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Omeprazole 20 mg

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Jamshaid Akhter (1 month ago)
thanks I have just heard about the details of losec capsules. Very impressive. being a cronic patient of dudinal ulcer your kind advice is needed that either its use would be useful to get the said disease cured.
Loretta Caputo (1 month ago)
I have been on PPI drugs for nearly 20 years. My health care professional has begun to get me off of them probably because of the latest info about problems with long term use. I have lost weight prior to this and stopped alcohol, very fatty meals, caffeine. I had been excercising more in the last year and have lost weight and increased my energy and fitness. Magnesium supplementation has helped greatly and I am more relaxed and get the best sleep in years. A few years ago, I came down with a case of Giardia. As a bowhunter for deer, I had used a urine based attractive scent and I am sure that I accidentally ingested some from contamination on my hand. I am certain that the lack of stomach acid due to the PPI action of Omeprazole contributed to the infective nature of the Giardia, as the acid of the stomach could not provide the first line of defense from this infection. If that is possible, you have to wonder how many other infective agents we can be exposed to and become ill just because the acid of our stomach isn't working to protect us.
Irene Davo (2 months ago)
The Canine Nutritionist (5 months ago)
I'm on this and if you take it daily you MUST take an iron supplement.
The Canine Nutritionist (3 months ago)
Aneese Hamudi It makes it impossible for your body to get enough iron from food alone and you will become anemic.
The Canine Nutritionist (3 months ago)
Jmack1lla Yes. It will stop your body from being able to absorb necessary amounts of iron.
Aneese Hamudi (3 months ago)
The Canine Nutritionist why
Jmack1lla (4 months ago)
i take 20mg once a week to week and a half, do you think that low of a dose would cause me problems?
Vivian Vivian (5 months ago)
Nick leaf (6 months ago)
I took omeprazol for acid reflux 40mg for 7 days. i stopped because i started to feel slight pain in my right shoulder which progressed to my left, sharp needle like pain. Then the next day i started to feel pain in my finger joints and toes. 4 days have passed and i still feel these pains. Im really worried and starting to wonder if this drug can cause permanent arthritis in just 7 days of taking them. i'd like to think that this is just joint pain that will eventually go away. Any Advice? i will be seeing my doctor soon.
Chữa bệnh dạ dày (7 months ago)
Omeprazole - this is very efficacy, treat out of disease: https://tridaudaday.vn/thuoc-omeprazole-la-thuoc-gi-chi-dinh-cach-dung-nhu-the-nao.html
Lisa Testa (9 months ago)
"being a big fattie" not very professional I gained weight due to a gluten sensitivity and liver malfunction.
J M (1 month ago)
a liver malfunction....real scientific
Treads (8 months ago)
Lisa Testa BS excuse
nicole turner (1 year ago)
the omerzopole helps me I have GERD I thought I was about to die when I started having bad chest pains. And the Zantac 150 also helps a lot thank god
veronika carrazco (5 months ago)
nicole turner I
harabas1 (7 months ago)
How long did you take them?
nicole turner (10 months ago)
Gaani Tanadeh I'm sorry I just got this message no a CT SCAN CAN not . you need to have a test done when they put this tube down your throat to your stomach you will not feel anything at all you will be under I just had it done in may and that's how they determined that I had GERD. I also used to take Mortrin and ibprouben alot and then they told me it was wearing away the lining of my stomach I can't even eat spaghetti which is my favorite food or drink cokes which was my favorite drink omg I have to watch what I eat
Manfred Wolf (10 months ago)
Manfred Wolf (10 months ago)
Emman Edaño Trinidad
Hajar Hajar (1 year ago)
alpha bet (7 months ago)
Hajar Hajar iii
Hajar Hajar شيكولون زين لو خطر ع المدى البعيد
Saiyad Varis (1 year ago)
omeprazole hard
Saiyad Varis (1 year ago)
pet pain
Irfan Hassan (1 year ago)
I have a bad cough, after taking lots cough syrup, I am trying Omeprazole Olex, hope its improve my daily routine, vomit and cough.
Bernard Popp (5 months ago)
+Hammy Cats69 so what happened pls?
Hammy Cats69 (1 year ago)
memoo I developed a bad cough during Omerprazole so I stopped it for 2 weeks and the cough eased up. And guess ehat? I decided to take Omerprazole again and my cough is back. So stopping it for good and going back to my doctor.
memoo (1 year ago)
Irfan Hassan It cause cough as side effects Ask your docto

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