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Garden Trellis for Cucumbers and Melons

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I built some trellis' to try vertical gardening. garden, homestead, suburban homestead, suburban homesteading, urban homestead, urban homesteading, victory garden, freedom garden, trellis, vertical garden, melon trellis, growing up, SHTF, WROL, economic collapse, inflation, hyper inflation, permaculture, sustainable living, watermelon trellis, watermelon, cucumber trellis, cucumber, cantaloupe trellis, cantaloupe, pole bean, green bean, green beans, sunflowers
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Text Comments (122)
Tess D (11 days ago)
Debra Murphy (2 months ago)
Yes your green beans will grow sunflowers gave fun
jdvagabond (8 months ago)
Cups of Stale beer will take care of your slugs. They can't say no to a free beer!!
jdvagabond (8 months ago)
Too much zucchini?? Never!! Make sweet zucchini relish!
shayne caesar (1 year ago)
hi thanks for the video. You mention something about zucchini. Didn't it get over crowded by putting 3 or 4 seeds of zucchini in one hole?
smart451cab (1 year ago)
I don't know how long your 2x2s are. But, after watching your video I went in search of $1 2x2s and didn't find anything even close to that cheap in a 6' length. Good video. Especially the audio: no uptalking, no synthesized narration, just good old fashioned normal and easy to understand spoken English. That's becoming somewhat a rarity on YouTube. Thumbs up!
Saria Winchester (1 year ago)
Good video but I couldn't help notice your despicable profile picture. Hunting defenseless innocent animals is cowardly, and such a shame.
Tim Z (1 year ago)
Worry about your own crap! Bringing in politics onto a gardening video from your computer is cowardly, and such a shame.
Rufus477 (1 year ago)
Why is it people just cannot leave other people along! Do you really believe your place in this world is to try and force your beliefs on others. Tend to your own business. I'm sure you've got your hands full! Not minding your own business is despicable.
Eve rlidis (2 years ago)
any updates on how it worked out??
Eve rlidis (2 years ago)
It works perfectly for beans and peas. THe cucumbers did grow up it but I didnt really see an advantage to it so I just grow them on the ground now. I am still using these same ones 5 years later. The bottoms are a little rotted off but the still work fine. Might need to replace the wood after this season.
Eder Castillo (2 years ago)
Nice setup what state are you in?
bumpo555 (2 years ago)
Good ideas! The wood should last a few years at least, and you don't want those nasty chemicals from pressure treated in your garden!
justpar2012 (2 years ago)
Great idea. Will try this out!
Rocky s Mum (2 years ago)
I like this trellis, thank you :)
Anastacio Rodriguez (2 years ago)
if you paint the wood and metal it will last longer
Rosa (2 years ago)
slug ants and bugs use diatomaceous earth i use food grade
brock dion (3 years ago)
Good idea. Did it work ok for you?
NativeTearz2U (3 years ago)
Great idea! I've found my cucumbers are more uniform (& prettier) when I grow them off the ground! I think this is my project for next year's garden!! Thanks for sharing!
Hagfan789 (3 years ago)
You have a good looking garden there..nice job.
Mindy Tucker (3 years ago)
I use the same thing, only, I use metal fence T posts and attach the grate to them so the plants grow straight up.  No need for crawling under to pick the cukes, easy access to both sides when growing straight up.  Doing this leaves plenty of room for lower growing complimentary plantings. Works great for peas, pole beans, melons and any other vine plant!  Nice video!  Thanks for posting!
Emilee Patterson (3 years ago)
+Mindy Tucker Hi Mindy :) do you do watermelons straight up and down? they say the melon will hold its own weight when planted vertical, i'm thinking of trying this :) and when you say metal fence t posts do you mean those green fence posts? with this metal he's using? thanks so much for your information...
imystery man (3 years ago)
I have been using a trellis for several years and I had one very similar to this one. You need to spread it farther apart at the bottom so you can crawl inside to pick the cucumbers. They are much easier to find and pick from the inside.
imystery man (3 years ago)
The worst thing a person can do is till a garden, it kills most of the worms. The "Back to Eden" garden system is a much better way to go. I did not till my garden last year and I applied a layer of composted wood chips and this year I have so many worms I almost can not believe it. I have never had worms in my garden like this before. When a garden stays covered through the winter it insulates the ground and the worms and soil life keep working through most of the cold days improving the soil. It took me 40 years to learn this; this spring I was able to get my potatoes out really early because I did not have to wait for the soil to dry out enough to till it. I did not have near as many weeds and the weeds that did come up were very easy to pull out. Do a search for "Back to Eden" at youtube, there are quite a lot of videos about it.
Cindi S (3 years ago)
its good you didn't get pressure treated.... pressure treatment is done with arsenic
Alicia Miranda (3 years ago)
good idea.  
Teri Ruiz (3 years ago)
I realize this comment is years late, but had to ask...would spraying the panels with a rustoleum type spray for outdoor furniture or things that rust, would that have helped without being poisonous? That may have prevented them from rusting.....considering doing this for my garden... 
Peter Reeve (3 years ago)
do you have vid of the plants well growen
Matthew Avila (3 years ago)
for slugs I just put down some boards around the garden. In the morning I turn them over and start a killin'. After a while there aren't many to kill. In fact some times it's a week or so till I finally find another. Oh, and make sure it is slightly moist under the boards. That will draw them in like a mouse to cheese. 
Saria Winchester (1 year ago)
I made a snail and slug "electric fence" with stainless steel wire and a 9v battery. It doesn't kill them and is basically 100% effective with little effort :)
Horacio Sharp (2 years ago)
Hmm I didnt know that you just sprinkle them on?
M T (2 years ago)
+Horacio Sharp I use epsom salt on my plants to boost them and slugs hate it!
Horacio Sharp (3 years ago)
Nice! Slugs tearing up my cantaloupe plants you needa video on that lol
Markus Daniels (3 years ago)
Next time you use such metal for a trellis use some high gloss black spray paint and give them a good coating before you use them. They should last longer or never rust on you
Bush Girl Karen (4 years ago)
This is nice! good you got raw wood anyways, pressure treated is poisonous anyways! I hope it worked for you because I love the design and want to try this, did it work nice for you? 
FaraJi (4 years ago)
You're correct. That goes for a raised garden too. Some people make the mistake of using treated wood to build their garden box They poison their own vegetables.
Anne (4 years ago)
These are awesome! Thanks for sharing. Might do the same thing for my garden.
thundercloud47 (4 years ago)
Go with cattle panels and steel fence posts if you do.
Rose Camacho (4 years ago)
Depending on your area, I believe those metal trellises will heat up and possibly hurt your vines?  Just my thoughts....
OldAlabamaGardener (3 years ago)
+ChamoritaMomma Camacho I have used cattle panels and steel T-posts for many years and never had a heat problem, and it does get hot in Alabama.
imystery man (3 years ago)
+thundercloud47 dude why do you want to kill all the worms, there is nothing better than worm casings.
thundercloud47 (4 years ago)
I'm not the uploader of this vid but I have used this method for at least 10 years now, not only for melons but tomatoes too. My garden is in full sun. There has been years I planted almost too late but I have never had an issue with the wire getting too hot. Unlike this fellow I use actual cattle panels which are galvanized and heavier duty. My wife just weaves the tomatoes through the panels instead of tying. I use steel fence posts to tie the panels to. When it comes to watermelon I do use the smaller variety which to me has a sweeter taste. When the melons are ripe they fall off the vine but I have yet to have one burst probably because I till my garden every couple of weeks which makes the soil softer.
rh p (4 years ago)
I have grown green beans, cucumbers, and cantaloupes on metal fences in Texas with up to 20 days of 100 degree temps with no problems.  I used metal stakes and a small amount of concrete mix to hold my fences in place to withstand the winds. I attached the plants to the fence with pieces of panty hose.
James Smoot (4 years ago)
Mr. Rice, Crossing between members of the curcurbit family is rare. If crossing occurs, it will not show up in this year's fruit but will be evident if seed is saved from these fruits to plant in next year's garden. Many people rate off-flavored or strange- colored fruit with cross-pollination, but it is usually caused by environmental conditions or disease.  
Billy Pippin (4 years ago)
If you put a cup or 2 of beer in your garden the slugs will go in it and die 100s of them pls read this this will help you so much
D R (4 years ago)
Another idea for the slugs: diatomaceous earth. It comes as a powder and you can pick it up at some garden shops, but definitely in a good pet store in the fish department. A little sprinkling around the base of your plants will keep the slugs (and other bad bugs) away and won't harm earthworms.
Mary Laposta (4 years ago)
I'm glad you didn't find pressure treated wood as it's toxic. It's better to just change wood when needed after a few years. I'm wondering if you can put a coat of wax on the metal to help keep it from rusting longer? 
thundercloud47 (4 years ago)
Mary, Myself I use cattle panels and steel fence posts. These are sturdier and galvanized. I have done this for about 10 years now and there is only a little rust on both. I got started with this because I had a bunch of steel fence posts I was not using. I originally bought 3 panels. I liked the method so much that I kept adding more panels every year. I have had no issues with the wire getting too hot or cross pollination. I like this method because pests are easier to see, especially those that like to hide under leaves..I also don't have to drive the fence posts in too very far to get them to stay.
Scamp Ters (4 years ago)
the new pressure treated stuff isn't toxic
James Rice (4 years ago)
did you have trouble with cross pollination,did your watermelons have a cucumber taste? They look too close together.just saying.
thundercloud47 (4 years ago)
I have used this method for about 10 years now but unlike the fellow who uploaded this video I use cattle panels which are galvanized and much stronger. They come in 16 foot sections and I use steel fence posts to attach them to. I have NEVER had a cross pollination problem. We use this no only for melons but for tomatoes too. My wife just weaves them through the wires. Our garden is in full sun but I have never had an issue with the wire getting too hot.
mary lipscomb (4 years ago)
When you buy the cheaper wood for outdoor use, if you want it to last a long time ..just do one of two things.. either use a coat of latex paint or coat it with a food friendly type of oil that will soak in the wood.. wipe off the excess and let it sit a few days before using it.. both work great and will make your wood last 5 to 9 times longer.. same goes for pvc pipes.. paint with latex paint..the kind for outdoor furniture.. it will extend the life at least 4 to 7 years..
BigKeith1100 (4 years ago)
that's a great idea for us city dwellers who need to maximize what little space we have to work with, and best of all,, I can put large hooks on the fence (4X4 posts) for storage of them when not in use!
daddy69plus4 (5 years ago)
good thinking
MiWilderness (5 years ago)
Those trellises look nice and sturdy. I'm using sunflowers as a living trellis for cucumbers this year, hoping to save some money. Thanks for sharing!
christschool (5 years ago)
Arsenic hasn't been in pressure treated wood for 4 years.
Night Stringers (5 years ago)
NEVER NEVER use pressure treated wood for food gardens the chemicals used are highly toxic arsenic is one of them
P Dee (2 months ago)
your information is about 20 years out of date.
Shlomo Silverman (5 years ago)
Diatomaceous earth will fix most insect problems. DE food grade is non toxic for humans, and is awesome to use. wear a dust mask, don't breathe the dust. Its ground up seashells and is very abrasive to mucous membranes.
Renee Farr (5 years ago)
If you have slug problem, try using egg shells to get rid of them. I have been using them in my garden for years and the egg shells will also put nitrogen and calcium back in the soil.
yummydeliciousmagic (5 years ago)
Margaret Esposito (5 years ago)
Did a excellent job on tillers. Wish I .have the same. Net and organized..
redski iksder (5 years ago)
Excellent idea, build 3 today. Thank you
ferd turguson (5 years ago)
cucumber and melons cross pollinate making a nasty melon that looks like honeydew but is gross. i learned the hard way not to plant those two in the same season.
WARPHEAD (5 years ago)
I would go to Lowe's and get a spray bottle of Plasti-Cote or similar product and spray the wood where it goes into the ground. A good shellacking of the rest of the wood every two or three years should keep it functional for a lifetime. I believe that after the plastic coating is cured there is very little in the way of chemical leaching.
WARPHEAD (5 years ago)
Excellent idea. Next year I will build mine like these. This year I used bamboo for support and cattle fence for the trellis. Slugs do not like salt. Matter of fact a tiny sprinkle of salt on a slug will kill it. I wonder if pouring a small bead of rock salt around the outside of the garden might keep them out. I think rock salt may even weather a few small rains before totally dissolving. If anyone has heard of doing this or know that it works or doesn't let me know, Thanks,
About 6 inches
Allison McEldoon (5 years ago)
how deep did you sink the wood into the ground?
Alfonso Anderson (5 years ago)
Wrightrobertt is correct I use the CHEAPEST BEER I can find "PAPPS BLUE RIBBON, BALLINTINE ALE etc. every morning check the trays for slugs.
They worked great for the cucumbers and green beans. The melons didnt grow well but I dont think that had anything to do with the trellis because the ones I planted on the ground didnt do well either. I still have them and they are holding up strong.
Alfonso Anderson (5 years ago)
How did your trellis turn out? I will purchase some 2x4's and rip them 2x2's screw eye hook screws on them and hang the mesh instead of the staples.
terrence krogh (5 years ago)
a can of beer will get rid of the slugs.
SimpleHumman (5 years ago)
Dude simple and beautiful solution, thanks for showing
Sam Mineo (5 years ago)
CCA hasn't been sold in this country since 12-31-2003. .....OUTLAWED. The "new" PTW is safe for food gardens.
Marion Reid (5 years ago)
CCA wood preservative hasn’t been used since 2003, and the alternative, ACQ contains copper and CCD. Copper is not toxic in the amounts used in the preservive (copper poisoning is very rare, usually involving cases where someone drinks Copper Nitrate or Copper Sulfate). Copper is naturally present in many foods (avocados, beef liver,etc.). CCD isn't particularly toxic to humans (message me if you want links to sources :-) ). No effect was seen until doses in the lab exceeded 83 mg/kg/day.
Romero Family (5 years ago)
That's a really good video and a great idea I think I'll be trying that myself.
wrightrobertt (5 years ago)
pour beer in a pie pan they go for the beer and die when they get it the beer...
errer1984 (5 years ago)
How did this hold up?
nery colon 1 (5 years ago)
Those trellis are great. I have to fix my outdoor raised bed and that trellis looks like it economical. I think it will work for me.Thanks
Noahs Ark (5 years ago)
That wire mesh looks like rock guard that used in certain types of mines. I believe it's galvanized.
Levi Collins (5 years ago)
Hey, how did the trellis work?
Another Amateur (6 years ago)
I used the same mesh for a trellis to grow chayote. Mine have been up for over 20 years and although rusty they still support a lot of weight. The chayote shade a bedroom window in Summer. Then the leaves drop off and the sun warms the room in winter. Hope you check out my video sometime. Thanks for the great idea!
goneoutsider (6 years ago)
and you can use the linseed oil on the wire too, really, will prevent rust this is a great idea for sure
Billy Gogolf (6 years ago)
Don't use chemically treated wood for growing plants the chemicals could leach into the soil. Use broken down pallets for free wood if you want to save money. They can be found free on Craigslist
justgivemethetruth (6 years ago)
well … how did it work ????
curmbugeon (6 years ago)
nice use of your space, and simple too. simple is wonderful.
justgivemethetruth (6 years ago)
this looks like a very nicely engineered project … did you post a followup to it, did it work as good as you were hoping now that a year had gone by ?
webfootguideservice (6 years ago)
Thanks for the video. I just built some of these for cucumbers and squash for this season. My panels are rusty though Do you think it will hurt it?
JonFrumTheFirst (6 years ago)
That wire is more than strong enough to hold vining veggies. I'd spray paint them to protect them from rust. And no, the paint won't kill you.
TroyboyQUE (6 years ago)
How did this work out for you Kainara? Also do you have pictures?
TroyboyQUE (6 years ago)
How did this work for you Kainara? Troy
digitalgt1 (6 years ago)
Modern pressure treated lumber using copper azole is actually safe for use in the garden. My 12'x12' raised bed is fenced with 2x12 copper azole treated boards. It's the older pressure treated lumbers containing chromated copper arsenate (CCA) that present chemical seepage and poisoning concerns. The lumber industry has essentially abandoned CCA in favor of copper azole since about 2004-2005. I did a lot of research prior to installing my bed to make sure I wasn't going to poison my family.
MrPlatinumFarms (6 years ago)
Feed your slugs used coffee gorunds, they seem to go crazy for it and eventully leave taking the gorounds with them.
whittle4u (6 years ago)
Watermelon? Will that not pull down the trellis?
joey aguirre (6 years ago)
for the rust problem try cooking spray it will keep the metal from oxidizing and wont hurt your plants
MUSTGET MUSCLES (6 years ago)
@ExplorerGirl321 These were strong enough for pretty large cucumbers so I think the will work fine.
Eddie Chi (6 years ago)
beer in a cup attracts slugs ;)
troutbum61 (6 years ago)
Nice trellis set up. I especially like the A frame idea and imagine you'll get several years of use out of them.
Awatcherofevents (6 years ago)
Sunflower seeds are good for fat in your survival diet since it is rarely considered. If you figure how to press olive oil it will help meet your cooking needs for oil.
Awatcherofevents (6 years ago)
Do not use pressure treated wood because the chemicals Leach into the soil poisoning it and potentially entering your food.
AnnBearForFreedom (6 years ago)
I've heard slugs/snails don't like crossing a rough sisal rope, might be worth a try to run a barricade of it. Awesome looking setup you got there!
ooohhitskaren 63 (7 years ago)
I really like the trellis's too, I may try my hand at building some for my gardens
mhpgardener (7 years ago)
Very nice. I like the ability to fold and store. It's a winner ! Bobby
catfish222banjo (7 years ago)
cool idea for trellis!
MisterSoul99 (7 years ago)
I like this idea, you might have soaked the ends of the 2x2's in a pan with linseed oil or something to make em last. I actually used these same panels to make tomoto cages, I'll try to post a response vid of how I did it.
see3ga (7 years ago)
I also was looking into to putting a trellis for my melons and cuke and needed some ideas... one ,ittle tip when shopping at lowes.... and if you dont care what it looks like ask the lumber yard guy for "junk wood" they sell it for 1/2 price , the wood i used for my coop was all junk wood all pressure treated for around 1 dollar each...
MissOkieFarmgal (7 years ago)
Thanks for the trellis idea!! I was knocking ideas around in my head that would save me money, and your vid was what I needed!! I've got some wood left over from my chicken coop and some chicken wire. Now it will be free!! THANK YOU!!
usfreedom22 (7 years ago)
Looks great. That will work well. Great ideo
@Allen2045 Thats a good idea.
Lotus (7 years ago)
Great idea on the trellis'! Thanks for the vid!!
gardenvespers777 (7 years ago)
Very nice! I like how it folds too! My cantaloupe and luffa vines last year were reaally strong. I think you'll be ok w/ the cantaloupe.. unless the concrete reinforcement wire (that's what you have) is too thin...not sure about the watermelon though. but like you said it will be good to see! It really looks like a great set up! :-) Thanks for sharing this!
@buffalopatriot I am using cinder blocks and scrap wood right now. Did a video on it today just have not uploaded it yet. Works pretty good but feels like a loosing battle. : )
buffalopatriot (7 years ago)
Put a bucket or some flat stones where your slug problem is. They will hide out there during the day. Just pluck 'em out and instant chicken food!
@justonemorename LOL
@justonemorename How do you support yours? I have seen people use boards, nets and pantyhose.
@theeastwatch The plants are planted at base of the wire so that shouldnt be a problem. I left the middle open so I could get in there if needed. I am hoping the foliage grows on the outside of the wire and the fruit grows inside. I will check out the link but Im pretty sure my slugs can kick your slugs butts. : ) lol
theeastwatch (7 years ago)
The only problem with that setup is that you do not have good access to the bases of the plants... If you have a bug or disease problem, it may be a pain to address... otherwise looks good. Haha you fell into the classic Zhucinni trap :) I have the Slug world capital where I am... check out SlugShield com - never used it, but it looks like it will work, I'm gonna see if my local supermarket has copper pot pan pads... -TEW
@JRSKICK1 Yea Im dubious about the melons as well. I have seen a few videos where it worked pretty good. I have also seen some people need to support the melons in different ways. It should be a fun experiment.

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