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Inside Mexico's Drug Labs | Narco State | Sky News

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In this Sky News special report, one of Mexico's most infamous cartels gives correspondent Stuart Ramsay unprecedented access to its industrial-scale drug labs. Across the country, gangs are profiting from the insatiable appetite for illegal drugs like crack cocaine and methamphetamine from neighbouring America and, further afield, Europe. It's a billion dollar a year industry - and virtually all walks of life are involved. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great videos: http://www.youtube.com/skynews Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/skynews and https://twitter.com/skynewsbreak Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skynews For more great content go to http://news.sky.com and download our apps: iPad https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/Sky-News-for-iPad/id422583124 iPhone https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/sky-news/id316391924?mt=8 Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bskyb.skynews.android&hl=en_GB
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Text Comments (1357)
ric flair (9 hours ago)
QueenMelissa BITCH (11 hours ago)
I thought everyone seem how to cook crack an it's easier then your ABC'S
Pedrohzs (12 hours ago)
8:27 Its hilarious how these two dorks dont have any armed backup team to cover their asses.
pat mourassa (13 hours ago)
WHAT about the outside but DEEP inside Narco State,which is the CIA,DEA,which mainly run the SO CALL ILLEGAL drug trade,the same BUNCH who were POISONING CHINESE CITIZENS in the OPIUM WARS,under a different name off course,but same USUAL KAHAZAR ZIONIST INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS,the SHEKEL TRADERS,BUNCH OF FIL-TH.
UnQ (13 hours ago)
the reporters have a lot of guts to film in there...its a sad thing...but, if there wouldnt be a demand, the offer wouldnt exist.
Anigaone A (15 hours ago)
Are these journalists really safe, do random tourists or cabbies not get abducted found in river sometimes..
Danny Landrum (15 hours ago)
Heisenberg's is better.
Usernam E (15 hours ago)
They should have told them... they have capsules-filling machines on Amazon 😆
Elias Shadow (18 hours ago)
Why do theu always talk about the mexican side of the border but not the american side. Theres help to get this cross dont blame it all in Mexico -__-
Jake R (1 day ago)
Well I know how to make crack now. :D
719Moto Mx (1 day ago)
whos the statue at the start of video a Mexican hitler?
Alejandro Nemesis (1 day ago)
5:34 😂😂😂😂 les Ivan a partir la madre🔫💯💯🇲🇽🇲🇽
Astatic (1 day ago)
Bruh its pronounced t-A-cos not t-E-cos
Itashi (1 day ago)
soo these skynews or some shti is not going to leak the drug delearws information to the cia ?
Itashi (1 day ago)
the polices work for us lmaoooooo
Gage Anator (1 day ago)
Did any one else see the mouse in the background at 9:20 😂😂😂😂
Callum Sheldrake (1 day ago)
Why is everyone in the cartel contradicting everything they say. One said the police work for them then the girl said running risks with the police, i know that some police officers are corrupt but most are not. Im not surprised why Donald trump wants a wall, to stop the cartel getting in America, but it hasn't stopped them emigrating there
rajmoney15 (1 day ago)
This is fucked up.
Ross Gedye (2 days ago)
Be good if it blew up
Amaterasu Uchiha (2 days ago)
Rip mexico
THOT PATROL agent (2 days ago)
Yo Mr White!
SoIoCreep (2 days ago)
Rat poison "Warfarin" is a blood thinner, makes sense.
paul roads (2 days ago)
they're not cooking meth. It seems hat they are extracting the ephedrine from pills. NOT meth.
Garfield Williams (2 days ago)
I wonder how much money vice gives the cartel ppl to do this , I know there not showing a random white guy around there terf and secrete spots for free
Linus Nara (3 days ago)
Now i know my plan if i failed collage
Pure Suvy (3 days ago)
That was a good song
Jim Behr (3 days ago)
I'm just wondering, why would any cartel let their drug production be filmed? So many things about this report seem fake and/or staged. It's from Sky News so credibility must be called into question.
nodgelyobo1 (3 days ago)
They won't get caught..know why, cos all the govts are funding it....and no doubt smoking it..
Calvito Bonito (3 days ago)
Never understood why these guys feel the need to snitch on themselves 😂😂😂😂 what's the benefit of talking about what your up to??? 🤔
Doe Zee (3 days ago)
I always wondered how they get in contact with these cartel leaders. It's not like they have their numbers in the phonebook or anything.. 😂
Gabriel Jimenes (4 days ago)
Only the estupids use drugs, killing yourself, poisoning u body, idiots.
Alfredo Ochoa (4 days ago)
2:13 hahaha "at the back they cook crack"
I smell like beef (4 days ago)
WayneTwitch (4 days ago)
And people wonder why we want borders
LEESH ENG (4 days ago)
hablas de México como si fuera un país de lo peor. muestras la cara que putos gringos morbosos e hipócritas como tú quieren ver de las cosas; Por que no haces un documental de artistas mexicanos, o de culturas mesoamericanas ?
Marco Martinez (4 days ago)
Marco Martinez (4 days ago)
Marco Martinez (4 days ago)
Marco Martinez (4 days ago)
Zaid Muhmed (4 days ago)
And they all were like" sure holmes bring the camera esse" Maricon
Denis Smith (4 days ago)
looks like speed paste
Noah Lupico (5 days ago)
Very very brave journalists
ff ff (6 days ago)
the only reason something is ilegal is becaose of human nature is made for doing ilegal things, gues if anybody makes legal all kinds of stuf(drugs,prostitution,pedofileia),we will start doing only thing that will be ilegal,killing each other, humans greatest plesure is to do ilegal stuff,dont matter how much liberals but will hurt,its in ouer nature and will never change,and if changes , life will becime boring as heven!
Lupe Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Maten esas mierdas k envenenan alos débiles👹
Doomreb (6 days ago)
Hey guys maybe we can get together and make the subtitles a little smaller!
TERRENCE JACOBS (5 days ago)
Doomreb 😂 but not 😂 at my amigos
Rolando Velasquez (6 days ago)
Cant da journalist go to da police and tell them where they are operating?
Cathy Watson (6 days ago)
wow they are gonna kill that politician...................I think they aready did,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
jeremy mcelhaney (6 days ago)
These people are making low quality product in very small batches !! But everybody beware of the Mexican super meth and meth labs !! Lol !! That is glorified shake and bake maybe a few grams !!
Travis Bull (6 days ago)
Wait he said those guys stuffing pills were not able to speak? Then the guy was talking at the end of that scene!?!?! 💩
Big Time (7 days ago)
ViVA MEXICO curap country. .
Yves Cloutier (7 days ago)
So easy to meet up and make documentaries. Makes the cops look really inept.
Fixed Face (7 days ago)
cant wait to have these notatallshilholerswhatsoever in my neighborhood. it remains a complete mystery to me why this country is run by criminals gangs, it must have something to do with hitler, hiroshima, the crusades and slavery.
Demetri Janaz (7 days ago)
ze d (8 days ago)
Rat poison in ciggaretts
Thefastlane425 (8 days ago)
Trump's wall couldn't come fast enough
Edgar Bahena (8 days ago)
A lot of “Americans” trying to diss this video yet will get a tattoo of a character from braking bad. Hypocrites
olo olo (8 days ago)
later we add 'rat poison' to make it more powerful thats made me day xD
Chris Hansen (8 days ago)
I too prefer my crack cooked with rat poison. Doesn't everyone? I can't understand why America doesn't just let these people through the border. They are experienced chefs and bring a solid skill set and years of experience.
Braindead Bogan (8 days ago)
9:45 "Oh and it might be Illegal, not sure".
Josh 20133 (8 days ago)
Governments can end this but I suspect they profit to much from the drug war. Governments don't really care.
Pedro (8 days ago)
Build the wall
Yu Kingsley (8 days ago)
How in the living hell did they get in
galaxy wolf_07 (9 days ago)
Huh.. So Tom Clancy's Ghost reacon wildland game was right about some of this stuff
Shirley Tigg (9 days ago)
When it comes to enforcing and ending... The drug episode... Big dollars are thrown Across the table... No matter! What toung..u talk .that language is..money! The bank..u.s.a. Now! Who's on more Control...u're right! Mexico...
Robert Hodgkins (9 days ago)
san diego cal had the best meth 1984 finish product looked like broken glass crystals
Daniel Zimmermann (9 days ago)
A female Heisenberg
Charlie Browm (9 days ago)
Fuckin rat poison
Ed Serra (9 days ago)
this is all fake
Anne Joko (9 days ago)
I question these dudes for ready to go on camera to show how to cook crack and etc I really be wondering about these vice videos lol
OriginalCatfish (9 days ago)
Did he really say they add rat poison or was that a faulthy translation to spook us?
Luke Wrightson (9 days ago)
Don’t do drugs
Kim Jong-un (9 days ago)
The real question is, did the journalist have a toke after?
John Travolta (9 days ago)
All of these druglords and workers are happy he came and use the journalist as advertisement for better drugs sales. One of the workers even said if it were anyone else hed be already dead. To the idiots thinking this is fake those guys try to hide their identity with those masks also the journalist has some serious balls his life was in immense danger both by the security and the hazardous environment. He has some serious serious big balls those guys could behead him with a chainsaw at any given moment there.
Colin Rich (9 days ago)
Whats in it for the cartels filmimg this? Its just risk
soy piter TM (10 days ago)
*Les dió miedo hacer el vídeo 🤔🤔 o se cagaron??*
soy piter TM (10 days ago)
*Greetings from México 🇲🇽🇲🇽*
GG M8 (10 days ago)
i just wanna eat it
Jeramiah Lopez (10 days ago)
There is MONEY 💵 To be MADE
Fahri Demir (10 days ago)
100 procent balls,
Ruben Colin (11 days ago)
We are not a rich country
WT COLLECTOR (11 days ago)
El Chapo told me once "Amigo, por favor, comienza a cavar el túnel." I said "Sin problema, jefe".
Chris PL (11 days ago)
build the wall
Eric R. (11 days ago)
16:35 they need a pill maker machine.
Fer Das Führer (11 days ago)
Wall doesnt seem so bad now.
KayPower (11 days ago)
Sending our best to America MAGA
Dana.k.a.bradpitt (7 days ago)
Rick- MVP (11 days ago)
The intro song was from amores perros
Ruben Reyes (11 days ago)
Dame he is had balls man for having the balls to film on a drug cartel lab
Ivan S (11 days ago)
Now I know where to go if I need meth
Mr.Irish (11 days ago)
Drone strike these labs
This looks completely fake and staged. Those "labs" look like they were hastily set up for the video. A couple of buckets of water and a fan. The "superlab" was just silly. Oh this one has a really big bucket, its a superlab lol. They need those suits because they are in a toxic atmosphere with substances that can be absorbed through your skin but the reporter is cool with just a polo shirt. I'm sure the most dangerous cartels in the world are eager to take sky tv into their meth labs. i'm sure these guys are taking secret meetings with large scale drug manufacturers and going to secret locations with them. all the cookers were sure to stay facing the camera while working and holding out their bottles and buckets clearly for good shots. This is ridiculous.
jesus ollervides (11 days ago)
inside usa drugs labs. and the most infamous cartels the pharmaceutical industry poisonig americans making hoeroin addicts everyday . like the crack epidemic founded by the usa governnment.. but blame mx. for the drug problem in usa. stop buying drugs and this crap maybe stop.
Cyber Media Intel (11 days ago)
also "(cooking crack) is not an easy process or anyone would do it"
Potato Bag (12 days ago)
i dont know if this is dumb or what. thinking that he'll never get caught lmfao.
MILKYFILMZ (12 days ago)
Is nobody going to make a Breaking Bad reference? no? okay
barbie doll (12 days ago)
How woukd they get in
Santillana (12 days ago)
For the english speakers, the subtitles exagerate or change incredible what the people are saying. The translate in this one is really, really bad.
Nick Nack (12 days ago)
pot smoke (12 days ago)
this is absolutely horrible its almost enough to make me sick
BADMO (12 days ago)
Yes it sure is clear that we need a wall and heavy surveillance ASAP, this is very scary and our country is in grave danger. We need to stop or at least slow the flow of that poison from entering as much as possible. LOL The so called security chef of Juarez said that the narcos can be beat lol, but we all know that isn't going to happen as long as everyone is so damn corrupt there. Did anyone else catch the taco joint and drug stand all in one, now that is sick lol
sensible solutions (12 days ago)
none of these processes is difficult its all about raw materials thats why mexico can produce so much because their govt cant controll the materials that help manufacturing hmm

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