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Jugaad Man: The Non-stop inventor - BBC News

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Uddhab Bharali cannot stop inventing things. He has created over 140 devices to help improve the lives of people. From agricultural machines that helps farmers grow green tea, to portable toilets that allow women safe access, to devices that allow disabled people to eat. His frugal innovation is transforming lives across India. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog World In Pictures https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBX37n4R0UGJN-TLiQOm7ZTP Big Hitters https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBUME-LUrFkDwFmiEc3jwMXP Just Good News https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBUsYo_P26cjihXLN-k3w246
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Text Comments (320)
Priyanka Rawat Art (20 days ago)
✨Brilliant Ideas✨
Sunita Dwarka (1 month ago)
Sir. First I thank you for your novel job.Aap ka mangal ho. I need some help from you for using ox in day to day life. First help can you make our domestic jata . which we were using in home. You do some modifications in it so that use ox for grinding our grain. Then we can establish a place for grinding without electricity in village.It can adopted as business by many people. Ox also do round round and jata also do round round. FIrst you put ball bearing at the base . cut the below part a bit. Easy to lift .Easy to handle. The second part you make hole not up to base use 1/3 part and attached ropes to jata and ox. If we do hole upto below it can disturb the grinding process. Second use for cutting grass . Now a days we have circular bled for cutting grass. your grass cutting bed must have two options easy cutting and easy collection of cut prices of grass. you an use small pieces of convver belt in beginning for connecting grass and bled. Third most important can you redesign single use ox bullock cart Now a days we have technology not to overload ox with overweight. please use old tyres . Because people using it cannot afford new tyres. Namh shivay.
Rintù Borah (1 month ago)
Joi Aai Axom...
Tanushree Prasad (2 months ago)
He is truly doing something really remarkable for the society. Similarly, 17-year-old Ishan may change the face of irrigation in India. In fact, he has already started walking on that path and has impacted lives of 80 farmers in Rajasthan. Take a look! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBBVg4_x54c
ASGAR Q (5 months ago)
Big salut
Priyansh Shukla (9 months ago)
India always invent but credit always given to fake called west
Soma shekar (9 months ago)
Super sir. U r genius.
rahul nikam (10 months ago)
Great job...I m proud to be indian just because of u people...
Alec Sneed (10 months ago)
Much love indeed!
Nandish V Patel (10 months ago)
It’s what Elon Musk says too!!! If it’s important it should be solved.
Dhanmoni Sarma (10 months ago)
Proud to be Assamese
Kuldeep Deshmukh (11 months ago)
Hat's off!!!
JeSsICa JEs (11 months ago)
Wow great sir... let's us make this man more famous by sharing the post..
unmilan kalita (11 months ago)
This man is simply great. He is very humble and calm. Being an Assamese,I myself am proud of him. I met him yesterday in a programme. Had a talk with him. He is simple and very friendly.
shubham Kumar (11 months ago)
90 morons dislike the video
Sandeep Singh (11 months ago)
a jugad is nothing but an unconventional approach. sandeep singh inventor of smallest ESP
Nirupam Rajkhanikar (11 months ago)
Real irony is, a foreign media has covered this, even national media has done something to bring him into focus. But regional and local media has done thing.
TheBECK321 (11 months ago)
prashnivi (11 months ago)
Modi ji pls make him our public works minister . automatically our nation will develop
Camil Serapian (11 months ago)
You news are hollywood movies .
Jugal Katarmal (11 months ago)
ali ibrahim Ahmed (11 months ago)
Very inspiring 😊 Keep going brother
red ASH (11 months ago)
المخترع أغاسا
amit mishra (11 months ago)
Salute to this great man 👍
Philip Gomes (11 months ago)
Respect.... You are just a gem. I am speechless
Lerner dance classes (11 months ago)
I know him personally, a great person he is.
srinivasa reddy A (11 months ago)
Hats off to u.. but I'm worrying that there is no exposure for this
P Patro (11 months ago)
can I have his phone No?
Sid (11 months ago)
Sir, please do something to tackle pollution as well.
sachin jain (11 months ago)
This man should also have another name that is " silver lining "
n how (11 months ago)
*_Jai Aii Axom_* -kela-
Amit Khare (11 months ago)
These ppl are the ones who best describe the great india and the great indians I'm glad u are an Indian🇮🇳
Shubham Sanyal (11 months ago)
People like you are grace to mankind. You are god's choicest creation. Salute and respect to you
Raso Wye (11 months ago)
jai ho....
DJL vlog (11 months ago)
Heads off to you sir....
9895mahesh (11 months ago)
Good news
Dhruv Vidrohi (11 months ago)
Great Northeast, great Assam
Mentos Batti jala de (11 months ago)
Not Dhutta it's Dutta
Mentos Batti jala de (11 months ago)
My hometown man ... North Lakhimpur,Assam,India.
jyoti ranjan (11 months ago)
The pride of Assam
sourav sekhar Nayak (11 months ago)
Dhinki ko ek aur bar invent kia
Rajat Gupta (11 months ago)
ke das (11 months ago)
Jewel of our nation! Hearthy respect. Jai hind
Suyash Parab (11 months ago)
Full respect Sir
Anisha Nagpal (11 months ago)
he is the one whom we need to support and promote, rather than chicks talking nonsense.
Ragavendran S (11 months ago)
Greatest of inventions and innovations are to benefit common man, for me he's no less than Edison or any other..
Zakaria Munsoor (11 months ago)
Nobel award. This man should get sponsors
ONLY STAR VIDEO (11 months ago)
ये 78 लोग unlike क्यो किये है
mahendra suthar (11 months ago)
Santu Islam (11 months ago)
joy aaiii asom....
Biki Maan (11 months ago)
Blessed guy keep doing gud work
Jophin Louis (11 months ago)
Klinton Boruah (11 months ago)
অসমীয়া হিচাপে অামি তেওঁক লৈ গৌৰান্বিত । তেওঁ অাৰু অাগবাঢ়ি যাওক এই কামনাৰে……
arun kumar (11 months ago)
That is awesome you are great , proud of you
bandita pathak (11 months ago)
140 inventions cant be jugar. Not happy with the title
Abhijit Sambhoje (11 months ago)
Respect...People are good
Robi U.K. (11 months ago)
Azhar Chaudhary (11 months ago)
really inspire
Azae Grie (11 months ago)
Respect to this human being
Jeshim Rahman (11 months ago)
What a wonderful story.!!But It's sad that a foreign media house is reporting a far flung story for Assam..and our local media house are showing​ absurd news.Its time to wake up..
Preet Chopra (11 months ago)
Inspiring man..
True Indian Patriot TIP (11 months ago)
he is from my state Assam!!
Dharmesh Burungale (11 months ago)
Bichara bacxha.... Agar meere pas agar 100 lakh Hota to usko de Deta......
Horatius Regeneratione (11 months ago)
https://www.facebook.com/justin.lamoureux.3110 I am looking for inventors and skilled individuals to come be part of a volunteer thinktank to work on creating solutions for the change we want to see in the world. Drop me an email with your skill or life experiences that you believe will contribute TheCreationFoundation.President@gmail.com i am working to build a self sustainable 20 acre research and development facility with dorm style housing now. We can accomplish more together, that is the basic premise of THE CREATION FOUNDATION.
Only Truth (11 months ago)
71 dislike but why what is wrong in this video. I can’t understand
Vibil Raj (11 months ago)
Shubham Saini (11 months ago)
Can anyone justify those dislikes ........🤔 ???
Hero Imran (11 months ago)
Wow... what an explanation...!!!!
Anurag Nath (11 months ago)
Awesome. Inspiring.
saif-talks (11 months ago)
Massive respect
kalyan kundu (11 months ago)
Dr.Muneem Lokhande (11 months ago)
Such a Great person Allah bless him.
sumit borse (11 months ago)
Hats off to him...and fuck off to them who disliked this vodeo...
Sam MSD (11 months ago)
Salute u sr
Nilamjeet Baruah (11 months ago)
Genius Bikram (11 months ago)
I have many ideas but I have no money for that
Anil Kumar (11 months ago)
Sir namastey can you guve your contact number
Santu Dutta (11 months ago)
জয় আই অসম 🇮🇳
saeed rahman (11 months ago)
Shubhendra Pandey (11 months ago)
Sir salute you what a definition of innovation given by you !!!!!!
Ashwini shinde (11 months ago)
Sir you are Great 👏
HIRAK MONDAL (11 months ago)
I will like to differ..these are not inventions but these are usage of day to day commodities for better way of living.. I truly RESPECT him.. but being a servant of science I cannot TERM this as inventions..
Pankaj Agarwal (11 months ago)
i am seeing my self on u boss....its great
Atul Kaul (11 months ago)
Government of India has national centre for disability management. They include prosthetist, occupational Therapist and Physical therapist. There is no innovation here ( especially for what he made for the disabled kid) These orthosis are provided free of cost by Indian Rehabilitation centres.
Atul Kaul (11 months ago)
DEV ANAND RAJ Sahib. Read again . There is no thrashing but information was provided that there are Free professional services available in India. Don't get emotionally carried away.
DEV ANAND RAJ (11 months ago)
Atul Kaul it's always simple to thrash someone with stupid arguments, but he is the one who made the child happy, not you. Regarding innovation search for his pomegranate deseeder
Min Haz (11 months ago)
Its really inspiration for me
kuch naya deke (11 months ago)
jadoogar jo kuch mi kar sakta he
Sunil S (11 months ago)
Salute to u sir...
Tridip Kalita (11 months ago)
Blessed To Have Him In My State of Assam... And Rest Of The World, Please Do Visit This Beautiful State :)
Ajay Mane (11 months ago)
This is 0.0001% of india ..There are more to see yet ...
govind rao (11 months ago)
🙏 Salute to you sir
hrishikesh gour (11 months ago)
why Indian government don't help like this genius
Dhiman Deka (11 months ago)
Awesome Assam
Surathatway (11 months ago)
Grt man , thnku so much
Eduard Brown (11 months ago)
I am proud to say that he is from my state of Assam, in North Eastern India.
A chalk vending machine
Rashmi Balagopalan (11 months ago)
Salute to you Sir
Usman S. Ansari (11 months ago)
"it will feel you and it will hurt you." -Jugaad Man
Sumon Borah (11 months ago)
He is Assamese guy! Proud of u
AARYAN RAPPER (11 months ago)
Sad news is dhinchak pooja and othe idiots got more views than him.. Btw grt work sir..

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