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Toxicity Comparison (This little will KILL you)

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From bee sting to cobra bites, we measure the deadliest substance known to mankind and see how much it takes to kill a person. Everything from the top 10 deadliest substance, most deadly/poisonous animals, plutonium, polonium and even the legendary Type H are listed in this visual animated informative video. Biggest Explosions Comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFiBXFFzT5c This video is intended for general education and informational purpose only. Music Used: "Oppressive Gloom" - Kevin MacLeod Licensed under CC: By Attribution 3.0 License Information based on LD50, the lethal dose (per person) required to kill half the population of 70kg person within a single dose. Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Median_lethal_dose http://whs.rocklinusd.org/documents/Science/Lethal_Dose_Table.pdf http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/book/9780080122090 http://www.conservationinstitute.org/10-most-poisonous-animals-in-the-world/ Scale of Toxicity App (Halcyon App)
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Reigarw Comparisons (1 year ago)
Hi everyone, I need your help for Probability Comparison since we're really lost in the research. If anyone got anything interesting (real life event only) do comment here as follows: Example 1: Event: Shuffling 2 decks randomly in exact same order Odds: 1.24 x 10^-68 (1 in 81 unvigintillion) Example 2: Event: Probability of giving birth to Quintuplets (5 babies) Odds: 1.82 x 10^-8 (1 in 55,000,000) You will be credited if used. Looking forward to seeing interesting ridiculously extreme odds! Much Thanks!
Taty Katume (10 days ago)
Incorrect vit D and vit C don't kill
Coral Gillespie (2 months ago)
Reigarw Comparisons I
lenni (2 months ago)
Reigarw Comparisons 500th comment
Cristo Rinne (3 months ago)
Cristo Rinne (3 months ago)
Ala yassin (1 hour ago)
i sell air
flyingjibberish (3 hours ago)
Shame my old uni (bath spa university) never made this list.
Zach (8 hours ago)
im gonna stay away from cats now...
Zach (8 hours ago)
water could kill you???!?!!?!?!?
MaXingTien (11 hours ago)
There should be a common dota player on the first place.
Gun Sen (18 hours ago)
and boku no pico ?
vassillios (1 day ago)
drag the slider to the beginning of the video, set the volume of your speakers to 60 percent, then press play to get literally blown out of your chair
David Zmerčil (1 day ago)
shannon dove (2 days ago)
Are you sure about the cocaine? Its only twice as toxic as caffeine? Also where does carfentanyl fall on the list?
shannon dove (2 days ago)
Best video on poison i have seen, exactly what i was looking for. It shows relative amounts, etc
lachlan shrum (2 days ago)
1.3 feet of cat can kill you.
Сенух (3 days ago)
and only 0.01 YOCTOGRAMS of pure tyler1 will kill you! it's the most T O X I C T H I N G E V E R !
that music is my jam
Leandro Saravia (4 days ago)
But the rock fish isn't the most dangerous?
паша зайцев (5 days ago)
oz? lbs? what the fuck is this? whole world uses metric system. dislike
SpEcTeR Ναsty. (5 days ago)
i didnt knew a bee is that toxic? rattlesnake less toxic?
TheSaiyanOf Flames (5 days ago)
Botulinium is one SCARY substance.
Aby Anggara (6 days ago)
You forgot the cyanide
Blazing Pokemon :D (6 days ago)
Vitamin c and d are toxic?
VoodooExpert (6 days ago)
i wanted to see cyanide
IceRune101 (9 days ago)
mert usta (10 days ago)
If viagras 33g kills a man? Why did i not die then?
Abel Osuna (10 days ago)
La comunidad del lol como la mas potente :v
Hamak ze sznurka (10 days ago)
Miusi from europen war 4 napoleon :)
mr david reid (10 days ago)
A white blood cell=cancer
TheBrodsterBoy (10 days ago)
Isn't there a type of mercury that's worse
Homie mike (10 days ago)
7G of pure cocaine???? 😂😂 you die from 0.1-0.2 of pure cocaine
ThePuffamanChannel (11 days ago)
What about fentanyl. I swear the hcl form only takes a few mcg/kg of body weight to kill u
water child (11 days ago)
Where's that guy who started a week long over-the-internet argument with me, then accused me of bullying him?
Slimeli Patates (11 days ago)
Where is undertale community
Koffing With Caffein (11 days ago)
13.5 gram OF ME CAN KILL YOU
The Shadow (11 days ago)
Vodka does not work for Russians
The Shadow (11 days ago)
Oh no i died
Dr3adL0rdhg (11 days ago)
ApricotPit (11 days ago)
Why did I click on this video thinking it was a jokingly video talking about toxicity in gaming and which games have the most toxic players
Doodle doodle (11 days ago)
Botulinium Toxin Type H : If anyone asked who is holding the title of "The Most Toxic Thing in the World", that's ME!
Wolfie Doggie (11 days ago)
The black widow isn’t the most poisonous spider it’s a type of spider in Brazil that can be the size of a plate
elijahpepe (11 days ago)
Then there’s Botulinum.
L Waugh (12 days ago)
10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 GOOGOL
Soup Dish (12 days ago)
The last one is Botox...
Snakenuts (12 days ago)
You idiot you forgot Ligma.
chronicstamped (12 days ago)
You forgot Ligma
Литр водки?! Бугагага.... насмешили...
Márk Moldován (12 days ago)
That means one of my former classmates drinks nearly deadly amount of water each day.
Ragnarok TV (13 days ago)
1er lugar,el veneno de mi suegra al abrir su boca XD
Elijah ojo (13 days ago)
Can somebody tell me where to find botulinum
Bioncx (13 days ago)
*Pure Salt*
John London (13 days ago)
1 litre of vodka is not a lethal dose.
AlvinTed Gajudo (13 days ago)
dear Crystal,sugar(pure),vodka,vit C,salt(pure) can kill you
Blue Altaria Feathers (13 days ago)
What would happen if 500 grams of botulinum toxin got in the ocean?
feel touch (13 days ago)
Where's me
Master Thg (14 days ago)
The Big Gay Lethal Dose - 0.000000001 NG
stupid cunt (14 days ago)
Wrong, the most toxic thing ever is the fortnite fanbase.
michael sund (14 days ago)
Why is vitamin so dangerous?
kill me (14 days ago)
Russian toxic still the toxic thing on earth
PLAY SHOCK (14 days ago)
I think it's System of a Down's song.
Long Thich Canh (14 days ago)
Where is the 9 yr old
ROB The robot (14 days ago)
Welp I'm gonna go and eat 8.1 ounces of salt.
Da Bowl Of Rice (14 days ago)
Don't forget the Fortnite fanbase
MrKrystian89 (15 days ago)
what is lbs? and oz
Tt Mout (15 days ago)
Лол,ебать 1 литр водки - смертельная порция,насмешили
Krzysiek Augustyniak (15 days ago)
1l of vodka XDDDD. Greetings from Poland
Orcaryplayz GD (15 days ago)
Box Jellyfish below lionfish doesnt make sense
Scorpio (16 days ago)
According to... 'Barash J, Arnon S. A Novel Strain of Clostridium botulinum That Produces Type B and Type H Botulinum Toxins. Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2013.' It is "2 ng" via injection that can kill, where as 13 ng by sniffing can kill.
A a v e r n o x (16 days ago)
Watching kids channels on youtube is more venomous than any of these chemicals mentioned.
Lolivog Chimichanga (16 days ago)
what about cookies?
Mason Landolt (16 days ago)
Why is Rust or League of Legends not on this list
ToxicAssJager (16 days ago)
This is gonna be put to good use don't worry ;)
comrade188612 (16 days ago)
Stupidity kills
MikeEDE _ (16 days ago)
Botulinum Toxin...
crazy gamer (16 days ago)
I want to mix them all and drink
Bigies Alexander (16 days ago)
Now I know smthin that can get me laid. Thank u for the helpful inf I will use daily to open eyes to the humanity around me, I will tell them everything u said in this amazing video. And yeah its my fault that I (and u reader) waste my time on this "helpful" videos. Im so lame that Im getting upset for writing this comment. The point is to be who u are and dont complain bcs u look weak and lame. Dont be me. Be like Arnold Shwarznegger, stronk and smart in ur own way.
Huarya BC (16 days ago)
Number 1: my mum
dunca135 (16 days ago)
Where is ligma?
Čápik (17 days ago)
I would die simply because seeing 12cm tarantula. No need of poison
MarcusofMenace (17 days ago)
So many many options. Its hard to decide
Blake Bender (17 days ago)
Siege players should be on this list
Sebastian Duque Murcia (17 days ago)
1 minute in Fortnite/1 minute talking with a Fortnite Fanboy
nopushbutton (17 days ago)
Best advertisement for Botox ever
amed sunğur (17 days ago)
Can't see my teammates in cs:go on this list.
DrainbowTheDragon 121 (17 days ago)
The actual most deadly: The word- nevermind...
Krisorder (17 days ago)
The most toxic is polish cs go player
Michael Jones (18 days ago)
Give me that Q of coke and I’ll prove it takes more then 7 grams to die 😂
Erke Bola (18 days ago)
*#1 Protactinium*
Remmoze (18 days ago)
IDK is it just me being Russian or something, but 1 kg of vodka won't kill me nor my friends. In fact it's the average size of booze to drink lol
Pluskwa (18 days ago)
_Daniel (18 days ago)
Toxic Rainbow six player want to kill me ev
selbek209 (18 days ago)
They’re wrong about the cocaine
Elise Konicov (18 days ago)
2:52 Dont any of you get any crazy ideas now. I dont trust you guys.
Blantisulator Blanston (18 days ago)
Why tf are the liquids in weight form?
drewcliff82 (18 days ago)
Not this simple though. So many variables not talked about here height, weight, health, white blood cell count liver function.
Pine Cone (18 days ago)
Viagra is used in lethal injection or caffeine?
EmEL Dżi (19 days ago)
1kg vodka XD bitch plz maybe for u XD # poland # russia
DK Incorperated (19 days ago)
A scale of toxic noobs
DK Incorperated (19 days ago)
A scale of toxic
Bradley Atchley (19 days ago)
1:04 drug addicts be like😂
Le Medic (19 days ago)
i was taking a vitamin c tablet when i saw the video, i saw almost 700g and i freaked out and i remembered mg not g
D07 (19 days ago)
Bees are suddenly cute

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