yes, keeping the information until the very end was... unrealistic, but worked nicely within the arc of the movie. i assumed that after the movie ended, in continuation of the story, after the hysteria died down a bit, things got sorted out properly (more people went to travel, more proper research was done, etc), but that would make for a very weird story arc with weirdly placed peaks and valleys, so I just accepted that for the story arc and the point to work, they kinda had to end the movie where they did. while at the same time, yes, it very much seemed like it was cut short compared to the unaltered original vision, but not in where it ended, but in how abruptly it ended there.
jerryl davis (3 months ago)
Its a shit movie . I expected more . Contact can kiss interstellar's ass .
iindium49 (3 months ago)
Government cover-up. No way
Haweater (3 months ago)
I believe that the filmmakers were just trying to be faithful to the Carl Sagan book, and you need to read it before watching the movie. A few major changes were made to "Hollywoodize" the story: 1. In the book, the sabotage bombing incident was not nearly as consequential to the Machine, and the perpetrators were never identified. 2. The Machine in the movie was WAAAAY bigger in the movie then I envisioned it in the novel. 3. The Machine's design plans in the book made it obvious there was accommodations for FIVE humanoids, so there wasn't so much drama for the seat selection process as in the movie. In the book, the Machine, was activated, and Ellie, a colleague, Drumlin, and two other international scientists all separately had a First Contact experience with the alien Vegans. All returned with vivid memories but no physical proof, and as far as observers on Earth, "nothing happened". And after the activation, the machine became inert, never to function again. This was the Japanese machine; it was completed ahead of the American and Soviet Machines (cold war angle from the time the novel was written). I don't remember, but possibly the other two Machines were also rendered useless. So if they wanted to try again they had the prospect of having to start building anew from scratch. The Vegans tramsmitted the Message when it was realized that Earthlings had advanced their technology for transmitting radio signals. I believe that the fact that Earth was able to build the functional machine proved to the Vegans that at least a few rational science-minded people should be informed of their presence, but the rest of the world is not ready. But it gave inspiration and impetuous for a few to encourage them to keep looking. Why Kitz's witch-hunt at the end? Even it he knew that there was a shred of possibilty that what Ellie said was true? It was obvious, and suggested, in the movie, that he discredited Ellie and all the "huge waste of taxpayers money" for his own personal gain to advance his political ambitions. Make himself look like a hero, for publicity, and eventually trying to get himself elected to the White House. Also, the ending is intentionally ambiguous 'cause it makes for "good drama"; very obvious and clear when you see the last final seconds of the movie "Inception" before the credits roll.
TheJadeFist (4 months ago)
Better question, why even write a terrorist blowing up one machine, to then just suddenly have 2nd machine? That's kind of pointless waste of runtime. Like why not have had the billionaire have built the machine in the first place, or maybe come in to provide funding/ spear head the project?
camwyn256 (4 months ago)
What about the chair? Crumpled to shit against the side that the mere force of dropping the pod into a net couldn't possibly produce? Also I guess it's just way too expensive to hoist the pod back to the top to try again
LuckyStriker (4 months ago)
You almost admitted it: It's too high brow for you. You missed several innuendos and hints that would have made sense to a smarter person. Don't feel bad. Intelligence isn't the driving factor of evolution, you'll be fine.
845835ab (4 months ago)
It all comes down to an eventual government cover up.
Joe Duke (4 months ago)
Hear hear! I noted all this and had the same observations but then, I figure the ONLY reason to hire Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey to star in this was fora sequel!... which simply never happened.
Joshua Praiswater (4 months ago)
2010 a Space Odyssey would be a good film to analyze.
PTSDSquirrel (4 months ago)
I will say this, most who know about electromagnetism can explain why the communications and recording failed, the machine was generating so much energy that its was giving out Close range EMP bursts. There would be no way to record simply because physics wouldn't allow it. BUT there still was the length of time of "nothing" being recorded, if i where to go around the world and record everything, then put a nice strong magnet to the tape, the same result would happen. My guess is they just wanted to make James wood's character to just dismiss the whole thing as from the word go he didn't believe in any of it, and wanted to keep it that way, it would be easier for him that way. Just look at the way he acts at the end, he wants to brush it off and pretend nothing happened and that its all a hoax, because that is is his job, to make phenomenal things hoaxes.
prom night Dumpster baby (4 months ago)
Agreed, makes no god damn sense. Bothered me since i was a kid.
Hector gomez rioja (4 months ago)
read the novel....!
pothuss (4 months ago)
i have to agree. i loved the movie but the ending left me wanting. mabie a sequel to tidy things up a bit. as it stands the ending sucks.
Joseph Fox (4 months ago)
Ha, "brain-fade," that's the best technical term, I've never heard that one before. How about a sequel? We come back a few years later and some governments are operating machine copies secretly. One day they stop launching, although all appears in tolerance, and each one is in a quiet scramble to figure out why. Some blame others for poor diplomatic relations with Vega greeters. We make corrections and get to Vega. It's gone...
Monarchyman1 (4 months ago)
I liked how the book handled it. Her ‘father’ told her about a binary code that his race found buried deep within the number pi. When she gets back she sets a supercomputer to finding it. The computer, after performing some calculations that I don’t remember (forgive me, but it has been a decade since I read it) spits out a grid showing a perfect circle, meaning that it is fairly good proof for the existence of a creator of some sort.
Black Pill (5 months ago)
no, it's because the government wants to build their own machine for their own purposes and doesn't want the public to have knowledge or input. also, the fact that some people are just blind to facts.both plausible explanations for why wood's character would kill her credibility and bury the project like that
Daniel Bennett (5 months ago)
When is humanity ever ready for anything.
Yesica1993 (5 months ago)
I adore this movie, but I agree that the ending is maddening and makes no sense, and for all the reasons you stated. The addition of the Hadden character came out of nowhere, and just muddled everything even more. What they were trying to do was say was that Palmer's religious faith and Ellie's faith about having been on this journey were exactly the same thing - just have to take each one "on faith." But as you said, there WERE facts on the side of Ellie's journey having been some sort of real thing. Also, if Palmer's faith is some sort of Christian faith, there's facts behind that as well. (I'm not sure what sort of Christian"faith" he had, since he had no problem sleeping with Ellie without being married. But I digress.) As I said, I adore this movie. But I wanted so much more than what we got. The beach scene, while sweet and touching (I loved her relationship with her father) was such a cop out! You know, of all the reboots/remakes/reimaginings, etc., I wouldn't mind this one being remade, if they could just do something better with that ending!
Michael Noriega (5 months ago)
First of all did you read the novel? Most of your answers are in there. The machine only works once, no one can figure out how to get it to work again.
Zeus 56 (1 month ago)
that's even more BS
immortaljanus (5 months ago)
I actually liked the "small moves" thing. It shows the aliens knew what a huge paradigm shift such an event can trigger in a primitive society, so they knew the first step is just to introduce the idea of alien life forms. Some people will go back to their lives but the idea of aliens will grow among the others. A few generations later, Earth and its people might be more prepared for a true first contact. To me, it seemed the aliens had experience of dealing with primitive civilizations, possibly learned from painful mistakes (where the idea of first contact was too much and it tore a civilization into pieces). It gives promise of a greater universe out there.
Akin Khoo (5 months ago)
"why are we having an argument", because politician lies. if congress has agree that the mission was success, think about the civil unrest that would happen considering the 1st machine was already attack by christian fundamentalist/terrorist. thus pretending nothing happened is the best way forward to keep the votes coming. no reason to wake up the sheep. as you mention this is a trillion dollar wasted. do the government want to throw another trillion at it knowing they have no control over the mission (2nd machine was actually build by japan, not nasa)? also to claim the alien left humanity with nothing is kind of missing the point. they gave humanity a working warp engine. yes humanity don't understand how it work or what it does, but that doesn't mean it doesn't work, and really after the test, the next step is to simply reverse engineer bit by bit and start building theories. there are problem with the film as mention correctly this is about turning science into faith and basically turn the issue on its head. but why this can happen is not as crazy as it seem. in fact I find the politic of intentional discrediting something despite knowing it is true is a realistic reflection of how our world sadly works.
susan olson (5 months ago)
I agree with you 100%
CrossoverManiac (5 months ago)
Also, if the aliens took the form of Ellie's father because they wanted to keep her from freaking out, then they made things worse. Ellie, who is a scientist, would be expected some sort of exotic life form, not her deceased father. Her immediate reaction was that she died and went to heaven. The aliens would be better off revealing themselves to Ellie rather than playing dress up like a bad Scooby-Doo villain.
jsbrads1 (5 months ago)
Time doesn't move faster on Vega, it is just a failure of science, no time passes when someone enters a wormhole, the entire elapsed time should have been the few moments she chatted with her dad. Also the Vegans preprogrammed the machine to deliver her to Vega and back, we would have no idea how to reprogram the machine for 5-15 yrs. We would also have no where to go without an address other than that very beach. The minimum politeness would be to return Jodi to whence she came, the simplest calculation, smallest impact.
Were Chicken (5 months ago)
To be fair about the cost: If you're a kardoshev 2 civilisation, like the aliens probably are, then that would probably represent the kind of resources a single citizen has access to. I will admit it seems kind of stupid that given what the machine did it should be making physicist around the world cream themselves, even just the incidental stuff.
alan hays (5 months ago)
They hid it to keep the status quo, save face, and avoid the conflicts of admitting the truth. Also, the second machine was built in secret, so no, the whole planet didn't know about it. Did you watch the movie?
laertes104 (5 months ago)
Three quarters of a trillion dollars is teeny tiny in the grand scheme of civilizations and the universe..... the amount of expenditures that a civilization would have made to build the wormhole network in the first place is many orders of magnitude far beyond anything you have ever imagined a government on the Earth spending. Ever. And I don't think you actually paid any attention to the movie at all..... she did not land on Vega, she was literally floating over Vega for barely seconds before falling down yet another wormhole in the wormhole network and going somewhere else. The signal seemed to come to Earth from Vega because that is the closest node of the wormhole network to Earth. And the image of the beach and her father was very obviously fake....they used the memories of her crayon drawing of palm trees and a beach from the very beginning of the movie to craft a non-threatening illusion which would make her calm down long enough to interact and not be concerned with what they look like. They even showed her reaching out her hand and causing the image to blur as she realized she was touching the inside of the spherical capsule within which she was traveling. The discussion she had with the being who took on the image of her father was just fine....it makes sense in the context of advanced civilizations trying to make contact under careful and controlled circumstances.
rand314 (5 months ago)
Based on Carl Sagan's only fiction book. The ending there makes sense, and essentially NASA says 18 hours of static, and everyone knows it, but conspiracy theories abound (as expected). The ending was different, with much more developed characters (actually 5 people go on the journey, and each encounter their own personal version of their father). But, of course, no melodrama. Sorry the ending on this was so goofy, I had forgotten, since I had read the book first, I just erased the weird courtroom melodrama with my own version of a sane ending.
Shane Rooney (5 months ago)
I disagree on about _everything_ said in this video. From an in-universe point of view things are questionable (yet still not completely implausible) But from a story telling perspective the move makes sense. The protagonist, who is so grounded in her scientific mindset that she refuses to take any form of religion on faith, is then forced into a situation where she must take a situation (that is scientific in nature) _on faith_ Those who don't believe her _are_ thinking rationally. The aliens who tells her "basically nothing of any real value" actually does tell her stuff of real value: - Humans are not alone in the universe - There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other advanced races - None of these races are the first group to create the signal, nor do they know of the first group. The "small moves" the alien talks about is for humanity to learn to come to grips with the above information. "Faith" may or may not be one such requirement (or the aliens just over-estimated human's video recording abilities)
jamoecw (5 months ago)
the way i saw it the ending wasn't about religion in the traditional sense, but mass hysteria. the government produced something that they thought people wanted, but it turned out that they did not want it. so they had to blame someone and make it go away. basically without some sort of concrete thing that changed people's minds they were left with a political failure that they had to do spin control on. Ellie became the lowest man on the ladder and thus was left holding the shit. so in the end it is about pandering to illogical hysteria driven people leading to a stagnation in actual progress. more of a warning about certain groups of people infecting science than a movie about the wonder of science itself.
waltersumofan (5 months ago)
I'd agree the final stereotype gov't official actions were dreck, however her discovery of her faith in the absolute experience left the preacher taken aback, who could never get through to her, and now she's so far past him he never can. Her personal confirmation of science left him without faith. He could see that in her. That was the best
Christian Rodricks (5 months ago)
I really enjoyed the movie and it still gives me goose bumps when i rewatch it and i really want to read the book, but i can't read. Does anyone have any suggestions on what i can do now?.
Quint (5 months ago)
Studio got in the way of Carl’s ending
jessica butler (5 months ago)
Mark J. Lovegrove (5 months ago)
"send in Kurt Russell!"
Foebane72 (5 months ago)
As for the 18 hours of static on Ellie's recording device, I always figured that they discovered that AFTER the hearing.
Foebane72 (5 months ago)
Perhaps Carl Sagan's original novel will explain things better, Dave?
Foebane72 (5 months ago)
"Small moves" refers to taking it slowly when contacting and communicating with alien species, so humanity and the Vegans/others can learn about each other. They just didn't say that building the Machine was a "big move", that's all.
Foebane72 (5 months ago)
I think the movie would've sucked if Ellie had met a green bug-eyed monster on the alien beach, to be frank.
R B P (5 months ago)
This movie will give you a cavity its so damn sweet and sappy. Whenever I think about Interstellar and how I consider it to be saccharin sci-fi, I then remember Contact and how Interstellar is mild in comparison.
oldman986 (5 months ago)
The novel is so much better. Aliens give much more details about themselves and the ending actually has a landing point.
Billy Grinstead (6 months ago)
You completely missed the meaning of this movie, mainly that she brought back " nothing but static" but it was 18 hours of static. Because of the Brookings institute report the govt is scared to death to report otherworldly life, they would cover. this up, and this is the slow way things evolve. First Chinese, then Vikings, then Colombus. Small steps. This. Movie is real life. And three quarter of a trillion is pocket change to the govt.
jon williams (6 months ago)
18 hours of static. Not just blank tape.
David Applegate (6 months ago)
The movie doesn't reflect well the book, which is only slightly better than the movie, but answers some questions. The machine for instance doesn't work because the aliens control the worm holes. Plus you have to kind of know the theories of first control, such as culture shock or worse, the conflict that might arise due to cultural misunderstandings to understand why the aliens would want to mess with our heads. But on its own, like interstellar, you are dumber for watching it. Less so than interstellar.
J B (6 months ago)
Fascinating vid, Dave. Ya, doesn't it make you mad when a movie blows it at the end? Like "The Pledge" with Jack Nicholson. The child murderer dies in a car crash, but apparently the ending was supposed to be that another child murder takes place after the presumed killer dies, and that's why Jack Nicholson goes crazy - all his recklessness was for nothing. The film was over-budget or over-schedule, so Sean Penn decided to short-cut to the final scene w/out the final child murder introduced.
Jovan Mitrić (6 months ago)
Have you read the book? It's lot better than the movie IMHO!
Jake The T (6 months ago)
I don't even have to watch this to denounce it. Why? Because Carl Sagan was about 1000x smarter than you.
cheesie67 (6 months ago)
Read the book. Ending is different. Ties science and faith together. If you liked the first 3/4 of movie, you will like the book.
Darren Semotiuk (6 months ago)
Agreed with all your criticisms. And yet it is somehow an enjoyable film isn't it... But, cliche it may be to say, THE BOOK WAS BETTER. The film-makers really did produce a completely different product, a completely different story was told, perhaps because of the confines of film? Or to attract a wider audience? IDK.
Hunpecked (6 months ago)
If they had only been smart enough to send a man, they'd see an 18-hour beard on him. Wait, does Ellie shave her...legs?
ZarPof (6 months ago)
Evidence: The safety chair shook loose from the orb. That couldn't of happened instantly.
Radical Edward (6 months ago)
They also treat the journey like none of the scientists know any more about science than the average movie goer. Any serious scientist knows time is not consistent everywhere. Our own satellites have time correction programs to slow them down keep time with earth. Being further away from earths gravity combined with the speed of the satellite means that time for the satellite doesn’t run at the same speed as on earths service. Any educated person would know this and would know 18 hours of static IS evidence.
John Woods (6 months ago)
I hate agreeing with you and I hate remembering the missed opportunity that is this film, but ... you are right. I can't help thinking that the writer had no idea how to end this movie. If your movie revolves around a mystery box, put something in the box before you start writing the movie
Lin Yen Chin (6 months ago)
Space Mexicans, That's why.
Satan Lover13 (6 months ago)
5:15 Yea the most politicle nation in the world responded to a thing that people wanted and the people in power got save their megachurches, this is exactly what the Evangelical industrial complex " The Bible Belt " would do!
RigMaven (6 months ago)
The ending was a letdown for sure, but the opening sequence alone is worth the price of admission.
collegeman1988 (6 months ago)
Jodie Foster was a total crybaby pantywaist at the end of this movie. Contact would have been much better if another actress was cast in the role.
R K (6 months ago)
Yeah. I think the same.
Spurious Flatus (6 months ago)
The ending was disappointing.
gagnashdiak x (6 months ago)
The Gov. denied, because of greed. NASA is the Government, so of course they don't release statement. I think it was not as much as about faith vs science, but control of few vs letting the power to unexpected hands (the rich man, the naive scientist, the people in general, aka. anarchy in the good sense). So I wasn't bothered the obvious flow in the vegan plan (are they related to the goblins from Troll 2?), the lack of evidence.
Robert Payne (6 months ago)
One of my favourite films.  Yes they could have sent one person a day with the machine.  Perhaps sending people who knew what to expect now and who'd say "Ok never mind that, "small moves" stuff, who are you, what do you look like, who do you think you are deleting our evidence, do you realise the trouble you caused the first person we sent...?!"   Look Mr Space Octopus don't give us that "You are an interesting species" patronising junk, we know.
Matthew Christian (6 months ago)
1) She didn't end up on Vega, Vega was the first stop in the hyperspace(?) transit system. 2) She didn't leave empty handed, just probably didn't understand what it was that was given her. 3) The senate hearing at the end was a smokescreen so that Kitz and the US Govt could maintain control of the Machine and its secrets. NASA probably never got to touch Ellie's recording device.
kirralight (6 months ago)
This is one of those movies that tell you the government wants to keep everything from the public so they can have all the power
ApeMan 102557 (7 months ago)
I saw this a single time, when it was first out in theaters. It was a complete waste of my money. It paid zero attention to credible science, and insulted my intelligence from beginning to end. It was crap. I wouldn't watch it again, at gunpoint.
klinton kavanagh (3 months ago)
I believe this kind of thing is the "movie version" of the "uncanny valley"?
acetraker1988 (7 months ago)
I wonder if the movie was done this way so it wasn't divisive. -says faith has it right -says science has it right -end tries it hardest to make neither right.
acetraker1988 (7 months ago)
18 HRs on a VHS yeah fuck you movie.
acetraker1988 (7 months ago)
This movie is an INSULT, it one of those cloud have been a master piece but fails because retards in film can't do science right. -this tactic is common in film, pretend to be sci-fi and end in nonsensical illogical drivel that makes the audience dumber for wacthing.

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