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Invention seals gunshot wound in seconds

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Using injectable, fast absorbing sponges, the xStat can seal wounds in 15 seconds or less, potentially saving lives.
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hyou zan ren (7 hours ago)
Now try jump from plane with this new parachute!
Michelle My Belle (1 day ago)
Seriously, not trying to be funny but logically you could use tampons. Same concept. Interesting. This is great. Police Officers need this and maybe a smaller version for knife and handgun wounds. Would it work?
rick payne (2 days ago)
FAKE NEWS 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩💩💩
Dave Jan (2 days ago)
Im impressed! Clinton News Network actually told the truth for ONCE!
Elizabeth Loughlin (2 days ago)
If only the police would provide basic life saving care to their unarmed victims... let alone fancy sponges.
Coding with Adam (3 days ago)
Idiots! It does not heal it, it stops bleeding.
Sadistic Spece Marine (3 days ago)
so a bio foam expanding dildo?
Good Times (3 days ago)
Fake news
Jonathan Quick (3 days ago)
We need that shit in school First Aid kits lmao
jonhny bravo (3 days ago)
I wonder about it being left in the wound does it self break down or have further removal needs?
sakurakou2009 (3 days ago)
Next time shot the target in head so this device be useless
Pepperz (4 days ago)
Instructions Step 1: Get shot
darkaquatus (4 days ago)
So the genius idea they came up with after being given millions in research funds was...sponges.
TheFreshprinceofcali (4 days ago)
Global Investor (4 days ago)
Looks like an ear plug
Porkchop's Papi (4 days ago)
Had to turn off audio. The clicking noise layed over the talking made it unlistenable.
Danthemanmc617 (4 days ago)
Wouldn’t the sponges expand the wound even more or would they stop?
divedeepinside (4 days ago)
dont fucking go to WAR and no need for this shit ! playing solving the surface problems when killing people !! So great invention
Ruben Hayk (4 days ago)
one of the way to stop bleeding is not to invade peaceful countries
Elligons (4 days ago)
So..It's a tampon.
Ionic Studios (4 days ago)
CODEX GAMES (4 days ago)
but you never see them in a kit like wtf? if seen plenty of youtube video's about it in 2018 but it never see one in them. could save life's in the army but the outside world would also benefit from it by having it in your car.
SiebenTageHatDieWoche (4 days ago)
You know what else seals said wounds even faster?! Not giving everyone guns so you don't get shot at all
faisal sahak (4 days ago)
What happens if you eat it
Johnny14405 (4 days ago)
Stick a tampon in the wound
Kevin spacey (4 days ago)
Soooo works like a tampon ?
Linus Tree (4 days ago)
Tampons lol
XxWHITE RICExX (4 days ago)
to show you the power of Flex Tape i shot a whole in this man!!!!!!!
XxWHITE RICExX (4 days ago)
thats a lot of DAMAGE!!!! why not use flex tape?
unknown dude (4 days ago)
Like a tampon
Booyahkahshah shah (4 days ago)
::thinking Bounty is the quicker picker upper::
HaughtyFrenchman (4 days ago)
Apparently you can't use this on like 80% of the body (vital organs and a lot of arteries) so this invention is pretty much useless unless you're lucky enough to get shot in just the right place. Yeah.
RedBeard (4 days ago)
They should bring these to FBI dance parties.
jason todd (4 days ago)
So it's an expanding sponge 🤔 didn't we already have these
murf9900- TM (4 days ago)
Won’t this just cause blot clots
Divine Feline (4 days ago)
Is this what iron man used
Genaire Kleipe-Green (4 days ago)
AMD HBB (4 days ago)
Or you don't fight someone else's fight to invade countries
Dentron Gaming (4 days ago)
It compressing and making the woumb wider, it must be painful.
C A R f a c t s (4 days ago)
In South Africa we use tampons
William Nelson (4 days ago)
That is very cool...someone was thinking here. ..I hope this saves a lot of lives.
john2earth (4 days ago)
Gunshot Tampon.
angel munguia (4 days ago)
It's a fucking tampon for gunshot wounds. Why didn't they think of this sooner.
Scoot (4 days ago)
Tactical Tampon
Bob Will (4 days ago)
U can buy these at the store they are called magic grow capsules lmao. I put these in my bath
sweiland75 (4 days ago)
or you could just not start wars
Johnny Law (4 days ago)
Washable Junk (4 days ago)
Looks like tampon which use to be used.
Mr.ManMakesLotsOfCan (4 days ago)
I don't trust putting something from a chemical lab into my open wound if I get shot.
Mike Richardson (4 days ago)
Damn good idea it will help untill he is transported to a field hospital
Chris Ho (4 days ago)
I don't want a simulation I want a real wounded guy to use that and I'll believe in it
Grimshaw Grummage (4 days ago)
this is thew sort of shit that government department buy in hundreds of millions but soldiers never use as they'd prefer to used compression bandages to stop bleeding
Guy8t4 (4 days ago)
And 1 tube will cost a million dollars!
Golden1_1Dragon (4 days ago)
I need Healing
GDI (4 days ago)
this looks like a terrible idea
daddyjankie (4 days ago)
*Wound Tampon* 🤔
Deaf And Destruction (4 days ago)
Tampons have been around for decades, old news
Deagan G (4 days ago)
Good, but still remember muscle damage, bone damage, or other internal organ damage, lead poisining, infection
Cole Mair (4 days ago)
Great job... also super glue works pretty well to
It must hurt like a bitch when it expands in your wound
Star ! (4 days ago)
Vibranium my brother lmao 😂
the daily shed (4 days ago)
Couldn't you just stick a tampon in the wound instead 😂😂
NoisyPl@net (4 days ago)
I just put toilet papers in the wound 😂
Yami Bones (4 days ago)
wait wait wait wait... it's just ONE pellet you put into the sound to stop it right? not the ENTIRE syringe-thing, right???
jaimsish (4 days ago)
That's the stuff I get in my Amazon packages 😑
haris becic (4 days ago)
Theres superglue you know?
royal759 (4 days ago)
Vicks vaporub heals bullet wounds since 1890
Bluelight Gaming (4 days ago)
Tampons have already been invented.
Hazenberg (4 days ago)
These are just compressed Tampons
B Bee (4 days ago)
Regular Tampons have been used for this.for while, what is the difference?
clint 1725 (4 days ago)
Tampons boys ffs
Selvyn Quijada (4 days ago)
Yeah, I got something better; don't go into the military.......duh!
Julie.S (5 days ago)
So a giant applicator with mini tampons inside....
No (5 days ago)
* Gets shot * * Uses this * * runs back into battle *
Madd Hawk (5 days ago)
Grunt TheRunt (5 days ago)
Our medics carried tampons...
Humayan Kabir (5 days ago)
Why haven't I heard or seen this anywhere 4 Fucking years later!
Melvin Jansen (5 days ago)
Wow,.. Tampons
Anthony Hernandez (5 days ago)
It's funny a guy took a picture while he was bleeding out with the product
Kaloyan Trayanov (5 days ago)
coldogno7 (5 days ago)
does it work on anus,to stop diarrhea?
Harrisonbates1209 (5 days ago)
Nice to see our soldiers live being saved by tampons
Martin Berglöf (5 days ago)
UrbanDogMil (5 days ago)
Problem it has to be surgically removed but still a good quick fix if the soldier is getting air lifted anyways
Belg4Life (5 days ago)
How is this even helpful? You put something in a wound that hurts, and it even expands in the wound. How painful! and the sponges could get lost or cause infection so easily.
Vile Crocodile (5 days ago)
I thought the same thing but i guess more soldiers must have been dying from blood loss than infection.
Joe Bill (5 days ago)
In other news: ISIS just learned how to use bandages
Only Coldbones (5 days ago)
so a tampon for an open wound
Anonymous Suomynona (5 days ago)
If a girl has her period, can you use this instead? 🤔
Will Polite (5 days ago)
It’s a tampon!!
Schiff Granger (5 days ago)
_Ah, that's awesome. What if it were to burst out of you like Alien, though?_
Lu (5 days ago)
We need this in the neighborhoods around america, just post it to a light pole every other block.
AdamNoHoes (5 days ago)
Why don't we stop war while we're doing things
Robert Dawson (5 days ago)
Like a tampon
Strat O'Catster (5 days ago)
Why not just use a tampon?
humpty (5 days ago)
Quick I need a tampon we need to stop the bleeding....from his leg you sick mind I can see it now
lamboman68 (5 days ago)
But not many people die from getting shot they mainly get killed by ieds and other ordnance
Nipun Kothare (5 days ago)
Comment section - how is this a tampon ? Tampons absorb fluid, this one expands on contact with fluid.. there's a massive difference
Kyle Robinson (5 days ago)
Heres a idea for soilders to stop gunshot wounds how about u dont go to war killing people like savages and realise that love and peace is the only way to stop wars War is disgraceful and not atall honourable murder is murder no matter how u wrap the word up
Cracka (5 days ago)
So expandable hand towels in a wound. nice
Anthony Lane (5 days ago)
You mean flex seal?

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