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Gelatin: Uses and risks

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Gelatin is a protein made from the skins and bones of pigs and cows. It's a common ingredient in a number of products, including: Makeup Food Medicines Vaccines Why do people take gelatin? Many people with arthritis take gelatin supplements. Gelatin contains collagen. That's a material in the cartilage that cushions the bones in your joints. The idea behind this usage is that eating gelatin (with collagen) will add collagen to your joints. However, that's probably not true. The collagen in gelatin gets broken down when you eat it. It wouldn't travel directly to your joints. Nonetheless, there is some evidence that gelatin could help ease joint pain in people with osteoarthritis. In animal studies, gelatin supplements also reduced swelling caused by rheumatoid arthritis. However, we need more research to know if gelatin is effective in either of these cases. There's no standard dose for gelatin. Ask your health care provider for advice. Can you get gelatin naturally from foods? Gelatin is a common ingredient in foods and medications.
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Val Haynes (6 days ago)
Don't believe big business, as you probably know, lobbyists are for the most part writing congressional bills. So you're right, I don't trust the FDA. Why are cigarettes still sold? B/c of powerful tobacco companies. Everyone knows cigarettes KILL. Yeah, throw out the processed food folks, the pizza, the chips, the soda. Eat well, move your body, and have some good fellowship, some love. Be well, Ruby!
Fabi Restrepo (6 months ago)
OMG.. this lady needs to do her research on how to make a YouTube video without so much Bla,,,Bla,,,Bla,,get to the point. What a waste of time , totally pathetic !!!@@
TheDedicatedmc (9 months ago)
How os gelatin bad for you if you even go out to eat the salad bar has gelatin,, the hospital the first thing mainly is gelatin this been for deck aids taking all them vitamins you can eat n drink healthy foods that will do way better then takin all them vitamins i changed my eating habits and i been feeling great got off meds the doctor has been giving me so this here is not no research....💪
Mary Riggin (1 month ago)
Msaidawedo (11 months ago)
Wow! Thanks sis. Good information. Thank you for sharing.
t fields (11 months ago)
This chick crazy. She talked s*** about how ppl dk how 2 eat 3min b4 saying anything about gelatin ? ALL her research is from Google. That's not real research!!!
TheDedicatedmc (9 months ago)
t fields i agree 💪💯
Linda Wagner (1 year ago)
Selenium is good for cancer. women should take at least 200 mcgs daily to prevent breast cancer. have you checked out Dr Wallach and his products? curing many ppl. best wishes to you and your healing.
Bill Lupton (1 year ago)
I turned it off as a waste of valuable time
lilli lilli (10 months ago)
Bill Lupton 😴😴😴😴😴
zee k (1 year ago)
I don't like gelatin in vitamins but I do make my own gelatin at home with clean organic meat not pig skin lol. thanks sister good video
Todd River (1 day ago)
Get to the point. Is it or ain't it......
neverthesame (1 year ago)
hi--I am confused...just a bit. What exactly was your message? That using gelatin (Eva Fox Home Remedies) to help with my knee and joint pain is not recommended because of the fact that it contains cottonseed oil? That instead I should take oooh-- it looks like 150 pills-- every day instead? Not trying to be a bitch, but I am upset because the gelatin idea works very well for me and now, after watching this video regarding risks, I am not sure what your message is and should I stop completely using gelatin?
TheDedicatedmc (9 months ago)
Joe Valenzuela yes i agree with you STRONG ❤😍
TheDedicatedmc (9 months ago)
Jenine Killoran hello i hope you never stop eating gelatin cause its not bad mind you look at her see reading something you better off eating gelatin then taking all them vit.. I say only take them vit.if your not eating all your greens.fruits.chia seeds flax seeds gelatin. Drink green tea other teas make natural juice ❤much love
Msaidawedo (11 months ago)
Conclusion: You were being sarcastic, so you were being a bitch. Maybe some of us don't want pig and cow skin and bones; cottonseed oil with our "health" and "nutrition" supplements. Do carry on with your health routine if you don't find that you object to these ingredients. Make sense, Becky?
Joe Valenzuela (1 year ago)
Hi Jenine, Well I liked gelatin and for me this is where us humans should be proud because processed foods isn't getting anything good lately but with gelatin that's pretty cool right? And this very mean woman are all grossed out because they put gelatin on makeups? Why? it's when you put makeup on the gelatin is disgusting but not the other way around. Unless you consume makeups for breakfast.
neverthesame (1 year ago)
to Joe....I answered you below but forgot to say who I was answering. Anyway, I do appreciate your reply. I was being super sarcastic because her video is RIDICULOUS
Aubrey Awaken (1 year ago)
Thank you Ruby C for spreading the knowledge of "self and health" ..many Blessings and Peace be with you my Beautiful Sister

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