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Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Sakura Matsuri, Cherry Blossom Festival, New York City, USA

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Sakura Matsuri, Cherry Blossom Festival in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York City, USA A weekend celebrating traditional and contemporary Japanese culture! 2016 marks the 35th anniversary of Sakura Matsuri, BBG’s annual cherry blossom festival. Known as New York City’s rite of spring, the weekend offers over 60 events and performances that celebrate traditional and contemporary Japanese culture. Taiko Drumming • Cosplay Fashion Show • Tea Ceremonies • J-Pop • Samurai Sword Fighting • Manga • Vintage Kimonos • Ikebana Flower Arranging • BBG Parasol Society and More! The Garden has more than 200 cherry trees of forty-two Asian species and cultivated varieties, making it one of the foremost cherry-viewing sites outside Japan. The first cherries were planted at the garden after World War I, a gift from the Japanese government. Each spring at BBG, when the trees are in bloom, a month-long cherry blossom viewing festival called Hanami is held at the Cherry Esplanade, culminating in a weekend celebration called Sakura Matsuri. The Esplanade features two rows of cherry trees with trails and sitting areas on the side. Visitors may also sit on the field of grass between the rows of cherry trees. Cherry trees are found on the Cherry Esplanade and Cherry Walk, in the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, and in many other locations in the Garden. Depending on weather conditions, the Asian flowering cherries bloom from late March or early April to mid-May. The many different species bloom at slightly different times, and the sequence is tracked online at Cherry Watch, on the BBG website. Brooklyn Botanic Garden was founded in 1910 Brooklyn Botanic Garden 990 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225 (718) 623-7200 Brooklyn Botanic Garden is very easy to get to from Manhattan without a car approximately 8 miles and easily accesible by taking the 2 or 3 subway to Eastern Parkway / Brooklyn Museum stop for $2.75 each way (spring 2016 rate) Hashtag metadata tag #BrooklynBotanicGarden #BrooklynBotanicalGardens #BBG #Brooklyn #Botanic #Botanical #Garden #Gardens #CherryBlossom #CherryBlossoms #CherryBlossomFestival #SakuraMatsuri #Sakura #Matsuri #Japan #Japanese #Brooklyn #BrooklynNY #BrooklynNYC #BrooklynNewYork #BrooklynNewYorkCity #ProspectPark #WelcomeSpring #Spring #Springtime #Anime #Cosplay #JPop #Festival #flower #flowers HD Video Prospect Park neighborhood, Brooklyn borough, New York City, New York state, USA The United States of America country, North America continent April 26th 2016
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Cindy Dong (1 month ago)
Protect park
Balaji Subash (1 month ago)
Nice video
Stephen Rozas (1 month ago)
can we have picnics there? able to bring blanket, food, drinks?
Deborah Wong (3 months ago)
Hi, My name is Debbie and I'm a social video producer and editor for Thrillist, an online media publication (www.thrillist.com). We would love to make a video about free/awesome things to do in NYC and would like to ask your permission to use this video for the project. We will credit you in the video. My email is dwong@thrillist.com. If this is acceptable, please respond to this message with a confirmation that you own all of the rights to this content, and if you do, please also provide your authorization for us to use your content. The project would be displayed worldwide, online, in perpetuity. If you don’t own all of the rights to this content, we would appreciate it if you could put us in touch with the rights holder. Best, Debbie
Hiropapa0815 (1 year ago)
Please see the traditional festival by the samurai of Japan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLpDpP3S38k
Kazi (1 year ago)
anjali sharma (1 year ago)
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Abu Sayed (1 year ago)
I live in quenns can you please tell me where is it
USrail JPtv (2 years ago)
1937/10  「 Pope Pius XI 」 - Message ・「All Christians & Churchs」 in the world,  Cooperate for Japan Miritaly !! ------------------------------------------- ・「Japan」 = The Emperor of The World ⇒ Sakura / Cherry Blossoms !! ・「USA」 = The Son of  The Emperor / Japan ・「US-RP」= Pro-USA / Texas / Pro-Japan / Emperor's Son ・「US-DP」= Anti-USA / California / Anti-Japan / Communist ・「History」 ⇒⇒⇒ 「Anti-Japan」 = Anti-Emperor / Liberal = Communist !! ・「Anti-Japan」 = US-DP / CIA / China / Korea / UN ------------------------------------------- 01. Japan Should Bring Back SAMURAI Spirit - YouTube      ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhcoC5l3qgU ) 02. Truth of World War II - What did Japan fight for - YouTube      ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ti2K5yStfU ) ------------------------------------------- ( The Conspiracy of Roosevelt = US-DP / Communist ) 1937 Battle of Nanking - USA Enter  the China War 1938 Battle of Chongqing - Attack to JP Army 1938 Burma Root = 200 Fighters, 100 Bombers 1938 Burma Root = Army, - 300,000 Soldiers - ( Stilwell Road ) 1938 Bomb on Many China Cities -( FlyingTigers / 飞虎队 )  1941/08 "Trade blockade" = ABCD encirclement  1941/10 "Halnote" = Declaration of war to Japan 1941/12 "Pearl Harbor" = Japan Attack !! -------------------------------------------

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