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Wolf Online intro Movie(Full version)

477 ratings | 88938 views
Free Download [Iphone/Ipad] https://itunes.apple.com/app/id977924322 [Android] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hanaGames.WolfOnline [Amazon] goo.gl/bzA3eL [Game Overview] A cruel and gruesome war among three wolf species starts. A real network survival game, to survive not only from animal hunting for food but also from battles against other wolf species for your own species. “Wolf Online” is the best online animal game followed by “Life of Wolf” series with striking 5 million downloads throughout the world. We are now waiting for you, the best wolf warrior, to participate. [Game Theme] The wolves’ hunting for survival and prosperity has started. You can select one wolf from Mountain Wolf, Snow Wolf, and Wild Wolf and participate in hunting as one of their members. To survive in a dangerous, rough hunting ground, you have to endlessly hunt animals and master your own skills. Also, you can grow faster only if you win in the battles among the wolf species and get trust from your own wolf species. In the hunting ground that is distinguished by 6 characters, there are plant-eating animals such as rabbits, deer, and giraffes, but there are also many other scary beasts and wild animals such as tigers, lions, and rhinoceros that can threat and attack you. When you meet monsters from legends, you should ask for help from your wolf colleagues because they will make your strong teeth and sharp claws useless. Your colleagues will come to you right after hearing your cry. If you are ready and all set, now let’s leave to the hunting ground of the wolves. [Features] 1. The best real hunting game among three wolf species. - Harmonious Mountain Wolf, coldhearted and fast Snow Wolf, and scary and cruel Wild Wolf. You can choose one from a total of 12 wolves, consisting of 4 kinds for each of the 3 species. 2. Various battle mode system - Single-play hunt, fighting other wolf species (PVP), a cooperative raid fight with wolf players from all over the world to defeat the dragon, etc. 3. The best wolf is always with his colleagues. - You can enjoy hunting animals and share food with other wolves of your species. 4. Summon your colleagues immediately when you are tired. - When you too get tired while hunting or fall in a danger, you can immediately call your colleague wolf players around you through the network summon function. 5. Character growth system through hunting - Attack, defense, moving speed, stamina, and skill development system according to animal hunting and by winning honor/credit. 6. Various animals for hunting and monsters from myths - Herbivores such as rabbits, deer, giraffes; predatory animals such as lions, tigers, and bears; Monsters and creatures from myths such as Cerberus, vampire, chimera, and dragon. 7. A total of 6 different combat/hunting maps offered - 6 different, highly realistic combat/hunting maps with varying geographical features and backgrounds: Snowstorm, Arcane River, Wildland, Combat Field, Dragon Lava, Stone Mountain 8. Other functions - Energy supplement system through the self and dead bodies - Real-time multi-chatting function with other players online
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Text Comments (98)
Lilly’s Life (3 months ago)
Hey I love your game I think you should add more bosses or make a lay down and sit button
MagicalStars9 AJ (3 months ago)
Can you please add save files like Wild Animals Online because mods and infinity deers, squirrels are making me start again because I want to level up myself and try not to go in HH, if you add a save file, I would be really happy.
MagicalStars9 AJ (3 months ago)
Please add it to Wolf Online, hackers and modders have ruined the game for me and the game is becoming a good experience to a bad one (no offence, if I did, I'm sorry if I offended you).
Man i wish all of the wolfs can work together
Ocean She wolf (4 months ago)
๖ۣۣۜۜ ঔ ]ۣ͜͡⊕ here are some things to put in names :) (Just being nice is my thing)
Spark All (6 months ago)
I mostly skip this XD
Samanta Dapkute (6 months ago)
Sa'Niah Richardson (7 months ago)
Can u get me hints of send me a download to get vip mod plz
Godzilla 2017 (7 months ago)
If i play that game,will my face change into wolf? Or not?
SaphRetuks ING (4 months ago)
cleønagael Tøäšty (8 months ago)
1games add Dinos from Dinos online as enemys In anywhere pls
i am firegalaxyyyzz (8 months ago)
Little Fang (10 months ago)
Ah, the old howl. I remember laughing my butt off the first time I heard that.
Did anyone nodice that that howl and
Brittany Garcia (11 months ago)
WolfieOwl_0914 (1 year ago)
Can you please update Wolf online? I find it so much fun but jus think that if there were bark, snarl, lay, sit, stand and jump buttons up the side of the screen? Because I think it would just make the game that much more interesting, thanks.
TM【LEGENDARY 】 (1 year ago)
hi Im new how do I make video
MissPanda (1 year ago)
that howl tho lol
Social Network XD (1 year ago)
Social Network XD (1 year ago)
Social Network XD (1 year ago)
hey i like this mod ;)
é sim é sim (2 years ago)
até agora não entendi a parte da águia
Forest Prince161 Deer (2 years ago)
I'm actually a wolf
Sirenn (1 year ago)
no. no your not
Forest Prince161 Deer (2 years ago)
Forest Prince161 Deer (2 years ago)
WILDCAT RIDER (2 years ago)
I have the game
Just a Hater (2 years ago)
Mlg Pro play TM (2 years ago)
How do i get out hacker hell
TheDarkBrine (2 years ago)
oh minhoo every time i try to go in wild wolf it kicks from the game my in in wolf online T Rex
Zootopia FNAF (2 years ago)
Cyabon (2 years ago)
what is that whit the bird ?
Kuen :3 (7 months ago)
Lil Ruddie21 (1 year ago)
Cookie Cat (2 years ago)
i wish there was a way to turn pvp off, it gets annoying getting killed 24/7 lol, and i just want to level up XD
dragonsforever21 (2 years ago)
can someone tell me about the bird at 0:22 - 0:24?
NonFamous Account (2 years ago)
when u vs the wild boss ull see them flying above
GreyedInterests (2 years ago)
im a snow wolf on this game
Jessica Allen (2 years ago)
3:40 I attached ir
Arsenic Capricorn (2 years ago)
Too bad in reality it's people role-playing sex in the chat box and stealing food and high level enemy wolves waiting at spawn to kill you so they can level up more >:(
game trailers (4 months ago)
Galaxy Shewolf me too
Ocean She wolf (5 months ago)
Arsenic Capricorn I a modder in it but a good one I help lows and sometimes be pos and I kill the role players and daters and the gross sex ppl.
Karen Catoe (3 years ago)
Can you get a version of the game for a laptop?
Abdel Rahman Tagen (3 years ago)
Oh Minhoo why don't u make trailer of life of lion that is coming soon we wanna see the trailer and the life of tiger and the life of wolf 2015 please make trailers
AcklesGotHisSnackles (3 years ago)
How do you change your name on the kindle?
Singleton2003 (3 years ago)
The question we all ask.. Will there be interactions like sitting howling or nuzzling? Also can we have survival mode? By survival mode I mean like have to eat often keep hunger up drink water (if such an abillity is to be added) or just put that in normal game, also is it a possibility for us players to be able to add each other as friends and a have our own group with statistics and separate ranks in the groups like a pack and could we have two summonable AI controlled pups? Just pups that follow you around and I say to for like if you had an intake mate witch happens a lot you could have a button (as I said before) that makes both of you nuzzle for 10 seconds and than you each get the ability to summon your own separate pup I know this is a lot of questions but I am not asking the other questions like private server, accessories (witch by my opinion something like armor that u can choose the colour of that is gained by making 3 payments and is only for looks would be cool} pets,weapons, and especially actual mating, also great game
iiCxuzi (3 years ago)
How do you control all those wolves at the same time last 2 parts
Singleton2003 (3 years ago)
You don't it was other people
Kitty_lover :D (3 years ago)
How can I name my wolf
Singleton2003 (3 years ago)
Put your name in at the top left corner of your screen when your choosing your wolf
Skylar Cody (3 years ago)
What is the red color code?
Cody Roupe (3 years ago)
What website on windows PC do I go to play it or download it? I already have it on my Tablet but I want to play it on my PC too.
Jesse P (3 years ago)
:/ Just wondering.. when exactly has their developement started? Not 6 years ago, I presume? I'm tempted to declare a copyright here, since our project had that name first..
Cookie Cat (2 years ago)
+Inuyasha22 of Raven-Wood Im sure they didn't know you had the name first. Plus this fits the game more.
Cookie Cat (2 years ago)
+Inuyasha22 of Raven-Wood Im sure they didn't know you had the name first. Plus this fits the game more no offense.
jengatower (3 years ago)
+Inuyasha22 of Raven-Woods The name is pretty simple so it's not a big deal, unless you have a _real copyright file_ specially for the name "Wolf Online". Your copyright claim will most likely not be valid anyways because the game here is majorly different than yours.
Jason Barajas (3 years ago)
how do you get to other wolve's habitats?
Singleton2003 (3 years ago)
Press the + button on the top right of your screen when your in the game and choose your destination
Kahloun Azer (3 years ago)
How do i color m'y name please?
Kahloun Azer (3 years ago)
+Singleton2003 yeah i met some people in the game told me how but thanks anyway
Singleton2003 (3 years ago)
Use a color code in front of the name here's w gold one [ffd700] put that exactly and than all letters after will turn gold in the servers
Mandem (3 years ago)
Great game, I'm on 2 red medals.
Mandem (3 years ago)
This games great already spent 14.99 on this now going too get 25.00 iTunes too buy more and be OVER POWERED
Vitor Detoni (3 years ago)
Puta que pariu lobim lutandooo
British Hammer (3 years ago)
Dis game is awsome l
1GAMES (3 years ago)
+manglebiteof87 Thanks.
When is it going to be out for iPhone iPads or iPods?
jennette Miller (1 year ago)
on my ipad
jennette Miller (1 year ago)
it is cuz I have it
1GAMES (3 years ago)
Celestial Rider (3 years ago)
End My Suffering (3 years ago)
I can't download it, I don't even have android :c
Julian Tielking (3 years ago)
How do I do missions?
Singleton2003 (3 years ago)
There aren't any
Tiago Delgado (3 years ago)
Ho gif your name a color?
Singleton2003 (3 years ago)
+oh minhoo well you did a terrible job I can change my name colour if I want to there called colour codes here's a gold one [ffd700] just put that in front of your name and it turns gold when your texting
1GAMES (3 years ago)
+Tiago Delgado we prevented name color change.
I have this new game
Tahir Naseem (2 years ago)
This is not new
VitoFox (3 years ago)
Is it Going On IOS! For Pete sake?
Social Network XD (1 year ago)
oh minhoo i like the game(I said mod wtf) ;)
1GAMES (3 years ago)
Horse Lover (3 years ago)
Wor gründet man ein rudel und wie kommt man in das gebiet anderwr Wölfe? ??
Toxic Claws (3 years ago)
Toxic Claws (3 years ago)
Toxic Claws (3 years ago)
1GAMES (3 years ago)
TheLOLgurlAlly (3 years ago)
Any known release date for iPad/iPhone yet? Hope it comes out really soon!
1GAMES (3 years ago)
Chickaboomboom (3 years ago)
Damn not out for ipad yet I am sooooo excited for it
1GAMES (3 years ago)
Liridon Elezaj (3 years ago)
what about for iphones ..
1GAMES (3 years ago)
Veronika Beeforest (3 years ago)
I Have the game on my mobile😍😍😍
Athena Brandon (3 years ago)
When does it come out???
1GAMES (3 years ago)
+Athena Brandon [IOS Free Download] goo.gl/fUHX9U [Android Free Download] goo.gl/FGDxuk [Amazone]goo.gl/bzA3eL
LpsPaizly_Style (3 years ago)

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