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$3 Fries Vs. $100 Fries

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Text Comments (22103)
BuzzFeedVideo (29 days ago)
Follow us on instagram! https://instagram.com/buzzfeedworthit
Icy Brian (3 days ago)
CikosOnly I
JOEY (6 days ago)
BuzzFeedVideo G
Hayden Hibbs (12 days ago)
BuzzFeedVideo OMG r u kyler from Cobra Kai
ANGEL M26 (12 days ago)
BuzzFeedVideo do poutine
David Gottfried (53 minutes ago)
Boil em', mash em', stick em' in a stew...
cheritos (1 hour ago)
$3 for fries is not cheap, that’s expensive.
Irving Zagada (1 hour ago)
I like how the producers decided to put worth it and unsolved in the universe and time line
Mariam Sargsyan (3 hours ago)
ACTUALLY French fries were made in Belgium not France. The origins of the French fry have been traced back to Belgium, where historians claim potatoes were being fried in the late-1600s. According to local Belgian lore, poor villagers living in Meuse Valley often ate small fried fish they caught in the river.
SmithMakoa 27 (3 hours ago)
chocolate malt + french fries = HEAVEN
Mari Lorinie Catabay (3 hours ago)
Ryan's unsolved impersonation was so spot on!!
Eric Jian (3 hours ago)
i saw an ali-a ad on this video
Lourdes Solano (5 hours ago)
The curly fry guy looks like the 7ft guy
leya chang (8 hours ago)
Aren’t normal fries vegan
Stephanie Ramirez (10 hours ago)
Conspiracy theory Hey what's up you guys
majooismajor (11 hours ago)
that was furious pete wasn't it
majooismajor (11 hours ago)
pomme (de terre) frites bitches
Irsia Love (13 hours ago)
omg macarons?!! please make it happen
SanxCatxNaru4ewa (13 hours ago)
"We want French Fries but we don't wanna go to France..." French Fries are actually from Belgium but... Yeah, Canada is still the closest thing if you don't wanna go to Europe, I guess 😂
Christian Pratt (13 hours ago)
If that wasn’t the best unsolved impression I’ve ever heard 😂
NecessityLilac (13 hours ago)
Ughhhh I need to stop watching these food videos at night
Max Gosselin (14 hours ago)
This "poutine" is an insult to Montreal, Quebec, and Canada. Shame on you guys :/
Bún Tú (14 hours ago)
Wait! Why is there “Banh mi” at 8:46 :v good to see it there :))
Zero Flame (14 hours ago)
I feel like Steven frets was on mom Vs chef, which is buzzfeed aswell, not many of u new folks know that
Jay (14 hours ago)
I've been watching 'Worth it' all day and I swear I'd eat the last one all by myself (In less than 20 minutes)
Ernie Carrillo (14 hours ago)
Lady has a nice butt
Mehh Rapha (16 hours ago)
I love the unsolved reference
Arash Qe (17 hours ago)
i think furious pete is the one that ate it in 22 mins
Julian Reguindin (17 hours ago)
Wastin all that Putin, smh
Julian Reguindin (17 hours ago)
Poutine, sorry autocorrect
Aperture Labs logo spotted, Portal 3 confirmed!
The thumbnail isn't a bowl of fries. It's a bowl of replicas of my engagement ring.
DeaDHackS Team (18 hours ago)
That women in love restaurant she is french ;P monsieur madames tout le monde means like a common thing its hard to explain what it means xD
Ripper Racer (18 hours ago)
i could have help yall eat that 100 dollar fries if i had not ate for the whole day
Thomas Lopez (18 hours ago)
For the last time,FRIES ARE MADE IN BELGUIM!!!!!
Caity Bear (19 hours ago)
French fries originated in Belgium
Papa Nurgle (19 hours ago)
Aren't fries originally Belgian though?
fluffy woman (19 hours ago)
my brother weighs less than the poutine
fluffy woman (19 hours ago)
he's also 4 months old
Shaima Jaffor (19 hours ago)
This reminds me of *Big Marvel*
Rhi B (19 hours ago)
Have a good day! Have a good day! Have a good day! Have a good day!
Christina Nuncio (20 hours ago)
I love the Kimchi Fries from Chilantro in Austin! I would LOVE to try the ones from this episode!
awkward army (20 hours ago)
Where are all of my french canadiannnnnnnnns
Chloe Devera (21 hours ago)
French fries are from Belgium hdjsjcjskxw
OD1N (21 hours ago)
Bruh, that Shane impression tho
Runar Andersen (23 hours ago)
Fineally Adam got enough food.
SkunK Bud (23 hours ago)
So your telling me that the one guy who completed the heart attack challenge thin consumed 15 pounds of food. He must have not ate for 4 days.
Cats Are the best (1 day ago)
Next time on worth it 5 dollar tree vs 5000 dollar tree
Georgia MSP (1 day ago)
Fries are from Belgium...💀
Tristin C (1 day ago)
When Steven was baffled at them making fun of how he says ”potato” 😂
Wesley James Reyes (1 day ago)
those vegan fries look soooo gooooddddddddd
Wikyi Wahyudi (1 day ago)
1$ Rendang vs 10$ Rendang
Barbara Kockova (1 day ago)
I'm really sorry guys, you don't know that french fries actually come from Belgium. I'm offended.
Reggie (1 day ago)
I love how they're always dragging on Unsolved
35thekd (1 day ago)
heart attack ? more like colossal waste of food
farah ain (1 day ago)
Do grilled cheese plsss
Taïma Lalumière (1 day ago)
I come from Montréal!!!!
zStorm100 (1 day ago)
Feel so sad because you dont go to Montreal for good poutine , Montreal is full of Bio-Diversity which tried to make there own vision of poutine , True poutine is in Quebec outside of Montreal
hazel corty (1 day ago)
11:10 pm and i still havent eaten breakfeast
DeathstrokeTT (1 day ago)
As a Belgian, this hurts so much
Tobias Knudsen (1 day ago)
before read moon fvzbxp patch hate emotion garden preference differ compensation.
Rachel Gee (1 day ago)
try pickle brine and perrier carbonated water.
Bibble Bobble (1 day ago)
VIPANDA (1 day ago)
They didn’t have to go to France anyway French fries originated from Belgium
Thomas Britton (1 day ago)
$100 for fries tf
Rosetta Wu (1 day ago)
Who can eat kimchi ? Me(not Korean but am Asian)
Joshua Urbina (1 day ago)
Do they pay for it
DJFusionT (1 day ago)
Lemme guess. The 100 fries has truffles in them.
Eduard Serquina (1 day ago)
I would take your 100dollar and buy it in that dollar fries it's still good
Joseph Warren (1 day ago)
this whole series is just an excuse to eat fancy and travel at the expense of its viewers.
Ariane Li (1 day ago)
hoffy1222 (1 day ago)
You should come to Disney world and do quick service, table service, and signature dinning!
Sam Wouters (1 day ago)
nah nah fries dont come from france
Ben Bohlken (1 day ago)
"What's poutine?" Us Canadians are triggered.
Doff M (2 days ago)
Do Bandeja paisa 🇨🇴
Liana Kim (2 days ago)
Nia Verbeck (2 days ago)
Shoulda gone to potato champion in portland OR
Kindred1a1 (2 days ago)
14:30 God you can tell they're in Montreal just by the looks of the cracked street lol
CBizTV (2 days ago)
But what is kimchi tho? I like the Champion shirt switched with the word Chinese. Coolness.
Cindy Hua (2 days ago)
*no mcdonalds?*
Mysterious Stranger (2 days ago)
But french fries are from Belgium...
Rosalie Turcotte (2 days ago)
FF 8:remake (2 days ago)
dude, dont you know coloring your hair causes cancer.
Jonas Marschall (2 days ago)
14:53 best part of this video
Rosie Faid (2 days ago)
Can you do a Worth It episode of either English or American breakfast plz?
Matthew Nguyen (2 days ago)
10:58 *Montreal-sity
Shady Unicorn (2 days ago)
Its 2 am at night here 8n India and am getting ready for some fries dammm
madmanu r (2 days ago)
actually french fries are belgian
ItsYaBoyEmile (2 days ago)
Why doesn't the world know that Fries ARE FROM BELGIUM , GOOGLE IT makes me so angry as a humble Belgian : p
septicye sam (2 days ago)
We need to get Matt stonie to watch this
TheKid55 (2 days ago)
Aren’t vegan and vegetarian food the same?
Jonathan Lew (2 days ago)
5:20 I’m not tying to judge but why did she said food like that?
Jennifer G (2 days ago)
My favorite parts are always the cameraman eating the leftovers at the end
Stephanie Osorio (2 days ago)
French fries aren’t French, they’re from Belgium
Kiely Newsome (2 days ago)
Fríes aren’t French, you guys should’ve went to Germany that would’ve been amazing
Luana Clee (2 days ago)
Finally enough food left for Adam
Julie Julie (2 days ago)
100$ in Montreal is almost like 180$ in the US. They should have taken quebecer and canadian taxes + the value of the dollar in consideration.
Pontus RoS (2 days ago)
Chocolate chip Kookie (2 days ago)
"well don't say hE'S aN aLiEn" 😂
Maria pinkie (2 days ago)
6:10 the way she says sriracha is so french
llama keffy gaming (3 days ago)
Do chicken nuggets?
Sophia Tamayo (3 days ago)
Oh no someone hurry up and give Adam a sock so he can be freeee 🧦
Genesis Alvarado (3 days ago)
why is nobody talking about how perfect Andrew's Ryan and Shane impressions were
Catelyn Vans (3 days ago)
Ready.. “potat.. “friendship” O”
Jonah Barber (3 days ago)
These are the two most uninteresting people ever
Resurrecting Gamer (3 days ago)
French fries aren't from France there from Canada

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