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Man who was ann lovett's boyfriend breaks silence

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Man who was ann lovett's boyfriend breaks silence The town of Granard Image: Google Maps The town of Granard Image: Google Maps THE MAN WHO was the boyfriend of Ann Lovett has broken his silence in an interview with the Irish Times. Speaking to Rosita Boland in the paper’s Weekend Review, Ricky McDonnell has spoken for the first time about the death of 15-year-old Ann in Granard, County Longford in 1984. Having left school on 31 January, Ann went to a grotto at the top of the town. There, alone in the cold, she gave birth to an infant son. Her ...
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Text Comments (4)
None Of The Above (14 days ago)
This is not the piece of shit who got her pregnant
cattlewrangler walsh (3 months ago)
What a parasite, I wonder how much he got paid for this thrash? More than likely a handout from the press and the pro choice crowd.
cattlewrangler walsh (2 months ago)
He waits 34 years and before the abortion referendum to come out with his story when no one else will contest it, come on FFS unless you are living under a rock you'd know he's out for easy money. Ok, spell checker?
Brennocks LLP (2 months ago)
Have you some cogent basis for making that statement? If so, perhaps you would post it up here. Otherwise your comments are insensitive in the extreme. And by the way the word is 'trash'.

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