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RV Road Trip West: Free Camping in the Rita Blanca Grasslands & Going RV Shopping!

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Text Comments (282)
Carolyn's RV Life (7 months ago)
Scarlett, not Tara... lol. Tara is the house! :-P
OnlyMyPOV (7 months ago)
Larry@5280 The term “civilization” is historically fluid. https://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=119918
OnlyMyPOV (7 months ago)
Larry@5280 😂!
Larry@5280 (7 months ago)
OnlyMyPOV......Touche'......the best defense is a good offense. A well thought- out plan is key, as you (and Carolyn)have done. Too many jump into this lifestyle out of necessity or being convinced that it's the only way to live to "stick it to the man." I believe everyone should live as they want and not as society dictates, and as long as you're doing that, you have my admiration. Best of luck !!   ( I wish you could convince my friends and family that I've been civilized)
OnlyMyPOV (7 months ago)
Larry@5280 Thanks for your POV. I never give up. I adapt a different offense by studying my enemy. The Establishment has legions of bureaucrats entrenched in their system erroneously termed “civilization”. You’ve been civilized. I’ve gone rogue.
Leshia Gambrel (7 months ago)
Carolyn's RV Life, I've watched this video at least 3 times and gave a Like too. But when I came back to see the vid my thumbs up was gone. Is it me...? Hmm? I don't know. But anyway enjoying seeing where you're at and what you're up to. Be safe, scary bees could've gotten you if you'd got out. They attacked Matilda instead., and take care. Will be watching to see where you hunker down next! :)
PrincessofErised (4 months ago)
Selling is the easy part, deciding to sell is the hard part. lol
French from 97-4 (7 months ago)
Why don't you install a map to show where you are ?
Donna McGuffin (7 months ago)
The Mississippi mosquitoes are horrific 😳
Donna McGuffin (7 months ago)
Hello, I am really enjoying your travels!!! I’m a Texas girl now ... but I was so surprised to see you were in a forest so very close to where I grew up in Mississippi 😃 The woods are very dense .... and SO very full of wildlife ... including black bears and big cats ....but my whole life I never saw them except on wildlife hidden cameras 😆. You may have sensed some of those wild creatures ..... because they remain hidden from people at all cost .... they are SO afraid of people. Lots n lots of animal sounds though ! You are more brave than I 😎
Lynn Sanders (7 months ago)
I had no pull over issues also😣
Carolyn Mihelcic (7 months ago)
Dang girl you could have been in kansas...
K Butler (7 months ago)
Engaging w/like mined people is good...
Ladybug Sarah (7 months ago)
🐝🐝🐝🐝Maybe if you put out sugar water for the bees 🐝🐝🐝they would be happy and leave you alone. 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 That's probably what they are looking for. 🐝🐝🐝 🍃🐞🌿
imfreetobeme8 (7 months ago)
So glad you are getting a better RV...I should probably watch the vlogs in order...lol
Kathryn Kenyon (7 months ago)
HA! YOU N CAPONE MATCH!!! I'd be the hell careful with bees swarming like that with no provocation!
Jay G (7 months ago)
Wow, Carolyn; Way to monetize your channel with the Friendly Store -- Nice !
Craig Gleichmann (7 months ago)
Want to see new rv friendly Craig long island. Yeaaaaaa for you I'm excited
All American (7 months ago)
I can't wait to see what you name the new traveling pad! I bet you'll come up with something really cool!
Lost On Land Again (7 months ago)
You got some great shots in this video. That sunset! Wow! Sad to see Matilda go, but I totally get it.
Darryl Drax (7 months ago)
😢 for Matilda 😊 For you to be moving on 👏👍😉
geoff hayes (7 months ago)
i just love your videos. i am soon to be doing what you are doing. i am in the process of building my RV trailer and preparing to retire soon. the areas that you go ad have visited are so interesting to me. how did you find some of the places you've been to. i want to visit every state in the union and see everything i can. keep up the vids i love them
Theresa Wooten (7 months ago)
Dang lady...thanks for the heads up. Be safe An hour call??
LovingAtlanta (7 months ago)
😔Poor Matilda....someone will want her. One person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. Maybe she’d benefit someone who just wants her as shelter to live in (she’s still good for that purpose) and plans to let her sit stationary and live the rest of her senior years on land (maybe a farm or Slab City) without too much driving or moving around. Thanks for sharing your journey. Everything will be okay. Everything will work out for your betterment. Wishing you the best. 🤗💞🤗
LovingAtlanta (7 months ago)
👍I love checking in to watch your videos. Yeah, no...🐝🐝 sorry we can’t do bees comfortably. Lovely sunset. 😍
Diane Coats (7 months ago)
Thanks for dispersing some bees.
diane m (7 months ago)
Well at least you have your marketing job, so you can finance a newer one.. That's a blessing from what i been told, a lot of people don't have steady income while traveling...
sheila hagadone (7 months ago)
I don’t know WHY Youtube is doing this to you!!!!! I watch your videos when they come out at night & the next day they are GONE!!!!! I wish there was something we could do to help you!!!! DAMN YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!
Hope the shopping goes well. Maybe you can sell Matilda on consignment and still get something for her. Beautiful sunset shots - your camera seems to really capture the colours (Canadian spelling) well. Hang in there!
Carolyn's RV Life (6 months ago)
Thank you very much Beverley
I have a song I wrote about old RV's. It's called, 'Teller of Tales'. It's a waltz I wrote from the perspective of a 50 year old RV looking back. The chorus is: "I'm not the biggest or the fastest, but I hope I'm the longest lastest. I'm a true teller of tales till the end, so come with me and we'll go along that dotted line and say so long to the past. Just wave and smile." If I see you at the RTR Ill play it for ya.
Levi Hawk (7 months ago)
Why are you saying you can't sell an RV that you are obviously traveling across the country in? Unless you buy a new RV you can and more than likely will have issues with it too. So I don't get it. I do get being frustrated but if you just put new tires on and new brakes ...you'll end up doing the same with your next used rig...So is this just frustration talking? I think you should keep what you already know and avoid surprises !
Levi Hawk (7 months ago)
Much is now owned by large corporations...they put a few cows on it get out of paying taxes etc. They don't want farmers they want share croppers and leases and over all control of the crops the land and the prices. People forget about Farm Aide...that was not in the 30s it was in 1985.
Debra Allison (7 months ago)
Really enjoying your videos. Be safe and keep recording your journey!
Rhonda Weber (7 months ago)
Oh no, that was too short!
Steph W (7 months ago)
I gave my rv to a charity. Got a bigger deduction than I would’ve gotten if I sold it.
Elaine Broskie (7 months ago)
Driving over those rough roads is a bit Mad Maxxy.
Sarah Tree (7 months ago)
Hey at least your rig is getting you to the place where you can look at an other one. AND she is still going! Not dead just yet! :-)
Alice In VanLand (7 months ago)
Can’t wait to see your new rig! I love the sweater! 🙂 ❤️Safe❤️Travels❤️
Christine Roberson (7 months ago)
You know, you make us so much a part of your life that I think I am as excited about you getting a new RV as you are! Woo Hoo!!
AsTheWheelsTurn (7 months ago)
seems like you have just about replaced everything on that rig already what is wrong with it now that makes it unsalable?Id be willing to bet you can still get some $ for it,at least a few grand since it runs drives and stops. someone with some mechanical ability might not think as much of the problems you are feeling are a big deal so dont sell yourself short! really you should be able to get about as much as you paid for it unless the engine is blown or the transmission is no good which doesnt seem to be the case.
Class C Chaos (7 months ago)
I am sure you can get something for her on CraigsList. Maybe even bonus $ since she has celebrity status 😊 happy trails to you both as you go your separate ways.
Class C Chaos (7 months ago)
You got your money's worth out of her. I am certain you can post her on Craigs List and get something for her. Good luck!
Shauna Luangraj (7 months ago)
Near Dallas is the BEST place to get an RV for amazing prices...msrv in Alvarado. When you.. you can rent a golf cart (free) and look at all the used. That is where we shopped. they will consign Matilda as well.
Shauna Luangraj (7 months ago)
Oh Texas 😍😍 Hi, from Austin :-)
There must be someone out there who would love to have Matilda. One man's junk another man's treasure they say. The sunset was fantastic the trees made it extra special. The further west you go the happier you seems to be getting. The Stress is leaving your face.
Terry (7 months ago)
I really wish you the Best. :)
Jeffrey Weeks (7 months ago)
You ought to give Matilda away on your channel or donate as a home to a needy homeless person.
Desiree Webster (7 months ago)
Beautiful sunset/sunrise?and birdsong—wow...love these beauty shots...nice music backgrounds too
James Justus (7 months ago)
Excited to see what you get!
Rena Huchingson (7 months ago)
Nothing like the flat lands of West Texas. That is where I was born. In Childress Texas. The rest of my brothers and sisters were born in Quanah Texas. Then I ended up in East Texas. Lots of trees but still boring as heck. Good luck on Matilda. God bless you and Capone.💜💜
Turnofevent809 (7 months ago)
Matilda has a value, fix back end simple repairs, window, clean it up, put items in storage, sell first, then buy new rv. Consignment or put on Craigslist, frankly it is not in all that bad shape, 5-7k value, check out others on line for value, condition. happy travels
centralohio1974 (7 months ago)
Great video Carolyn! You know life has to be pretty good when you're bored and still look happy.
Wally Jordan (7 months ago)
Amazing skies. I could enjoy those for a while in spite of the nothingness of the landscape. The shot with the wind energy along with the oil drill was pretty neat as well. As always, love your videos. May you be abundently blessed with direction and wisdom for decisions with Matilda.
Nancy Gebhardt (7 months ago)
Matilda served you well.... Freedom that's what she gave you.... You learned... You grew... Freedom .... Would you do it again???? I absolutely think you would..... She was your roots.... She gave you room to grow.... You would do it all over again for the same outcome... I watched from the beginning .... I know you would.... Absolutely!
Nancy Gebhardt (7 months ago)
Cheaper than rent tho
Kyle Higgins (7 months ago)
I donated my camper (same style as yours) to Kars4Kids - they sold it for $5K and I got a nice tax deduction!
Sandra Clarke (7 months ago)
HOLY SHIT CAROLYN! As I watched the first few minutes of your video I thought about all the empty dush bowl houses you passed and the last scene of Gone With The Wind when Scarlett realizes that Tara, land, place, is what's most valuable in her life. Then you mentioned the last scene about having tomorrow. Cosmic connection or what!?!? LOL. I've been watching videos about Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada and Zita Cobb's comments about "place". I envy her rooted sense of "place" on Fogo Island. I move around so much as a child and teenager. I don't have the same sense of place that Zita Cobb has. She was born on Fogo Island, went away to college, had incredible financial success ($69 million), retired in her 40's, and moved back to Fogo Island to start the non-profit Shorefast Foundation. She invested her own $40 million to support Fogo Island residence's business and art. I don't have the desire to ever go back to where I was born. But I do have a different sense of place. I think once I hit the road, my sense of place will once again evolve to where "place" doesn't have to be "land". Sandra
Robin Goldsmith (7 months ago)
Out of CONcern please use a seat belt. I love your  video's and enjoy the ride.
Jimbeaux (7 months ago)
I see you found one of our beautiful Texas sunsets! They are legendary.
Carrie Mtn (7 months ago)
No advertising. :-/ I hope they are not messing with you again. Great sunsets though. It makes a persons’ soul happy to see a prairie sunset. Thanks
marcellinasfigaro (7 months ago)
I am enjoying the music and how your matching it up to your videos.
Gary Allen (7 months ago)
Again no seat belt ! What kind of message are you trying to send?
diverdan551 (7 months ago)
Above a certain tonnage of weight class seat belts and using them are optional in most/many states, it is not illegal to drive without them....Case in point, how many school buss's have you seen with seat belts installed for the children or passengers???
TJ McCaskill (7 months ago)
I would love to have Matilda, to park on our property.
Cathie Dawson (7 months ago)
What happened with the bees?
Cathie Dawson (7 months ago)
Is that your new sweater? Pretty!
Fernweh Ric (7 months ago)
Lol! Most of my family is from Ok and I grew up in Colleyville Tx. Some of my best memories are from camping in a pop up and our 82 Dodge conversion van. Now I travel with my rescue pups as much as I can in my 93 georgie boy 30' class a.. lots of restoration love! So fun to see this video. Memorys!!!!! Thanks
Trilby Arnold (7 months ago)
For a tired old lady Matilda put on her brave face and carried you many many beautiful miles, sheltered you and taught you, but now deserves to rest and you deserve a new mount to carry you through the next phase with new lessons to teach, new ventures to share. If smaller, more opportunities open up . If from a dealer , mortgage payments may prove smaller than your repair costs have been and she may have a good warrantee period.I'm imagining that Matilda's upkeep has cost no more than your rent would have been and it seems you have had a far better life with her than would have been with your apartment. Follow your instincts and the right rig will be there for you. It will be fun to go shopping with you.
Rick Fletcher (7 months ago)
Atilda seems to be running and pulling strong, don’t under estimate her value. Good luck!!!
Larry Caruso (7 months ago)
Carolyn & Capone rock!!!!!!
mary henrich (7 months ago)
do a bus....shirt bus or half bus would fit where you go...
Daniela Furlan (7 months ago)
Donated, and get proper taxes purpose slip.
Daniela Furlan (7 months ago)
Back roads are boring....And is Oklahoma.....the flat state....that's what I call
James Bonner (7 months ago)
Good luck on finding a new RV and selling Matilda.
Mark Hooton (7 months ago)
Nothing but bees stickers hornet's at most west Texas rest areas. Someone made a comment west is best. They are right. I love the rocky Mountain states.
CG (7 months ago)
So excited to see out if you will find a new RV. I think it’s the right decision for what that’s worth lol. Just wishing the best for you I guess. Matilda did her best and will understand. 😊
Jude W (7 months ago)
Was that your voice that said "This'll work" at 1:18 in the video. Was it a evp (If it was, it was grade "A" evp) , you or company in the drive. It sounded like a young teen boy talking. Nice choices of instrumental music. Beautiful sunset capture. You would probably get money for parts from Matilda for those needing them.
Irene Humphries (7 months ago)
Hope you found your RV. Love Albuquerque
Marilyn Dennison (7 months ago)
No ads for me.
Marilyn Dennison (7 months ago)
I could smell the coffee and admired your new sweater.. Gorgeous sunset photography and bird audio. So relaxing. Good luck in your RV quest.
Renea Taylor (7 months ago)
Hey there was a tree!2000years later, there’s another tree!
Gary Leitz (7 months ago)
Wish you the best! And don’t forget to keep smiling.
Southern Adventures (7 months ago)
Good morning Ms Carolyn, did you ever figure out where those Bee's came from? I ain't no fan of Bee's! Lol Great vid as always.
Deva Kolb (7 months ago)
I guess all those bees thought you were the Luch wagon. Bla ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Carol Quirk (7 months ago)
Good Luck RV Shopping!
annieann62 (7 months ago)
Sorry to see Matilda go but excited for the journey of new home shopping. Good luck!
holy cow (7 months ago)
I love Albuquerque. Take some time to enjoy it. Good luck on your RV buy.😁
Betty Smith (7 months ago)
I wouldn't have camped there either, with all those bees! Smart move getting out of there Yea, it may be time to put Matilda out to pasture in the big RV park in the sky. Another commenter had a good suggestion of maybe, after seeing what $ you can get out of Matilda at a RV trade-in, stopping also at a savage yard with all the new components you've added recently - you might get a good deal there because of resale of parts (Sorry, Matilda!).
kavita deva (7 months ago)
A long boring drive where you look outside 1 hour and 3 hours later it looks exactly like what it looked like before the scenery never changes it just goes on and on and on. But the skies were beautiful really lovely. And the sunset was amazing truly amazing. I am glad your looking for new Wheel Estate. Exciting.
William Brookshire (7 months ago)
Very professionally done
Cyrenne (7 months ago)
It seems many many folks (myself included) have been plagued by break downs of some sort or another these last months of 2017. I know your videos are days/weeks behind, but I wish you blessings and luck in your upcoming days. Keep driving towards warmth and sun... and leave all those grey troubles behind. <3
Linda Schneidewind (7 months ago)
Welcome to my world living on the plains. I actually live in KS but about the same scenery driving. Sorry Matilda is on her last leg. Best of luck finding a new RV. I often use Scarlett's quote from Gone With the Wind in life. Safe travels.
Kathleen Rojas (7 months ago)
You and Capone are Th e best
Frederick Bowman (7 months ago)
Frederick Bowman (7 months ago)
hi you are a free Bird. kind, Good, Sweet. like all your Videos. TN.
Carla LaFata (7 months ago)
Another day of your lovely life! Good luck with your find, you deserve the best! Peace & Love!
Burnie B (7 months ago)
Yea its a house haha, good luck on the new rv
Jeff Hardy (7 months ago)
Camping World has put out that they will buy all used RV's! Just a thought!
Carolyn's RV Life (7 months ago)
yeah, it's just a matter of how much they'll by it for. lol
dcijams M. BRADY (7 months ago)
You must be on 412 west, yep that's one boring roadway. I averaged 10 to 13 hours a day on my Honda Goldwing. nothing changes, no hills, no trees, just flat boring plains.
TheOldFarmersWife (7 months ago)
Awe....too bad you didn't go a bit north from Boise City, OK, instead of heading south. The Black Mesa (on OK & NM border) is gorgeous & the drive west from there is beautiful. Miles & miles of nothing is what we love about this part of the US. No huge crowds of people, plenty of fresh air & sunshine. And let's not forget the friendliest people you'll ever meet 😀 💕
Patricia D.L. (7 months ago)
Beautiful sunset
Yvette Rankin-Hill (7 months ago)
I am glad you are selling Matilda. I am hoping your next RV is mechanically sound and won't leave you on the side of the road. You have given it your all and deserve something safer (preferably with intact windows!). Your in my home state, but not the pretty part, lol. Come visit Austin and the Texas Hill Country. I am sure you are gone now. Hopefully negotiating for you new RV.
sue yates (7 months ago)
Beautiful sunsets thanks for sharing.
John Koster (7 months ago)
Boring ass driving. Lol.
Judith Brummett (7 months ago)
If you cant sell it PLEASE! do not scrap it... GIFT to someone who needs a home. It would be amazing
Joe O (7 months ago)
You should make a coffee commercial.  I don't like the taste of coffee, but you make it look so comforting. The Oklahoma pan handle was called "No Mans Land", before Oklahoma became a state.  Outlaws seeked refuge from the law there.  Kansas and Texas didn't claim it, so when the "Indian Territory" wanted to become a state, the pan handle area was assigned as a condition of forming a state in 1907. On the rare occasion that the wind is not blowing, the silence will make your ears ring.  You can hear one car from over a mile away. P.S.  Matilda doesn't love you back.

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