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See moment divers reach teens trapped in cave

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Rescue teams have found all 12 boys and their soccer coach alive in a cave in Thailand nine days after the group went missing, according to a high-ranking person involved in the search and rescue operation.
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Ali Naser (2 days ago)
All the rescuers and assistants in the rescue team for the children and the coach deserve to be heroes and to present this story to Hillwood production film. The name of the death cave will also be changed to the name of the diver who sacrificed his life to save the children trapped in the cave. Who is with me?
Dallas Jackson (10 days ago)
Aweku Prasetya (11 days ago)
Kalau di Indonesia udah di urug tuh semua bocah
Chesca Garcia (11 days ago)
May i know why they get there? Im sorry im not good in googling😅
Rian Rian (11 days ago)
Caramel Macchiato (11 days ago)
I'm so glad they're safe now. Thank God for this miracle
ed rage (11 days ago)
where did they poop all those days?
Vanea Fahmi (11 days ago)
Good life for them they are brave
SUN SHINEE (12 days ago)
Hats off to all participated in rescue.
Govind Singh (12 days ago)
Can't they mix some chemicals in the water to make the sand settle down?
Fisbon Don Dandala (13 days ago)
And  some still believe there is no GOD?????
Fisbon Don Dandala (12 days ago)
Did I say God made this happen or I said some they don't believe he is alive? what I meant is If God was not here for us those kids would have been dead or injured!!!
Callie K (12 days ago)
Fisbon Don Dandala God wouldnt let this happen in the 1st place 💁
High Paw (13 days ago)
6thMagnitudeStar (13 days ago)
its when unexpected natural catastrophic disasters like these occuring *_so suddenly_* that will *_slap us hard in the face_* and make us realize we are *_nothing_* and *_helpless_* without the mercy and protection from *_the Almighty One_* who Created us all... Remember, the One who is able to create us *impeccable* humans with our strong, working muscles & limbs *_surely is capable_* of creating and stopping disasters. So if we are ever feeling low at some point in life, its truly important to remember that *_there are hope_* around us if we *_sincerely_* make an effort and seek it out. And sometimes in hardships, *_believe_* ... that there will be blessings in disguise/hidden. And yall can take this as a friendly suggestion, but I'll share here a prayer to seek protection and mercy from any burdens @ obstacles we may not be able to bear ourselves in this life: "Our Lord, do not impose blame upon us if we have forgotten or erred. Our Lord, and lay not upon us a burden like that which You laid upon those before us. Our Lord, and burden us not with that which we have no ability to bear. And pardon us; and forgive us; and have mercy upon us." {Al-Baqarah , 2 : 286} Peace✌💕
king karnage (13 days ago)
So your in the dark for 7 days and then an asshole put a light right in your face great..
ThisIs Me (13 days ago)
michelle richardson (13 days ago)
Did you see them coming out of the cave , no , because you idiots they weren’t even there bloody hell wake up this is just another fake news story
Bah Moustapha (13 days ago)
Can someone tell me plz, how comes they enter in that caves? Thank God they are all save
kevin OMaolmhuaidh (14 days ago)
If these kids make it out of the cave before the world cup final and if they are in a fit state.. could somebody send them to the final as V.I.P ... remember football fans them trapped are one of your own..
WhatSheep Lol (14 days ago)
How did they get stuck
neymarmessi123456789 (14 days ago)
Most of the comments is that they think the boys has come out, its only 6 so far. Read the facts before u write these dumb comments.
Harsh (14 days ago)
Their good karma will save them🙏🙏🙏🙏
N V Kotian (14 days ago)
Thank god. They are safe.
Bluezz Bytes (14 days ago)
British divers found them.
butterfflyess (14 days ago)
Praying for them
anglianchannel (15 days ago)
fake CNN news, those little boys are trapped in Anderson Cooper's basement
Maya A (15 days ago)
Please keep working don’t give up on this young souls
Happypenguin (15 days ago)
Very proud of our British heroes! 👍🏼🇬🇧👍🏼
Connie Long (15 days ago)
P'Ball BMX flatland (15 days ago)
Thank support around the world.
jerry davenport (15 days ago)
Look like the US Navy and Electric Boat Groton CT could come up with a submersible and bring these kids out 1,2,3at a time!
Me yo (15 days ago)
Cant they illuminate that cave where they are right now. It looks suffocating.
QuantumStriker 003 (15 days ago)
Kudos to the people who found & saved them!
John coalp (16 days ago)
Im surprise they didnt say trump sent the kids in there. , lol cnn should sucj trumps dick
Nuru Tejan (16 days ago)
God is great. Thank God for their life hope their are doing well.
Heritage Inn Express (16 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoRbNPpXP_4&t=1s Check out the idea on how to rescue these kids safely.
Blackdog (16 days ago)
Chain Mai. At least spell the Name of the city correctly. Fools.
Zain Chupacabra (16 days ago)
Could someone please explain how they got trapped in the first place?
Fadwa Altahir (16 days ago)
Watch this turn into a movie in two years or so winning oscars
immeohmyoh (16 days ago)
fake news
Blessings福壽 (16 days ago)
I think the best to wait until water drains, seems only the way right now, not good idea taking one by one or diving because 3.5 Km! for you for kids who never had experience of diving! Please don’t take risk loosing even one. Somehow show boys vision how many people were working to rescue them, seeing of rescue team, what’s going on out there, how hard people all over the world trying to rescue that going to be strong hope for them! Vision to show family members, TV telephone, make confutable living in cave until water drained. Need Healthy light system too, like artificial light that help maintain health instead of sun.
TrooperLFC (16 days ago)
Stay safe lads! You'll Never Walk Alone
witawin sittisirinukul (16 days ago)
The boys should have known the world's care to them - from a boy from Thailand ดีจ้า
Chloe Bell (16 days ago)
Big dummy reporter...It is premature to call this a miracle. THINK. How will they be retrieved ? It is quickly taking dark dismal turns for the worst. AIR RUNNING OUT..MONSOON RAINS APPROACHING.. very very disturbing still situation
IT'SME (16 days ago)
Coach had other ideas me thinks.
Joey Coluccio (16 days ago)
I don't fucking care
Brad Williams (16 days ago)
They will be lucky to be out in 1 to 2 months...Monsoon season ...A shit load of Rain.. I pray they survive and see day light...
Lavalambtron (17 days ago)
dont mess with nature
james mcrory (17 days ago)
RIP to the Thai Navy Diver :(((( he died for a GREAT cause :( let’s get these boys out safely
Quantum Moonbeam (17 days ago)
Catherine Maggio (17 days ago)
Faith gave divers courage to continue against all odds. Bless their unbelievable strength..faith..love .compassion..heart.. Thank you God..almost home..
BRENDEN33029 (17 days ago)
Howd they get so far in that cave and why? That's my question. The coach has some explaining
Dr. Jh Irons (17 days ago)
j Cotton (17 days ago)
why not send divers down with a 2 mile cable and put scuba diver equipment around each boy and draw them out. no swimming in necessary only knowing how to breath
timber_beast (17 days ago)
Here's what they do now - put full-face oxygen masks and helmets on each kid, heavily sedate them, put them inside body bags and pull them through to safety like gear bags. Then they wake up in the sunshine.
Lana Chau (17 days ago)
Sao họ không làm cái ống bằng nylon tốt kéo vào đó rồi bơm nước ra để các chú tự bò ra?
Lana Chau (17 days ago)
sao họ không làm cái bằng nylon tốt kéo vào đó rồi bơm nước ra để các chú tự bò ra?
Michelle Taylor (17 days ago)
If they can fit a pump into the cavern, then why don’t they feed a tube as wide as the boys down through the cavern and out the other side, pump out the tube (because water will get in it ,or you could close off one end and then feed it through)and the boys walk through or crawl through the tube.
awacon awacon (17 days ago)
Thanks God :-)
battouter (17 days ago)
grown man, a dozen kids and a cave. smh
Pichet Boonpa (18 days ago)
We are from Thailand thank you very much
Standard Survivor (18 days ago)
I wish they died. It would have been great to watch there families suffer
Wander!ngchopst!cks II (18 days ago)
We'll keep them in our thoughts and prayers. With love and support from Vietnam.
james mcrory (18 days ago)
Just listened to Bill Whitehouse (British Cave Rescue Council) on BBC news about how they are gonna get the boys Out, it’s scary :((
Muslim Man-in (18 days ago)
Thank​ you... Jhon​ volanthen
Kevin Guzah (18 days ago)
God is GREAT!!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾
Hansal Upadhyay (18 days ago)
Salute to all the rescue teams and people who were constantly working and praying for these kids...
NoSkillzJustGillz (18 days ago)
can we get elon out here to save these poor kids?
E.J. Hart (18 days ago)
is FIFA paying anything to help this soccer team ? Any sign from Ronaldo and Mesi ? they make close to 1 million dollars a week ... or any soccer player who's making 50.000 to 1 milion a week trying to help in any way ??? hahahahaha they want money from the Fans and they do not do anything in return. I bet Ronaldo , Mesi and others like them were idols for these kids. Now we know who footballers are !!!
white devil (18 days ago)
All BS
Patthida Som O (18 days ago)
I'm crying of joyful with this good news!!! Many thanks to all rescuers: Thai, the UK, the US, China, Australia etc. to across the world and rescue them. All of you are our heroes for Thai people from now on.
Josh Healey (18 days ago)
how in the world did they get in the cave?
Johnny Irenchi (18 days ago)
I'm following this Soccer Team more then those who are currently playing in Russia.
sudsanguan saengkon (18 days ago)
Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.You're our heroes.
World Citizen (18 days ago)
This is makes me laugh. Many countries have geared up to rescue them kids which fair enough but there is everage 20 kids dying every single day in Yemen but no one gives a shit about it. This is what troubles me. I think you are all fucking show off cunts. Especially British who is responsible for ever bomb blast in Yemen.
grateful1929 (18 days ago)
Christian's, please also pray for Jesus to make the water in the caves to recede. Please pray!
Robert White (18 days ago)
At the point their at now, water purification bottles can be given, maybe a srv or urv map the way and tie line with maybe even rebreathers. They have options that are there. Out the box but think of bringing them all out safe. Their coach with pros can do it. FAITH
Marcus Carpenter (18 days ago)
Damn!!! Where is data? Don’t these kids have Pinchers of Peril?! They could have been out of the cave days ago. Oh god I hope they don’t play the bone piano
Thanks to all the countries that assist. From the people of Thailand. I from Thailand
chan phim (18 days ago)
So are they going to put the coach in jail or what?
ReAL reALer (18 days ago)
Thank God.....you have a second chance...kudos to all involved...begin to tell your own story. God be with you all!
BucketlistBinge (18 days ago)
Excellent content! Let us know what you think of ours at Bucketlist Binge!
Mookaron (18 days ago)
How did they even get near a cave much less be trapped?! 🤔 Smh
Surachai Laegrat (18 days ago)
Wonderful news.Thank you so much everybody from England USA Laos Australia Chaina Myanmar.
d Zc (18 days ago)
I'm thai, now all thai people, especially family they are very happy to meet them.The truth is they disappeaved in the cave for 10 days.They are all safe and strong.
Joevanie Macabenta (18 days ago)
God bless these boys! I can't imagine myself being trapped in a cave for 9 days without seeing the sunlight. 😢😢😢 You see they still manage to smile despite the distress they experience in there.
Jasmin Arajitra (18 days ago)
There's another vid .The coach looks extreamly sad . I feel sorry for him .He feels guilty and didn't dare to look in to a camera. After get out he will lose his job.
balu savali (18 days ago)
It's really wonderful gifts for their families
lisaluv Jesus (18 days ago)
Tank u tank u Jesus 4 this great news.
nicholas8nj (18 days ago)
Great 👍 news the boys and coach been found giving them food and nutrition. Hoping to get them out of the 2 mile cave they are in ASAP.
Leo Lee (18 days ago)
Ok give your ideas how to rescue this boys in this case
Nabam Ojoey (19 days ago)
This kids should be given free ticket for FIFA world cup 2018.
Paityn Gage (19 days ago)
This may be silly, but maybe they should have some divers and doctors stay with them over the extended time as they wait for the waters to go down. During that time they could educate them about how to dive.
Jamerson Jones (19 days ago)
Sooo first of all, wachu In cave for in the first place?
numbersix100 (19 days ago)
US navy seals🤔 How come the diver who found them had an English accent? More CNN fake news I suppose. Why can’t CNN just report the truth for once?
ImSoAwSome Kim (19 days ago)
Its great to see good news!, sometimes having hope pays off
John connor (19 days ago)
God was protecting these children
ujustgotpwned2008 (19 days ago)
All of you thanking God for this are fucking dumbasses.
Chutiman C (19 days ago)
Thank you every country .
Trev Logie (19 days ago)
The guys who found these kids weren't SEALS, they were volunteers from the UK. One guy is a retired firefighter.

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