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Minecraft Mod Showcase : EXPLOSIVES+!

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DESTROY THINGS WITH STYLE! FROM NUKES TO ANTIGRAVITY BOMBS TO ERUPTING VOLCANOES! THIS MOD BRINGS IT ALL! HuskyMudkipz review! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZhcjexoZ2o Download the mod here! (Tell em Sky sent you!) http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/830138-145-explosives-pr-v39750000-downloadspre-release-5-145-december-2nd/ Follow me on twitter and twitch.tv and Facebook! http://www.twitch.tv/skydoesminecraft/ https://twitter.com/#!/SkyDoesMinecraf http://www.facebook.com/realskydoesminecraft Music used in this video is by C418 Music used in this intro is by KevinMacleod at http://www.incompetech.com Other music used was Pixel Peeker Polka Faster by Kevin Macleod at http://www.incomptech.com Save 5% Off on CYBERPOWERPC systems powered by Intel Core Processors over $1,299 with coupon code “SKY” http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/landingpages/Intel/i7/
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Text Comments (29937)
It's strange to say that I feel nostalgic over this video, but...I really do. Interesting.
Bram Peters (3 days ago)
Did one of the squids just say: 'We are nocturnal'? 7:25 I haven't noticed that in 5 freaking years
Pasterdaster24 (3 days ago)
Did anybody else see the creeper spinning at 5:44
lvlup gaming (7 days ago)
I miss this so much😥😥
Mystery Burns (10 days ago)
So many fking memories!!!!!
Jackson Callen (14 days ago)
What's with you and squids
Cheyenne Samayoa (15 days ago)
adamthegamer 123 (16 days ago)
mebep (17 days ago)
I miss sky like this
Tennessee Empire (15 days ago)
mebep #agree 😢😢 😢
LashCon (20 days ago)
This would have been awesome for minepranks a few years ago
dookey60 (20 days ago)
Who's watching in 2018? ;(
Kevin Martin (27 days ago)
Crying from nostalgia...
Model2K (1 month ago)
Man this was a different time
Dustin Vidito (1 month ago)
Somerandomwizard (1 month ago)
The first skydoesminecraft video I saw. Rip
BlOoKy972 [GD] (1 month ago)
DexteritieL D.M. (1 month ago)
"I wish I could be this cool" now he's an artist
Engi boi (1 month ago)
xXChrisXx KCC (1 month ago)
Dont mind me just rewatching my destroyed childhood and my childhood hero/idol (not that i dont like the content he creates now i still love his songs)
Cheese Dork (1 month ago)
When YouTube was decent
TheHappyNøtShøw (1 month ago)
Did anyone else see that skeleton fly in the sky at 15:08??😂
Edvinas Sungur (1 month ago)
On noke saying 2 hydrogen bomb 5 mega nuke 100
Epic Troll (1 month ago)
And now its 2018, dam time flys This was one of the first sky videos I saw and thats what made me watch more.
Espin (1 month ago)
We have a classic here
Clara Young (1 month ago)
I remember when I was 10, I was watching this vid in front of my parents, and they heard him swear, and I got the internet taken away for a year :’)
Tom H (1 month ago)
The memories....
Nathan Morency (1 month ago)
This was my first ever minecraft video watched al
Ihas cookies (1 month ago)
Miss ya Mr Bro Butter man
Caleb Perkins (1 month ago)
The Blackhole That Ate Half The Volcano Had To Be A PARTICAL Big Also...The Mega Nuke Made Chunks Temporarily Disappear
Eli Lillis (2 months ago)
Zack Mitchell (2 months ago)
He sounds like my cousin Jeremiah but older
Zack Mitchell (2 months ago)
5 years. Minecraft was so old but trash. Because minecraft SUCKS!
Duby Wuby (2 months ago)
Omg I whatched your video,s fucking 4 years ago, and i,m back here.Omg this brings back so many memories
bioshock girl (2 months ago)
I miss both Adams mod showcase and wanted weekend
Miammey Demon Wolf (2 months ago)
I feel so old! I remember this coming out! I miss this. I’ve been a part of this army for so long and it feels weird to have this all end. It’s sad but I still support him and everything he does. He’s never gonna see this but I still feel like I need to say this
wolf pack (2 months ago)
Even though I am now a retired Sky Army veteran. I will still support Adam and anything he does
Ijudgechannels58 (2 months ago)
QuibbleDesign (2 months ago)
he's not.
Jessica erin (2 months ago)
I cannot believe how old these are! Adam if you see this you grew so so much and all of your true fans will always be here for you! I love your shift to music and I love that you reuploaded all of these for all of us. You are my childhood and I will forever love you and these videos :)
lonetiger306 (2 months ago)
0:03 scared me as a kid
YeBoiMentlegen (2 months ago)
MY CHILDHOOD IS BACK! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING BACK YOUR MINECRAFT CONTENT! Also I fully support your decision to stop Minecraft content.
The lamp from pixar (3 months ago)
Goodbye guys
warlordi 777 (3 months ago)
i cant belive the channels ending
This is the first video I saw of you, my sister showed it to me. Goodnight
DashVenom (3 months ago)
We will miss you sky... thanks for the memories.
Logan Stewart (3 months ago)
Equation Rock53 (3 months ago)
The thing that gets me sad is when my favorite first video that I watched will be gone
Shaheer Paracha (3 months ago)
This was the first video of mine craft I ever saw and it got me into mine craft came back for nostalgia sake
Tyler Kingz (3 months ago)
The first video I saw on YouTube. The second I clicked the video, i clicked on a legend.12/31/17. Last video of sky. Goodbye 😢😢
Bye my favorite video 12:00 am January 1st 2018
Gravy Trash (3 months ago)
what happened with deadlox?
Aidan Langridge (3 months ago)
I came for nostalgia, just to pay respects to a dead version of myself - the clueless one.
Matthew Breslin (3 months ago)
WHY DOES HE CALL IT BUTTER?!?!??!?!??!!??!
Dingus 301 (3 months ago)
These were the good old times
shozca (3 months ago)
Daaaaamn. Wanted Weekend...I haven't heard that phrase in a whiiiiiile. :')
I’m upset that Minecraft died
william earl (4 months ago)
Minecrft death run
Avilynn.Glitch I'm Bored (4 months ago)
C-4 is my cat's name
unusual hat (4 months ago)
I miss my childhood.
Cactus Squad Gaming (4 months ago)
William Wright (4 months ago)
If you like explosions, you can just type /nuke (if you have allow cheats on) and a tremendous amount of TNT falls from the sky. Best of all, you get a message that says, "May death rain upon you"!
plank (4 months ago)
antyurian deadass
Calmaise (4 months ago)
Dynamaster 4 years late :/
SuperShaggySandwich (4 months ago)
Back when Sky was a Minecraft YouTuber to look up to, now a day’s Minecraft YouTubers are the biggest jokes ever
HumzDaCrazyD 16 (4 months ago)
Now it a abandon beautiful heaven library. Thank you Sky does Minecraft.
An Accurate Stormtrooper (4 months ago)
90% of these comments are nostalgics 10% is basicly anything else
H.E.C.U Marine (4 months ago)
I feel bad,.after all this awesome stuff...support sky.
Sinity 5 (4 months ago)
Have you ever gotten a heart attack??? Because of butter
Maly Panyavong (5 months ago)
Sky: And so wanted weekend begins. (Makes weird sounds)
LMNOP QRS (5 months ago)
This guy got me in to Minecraft. Got me in to games in general.
crappy meal (5 months ago)
good old fashioned sky does minecraft this was my favorite video
Thanex (5 months ago)
Jason still hasn't put a comment on this video for killing Dylan.
Thanex (5 months ago)
Griefing plus mod.
Thanex (5 months ago)
Goodbye skydoesminecraft... DanTDM also quit making mod showcases, but you quit making minecraft, now i'm sad
Crystaltoki (5 months ago)
Anyone else miss this series? AND miss Adam
Kirito61745 (5 months ago)
My heart kind of broke when I saw this video.
AmpedGames (5 months ago)
Only real 2013 kids remember watching these
Killer Gamer xx (5 months ago)
AmpedGames yep I remember this form a long time ago
Quinn977 (5 months ago)
DeLirIous RIOLU (5 months ago)
6:31 ALLAHU AKBAR X 100000000000000
QRACERGAMING (6 months ago)
Wow. Almost 4 years later and it's still enjoyable. Now Adam has moved on with life.
BystanderSherman (6 months ago)
My heart!! Memories are real man. They are real!!
Rachel Edwards (6 months ago)
Throwback. Jesus.
Zac Delaney-Abdy (7 months ago)
*takes the explosives and blows up millions of squids* your welcome sky army
Mario Patton (7 months ago)
Tails Warrior (7 months ago)
In the end I'm earning sub count f***ing turning
Sergeant Wailor (7 months ago)
Minh Tri Doan (7 months ago)
Jesus Christ.. who's watching this in 2017???
Jim Denham (7 months ago)
2:48 it's weird. Because he says two birds one stone and two days ago he made a song and at the end he told the story of two birds one stone
Mr. Sans (7 months ago)
Classic intro
Zendor Graphics (7 months ago)
ahhhhhhhh the good ol' days :')
Talia Gonzalez (7 months ago)
the beginning was helarious
Weekly horse shit (7 months ago)
Watching on diss track day (6/9/17 or for you yanks 9/6/17)
Achy Berry (7 months ago)
I want skydoesminecraft back jk your doing good man
Evaria Mapper (7 months ago)
The memories...
SuperGear Gaming (7 months ago)
Watching in 2017 as memories Sad that he quit but I support
MikeYT Studios (7 months ago)
w h e n d i d y o u r b a r d r o p t h o ?
Yamada Collections (7 months ago)
this is IAMPIE (7 months ago)
Ahhh he sure has changed
Ah the good ol days, I miss the old sky #SkyDidMinecraft :(
Yusuf Fusuy (7 months ago)
Just watched sky's new diss... What has he come to....
4 years ago... when minecraft was good
Curticat 23 (1 day ago)
Your Video Sucks, Sorry About That yeah, these were the days.
Mx light (10 days ago)
Omg the mic quality
foxy the pirate fnaf (26 days ago)
SuperSBlue Cell the Perfected (¬_¬) 😵
ThunderBeast70 (26 days ago)
Your Video Sucks, Sorry About That dud i play skywars and its awesome
foxy the pirate fnaf wow, thanks for your humble oppinion, we need more people like you

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