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Trump’s NATO comment made his own staff squirm

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CNN's Tom Foreman takes a closer look at what body language portray during face-to-face meetings with America's NATO allies.
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Nightmaregirl_1 82 (56 seconds ago)
Who else thinks their doomed?
professorrob (1 minute ago)
body language expert that’s a real job lol wow
balaurian83 (25 minutes ago)
Muie Dragnea
hezer marquez (1 hour ago)
You guys complaining that your country is going downhill well where the fuck are all your dead citizens and all off your own people leaving the fucking country tell me why now out of all the times there are more people living in the USA tell me why now the legal immigration process is faster than before why your taxes have gone down why the employment rate went higher tell me why now all of the stupid corruption that the former administrations left behind are finally coming into the limelight tell me why the fuck all of you living in America aren’t dead yet or haven’t been blown up by North Korea or invaded by Russia by now its been what almost 3 yrs.?
Aila Kahlfuss (2 hours ago)
Trump supporters are blinded by love, and a whole lot of dumbness.
David Olsen (3 hours ago)
CNN is a joke at this point.
Nic Kertscher (4 hours ago)
I bet she put them up to saying something about body language
Sam Coulon (4 hours ago)
When trump doesn’t say anything CNN can take out of context so they go after the slight movements of the bodies of he people on trumps side...
jomat4678 (6 hours ago)
Ah yes Anderson Cooper a rich faggot newscaster whom all the gay cuck boys adore worldwide pumping himself up as someone credible when he's taking it up the ass nightly? WTF is wrong with you assholes who watch this shit? Fuck CNN and anyone who watches CNN cuz you're all fucked in the head! Fucking derelict dingbats!
jomat4678 (4 hours ago)
No your cuck father is douchebag but you may have exceeded his cuckness.
Remy van Tol (5 hours ago)
Did you just call yourself a faggot?
Beer Tasting with Gil (6 hours ago)
So biased
Eric Colden (6 hours ago)
CNN desperate to use Meryl Streep for an example hahaha
Frankie Hendrix (6 hours ago)
Big deal, all his hangers-on are fork tongued fakes. And why would he grill Putin about an election he won 2 years ago? For Hillary and her sore loser snotrag supporters sake? Trump's too smart for you idiots.
Sergio Silva (7 hours ago)
What about the matter at hand CNN? Does Germany have an alternative to Russian gas?
martinko40 (8 hours ago)
C N N = you are full of BULLSHIT !! *** I am watching your body language, " CNN" , you are full of HATE and stupidity !!
Ricky Bobby (8 hours ago)
Trump was the fucking man at that nato breakfeast! He said to their faces exactly what he has been saying since they day he campaigned. What did anyone expect?
STRANGE FRUIT (9 hours ago)
Paulie Wallnuts (9 hours ago)
Did Trump shit his pants again?
mintoro may (9 hours ago)
The worst enemy of USA right now IS USA itself.
mintoro may (10 hours ago)
Russia is a beautiful country with limitless possibilities now that the yoke of socialism has been lifted. I understand that there is still a great disparity in earnings between the average Russian and the super-wealthy Russian, but I'm sure this existed in communist times as well, it was just better hidden than today. The future is bright for Russia, this is why I'm starting a business there and this is why I plan to reside there and hopefully renounce my US citizenship and become a Russian citizen.
Dawood Ashrati (10 hours ago)
Those people are defending something that is very rude. What dumb fuckers. Children will do such a thing.
Eddy (10 hours ago)
Blimey, talk about scraping the barrel, laughable stuff. You people that suck all this crap up, ask yourself, do you ever really think for yourself?
MrTellyBelly (10 hours ago)
With the behavior of the POTUS and the comments his supporters make it saddens to me to think that the decline of America is well under way - it's like all empires they rise to glory and at their height start to crumble when the population becomes complacent, lazy and their only "achievement" at that point is to laud their sense of superiority over others. Look at the British empire - they ruled so much of the earth that the sun never actually set on all of it at the same time - they could project their military might to any corner of the world in the days when a letter took a month or more to get to some corner of world. Where are they now? So my my American friends take a lesson from history and humble your self - just think that in fifty years time our grand children will be speaking Chinese or Hindi - no empire lasts for ever.
tormor asileman (10 hours ago)
it was half of his supporters ,now looks like pretty much all of them are mentally disabled :)))
Henry Woods (11 hours ago)
Trump 2020
George beauchamp (11 hours ago)
Haha go trump!!
Henry Woods (11 hours ago)
Cnn is fucking joke,anyone who believes this shit is an idiot
littlegayfairy (11 hours ago)
Trump is a Russian agent. If he was a real American, he would start a war against Russia to prove that he is not a Russian. Trump should initiate a surprise nuclear strike against Russia.
Leonor vergona (12 hours ago)
He is not Fake like CNN
AZ Beast (13 hours ago)
Fake news!
Leonor vergona (13 hours ago)
CNN is so full of it!!!!!!!!!
Leonor vergona (13 hours ago)
I'm PROUD OF my PRESIDENT TRUMP, maga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RODRI BLANQUET (13 hours ago)
Trump is the demise of USA and all his supporters are like yeah you go cowboy haha
A n d r e X (15 hours ago)
Trump supporter: FAKE NEWS!!!!! Us: But...its right ther- Trump supporter: FAKEEE NEWSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marco Vasquez (15 hours ago)
Fact : USA is all fucked because of these racist dumb white ppl
Doctor Reality (16 hours ago)
What did he say? LEMME LISTEN BOI!
Mike Hawk (19 hours ago)
Woo go Trump
Edwin (20 hours ago)
People who voted for Trump sound just like him.
y1521t21b5 (20 hours ago)
Democrats stuck on thinking it sufficient to point out personal character flaws rather than articulate actual policy alternatives. Déjà vu of 2016...
Donald Duck (22 hours ago)
Have a golden shower,Donald
Objective Observer (23 hours ago)
We are Americans. We stopped bowing to royalty in 1776. Deal!
Sean Redmond (23 hours ago)
What an embarrassment
John Peel (23 hours ago)
cnn would check out a fart so they look good but the truth is trump is right
Reuel T (1 day ago)
CNN & Dems don't think. What happens if Russia turns of the Gas supply to Germany ONE COLD WINTER?
Garret Liones (1 day ago)
They still think immigrants come from "Mexico" instead of central and south America. Real Mexicans wouldn't be caught dead in this country.
belmont paul (1 day ago)
if its on cnn its lies and propaganda
Joseph Garza (1 day ago)
There wasn’t enough candidates trump and Hilary weren’t good enough Reason:trump wouldn’t cause ww3 only reason I ever voted for him,Hilary would cause ww3 cause.They did mention that she was suffering from something mentally
Anthony H. (1 day ago)
I freaking love seeing them squirm they should be squirming. They're not used to a businessman making them pay up and telling the truth the way it is without sugar coating it!
Jose Ornelas (1 day ago)
How can american be great again? Like more embarrassed againg
sandeep saini (1 day ago)
death to usa
Neuro Breach (1 day ago)
Donald Trump is correct on what he is saying and that also makes up for one of the reasons taht he is one of the best presidents. He isn't afriad to say things that the left won't like such as the 99% of people that watch CNN. But anyways, the contract that is signed by Germany and Russia is only as good as the people that sign the contract. The US is paying over 80% of the funds to NATO trying to cover and protect as many people as possible as Germany is being bullied by Russia because there is not enough funding for NATO. The US is paying for most of the funding and we cannot control everything and that is dragging some things down, Germany has to pay its share somehow and selling oil to Russia for protection and income is one way that they are doing that. Donald Trump was not afraid to admit that and bring that point to attention, and the other people at the table were to ashamed and didn't want to admit the fact that Donald Trump was correct in the end.
Captain Diggler (1 day ago)
Anderson Cooper . . up the pooper . . . . is NOT BELIEVABLE!
911 FLAT SIX (1 day ago)
Dumph is worse thing happen to USA fucking idiot is over president and just thinking this makes everyone sick
Rick Bennett (1 day ago)
At around the 2.48 the Trump supporters group......what to say.....we all know people like this. Good people most. Probably not hangin with them this weekend but decent neighbors. Damn, what a gap in political view. A margin I knew existed but I had no idea it was this wide. No wonder people from other countries think so little of us as tourist and visiters with ignorants and arrogants on full display. Trumpsters hate the evil left so much it's clouding their head and judgement in support of Trump. He is dangerous, incompitent and NOT an example of a christian. What oh what about his actions , demeanor or words is exsimpalary of a christian or a good person. I take away none of those things when I watch him. We are in trouble. And when he is gone we will still be in trouble because he has exposed a rift in the American people. If we don't pull ourselves back together as American citizens it's over. And it will be our fault for letting him into our house, then leaves while we remain a dysfunctional family constantly arguing.... kind of like a bad reality show. How many of you would know the difference or even care ? Peace Folks !
Once again, fake news. Anderson cooper go fuck yourself
Mike Ebersol (1 day ago)
Trump's behavior is making most of the world's population squirm. I like how Trump lied to the NATO Chancellor claiming that Germany gets 70% of its natural gas from Russia-it's actually 9%. But hey, why tell the truth when a lie fits your talking points so much better. Trump was right about one thing: the world stopped laughing at the U.S. under a Trump Presidency. There's nothing funny about the ignorant, inept, stupid and emotionally troubled man who controls a nuclear weapons stockpile sufficient to destroy the world.
frankmoolah (1 day ago)
#1 fuckboy award goes to...
X Y (1 day ago)
Fake News in full force.
He's a peace of shit
Lound AnNnd Proud (1 day ago)
Etta Stephenson (1 day ago)
he special ed I can't nobody see this somebody please wake up look what he's doing to our country
Ds Vic (1 day ago)
cnn is like dead corps.
SYDNEY HI (1 day ago)
VIP TEAM (1 day ago)
Great job TRUMP!!!!
Kevin Jeffrey (1 day ago)
What a bullshit... ccn is so fake and telling nonsense
The Truth (1 day ago)
Look im not a fan of trump. But for fuck sakes they looked barely uncomfortable. Fuck this is why nobody trusts you guys. Jesus fuck.
moplum (1 day ago)
Trump just did what he sent Rex Tillerson to do, but failed. Sucked Putins ass and sold our souls to the Russians all in the name of corporate greed. Trump has shown Putin he is working to open trade with Russia: Trump Withheld congressional sanctions against Russia until after Rex Tillerson failed. Then allowing sanctions to hit Russia, punishing Russia for not accepting Trumps deals through Rex Tillerson. Threatening Russia by attempting to inspire NATO nations to cut Europe's current & future purchase's of Russian natural gas. Now kissing Russia's ass showing how kind Trump can be if Russia partners with American corporations. The treason is Trumps throwing the entire United States Department of Justice under the buss. Refusing to support the indictments of our special counsel. Trumps refusal to protect our country from attacks upon our democracy by Russia is the high crime of colusion, and now blatant treason. If we go to war because Trumps "art of the deal" doesn't work with Russia, the rich get richer off the massive war machine they are currently growing. It's all in the game ran by the elite rich top 1% richest bastards Bernie Sanders warned us about. Trump is merely the so called stereo typed crooked used car salesman selling his "art of the deal" for families like the Koch brothers.
soroush valim (1 day ago)
Lol CNN you lose credibility when you integrate the devil wears Prada in your piece
king simba (1 day ago)
Before honour is humility that's the one virtue I've found trump and his supporters lack "it shows dominance" really??
Finding the truth (1 day ago)
CNN = FNN Fake News Network More lies by fake news.
Darrin Armstrong (1 day ago)
Look at his supporters lol damn fools
Tyler123KickAss (1 day ago)
I don't know what team y'all on , but I chose team America ! God bless our country and our great POTUS!
Ed one (1 day ago)
Chicken dinner and TRUMPS the WINNER AGAIN.....
anti establishment (1 day ago)
The only nuts are you brain dead zombie libs buying the mainstream media B.S. and CNN is the worst. You people need to wake the eff up. Lmao at you!
Wasssaaapp Dawg (1 day ago)
They are like trump’s parents lol
Seth Brown (1 day ago)
THis is so freaking petty! CNN is such bullshit, fake news
James Moss (1 day ago)
You call this news?
Alec scott (1 day ago)
Look again at Putin coming through the doors to the lectern! He had to push his tongue into his cheek to try to stop himself from laughing!! He could hardly contain himself!!! High Treason is what it is!! Trump is like a five year old among adults!! He thinks the world is a fairytale where everyone is going to be nice!! It would be nice! BUT it just isn't so!!
Winston Kronical (1 day ago)
awwww listen to all the libtard demarats cry like lil babies cuz the man in charge don't act like u want him to act awww poor lil bitches pick up ur bottom lip grow a spine and go crawling back to ur safe space and let the adults do the adults job like grabbing them by the pussy haha haha PLUS CNN IS FAKE ASS MADE UP PROPAGANDA BULLSHIT THAT ALL U SOFT ASS LEFTIES CANT GET ENOUGH OF SO GO BACK TO SUCKING UR THUMBS U WORTHLESS BAGS OF SHIT
Saadrick (1 day ago)
The “President” called the United States a foolish country 😂
YeahRIght (1 day ago)
Just puked a little in the mouth -people who chill with trump LoL
Lawrence (1 day ago)
Trump is Just an idiot...
Mitchell Fleming (1 day ago)
Hahaha fake news
a bc (1 day ago)
The truth sounds like hate.. To those who hate the truth!
john williams (1 day ago)
Love trump
Sou Saechao (1 day ago)
This people need to think
Never Land (1 day ago)
Trump is right.
Never Land (1 day ago)
The whole Europe is controlled by an enormous bureaucracy based on Brussels whose only reason to be there is to further their careers.
MrArchitect1 (1 day ago)
Well we’ve seen all CNN biased media in matters concerning Trump, Not going to work
MrArchitect1 (1 day ago)
he11b1ade Know I'm sure your dump your replying on my comment and dining response go suck on your thump & continue sleeping "DUMP"
he11b1ade (1 day ago)
Yes, keep up with the retarded comments. Because your delusions come true as long as you've replied, right? ROFL LMAO
MrArchitect1 (1 day ago)
he11b1ade Great you didn't deny sleeping, zzzzz
he11b1ade (1 day ago)
Yes, keep telling yourself that it's just CNN, when it's pretty much all reputable networks in the states, as well as the entire world. lol
MrArchitect1 (1 day ago)
he11b1ade Keep telling your self that, and when you wake up say bye bye CNN
yeremy rosado (1 day ago)
A lot of tax payer losing money bc a bunch of country don't pay their share and trump want to stop that and even for doing good for this country CNN fake news put everything in the opposite
Leah Silk (1 day ago)
I’m no pro-Trumper but CNN is so lame... it’s impossible to take you guys seriously
Matt Sherv (1 day ago)
Haha the body language expert had retarded body language himself
It's like watching embarrassed parents when their toddler throws a tantrum in store.
athana kop (1 day ago)
This network is the one who's sqrim
Vik S. (1 day ago)
Fake News.
tyt ggg (1 day ago)
Tomasina Covell (1 day ago)
I still can't get over how he manages to look dumber than his blimp!
Menthol (1 day ago)
anyone who trusts CNN is brain dead
iron grip 455 (1 day ago)
Time to withdraw from NATO let's end it.

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