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Statins: The Greatest Scam In Medical History

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Statins have become the biggest money maker in medical history with cholesterol being demonized at it's expense. Many Americans are losing their health for the drug companies wealth. Statins not only are ineffective but they increase the risk of heart attacks in most cases. This video discusses the mevalonate pathway in which the statins do their damage and which cholesterol is produced. This pathway is responsible for other key nutrients like CoQ10, dolichols, and glycoproteins. Cholesterol has no good or bad forms. Cholesterol is all the same. HDL and LDL are lipo-proteins or transporters for cholesterol. Both are needed as LDL drops off cholesterol to areas of the body in need of healing and HDL brings it back to the liver to be re-used. Cholesterol has many wonderful benefits for the hormone production to making of new cells to immune system function. By inhibiting cholesterol production you are hurting all of these vital systems. Even some natural alternative supplements for controlling cholesterol are dangerous. Red yeast rice is a natural statin and no better than the prescription drugs. Niacin taken at high dosages can build up too much homocysteine in the body, which is more risky for heart disease than LDL. Natural supplements for great heart health actually include CoQ10, Ribose, Magnesium, L-Carnitine, and many more I will talk about in this video. This video will set the record straight and reveal the truth when it comes to heart health, cholesterol, and statins.
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Jean Williams (7 days ago)
Seems to me whatever drugs are recommended by the doctor. Then each individual needs to investigate that drug. Check out the side effects. I am not very trusting of doctors any longer they prescribe statins for everyone.
little sparrow (12 days ago)
Thank very much you for all that great information!
Supplemental Sense (12 days ago)
Welcome, hope it can help.
Olafsos Huber (1 month ago)
totally agree except the part with the flaxseeds, high amount of ALA Omega 3, several studies --just google "flaxseed study"--- have shown that flaxseeds and the oil is lowering the risk of sudden cardiac death by 40%, so in general that oil if cold presst or the seeds (high in fiber) are very healthy. if they are lowering cholesterol on the side it probably should not be used if your level goes below the minimum of cholesterol of 200, by the way the lowest total mortality rate worldwide is between 200-240 over 240 the risk goes slightly up, elderly have naturally higher levels and the lowest risk of mortality if the level is over 300. levels below 200 increase the risk dramatically because most of the studies only consider the CVD risk and not the mortality risk (they are not the same). the CVD risk has only a very week association with cholesterol, however other functions as you described need cholesterol and put you at much higher risk of dying of something else than CVD cardio vascular death.
Supplemental Sense (1 month ago)
Yeah I am talking about the oil. But my main concern with the seeds is the high content of phytoestrogens.
Martin Thompson (1 month ago)
cod liver oil is sure to be rancid. flax seeds are not exposed to oxygen unless you are talking about flax seed oil.
Supplemental Sense (1 month ago)
Yes, flaxseeds have a favorable omega-3 to omega-6 ratio meaning that they would be anti-inflammatory. However, they are very high in estrogen boosting compounds. Also, because of their high content in polyunsaturated fats using flax oil would be harmful to your cardiovascular system. Any vegetable oil you buy off of the grocery store shelf is most certainly rancid. Polyunsaturated fats oxidize at a much lower temperature than saturated fats. Just two weeks at room temperature and those oils have already oxidized and changed in chemical composition.
bob .right (3 months ago)
Mike Parry (10 days ago)
bob .right It's the same in the UK with the socialized National Health Service. They don't practice medical science, just a dispensary of pharmaceuticals for the masking of symptoms rather than tackling underlying cause of disease. Big pharmas marketing department. Chronic health conditions come down to poor diet, micronutrient deficiency and of course lack of exercise.
Supplemental Sense (3 months ago)
Right on, and they only treat symptoms. They never actually research the root cause of various diseases.
Citizenthirteen (3 months ago)
Bullshit ! Statins are not a magic bullet. Many other factors contribute to heart disease, the main one being high blood pressure. It doesn't matter if you take statins and your blood pressure is high and you have a BMI of 35. 70% of Americans are obese . Statins are not the issue . Don't use quackery to spread bullshit please. You are doing a disservice to society. If everyone had a normal BMI, exercised daily and controlled their blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar the rate of heart disease and stroke would plummet by at least 80%. I am not involved with the pharmaceutical industry, I just like calling out the bullshit which is so rampant on the internet .
Christopher Kuebler (1 day ago)
I've known over 100 folks with high BMI lived into high 80s and low 90s, some with high fat diets and no heart disease. On other hand I've known more than 50 who were skinny as a whippet and ate like rabbits who dropped over with heart attacks... and I've known a greater mixture of the two. Whats that tell you. More research is needed. One size doesnt fit all. There is more to the story. Sugar, exposure to toxins, stress, diabetes, bad genetics... chemicals in food the body never evolved with and didnt exist in the food system or nature until after 1945, thus setting off the body's inflammatory immune system, diabetes, smoking, lack of sleep, injury, too much booze... on and on...
Citizenthirteen (3 months ago)
No , oh wise one, I don't realize that BMI is a useless indicator. So, being obese or morbidly obese is Ok ? LOL . Like I said, any clown with a keyboard can post drivel like you.do You are harming your viewers with this fictitious nonsense. Shame on you ! i would hope most people are smart enough to see through the lies though. Keep up the good work, i guess your goal is to sell something ? Selling your soul perhaps ? Anyone watching this, please view videos or read articles from real cardiologists . Not chiropractors or former veterinarians or quacks.. True practicing cardiologists . it'll save your life.
Supplemental Sense (3 months ago)
You do realize that BMI is one of the most useless indicators of health there is. And do you realize that controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar isn't going to make you healthy? Those are just indicators that tell you something is wrong, they aren't actually the root issue. I advise you do some current research before you go around spewing old health information from the 80's and 90's everywhere.
Gerald Lyon (3 months ago)
I wish I had never taken statins.
Sunny View (3 months ago)
This is indeed a big scam but ... not the biggest. Doesn't come close to the vaccination scam as the biggest, most damaging scam to human health..
Supplemental Sense (3 months ago)
I totally agree with you on vaccines. It is hard to quantify the vaccine scams. It wouldn't be fare to lump all vaccines into one. The statins are just mainly for just one condition, there are many different vaccines for different purposes. We could go even a step further and just say western medicine is the biggest scam in medical history.
Rolf Høvring (4 months ago)
I belive you are wrong about fish oils and Omega 6. Check out www.brianpeskin.com
K Oh (4 months ago)
You haven’t offered any references.. what are the sources of your information ? Without the science your views are at best anecdotal. You simply must offer the rigorous science to back up your views otherwise you could be giving misleading information which may directly affect someone’s health and their life.
Mike B (4 months ago)
Always follow the money.
William Weaver (6 months ago)
is that why my dick does not work any more?
peter stirzaker (9 months ago)
The reason why Statins are so important is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
John the surfer (11 months ago)
Problem is people treat docs like GODS! U need to stop respecting doctors who give Rx that are killing people while docs taking their families on lavish vacations while hurting people. Docs aren't smarter than God
Supplemental Sense (11 months ago)
We have been trained since birth that doctors are gods.
Eric K (11 months ago)
Over $100 billion Lipitor sold. It kept Pfizer alive.
almost no one should be on statins & yet its the biggest selling drug in america. Statins does a great job reducing cholesterol but long term studies say only offer 1% protection against heart attack or stroke. your brain is made of mostly cholesterol....statins rob your brain of it till you end up with diseases of the brain like alzheimers, dementia etc....but dont worry big pharma has a drug for that too...see how this med profit scam works? you cant blindly trust your healthcare / drug provider anymore, educate yourself! pass it around!
Supplemental Sense (1 year ago)
It is a fear tactic to get into your pocketbook. They are playing with people's lives, if they can lie about this then they will lie about anything. Question everything and you said it, educate yourself.
My dr gave me statins twice but I won't take them; thanks... http://healthnut.tips
d jones (1 year ago)
what about after a heart attack .. they put me on atorvastatin and the usual beta blocker, ace inhibitor, aspirin etc .. these effects of statins really have me wanting to stop it but I keep reading that the statin is reducing my risk of having another heart attack/sudden death .. should I stop it ?
dave himlin (7 months ago)
No, do NOT drink orange juice { to much sugar} and do not eat a lot of potatoes , which is a bad starch.
d jones (1 year ago)
thank you for responding .. I'll take your advice .. I have a question about the weening off part .. If I decide to stop it, how do I ween off of it .. I've been taking 80 mg since June 5th, 2017, so 3 weeks basically .. is it possible to just stop right now or I have to ween off of it and how do I do it, how much do I lower the dosage etc .. I've also heard about taking vitamin c and lysine and some other supplements which help to clean out the arteries and lower inflammation .. I think I'm going to try those as well
Supplemental Sense (1 year ago)
I am not going to tell you what to do, but here is what I would do: First thing and most important of all of this is the diet. Eat no processed meats (lunch meats, sausages, anything packaged) or poultry (chicken, turkey, etc). Keep polyunsaturated fats to a minimum (vegetable cooking oils, soybean, safflower, canola, sunflower, fish oils). All restaurants use these oils. Use coconut oil or grass-fed butter as your fats. Eat more carbs like citrus fruits, berries, melons, drink orange juice or coconut water. Also for carbs, veggies, and potatoes. Secondly, start on a coq10 supplement, could also do some of those others in my video. Finally, you can work on getting off that statin and beta blockers. Your doctor will not let you off even if your numbers look great so you may want to find a doctor that believes in holistic health or use your own judgement and ween yourself off. It is your body and your call. Also, a daily low dose aspirin is usually a good thing.
MLLG49 G (1 year ago)
George Artz (1 year ago)
This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiqCj5s7kG4 says red yeast rice has none of the side effects of statins and all of the benefits. Your video recommends against use of red yeast rice. Can you explain?
dave himlin (7 months ago)
Fats are NOT, as bad as SUGAR.....take out the sugar equations, and the body can deal with the fat intake quite well.
Supplemental Sense (1 year ago)
Yeah the real issue isn't cholesterol but the oxidation of small ldl particles. That is more likely to happen when you have a poor diet consisting of tons of polyunsaturated fats and transfats. It is interesting that Mercola would say statins have anti-inflammatory properties. Cholesterol itself is anti-inflammatory so why would lowering it also be? Thanks for watching and commenting George!
George Artz (1 year ago)
agree with nutrition approach. In http://tinyurl.com/mtcf4xd Mercola discusses statin studies and at ~13:15 he mentions that statins may have some anti blood clot and anti-inflammatory properties, but the risks of statins are not worth it. Seneff and Mercola discuss statins in http://tinyurl.com/m2g25sk and around 6:15 Seneff says even in the case of familial hypercholesterolemia she does not recommend statins. Thanks for your video
Supplemental Sense (1 year ago)
So what are the benefits of a statin? The only thing a statin does is lower cholesterol. This guy explains how important cholesterol is, so is that even a benefit? Red yeast rice is a natural statin. It will also lower cholesterol, but is that really what prevents heart disease? RYR still inhibits the mevolanate pathway to a degree. What I would like to know is what are those benefits that he claims red yeast rice does. All of the research I have done on it lead me to believe that RYR is like statin-lite. Why not focus on crucial nutrients for your heart like magnesium, coq10, ribose, etc. instead of trying to stop natural functions of the body?
Mickey Maus (1 year ago)
NO. The "greatest scam in medical history" is homeopathy, which is taught at Naturopathic medical schools (ND) and somehow ends up on the shelves of reputable retailers and claims billions in profits annually.
Manny Radzky (2 days ago)
Mickey you must be taking a statin because you seem to have cognitive decline.
Lois Still (3 months ago)
Mickey Maus wondering what your credentials are?
dmana3172 (5 months ago)
Big Pharma makes Trillion a year. They are the biggest scam, not homeopathy.
dave himlin (7 months ago)
Hey Mickey ass....you trust a establishment that used to tell us that SMOKING wasn't bad { back in the 1950s} or FLUROIDE is good to have in drinking water or that a healthy breakfast is white toast with margarine/ fruit loops/ orange juice ? ROFL...LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE THE FOOL.
Eric K (1 year ago)
At least the homepathic bullshit is harmless, and probably is a good placebo. Statins are dangerous.
The Memo (1 year ago)
Can you show any independent peer reviewed scientific studies that prove what you say is true? Because if you can't you are just speaking a lot of words to express an opinion and that opinion may not be medically correct. What exactly are your credentials that anyone should take your advice? Are you sure your egotistical need to be important won't cause uninformed people to harm their health? What you are saying is only partially true and even that depends on context. Anyone who has cardio vascular disease will die sooner if they take your advice. Don't you realize that? Dr. Sinatra for instance is making money from selling books and supplements. What is your motivation?
Jean Williams (7 days ago)
The memo .....oh come on nobody can be that dim. Read the comments of people who have taken them.
Seth Pawlik (1 year ago)
Be careful before you believe every "peer reviewed study". https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2010/11/lies-damned-lies-and-medical-science/308269/ “The studies were biased,” he says. “Sometimes they were overtly biased. Sometimes it was difficult to see the bias, but it was there.” Researchers headed into their studies wanting certain results—and, lo and behold, they were getting them. We think of the scientific process as being objective, rigorous, and even ruthless in separating out what is true from what we merely wish to be true, but in fact it’s easy to manipulate results, even unintentionally or unconsciously. “At every step in the process, there is room to distort results, a way to make a stronger claim or to select what is going to be concluded,” says Ioannidis.
Supplemental Sense (1 year ago)
My egotistical need? I don't reveal my identity because I don't want any recognition. I didn't discover these truths. I am simply relaying life saving information that has been suppressed by big pharma. There are so many studies out there backing up everything I say. I did the research and you should too. If you can disprove anything I say here let me know.
C P (1 year ago)
ABC World News with Puppet David Muir just said 04182017 that statins are now applicable to millions more of people who could benefit from them. All lies with the quoted study used by ABC World News. All. Pharmaceutical BULLSHIT. Yet the masses buy right into it because it was on the Mockingbird Media. Wake up and do your research using non Government driven Pharmaceutical companies studies.. Find independent research case studies and quit drinking Kool Aid
Supplemental Sense (1 year ago)
No doubt!
INNOCENT Nzuma (1 year ago)
Can i get this info as a document so that i can read it nicely please. This is life saving information
garzascreek (10 months ago)
Just turn on the transcript (see the ... icon) and copy and paste it to a text file.
Supplemental Sense (1 year ago)
Unfortunately not on this exact content but I would check out Dr. Stephen Sinatra's material. I talk about a few things he doesn't but the most important general things are the same.
Briddy Hll (1 year ago)
what happened to me on statins. reduced all my muscles. filled my legs with water. all my strength gone. I had to crawl around the house. could not turn on taps. started to have shakes. loss of appetite,  lots more things as well to much to list, M y doctor said It was for my own good, so keep taking them also with blood tablets. I was dying!!!   I took the decision to stop all medication. and within 10 days I was standing up. but it took six months to get back to how I was. before STATINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Manny Radzky (2 days ago)
Briddy Hll I took statins for a year. They caused me muscle loss and serious muscle weakness (imagine what it does to the heart) also joint pain. I put them in the garbage and told my cardiologist “I would rather die”. Took me 2 weeks to get better and a full year to get back to normal. They are .......POISON!!!!
Supplemental Sense (1 year ago)
That all sounds about right.
Murray Cameron (1 year ago)
inflammation causes calcium and cholesterol to help heal the damage. vitamin k2 helps put calcium in the bones where it primarily is needed. so when the calcium is gone the cholesterol flows harmlessly throughout the body. b6 b12 and folic acid lower homocysteine levels that cause inflammation.more info but k2 is important
Murray Cameron (1 year ago)
inflammation causes calcium and cholesterol to help heal the damage. vitamin k2 helps put calcium in the bones where it primarily is needed. so when the calcium is gone the cholesterol flows harmlessly throughout the body. b6 b12 and folic acid lower homocysteine levels that cause inflammation.
Supplemental Sense (1 year ago)
Sunny (1 year ago)
eye opener
John Argast (1 year ago)
Great! Hi and Thanks for compiling that information. I am especially interested in reversing the cognitive impact of high level long term atorvastatin use (80 mg for 8 years = bipolar II diagnosis + switch to 20 mg rosuvastatin). Also any information pertaining to the combination of exercise, atorvastatin and peripheral artery disease. Thanks again
Lorica Lass (1 year ago)
Once  I got a new doctor.  My blood pressure was a little high.  She started writing out a prescription for statins, which I would not accept.  I knew I had had too much sea salt, but she didn't ask about my salt intake or anything else.  The next time I went to a, different, doctor my blood pressure was fine and has been fine since then for 3 years.  But if I had been dumb enough to take her statins, no telling what other "health" problems she would have been able to treat me for more and more  as time went by.  Her husband was just like her.  When I had to see him for a follow up visit - before I got the new doctor - he argued with me that his wife did NOT prescribe statins.  Funny, I don't remember him being in her office that day.  Some crooks surely wear white coats and stethoscopes.
1CBRDUDE (1 year ago)
Statins are basically a drug to make you die early They will kill you one cell at a time This is a fact. They don't tell your liver to stop making cholesterol they poison your cells which cause your cell to die Why do you think you get muscle pain and where do dead cells go if the kidney goes into overload ,you get the picture. This is just one thing the drug does I don't have enough time to explain it all Do your research.
baja joes (4 months ago)
Your ignorance is really showing Jacob!
jacob wyles (8 months ago)
Statins do not kill your cells, they prevent the synthesis of cholesterol in hepatocytes, causing these cells to uptake more LDL cholesterol from the blood stream, reducing LDL cholesterol blood streams in the blood. this does not kill your liver cells, it just causes them to get their cholesterol from a different source! As for muscle ache have you heard of the nocebo effect? You might want to check out this paper on it But yeah, I agree for profit medication is messed up, this is why everywhere needs a national health service! https://vital.liv.ac.uk/bbcswebdav/pid-1446171-dt-content-rid-8181086_1/courses/LIFE109-201718/Starter%20paper%20Bio%20Med%20Sci.pdf Have a good day :) -slut for statins
John the surfer (11 months ago)
1CBRDUDE stop respecting docs. They literally are DESTROYED nearly 10 people's lives that I know about push drug on they.
Robert Richardson (1 year ago)
will you have convinced me I will stop eating anything and I will stop drinking anything I will lay down and die maybe not bye bye
Supplemental Sense (1 year ago)
You can do anything you want buddy
Steven Turner (1 year ago)
Been telling people this for ages but its astounding how many people still listen to the main stream media and there doctors.
Dinar AndFriends (2 months ago)
That was because people ingested much less cholesterol in those days.
baja joes (4 months ago)
What is sad is Doctors are just believing what they've been told without doing the research! Doctors really believe Statins help but they don't check!
Cynthia Sammy (6 months ago)
Supplemental Sense tell me how I can stop taking statins n one video mentioned only take organic food. What diet should I follow?
morning Glory (8 months ago)
No lie
Miski Homenick (9 months ago)
Steven Tur

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