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Armadillos Carry Leprosy FACTS

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Just be careful and don't cut yourself when gutting them. And fry them really done. You'll be fine...
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Umbreona (1 year ago)
Not all Armadillos have Leprosy but they CAN contract it. If they DO have it, then it will cause them similar problems to humans but as they are small and tough it is a bit less problematic for them. You are correct about needing to contact their bodily fluids, especially blood. Also around 98% of all humans are naturally immune to Leprosy and it is easily cured in first and second world countries assuming you have access to some form of health care.
EATA DICK (1 year ago)
Ricky, if yewr gonna screw a dang ol armidillo, yew don't gotta go down on it first...
daz knight (3 years ago)
Oh they dont give people lepracy people and there horshit blaming animals on humans spreading disease, thats the fact here go buy food at publix leave wildlife alone get a life
if he doesn't have a life then why is he in a house?
Lulu’s space (4 years ago)
We talked about this in micro class. I think it's because of their body temperature stay 68°
Kris Kringle (6 years ago)
I meant where you got the info is wrong not you.That made me sound like a dick.Sorry if i came off the wrong way brother
Kris Kringle (6 years ago)
There yo go 2 medical doctors.You cant trust a doctor.State of Tn And georgias website said there are 150 cases a year in the us from just handling banded Armadillos.They are just starting to figure it out i guess.Jack hanna was on Dave letterman a couple of month ago and told Dave the armadillo they had on had been tested for leprocy.watch the video it on youtube!Great video brother
Kris Kringle (6 years ago)
You can touch one and get it your wrong!Its a bacteria that can turn into Leprocy
Darryl Portelli (7 years ago)
@simplecommentary I never tasted oysters either, I do eat mussels when I have the chance tough and they are GOOD!!!! even prawns are good when fried, and octopus in garlic is like heaven!!!!!
Darryl Portelli (7 years ago)
@simplecommentary NAH too slimy to be eaten!!!, sometimes I fantasise about boilng a crockpot full of oil and throwing the snails in !!! but Id never do it, (thats how much I hate them!!) Id stick with the T-bone!!!
Darryl Portelli (7 years ago)
@simplecommentary lool, Im more on the carnivorous side myself, just finished eating some liver and eggs, and it sure was good!!! as I see it If you kill an animal for food its nature, but if you kill an animal for fun, you are messing with nature, I like all animals ( EXCEPT MOLLUSCS MAINLY SNAILS AND SLUGS) and believe they only should be killed for food
Darryl Portelli (7 years ago)
@simplecommentary yeah in the exam comprehension it said that their eye sight is poor and in the reasearch when they were collecting armadillos it said that it was really funny chasing them and that they bumped into trees all the time!!!
Darryl Portelli (7 years ago)
@simplecommentary we'll see how it goes!!! thanks for the reply (I never actually seen an armadillo lool they arent found locally in malta)
Darryl Portelli (7 years ago)
hey, you look like you know your armadillos so Ill ask you my question... I had an exam (biology a level) and the comprehension was on armadillos and leprosy, and one question said why do only very few numbers of armadillos show signs of leprosy? my answer that I tought logically was since armadillos have a very tough leathery shell therefore leprosy signs (which in humans show as skin lesions) do not show up in armadillos?? so do yo think its good ?? thanks
wombat pants (7 years ago)
So I guess I should stop sharing needles with armadillos?
Chairman Meow (7 years ago)
I should stop bashing Armadillos with my fists then.
cnsparrot parrot (8 years ago)
Very True.... I have grown up all my life looking up to Armadillos...I would never eat one and I have always wanted one as a pet. I dont know, maybe I need to buy a Bunny. lol

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