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Stranger Things Season One: Thoughts & Theories

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Text Comments (70)
Eoval (4 months ago)
We all know what the upside down is - the underside of a game board. Duh...
Firetale (5 months ago)
I was finally able to see this show, and I have to say, this show gave a better Silent Hill feeling than all the movie attempts
CinderellaStory9 (7 months ago)
Season 2?
Jim Fitzpatrick (8 months ago)
Except that Goonies is annoying as f**k.
the mick minas show (9 months ago)
The first season fantastic unfortunately I can't say the same about the second season. A filler filled time wasting experience and it's typical of the television right now when lost was on air it was a time originality and engaging TV that's what we lost in the current climate
Chris Mason (9 months ago)
I bloody love this show. Season two is going to be insane.
Kolin Evans (10 months ago)
i think those question will be explained (at least in part) very epic series.
845835ab (10 months ago)
One huge advantage a show like this has is it's short number of episodes. A lot of Internet era TV viewers have changed and the biggest change has been the inability to stay interested in traditional network TV format. Typical network TV shows that receive an initial half freshman season order of episodes because the network doesn't want to commit to anything out of the gate because of the high percentage of cancellation has turned off modern viewers off. Be able to binge watching something like Stranger Things is so much better. The writing being done on an 8 episode season is going to be far superior compared to the diluted writing that plagues 20+ episode network TV. A show like Lost suffered from way too many weak episodes, too many seasons as well as making up too much bull$h!t every season because they did not have a definitive plan and needed to keep the cash cow going. Writers who worked on the show have admitted to making it up as they went. Imagine how weak Stranger Things would be if it was a typical network TV series?
solomani (1 year ago)
It's also a HUGE love letter to D&D which is awesome for anyone who grew up during the 80s (and plays D&D).
Rare Raindrop (1 year ago)
I loved season 1 but that SAG award speech has left a terrible taste in my mouth for the series as a whole. I suppose we will have to wait and see how much of that sentiment bleeds into season 2.
Ludwig Schwarzwälder (1 year ago)
The OA is better imho 😊
Polly's Shore (1 year ago)
I was 8 in 1983. Loved riding my bike, playing D&D with my older brothers & friends, was already a huge horror fan, President of "The Monster Club", loved Poltergeist, would watch Nightmare on Elm Street by myself in 1984 (and regret it as my choice for first solo horror film for a week) and I would become Goonies obsessed in 1985. The nostalgia in this series is perfection. The writing, character development and acting is even better. I'm ready for season 2.
Scott Steven Erickson (1 year ago)
I finally watched the show and was not disappointed! Dave's video was the first review I caught.
UnknownXV (1 year ago)
Could you review and rightfully so bash on Scandal? Especially after Season 4, where it goes full on SJW? It really pissed me off, because I liked the show until then.
L. Wolf (1 year ago)
I've heard the series compared to the likes of Gravity Falls. Though listening to your thoughts on it, it would be a darker version if it is.
Conor Finn (1 year ago)
Stranger Things, The Leftovers, and Fortitude are some of the best TV shows out at the moment. Stranger Things season 2 and Fortitude season 2 are out next year and season 3 of The Leftovers. Holy Shit!!! Cannot wait.
Dalle Smalhals (1 year ago)
Why a S.2 WHY?
Briansgate (1 year ago)
I like your theory of the Upside-down being an post Apoc- future, but I had a different theory. The reason the same architecture is in the Upside-down like it is in 'our world,' is because the Upside-down is actually abandoned and in the past, like in The Langoliers. Opinions, anyone?
Kieran O'Sullivan (1 year ago)
So you want to monetize your content again and decided to create a new channel. Your website is full of adds, you had a nice ride reading britebart to camera and getting money on YouTube and Patrion. When will the people following the right realize that they are being scammed. That is not to say you don't believe what you say but you are more than happy to profit form it.
tomyourmom (1 year ago)
Kieran O'Sullivan And no one at CNN or the Young Turks ever profit from their work... And what exactly is wrong with making money?
Kieran O'Sullivan (1 year ago)
So you want to monetize your content again and decided to create a new channel. Your website is full of adds, you had a nice ride reading britebart to camera and getting money on YouTube and Patrion. When will the people following the right realize that they are being scammed. That is not to say you don't believe what you say but you are more than happy to profit form it.
You never see anything good like this on actual TV. They would rather show movies on a morbidly obese couple, two broke chicks, vampires and werewolves corrupting teens, or pajama wearing SWJs. YAWN. Stranger Things was really good and reminded me of a Stephen King novel. I enjoyed it. Then again, I liked slasher as well.
Melanie Whorehouse (1 year ago)
Watch Westworld, Dave.
Jeff Learns Linux (1 year ago)
Excellent show, got sucked into the story like yourself.
GeneralTantzu (1 year ago)
John Carpenter inspired? Love that guy's movies, this is definably going to my watch list.
Jack Redford (1 year ago)
Please do 'class' soon, the dr who spinoff. The pc is off the fucking charts
Sid Cannon (1 year ago)
I've watched quite a few American TV series over the last decade or so and find them much better than movies.
MakerInMotion (1 year ago)
Hopper's character arc really was great. It was so gratifying when he discovers the fake body and tells Joyce he believes her. As a viewer you just want that poor woman to get some validation by that point.
esculent1 (1 year ago)
As a Christian, I found the series addictive for many of the issues already mentioned in the video, but also because of its parallels with scripture. Scripture tells us that there is indeed a parallel dimension surrounding the earth [Eph 2:2] from which dimensional entities have [Gen 6], are [The UFO Phenomenon] and shall cross over into ours in our near future [Rev 12:7-9]. Jesus Himself saw them cast there long ago [Lk 10:18] knowing that they will soon be cast from that dimension to ours that they might with the wicked receive the wrath of a righteous God who offered His Son as an atoning sacrifice for sin. However, though forced out they shall feign a visitation to receive the whole world into receiving them [2 Thee 2:9-11], possibly as our _supposed_ ancient ancestors. God clearly announces what He is about to do, and although I can not prove it scripturally I lean towards Satan being bound by that same rule, though he fulfils that requirement covertly through the likes of Hollywood. With that in mind, I can not count how many movies there are where superior entities visit Planet Earth. Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets [first].
heylydia (1 year ago)
I feel like Hopper (sp.?) knows what happened to 11.
Arphemius (1 year ago)
A lot of people like this show, but it just sounds horrible. I can't bring myself to watch it.
Camp camper (1 year ago)
I really like this series.  I appreciated being taken back in time.  Felt like I was in my teens again watching some of my favorite shows.
Todd Wayland (1 year ago)
This became one of my favourite stories of all time. I had thought that modern dramas were coming to a crash with shit Hollywood in the lead. Definitely a cult classic.
Janne Granström (1 year ago)
oh shit Stranger Things was good. i need more.. more!!
jollyscarecrow (1 year ago)
Soooo Predictions for Season 2? I reckon Eleven is still alive as she seemed to just disappear and most likely portaled with the monster into the upside down. Hopper leaves some food in the woods at the end so maybe he is sending it to her through some gateway? Will throws up a worm and see's the upside down at the end so maybe he has become toxic from staying in there for too long (the agents say that the atmosphere is toxic) and this could have given him the power that the monster has with being able to portal between the two worlds. So the second season could be that Will is needed to use his powers to get to the upside down and save Eleven and maybe the agents will play a part in saving Wills life from the virus he has gotten but will use him to their advantage.
Victor Von Doom Jr. (1 year ago)
I tried to resist the urge to watch this show due to the massive push from my friends. But one day - my son asleep so I couldn't masturbate to porn as usual - I gave it a try and was hooked immediately. The kids are plain amazing and Chief Hopper was so believable as deranged smalltown cop that I wish to see him in a spin-off. I don't know who casted *11* but that person deserves an giant paycheck and even Wynona Ryder - never being a big fan of her - was giving her best to persuade me in caring for her loss and releations with the rest. I loved that every chararcter had an arc and completed it sometimes in very unpredicted ways to keep the tension and interest in the show. This is how a TV show has to be made with believable, fleshed-out characters, an interessting, consistent story, an amazing score and a believable world. Everyone who disagree with me can continue to watch the shitty _Supergirl_ TV show. Dave, if you read this - you should check it out on day to experience the real cringe of not-so subtle feminism.
Bradley Puppies (1 year ago)
Sounds interesting. I may give this a try.
I haven't seen it . Sounds the type of film I cry. The double time sounds appealing twist to it.
Gilly Davis (1 year ago)
I loved this series and can't wait for season 2.
watchtheskies (1 year ago)
Absolutely awesome series
Rogal Dorn (1 year ago)
looks cool
Gary Hart (1 year ago)
Should have a SPOILER warning (Re: The Mom)
Dean Logan (1 year ago)
If you are a Longmire fan, this last season is going much better than the previous first season on Netflix. It seemed like they had lost something between leaving cable and getting on Netflix and I thought it would be another bomb, like Arrested Development. But, it is turning out much better. I think the Netflix model is the future. Forget trying to get quality shows on the major networks, it will be Netflix and AMC where people take a chance to provide a good show. I hope Netflix picks up more shows that weren't given a fair chance on regular TV and finds more gems like Stranger Things.
John Claffey (1 year ago)
Hi Dave, don't want to bring your buzz down. Any chance you could turn your laser like gaze on louise o neill. Her twitter feed has to be seen to be believed. New queen of the regressives in ireland. check out her tweet on PhD applicants. It made my blood boil. I'm calling her out on her bullshit but I'm new to this and a nobody really. love your channel and content. Big fan here. Great to see an Irish guy pushing back against our pc culture
Małgorzata Szewczyk (1 year ago)
love, love, LOVE hopper. such a good, complex, heartbreaking character. not ashamed to admit i cried my eyes out during the flashbacks in the last episode. so excited for season 2! also *****SPOILERS***** RIP benny :< (still not over that.)
Yes! Hopper was my favorite. I hope they don't change him and make him a vile character since he isn't perfect.
Adrian Gecko (1 year ago)
This is what I am talking about. Television writers that aren't tied to Hollywood are going to be increasingly better off.
Dean Logan (1 year ago)
Will puked out a worm at the end, so it could be a future version of the world.
Chris (1 year ago)
80's, carpenter, goonies, i think you sold it to me right there Dave! Great review though, this series is a must for me
JOE BLOGGS (1 year ago)
stop watching the tv...
Eric Carter (1 year ago)
Great video Dave. I do agree with you that a lot of tv shows have much more smart writing than movies. My favourite show on TV right now is The Flash. They humanised the characters to the point they feel real just like the problems they face in regards to their humanity. And the story of the season is SO well paced despite the fact that it has to compensate itself for 23 episodes. I will watch Stranger Things eventually but right now I am content with what I am watching.
FUTUREKUBIK (1 year ago)
This is Silent Hill: the series really, isn't it? I'm looking forward to season 2. The girl playing Eleven deserves some sort of award.
Mel Ancholynus (1 year ago)
+FUTUREKUBIK Unfortunately, yes...:-/
FUTUREKUBIK (1 year ago)
Linus H yeah the dark alternate reality but also the psychic girl/missing child/frantic parent aspects of both. I enjoyed the first SH movie too but still felt it had pacing and plot issues. A true Silent Hill series, for me at least, would be a lot more psychological and creepy and not necessarily serialised like Stranger Things - an anthology season of 5 or 6 self contained stories all exploring similar themes might be interesting. Sadly I think the closest we're going to get to a Silent Hill show will be the cutscenes on Konami Pachinko machines :S
Mel Ancholynus (1 year ago)
FUTUREKUBIK I think the only thing Stranger things has in common with Silent Hill is the existence of a dark, gritty parallel world. As a fan of both, I would love to see a true Silent Hill series, mainly because it would be darker and scarier, assuming it's true to the original game. I actually thought the movie was sort of okay too by the way.
Carlos David (1 year ago)
Is it free from all that far fetched Social Justice bollocks?
Fran Ohmsford (1 year ago)
So far. BTW you might want to check out another Netflix series: Killjoys
Carlos David (1 year ago)
+The Dave Cullen Show Sounds promising.
Dean Logan (1 year ago)
Well, I saw her more as the girl who didn't get a lot of dates, but could see if a guy was just trying to get laid.
FUTUREKUBIK (1 year ago)
Carlos David There's a character called Barb who fits the criteria (by 80s standards) for a whiny controlling feminist but that's about it!
The Dave Cullen Show (1 year ago)
indeed it is
Airwave2k2 (1 year ago)
All I got out of this clip - you are younger than me. Thought you were older.
Counter Tenor (1 year ago)
I liked Sliders until it got weird.
Crimson Ghost (1 year ago)
+707SpookyBoo22 Thanks. My skin melted off in an unfortunate McDonald's accident but I think it is an improvement. I used to look like Tony Danza.
Nice avatar!
Crimson Ghost (1 year ago)
It was always kinda cheesy but it seemed self aware until a certain point and then it got weird.
John curtin (1 year ago)
so now the election is over what are we to do now?
John curtin (1 year ago)
that sounds like a great idea
hairyfedd (1 year ago)
I'm going to distance myself from social media and concentrate on what's important- video games and amputee midget porn
Kuradamax (1 year ago)
most people refer to the monster as the demogorgon, i refer to it as SCP-202-ST (a mixture of 106 and 096 + Stranger Things)

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