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The Pizza Game

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A fun game for teaching English to ESL students. Very simple to apply to almost all target expressions. For an example of a complete pizza game drawing click the link: http://i.imgur.com/WPmLT1F.jpg?1 Please note this is not my idea I am simply using this video to demonstrate how I apply it in my teaching.
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Text Comments (72)
Rabab El Missiry (25 days ago)
i like it very much
shwan muhammad (1 month ago)
Please why don't you have new videos???
Nahu Spawn ツ (2 months ago)
Excellent. Really creative. I will use t with other tenses too
Luisa De Leon (2 months ago)
Excellent activity, congratulations!
jazmin guzman (2 months ago)
Thanks to share different kind of activities to motivate students to learn in a funny way. I really like your video and I `m gonna to apply it.
brittany palomitas (2 months ago)
Spinners with a foamy arrow Works well too
Claudia Marcela Bustos (3 months ago)
GReat idea!!
Marshal Haynes (3 months ago)
If you really want to learn how to teach English, get a copy of Mark's English Grammar Shortcuts. It's the best.
what does it mean "change points"????
Anne davidson (3 months ago)
Nice game, but will is not for future plans, it is for spontaneous decisions. If you want to talk about your plans for the weekend, you should use either going to, for intentions, or subject+be+verb+ing. As in, I’m staying at home.
Anne davidson very right. Thanks for your input
Fernando Valdés (4 months ago)
it looks great that will help me with my students
W은혜 (4 months ago)
Glad to watch this video! Thank you:)
Narciza Fuertes (4 months ago)
As a variation you could write open ended sentences to get more practice like. i will...... or I am gringo to....
Narciza Fuertes (4 months ago)
Going to
Priyanka Saxena (4 months ago)
Koi easy game btaiye paper pr jjo class room main students easy play kr ske
Epic Scenes (5 months ago)
I really loved your pizza Game...
Ah thats great to hear! Are you a teacher?
Abdelmoula Rahmani (5 months ago)
thank you very much, i really like this game and i will try it out with my students. thank you again
Diana Begzhigit (5 months ago)
What is +5 -2 ? The game is great,but i couldn't understand about pluses and minus. What shall we do with them?
Ghizellan Outouj (6 months ago)
Great !! I like it thanks for sharing
Shankar Basnet (6 months ago)
Well,for your best effot.I really satisfied .
Nevena Tanaskovic (6 months ago)
Why are you wearing slippers in the classroom? haha That's some Thai thing as far as I can see!
In South Korea you usually dony wear closed shoes indoors.
Diana Pineda (7 months ago)
I like the game, but I don´t see how students will learn by repeating. Maybe you should change the sentences with different verbs and let SS create a new sentence using the verb and grammar aspect (will)
klancy kennedy (7 months ago)
Using a paperclip as a game spinner is quite clever. Having students read and repeat sentences verbatim is academically weak, however. That's just reading, not learning. Their minds need to be better engaged than that. To do so, make it open ended. For example, provide a phrase that must be used in a larger sentence (with no repetition of answers allowed). Using it in a larger sentence challenges them to use their creativity and memory to find something that 'makes it fit'.
klancy kennedy (7 months ago)
For people watching, notice that the teacher has 'I WILL' as the beginning, and everything else is a branch of that. What he's actually teaching here is "I will ________" He's teaching 'future tense'. It would have been really smart to emphasize that at the beginning of the video. The result is that we'll have a lot of teachers trying to copy this with just random sentences instead of teaching a consistent 'concept'... e.g. making everything "I will _________" or "I have ______." "I have ______" would be perfect for my earlier suggestion of creatively making sentences instead of just reading them verbatim. Next level teaching requires a teacher to go beyond mere repetition. Repetition looks like learning, but it's one of the biggest problems with Chinese education. Everybody repeats instead of learning how to think critically or how to use their language as a tool in a creative way. Avoid mere repetition as much as possible. Always find a way for each activity to have some creativity in it. The easiest route is to leave things open ended.
cecilia nurahmayanti (7 months ago)
It's wonderful! especially for ESL/EFL students. The teacher encouraged them to work in a team, to be creative (with the clip ^.^), to practise their pronunciation, and the lovely part is to feel fun and comfort with English. I believe that managing time to make their own sentence like Johanna said will be benefitful for their skills. Thank you
ばぶ ばぶ (8 months ago)
wow how can i be you teacher?
abdallah harim (8 months ago)
I like the concept but I think it would work better in testing not in teaching.Here I feel that the students are wasting their time It looks that they are having fun repeating the same sentences but learning nothing.These are mechanical drills that were used in the audiolingual method long time in the past.Thank you
Hi there I really like this comment. Thanks for the feedback. I agree the repeating of senctences is not the best way to learn. I hope to add more dynamic learning style game to this channel very soon.
klancy kennedy (7 months ago)
You're right. I commented the same thing, but I also added in the solution... which is to leave the sentences open ended so that students use the phrase to make a larger sentence. This engages creativity. If no repeats are allowed, then this further DEMANDS creativity as well as engaging memory.
Chuck Peralta (8 months ago)
I like the concept, I guess I'll try it with my Mexican students, although most of the instructions were missed, I think I can adapt it.
Diego Sandoval (8 months ago)
It’s a cool idea, but I would reduce the playing-time and I would provide just a couple of sentences so the students themselves can create their own sentences, which will help them to use the new vocabulary as a written work as well.
Tino Mabeka (8 months ago)
Thank you so much nice video
Gina Ortega (8 months ago)
Thanks for your video! But please can you clarify what happens when they land on BOMB and TAKE 5? I assume CHANGE POINTS means exchanging scores with parter.
Trupti Gaikwad (8 months ago)
Nice and useful video 😊
Gumamela Flower (9 months ago)
Love it..Thank you!
Amena Butool (9 months ago)
Little bit confusing but I like the concept 👌👍
Ronald Gamble (9 months ago)
The teacher must be homeless
klancy kennedy (7 months ago)
Teachers, especially in China get away with wearing some pretty crappy clothes and having unkempt hair. However, you'll notice that all of the students are wearing coats. It's Winter and there is no AC. Compounding the problem is the fact that in China, it's hard to find clothes at a good price because online shopping is nearly impossible for foreigners. We end up paying up to 300% or even 600% more for clothes than we would in our own countries because bargain shopping just isn't as convenient. So there's excuses for the clothes. The hair... not so much. He may have worn a hat on his way to school, but hell... I've been teaching a while. I carry a comb in my backpack, and I even have hair gel at school in my locker. No reason for foreigners to be frumpy all the time.
Instead of criticizing others job or the way they dress or whatever, why don't you just contribute to make English easier to teach, and promote the team work? Why do you write for this? Do you want people to be exactly like you? do things like you? You are not coherent with what education demands. Sorry, but people here are trying to give their best to help, and you answer with this crap. Good job, then!
Marija Petreska (9 months ago)
+5, -2...it's all OK, I understand that part. But, a BOMB??? What happens when they get a BOMB? Do they get or loose points?
The bomb takes away all the points and they start at zero again.
lose? maybe
In this game they loose all their points :)
klancy kennedy (7 months ago)
Losing points or losing their turn. Either or.
Derly Johanna (9 months ago)
Thank you very much for your idea. I'd do it a bit different: in pairs, each student draws a pizza and write a different verb. The verbs should be different between the students. Then, they compete creating sentences (according to the grammar point you are teaching) with the verbs of his/ her partner. Each slice give different points. At the end, they win by total points.
WOW! I cant tell you how escited I got reading this comment. You have used this game perfectly well done!!!
Ghizellan Outouj (6 months ago)
Derly Johanna Great idea thanks
Good idea, thanks!
Lídia Martí (9 months ago)
thanks a million. I will use that game in my English class.
un known (10 months ago)
I didn't understand the game please could someone explain it ?
Zio (9 months ago)
Bea Morales (9 months ago)
me neither :(
Derek Brightbill (10 months ago)
Really enjoyed! Thank you very much for sharing.
Ruti Elezra (9 months ago)
Very nice game
Good Day (11 months ago)
good idea, i will try it with my students.
Ruddy Delgado (11 months ago)
I can use it, Thank YOU! It is a great idea
Aya Ahmed (11 months ago)
Thank you really^^ please complete things like that we need it alot !
Nays Vega (11 months ago)
Excellent game. thanks!
khameni rajoo (11 months ago)
good one
Bob Hope (11 months ago)
Why is the teacher wearing sandals and a hoodie in class? A better strategy might be to explain the rules to all the class rather than going around to individual teams.
Nailed it :)
In some of my schools in South Korea the teachers dressed casually. In my other schools I had to dress more formally!
We are trying to teach and you asking about Sandals and hoddies? Go to africa and see if you can impose your rules. Come on!
Instead of criticizing others job or the way they dress or whatever, why don't you just contribute to make English easier to teach, and promote the team work? Why do you write for this? Do you want people to be exactly like you? do things like you? You are not coherent with what education demands. Sorry, but people here are trying to give their best to help, and you answer with this crap. Good job, then!
Jason Garfield Bardy (10 months ago)
Sandals are normal in Korean classrooms for teachers and students. Hoodies are also deemed okay, and are often necessary (many Korean schools never switch on the heaters; it's common to see students wearing their jumpers/coats in the classrooms at all times.)
Maria Laura Orellana (1 year ago)
I really love your game! I will surely have my students play it!
Thanks I hope it went well!

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