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7 Things You Can Do To Lose Weight Naturally

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Are you trying to lose weight? There are many things that help weight loss besides a fad diet and exercising once in a while. It needs proper planning and a lot of determination. Here are a few easy steps to help you lose weight. 1. Start Your Day with Lemon Water Lemon water is an excellent drink for weight loss. Lemon juice helps your body get the nutrients it needs to burn fat into energy and stop weight gain. Make sure to keep drinking lemon juice even after you lose weight, to keep your new weight. 2. Take Apple Cider Vinegar Because apple cider vinegar has acetic acid, it’s good for losing weight. Acetic acid stops body fat from building up. Apple cider vinegar also helps your body take in nutrients from the food you eat, treats digestive issues, and fights infections. 3. Replace Your Regular Tea/ Coffee with Green Tea Another good idea for weight loss is to drink green tea. It has a big range of antioxidants that help the body break down foods, and help in losing weight. The catechins in green tea are very good for burning fat, because they free fat from fat cells. They also fight free radicals and stop diseases. Switch your regular cup of tea or coffee with a cup of organic green tea. You can drink 3 to 4 cups of green tea a day. 4. Exercise If you really want to lose weight in a healthy way, there’s no way to escape from regular exercise and activity. Doing a mix of mild and hard physical activity will help you lose weight, and control your weight. Also, exercise helps lessen stress and raise your energy, mood, and sleep quality. It lowers the risk of chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and some cancers. It’s best to set a certain time slot in your day for your exercise routine, so that you do not skip it because of the excuse that you don’t have enough time. 5. Eat a Healthy Diet A healthy and low calorie diet is a very important part of a good weight loss plan. Make sure to include fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet, instead of filling up on junk foods. Stay away from fried and fatty foods. Also, don’t take in too much sugar and salt. Look for healthier forms of your favorite foods. For example, eat homemade air- popped popcorn instead of high- calorie, oil- popped popcorn. Don’t eat things made with white flour like white bread, cookies, muffins, pizzas, hotdogs, burgers, pasta, and other foods like that. Choose whole grain and healthier forms of these foods. Their labels should say “100 percent whole grain”, not just “made with whole grains” or “multi- grain”. Eat more fiber and proteins, but less carbohydrates. Proteins will help you feel full for longer, and lessen cravings. Set aside one day a week for a cheat meal. Remember, it’s important not to eat too much. To get the most out of your cheat meal, eat it slowly and try to avoid disturbances while eating. Choose fresh fruit juice, instead of packaged fruit juices, which are full of sugar and preservatives. Use virgin coconut oil in your diet. It is easy to digest, good for your health, and also helps your body break down materials faster. Eat smaller meals, more often. 6. Drink Plenty of Water Drink a lot of water throughout the day to help your body wash out toxins. It is suggested to drink 8 to 10 glasses of fluids a day. Besides helping to clean out toxins, it makes the body burn fat faster. Also, eat more fruits and vegetables that are full of water. 7. Get Proper Sleep Getting proper sleep and relaxation is also very important for weight loss. In fact, not getting enough quality sleep affects your hunger and fullness hormones, negatively changes the way your body break down materials, and changes the way your genetics impact your body mass index (BMI). A lack of sleep makes you snack more late at night, makes you crave comfort foods, and leaves you too tired for regular physical exercise. Lack of sleep can also stop weight loss efforts from working. Make sure to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Source(s): https://www.top10homeremedies.com/news-facts/follow-this-strategy-for-guaranteed-weight-loss.html Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Natural Cures channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider. Images licensed under CC: http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/ https://www.pexels.com/ https://commons.wikimedia.org/ https://en.wikipedia.org/ http://www.freestockphotos.biz/ https://pixabay.com/ https://www.flickr.com/
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Make your food count, healthy calories, 3-5 days of intense exercise, and set believable goals. If you believe you can do it you can.
aurangzeb zeb (1 month ago)
No body can adhere to auch a long list of compulsions.Better is to enjoy eat what ever you want to eat
aurangzeb zeb (1 month ago)
Lady ur voice is very beautiful
Cristina Sulzener (1 month ago)
What is the best type of tea for a master cleanse?
shaun the sheep (1 month ago)
Does sparkling water also work
Cristela Marroquin (1 month ago)
0:1 well thats why i am here
Jenny Durkin (2 months ago)
Cut carbs
Preet Rathour (2 months ago)
When i drink lemon water My menses pause...why?
Summertime (2 months ago)
I can do all of these except the sleep part...I don't sleep at night.
ZiggyLu 2022 (2 months ago)
Oh. Okay so don’t drink a large soda at 1 am in the morning? No wonder I can’t lose weight. Lol.
ZiggyLu 2022 (2 months ago)
I recommend this video. Good tips. Basic and not complicated.
Andre Frazier (2 months ago)
Workout 3-5 times a week at an actual gym, actually pushing your body and not floppin around on a bike machine or walking .5mph for 20min..... eat healthy... I mean fucking healthy... doesnt have to be perfect.. but lean proteins, lotsa greens and fruits and veggies, WATER WATER WATER, tea etc and stay away from tons of fast foods... try to stick to organics and non gmo's if its in your budget.. and stop drinking so much fucking coffee with all that creamer. try and get some good sleep have sex more.. I mean good sex... not that wheezing bullshit sex that lasts 5min.. im talking a good 30-60min session of straight hardcore banging.. foreplay.. rolling around.... get that sweat on and smoke weed daily... smoke weed while having sex... after a workout.. before a workout.. before you have a nice dinner... etc.. DONT OVERDUE IT and smoke hard before work/important stuff or any of that B.S.. but smoke.. it speeds metabolism... and then repeat that mother fucker throughout the week.. what the fuck else?
pooja vithalani (3 months ago)
Optional for appel Cider vinegar??
samarah clark (3 months ago)
Ever since i started exercising and dieting for some reason i can't get more than 3h sleep, and my IBS is getting worse even though i am eating healthy.
anujkumar baraik (3 months ago)
Well I do everything. Sleep well, 1 hour of exercise, but I can't stop eating junk foods. What to do?
Bharti Bisht (3 months ago)
Please tell me that did anyone actually loose wieght?
Kumba Daboh (3 months ago)
Can I use all the items in one
ponna ramesh (3 months ago)
It's very useful for all the fat people
Hitendra Shah (3 months ago)
Which type of exercise
Min Yoongi (3 months ago)
Video : are u trying to lose weight? Me:YES PLEASE HELP MEE
Gabriela Fallen (4 months ago)
1. Start your day with lemon water 2. Take Apple Cider vineger (mix one to two teaspoons in drink) 3. Drink green tea 4. Extersize 5. Eat a healthy diet (healthy and low calorie: fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grain) set one cheat day 6. Fresh fruit juice. 7. Eat smaller meals 8. Drink water (8-10 glasses) 9. Get proper sleep (6-8 hours)
Matt McDermott (4 months ago)
Cocaine and cigarettes
أمطار الشمري (4 months ago)
كانت النصائح ممتازة👍
Splash Attack TCG (4 months ago)
Don't eat things like.... *And then she proceeded to list all the things that keep life from escaping my body.*
NOBEL DJ (4 months ago)
sent this to girlfriend, now she hates me
Goodtech Industries (5 months ago)
Can someone say me the replacement of apple cider vinegar please?
Bindiya Kamboj (5 months ago)
These tips really help if you follow them consistently. Small changes leads to big increments over time. Following these simple techniques will help you in losing your weight as it helped me 😊. Just remember that you need to be consistent. Working hard every single day count.😇
Jeanne Warrenfeltz (5 months ago)
My heart Dr took my husband and Me off of green tea.....I don’t know the reason...
Vegan Gangsta (5 months ago)
eat just plants and u will lose weight. the key is so simple.
Nancy Johnson (5 months ago)
Am I the only one laying on my bed, eating chips while wondering why I can't lose weight?no?just me? Ok
Abid indus (5 months ago)
Very good information
Revti Dhurve (5 months ago)
ye Hindi nhi ho sakta
Brittany _ (6 months ago)
Before this I got a pizza ad
Soofie k (6 months ago)
If your skinny or slim, your lucky asf 😭
David Ainscough (4 months ago)
shay k If your serious about loosing weight here's a tip try wellbeta waistline PRO 50 you can still get it on ebay. Works fast, cant wait for summer.
Kawaii Slimes (6 months ago)
Anyone else here a potato ? No? Just me . K cool
The Great Wolf (6 months ago)
I don't drink coffee. I don't smoke. _(I never did these)_ I eat fruits as snacks. I only have 3 meals a day at the same hours. Exercise? I run around the house for at least 1h everyday. Why I do all of this? Because I have thick (fat) legs. For years, nothing changed. *NOTHING!* No weight loss, even more, I feel like getting more kg.... _I am not lying, I'm desperate._ When I was so sick that I was only allowed to eat toast and some odd cheese was the only time of my life when I loss weigh. My point? Everything is a lie: diets, tips and so on... Nothing works, and that comes for a person that transforms healthy routine into law for itself. *You're either lucky or not eating property when you lose weight.*
Leena Alnaizy (6 months ago)
Eat a healthy low calorie diet and exercise. Everyone knows that I thought you were supposed to tell us things we don’t know
A Google User (7 months ago)
What's green tea
Joohhnn G (7 months ago)
Everyone is concerned about how to lose weight, am I the only one who wants to gain weight???
Arya shakeeb (7 months ago)
Im honestly done with this, people say that exercising isnt effective for weight loss
Gizzel :3 (7 months ago)
So my mom and my sister think... no wait they KNOW that I'm fat an don't care and I fell disgusted 😐 goodbye life 😕
David Ainscough (4 months ago)
Gizzel :3 If your serious about loosing weight here's a tip try wellbeta waistline PRO 50 you can still get it on ebay. Works fast, cant wait for summer.
panda komunitas (7 months ago)
it's really amazing.. I will try this
panda komunitas (7 months ago)
Angelica Ibarra (7 months ago)
I go tell the truth if you really want to loose weight go to the store buy a suck of oranges make a natural juice for 3 months drink twice a day l loose 25 pounds l 100% positive
Front Runner (7 months ago)
When you're dieting remember... the heaviest thing to put down is your fork!
AutonymousTube (7 months ago)
Exercise and eat less calories. Now you know the secret.
Vinay Gupta (7 months ago)
Neaveh Rivera (7 months ago)
last time I tried apple cider vinegar by itself and omg I felt nauseous for about 15 minutes and it wasn’t going away so I had to actually make myself throw up. I didn’t feel good a few days after lmao tf
Rebecca K (7 months ago)
I need help. I just don’t know what to do anymore...I’m 15 years old and I’m around 127-130 pounds. I’m somewhere from 5’2 and a half to 5’3. I want to lose weight and be healthy but I just don’t know what specifically to eat or how to cook. The rest of my family is unhealthy. My parents are overweight, but my brother is naturally thin. He just eats whatever my mom makes or brings home. She usually makes like pasta or picks up food for us. She doesn’t really know how to cook much. I really want to be 110 pounds but I just don’t know what’s right for me anymore. Sorry for making this so long
David Ainscough (4 months ago)
This will help
David Ainscough (4 months ago)
Rebecca K If your serious about loosing weight here's a tip try wellbeta waistline PRO 50 you can still get it on ebay. Works fast, cant wait for summer.
Crystal Vaverz (7 months ago)
Clarissa Sioson (7 months ago)
Lemon with ginger first thing in the morning. Eat like a king in breakfast then after eat little in lunch. I'm not eating at dinner. No rice religiously.
AllNatural Indigo (7 months ago)
Salt is very good for the black body, pinksalt.
Derek Reno (8 months ago)
Eat less calories!!!!!! Fat people need to eat less. Plain and simple.
Mike Cola (8 months ago)
Trying to loss weight with a lot of exercise is a losing battle. Eventually you will wind up burned out, unhealthy and have a number of over use injuries. You have to learn how to control your weight with your diet. For most people....limiting your carbohydrate intake is probably your best weight loss option.
B, just B (8 months ago)
I've heard regular exercise, healthy foods, and portion control are great natural remedies to being overweight.
Harshit Kaushal (8 months ago)
Thank you 😊
Ida Linn VM (8 months ago)
Burger king ad before this
shiv singh (8 months ago)
Good one
DM Joy (8 months ago)
Charity Griego (8 months ago)
I do all of these things except the yucky vinegar and oil can never ever fall asleep!!!! Maybe this is why I have trouble with my weight... That's really the last possibility
Utpal Baruah (8 months ago)
in the first picture there are 6 picture i am right no. 3 and you?
Färhàñ GámeŠ (8 months ago)
Elizabeth Mendez (8 months ago)
What if you dance everyday morning and the evening
Pl Cheung (8 months ago)
hey guys I'll be doing this for a week and see if there is any improvements ;))
Sandeep Mittal (9 months ago)
Asiya Seyifu (9 months ago)
I did try but didn't work 🙁
Bhupalee Ashtikar (9 months ago)
How to take lemon 🍋 water? With surge or without sugar?
Victor Da Silva (9 months ago)
only one way......burn more calories than you take in.
Dai Fu Martial Artist (9 months ago)
Thanks alot for information
Uncletaco supreme (9 months ago)
yea nothing better to start my day than severe heart burn and acid reflux. Next...
RAPPER JAGSIR SINGH (9 months ago)
It is very easy dear I can lose our weight
Aimee Partain (10 months ago)
Haha hah!! You just told me to stop doing everything
Ujala Chaudhry (10 months ago)
Loved the video
jolie nguyen (10 months ago)
Im literly eating a kale smoothie and a salad,3 hours later (watches this and cries while eating ice cream orange soda and chips
Valeria Lopez (10 months ago)
or maybe you can just starve ypurself
Peppermint Mocha (10 months ago)
I’m siting hear eating Doritos
chickenhuey (10 months ago)
i can do all of these except proper sleep oops
Sarah Palmer (10 months ago)
If I'm in my bed I use gravity to lose weight because gravity 'pulls' in the fat. Actually works for me! Different for every one though as it doesn't work for my friends.
Batt.Matt.Roche 16 (10 months ago)
I'm gonna do all the tips besides Apple cider vinegar when I tried to do it it messed up my stomach
Heÿ Ît's Smileÿ :3 (10 months ago)
Did anyone else go out and buy Apple Cider Vinegar after watching this?
Maharshi Mehta (10 months ago)
thank you for your video
MegaMissfitz (10 months ago)
Im aiming to weigh you up tomorrow! Sweet dreams 😚😚😚
Eben Burger (10 months ago)
If you drink too much applecider vinegar and lemon juice, you could end up deficient in alkaline minerals. Your body uses these minerals to neutralise these powerful 'acids'. Sticking to plant-based including 'soups' will be more than adequate for weight loss goals! Enjoy.
Shayla Le (10 months ago)
I luv this one. Better than a military diet.
Lily_ Plays (10 months ago)
Umm these drinks only USA people can get im UK.....
Mutiah Johar (10 months ago)
The 6th part was the hardest😓🍕🍔
Ericeo22 (10 months ago)
Iam eating chips while watching this
Annabelle Luschei (10 months ago)
i got an ad for hershey's chocolate. not helpful right now!
lucky me (11 months ago)
Afsah Farooq (11 months ago)
Grt tips and reminders no wonder this video has that high number of views
This is exactly what I use to do ... It works. Except the coconut oil and I try to leave bread off except a pc of toast once in the morning on some days. This works though and berries are low carb.
Gopal Basnet (11 months ago)
does it work
Glow (11 months ago)
F that vinegar one
The Compilation Kid TV (11 months ago)
I eat all the what ever I want All the time (that includes junk food) time But yet I never gain weight 😂 anyone has a explanation ? EDIT: I have six pack and and and I’m strong so no I don’t look anerexic
Chuck Nourrizzz (11 months ago)
the number 3 from right is still acceptable, beyond that unacceptable
Muhammad Hamza (11 months ago)
Sorry I don't take vinegar
10,000 Subs and N0 VIDE0 (11 months ago)
I would love to lose weight, but I hate losing
Sissy Sis (11 months ago)
Suraj Tmg (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info.

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