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Min-Pin Warning 2

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Follow up to clarify my warning to future dog owners...
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Scubooty (6 months ago)
From my experience, it's mainly the bitches that bark too much. This is not a regular breed. They are much more fun than other dogs, but they do probably do better with people who are used to taking care of them. They can't resist a warm blanket. Covered up with warmth is what they like. These are mentally tough dogs. So, no I don't think this bitch is scared of him (they aren't scared of very much.)
kimberleypolitano (8 months ago)
I have 6 min pins aging from 7 years old to 5 months. 3 of them I adopted only a year ago and the puppy arrived here in October 17.  3 females and 3 males. Only 1 male, 5 years old, is a semi problem dog. because everything belongs to him, and he has to bark frequently, to let the other dogs know he's the alpha. The girls are perfect, calm and 99% obedient, the boys are a bit more independent and about 95% obedient, barking being the big issue with the 1 dog mentioned..  I have had dogs all my life and have taken some to training classes. You have to let all dogs know you are the alpha male/female and be consistent. My wife babies them mostly, so they usually don't pay her much attention when she wants them to obey her.   Sam P.
Martha Ingram (1 year ago)
I knew nothing about the breed... fell in love at first sight with our min-pin, Roscoe.  He is everything you say here.  The collar works on him as well, in fact, just showing him the collar makes him behave.  But he is a lover and I feel so lucky that he is good with kids.  Hates our teenage neighbor though even after 5 years:)
Donna Stewart (1 year ago)
OH yea ! My daughter 's 10 year old min pin ( who we love ) knows we don't like him to kick up dirt with his back legs. It isn't like he kicks up dirt to cover his doo, this would be normal. He kicks up dirt just to kick up dirt, and he pays no attention to who is behind him. He knows this is a "NO" but after you say "NO" he looks at you and he kicks up the dirt again ! Say "NO" again and he looks at you as he kicks up dirt again ! Bullheaded, yes. He is fearless ! He laughs at danger ! (and we love him so !) He has Addison's disease, requiring daily medication and a monthly injection. We know about the expense of a min pin. They are not for a beginner dog owner ! He is very loyal, and a very good guard dog.
S C (1 year ago)
This guy is correct. Have a min pin for 4 months now. Got her from a new family when she was 14 weeks old. She was too much for the fsmily and small children. I will just say she is definitely a hand full.
william willie (1 year ago)
We had two Min Pins. This guy's a hundred percent right.
william willie (1 year ago)
I had a female min pin She had constant eye problems. Through trial and error Jojoba oil worked very well. A couple of drops every couple days. Kept her eyes in great shape
Hannah Green (1 year ago)
I was gifted a min pin I never owned a dog before and you are right they are hard to train lol took her training classes twice after two years she is a pretty well behaved dog now but honestly lots of walks lots of love and lots of patience is needed
RA Mac (1 year ago)
Thank you for making this video!☺ The AKC site lists them as stubborn too. You explained that very well. I am a new dog owner and do not think this would be a good first dog for me now. I am also glad you mentioned the eye issue. There are a lot of min pin puppy videos but you are the only older dog owner. Again, thank you for your honesty. Nice breed, but not for me.
Robert Minick Sr (1 year ago)
Thank you. I have one.you are correct.Greta is her name .6 yrs.Had her 6 months. The tips about the collar i will do for her welfare.
magiscichoam (1 year ago)
The MinPin became such a problem that her friends stopped coming to visit her unless she locked it in a bedroom. On one occasion it escaped and attacked the boyfriend of her best friend biting him several times before he finally kicked it across the room into a wall, twice severely injuring it. Ultimately she gave it up for rescue.
magiscichoam (1 year ago)
Excellent solid advice. An improperly trained MinPin is a demon. A friend of mine purchased a MinPin puppy for his girlfriend. When it was small and cute she loved it without any setting any boundaries or training. As soon as it reached adulthood it became aggressive, vicious and a serious biter. It
es78xx (2 years ago)
get a rotweiller that would be easier to look after.
Ricky simplecommentary (4 years ago)
Thank you. I love my dogs and they all get exercised as needed. I agree all dogs need exercise, especially the ones like min-pins. The fact is I've had more dogs than you have lived years but I do appreiate you writing. Enjoy your pups but you made a mistake getting 2 at the same time. They will bond with each other instead of you. Live and learn kid. :-)
Kailee Sjoblom (4 years ago)
I wouldn't recommend a shock caller other wise they think that they are i trouble all the time even if you do scolds hem with it that's bad these guys do very well with other dogs and if you have a dog that's alone and you don't really have time to play with them there dogs will be a good companion if you do have little kids they do greT
Kailee Sjoblom (4 years ago)
Another thing I have two min pins yes they are bullheaded but there still puppies there brother and sister we have to train them still but these guys are so sweet.
Kailee Sjoblom (4 years ago)
And to who reads the comment
Kailee Sjoblom (4 years ago)
Ok really yes they are bullheaded but you gotta train them you have to be patient these dogs are very active I bet you didn't even walk her every day that's why she goes crazy towards the door and doing that with a shock callers hat pretty much torturing her they need that training other wise these dogs will think that they can do what ever they want and these dogs are a little bit over powering but if you tran them right they will know that you are in charge- to the person who made this vid..
Ricky simplecommentary (5 years ago)
If you read the last comment you saw there are those who think I'm a terrible person who mistreats our little girl. Not so. You just made my day. Thank you for writing!!!
Ricky simplecommentary (5 years ago)
You have no clue here. And as you sound like someone who is at the bottom of the command chain in your pack while your min-pin is the leader all I can say is good luck with that. If my video is diswayed anyone from getting a min-pin for children I'm thrilled. I honestly did this as a favor to this cute little bull headed breed. The collar stays and she's napping on my lap. When your dog bites your child (and it will happen) remember this video...
Jason Campey (10 months ago)
Ricky simplecommentary got two minpins and they sure are a handful. Can totally agree they are not the best breed for children or elderly.. But if you want a dog with endless energy and a huge personality and are willing to put up with what that entails then go right ahead.
mustangchick (5 years ago)
I feel so sorry that your min pin has you as her owner. Take the shock collar off her she looks scarred of you. I love my min pin and she is the best dog ever she loves my two kids and all my family. You said you are not slamming the breed well you sure did a good job of it in this video.

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