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Road Trip Alaska: Oregon, Gorgeous Lake-Side Free Camping + Guns, Bombs and More Fun!

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S2 Ep 57: I find an ideal free camping spot in the national forest near Medford and Klammath Falls Or and then the bombs and guns start! Really... Comments: CarolynsRVLife@Gmail.com BUSINESS AND SPONSORSHIP INQUIRIES: Business@CarolynsRVLIFE.COM ****JOIN PATREON**** https://www.patreon.com/CarolynsRVLife ***A special Thank You to my BFF and WITT Patrons who'SE $25+/month investment helps me keep making free videos for everyone!! *** *Dave C, Patricia Iolavera, James Stokes, James Wetherill, Brenda Summers, Delaney Franson, Ochi, Rosario G. Biagan Erica Raphael, John O’Neill, Janet Marshall, Elizabeth Dodd, Valentina Mckinley, Annette Rogers, LauraStevens, Linda joy kurpiewski, Shirley Anderson, Barbara Chmelik, Linda Longstaff Bill G., Linda Allard ****SHOP TEES, HOODIES, MUGS, STICKERS AND MORE**** https://teespring.com/stores/carolyns-rv-life ***E-BOOK - YOUTUBE MARKETING GUIDE*** http://www.carolynsrvlife.com/20000-youtube-subscribers-40-days/ ****AMAZON STORE**** As an Amazon Affiliate, every purchase you make through the link below helps me earn commission! https://www.amazon.com/shop/carolynsrvlife ****CAMERA GEAR**** Cell Phone shots: Samsung Galaxy S7 : http://amzn.to/2xG52bp Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Standard (Special Thank You to "A"): http://amzn.to/2xEUrgP Main Video Camera: Sony Handycam FDR-AX33 http://amzn.to/2xJaHzd ACTION CAMERA: SJ4000 use promo code: Carolyn for 10% discount http://sjcamhd.com/shop-sj4000-series/ Tripod - Albott 70": http://amzn.to/2fVawaJ Monopod: http://amzn.to/2wY5N2h Video Editing Software: Corel VideoStudio X10: http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-8303439-12502718 MUSIC CREDITS: all music purchased and licensed through Audioblocks: Cool Retro Guitar Lasting Hope PHOTOS CREDITS: All photos and videos property of Carolyn R Higgins and Carolyn's RV Life. All Rights Reserved. CarolynsRVLife.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertisingfees by advertising and linking to amazon.com
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Text Comments (376)
Tina Scott (1 month ago)
Someone is hunting or Target practice, awww Capone doesn't like that loud stuff, niether do my dogs
Tina Scott (1 month ago)
Capone can get everything done that u need so much cheaper at humane society or the SPCA , much cheaper..for the tick and flea protection I buy it on line on Amazon ..much cheaper online , but he has to be checked for worms before you give him that , I believe
Tina Scott (1 month ago)
Be careful, bears are everywhere in Alaska, even in Virginia, so please be careful 💓#BEKIND -- love that saying btw !
Tina Scott (1 month ago)
Hi Carolyn! Love your videos ! I also found a great channel ,that's so motivational, it's called girl in the woods She cooks outside on a campfire, she's very uplifting too..with her lil cooking outside stuff
Maria Dias (1 month ago)
América hás beautiful places, indeed... but I wouldn’t dare to go there. People with guns are mor3 scary than any salvage animal. I’d rather meet with bears than with those humans. Be safe!
Dan Roy (1 month ago)
Great video intro/leader, very good!
Pref Ernot (1 month ago)
Carolyn, I am going to start living in our 32' RV starting the 9th! We, myself, a 48 year-old woman, and my two adult (21 and 23 year-old) children are going to start in the woods near Klamath Falls. We live in town. We have put in our month resignation, and we are now about to move the remaining of our 3-bdrm apartment belongings out. I sold everything, to include the movers' costs, for about $300! Just to move, and gave most of our things away. Anyways, I will post the video. I hope you will follow us as we follow you. I must say, you are my favorite, as we are the same age, and we come from a very similar background, from the little I know about you. We have no pets. I guess, we are our own pets to each other, if you know what I mean--good Faithful, Loyal, Loving companions. Anyways, I wanted to tell you about bears. BEARS HATE AMMONIA!!! Please get some. Put some in a spray bottle. Put it around your campsite. Spray on boots, pants if you walk. Just keep it with you. ~P
gatojj (1 month ago)
Got to love people who think just cause there camping and want the whole forest for them self other have to tiptoe around them! They where not doing it next to your camper so whats the issue?
Lone Star Travelers (1 month ago)
Beautiful camp there....unreal the gunshots and bombs...scary for sure. you answered my question in your Alaska video in this video.... good glad you have bear spray...
Eric Scott (1 month ago)
Thank you Carolyn’s wow I am happy to have you for a good show and you make the rev show good and I thank you I can said you are a down to earth woman 😄
Doug Sheets (1 month ago)
Yes they are Firearms.
Rita Richardson (1 month ago)
My suggestion are to beep your horn so that shooters know you are there!
Dave Swaisgood (1 month ago)
Hate seeing people leaving trash anywhere but in trash cans!!! Disgusting, irresponsible, lack of respect for nature and others!
Scott Edwards (1 month ago)
That was just beautiful where you stayed in this video. Is that a campsite or a national park or just a place that you found to park and stay? My wife and I would love to stay at a place like that when we start RV'ing..Thanks.
vince panico (1 month ago)
Me and Freddy love you😊
Linda Lanasa (1 month ago)
A cat killed a cyclist in Washington several days ago. Stay safe!
Robyn Gallant (1 month ago)
I respect and admire you. Hope to meet you someday. As my clock clicks down to my last day of work (June 29) and my life on the road, I will be watching as you head to Alaska. I look forward to all of your videos and hope Capone passes his exam with flying colors. You're the best!
Mike Mead (1 month ago)
Had a border collie horribly afraid of thunder. Tried swaddling, training, favorite treats and toys ..... everything but drugs. He knew 1 hour before a thunderstorm. What worked after 12 years was behavior modification using raw meat - the only treat that would even get his attention during those events. Every time he paid attention to me and divorced himself from his fear obsession - for just an instant - he got a tiny bit of raw meat. In the end he was still startled, but stayed engaged and in control AND no longer had wild eyes and trying to stuff himself between the wall and mattress. Took time and patience. Trying to find the one treat he could not say no to was the hard part. The rest was training.
Mike Mead (1 month ago)
Enjoy the wildlife. They wont attack you. Wolverines: no recorded deaths ever. Bears: 1 death per year. All kinds. Cougar: less than 1 per year Wolf: rarely even seen. Over the years some recorded bites. Moose and buffalo a bit more dangerous. Then lightning and floods. More likely to be killed by dog, cow, horse, bees, deer, etc. Even more likely to get killed by another car. DRIVE DEFENSIVELY!
Mike Mead (1 month ago)
Remember, no (zero nada) pistols or assault rifles into Canada. Riles and shotguns must be declared at border with permit.
Michelle Nite (1 month ago)
I think he needs to have a passport
Taylored Travels (1 month ago)
So upsetting to see the garbage strewn all around. Those kind of people need to be barred from using our beautiful countryside. They should have to work with inmates picking up other people's trash. Maybe that would make them think twice before raping our pristine land.
Trena Martin (1 month ago)
I love Oregon! Thanks for all the inspiration!
Amy Bagnall (1 month ago)
Thanks, dear Carolyn for making these videos. I don't know if I will ever get to the PNW. I live in the forest- surrounded by old growth trees. The canopy is the thickest I've ever seen it during the 15 years I've here. I love it- can't get enough of the green.
Carolyn's RV Life (1 month ago)
Thank you for watching Amy! I have so much more to share!! Gorgeous landscapes abound!
Red Sox! (1 month ago)
Gorgeous country! Wow they sounded like gun shots to me. Not sure what your views are to carry a gun, but I have heard a few folks talking about Bear spray and how it can blow back in the wind and cover a person with it instead of the bear .... extremely dangerous! I personally think that we need a few different back ups, I'm not a RVer and don't live permanent in America so not sure what Different options you guys have, but make no mistake about it if I could carry a gun ...I would! I was watching the TV series Yukon Men, this guy and his wife had to shoot a bear, she was also talking about her friend whom had to watch her husband mauled to death by a bear, they had no gun to protect themselves. I don't think bear attacks are frequent ....but that is irrelevant! ....It Only takes 1 to attack you when your walking in the woods ....and your screwed! All the other statistics won't mean S**t! No difference really from protection when in an RV, it Only takes 1 wrong camper to show up near you and give you some crap, if a person don't have some things to protect themselves ....they are gonna have problems! Don't think I've seen any RVer making a video on things to protect RVers. I think a few basic are vital ....baseball bat, maybe nunchucks, baton Etc. A good hunting knife has loads of great uses while camping, and a great tool to defend yourself if needed. I think protection of one's self while RVing has got to be up thier and as important as Water, Food, Heat Etc.
Norman McKinnon (1 month ago)
Just another dumb ass gun shooter. i doubt you are allowed to discharge firearms in a campground? These types respect nobody. Phone the local sheriff.
Regena Groen (1 month ago)
WOW!! Beautiful view!! Too bad for the loud gun/bomb noise, Poor Capone... Trying to catch up on my videos, We watch our 2 in a half old grandson & 2mo. old granddaughter, Thursedays is our day off of  watching. Our daughter goes to school for an LPN & works at night. So catching up. BIG HUGS to the both of you... Love ya's be safe!!!!
jamie B (1 month ago)
hi carolyn!! come to Portland, you can sleep on my couch!!
Hard road (1 month ago)
their is nothing like the north west pines hand down .just be care full. life is always good  in the pines. that sucks there was gun fire but that's the way it is sometimes in the pines its just a way of life for some folks.
Kyle Higgins (1 month ago)
Guess the gun boomers are preparing you for Alaska! So nice to see Capone!, keep those drops on hand for him. I carried Bear Bells with me when we were in the woods (they sell them all over and advise you to carry them).
KIM I (1 month ago)
i have in laws in MEDFORD too,,,the Smurzynskis.................lol...love medford,,,theaters ,raseberry picking......fishing,,,pretty
Jeep Things Outdoors (1 month ago)
I wish I could give 2 thumbs up!
Sally Savage (1 month ago)
I was born and raised in Seattle, and now live just outside the City limits. I LOVE the progressive politics here! It's such a great home base, because you can travel to so many places that aren't too awful far away. That was a beautiful camping spot you had, but WTF is it with people who dump their garbage in those beautiful places! And as for those who enjoy shooting their guns for the hell of it.....Poor Capone!
Alexsandra Rokas (1 month ago)
Do you carry bear spray when you hike?
Skip Calvert (1 month ago)
Dear Carolyn, You need to stop the RV life. You look very happy but you look like you have aged 5 years in the last year.
Jamie Rupert (1 month ago)
Carolyn's RV Life I only have a few gray hairs (I'll be 55 in 2 weeks) but when my daughter tried picking them out I told her leave them alone, I earned them. And I also go natural, have all my life. Maybelline & Cover girl never made a dime off me!! :)
Jamie Rupert (1 month ago)
Carolyn's RV Life OMG!!! I LOOOVVVEEEDD that response!!!! :)
Carolyn's RV Life (1 month ago)
Skip, I know you meant this as an insult, but I take it as a huge compliment. I could still be spending hundreds a month to look what society tells women we should look like as we age, but instead, I've chosen to go natural. If you have a problem with it, that's your issue, not mine!! hugs and kisses - big sloppy wet, gray haired, wrinkly face kisses... muah!
Stephen Gomes (1 month ago)
You should put that 5 gallon jerry can holder by your spare tire to work. Looks like you would also need a strap, but can fill the container with fuel or water for your journey to Alaska.
Sharon Nightingale (1 month ago)
Too bad your silence was disturbed by gunfire. It was a beautiful place.
Pam Coombs (1 month ago)
Its a bigfoot...lol
LovingAtlanta (1 month ago)
👍😍Wonderful scenery & views. It’s been many years since I’ve been up that way....😁it’s calling me. Everything will work out just fine on your journey to Alaska. Thanks for sharing.🤗💞🤗
PR Brookman (1 month ago)
Oh gosh that shot really scared Capone. Darn-it!!! Be safe
Eric Rodgers (1 month ago)
Thanks for the vids. ✌from Boring Oregon. P.S. they were shooting at Tannerite.
Steve Kunz (1 month ago)
Yes you can go for walks up here in AK, You just have to make lots of noise, like saying" hey bear ", they just don't like to be surprised and put a bell on Capon. Safe travels.
Steve Kunz (1 month ago)
Your very welcome Carolyn. I'm very excited for you! I came up here from San Francisco back in 1981 at the age of nineteen, it was supposed to be for a few months , I just fell in love with this place! Happy trails : )
Carolyn's RV Life (1 month ago)
Thanks Steve.
Tammy Vaughn (1 month ago)
I feel sorry for Capone. :(
Donald Raines (1 month ago)
Making me home sick!!!!
mechanic (1 month ago)
using 22long rifle to set off tana rite explosives
Life in Motion (1 month ago)
Just georgeous. Kind of soothes the soul....
Carolyn's RV Life (1 month ago)
Yes!!! <3
YTjndallas (1 month ago)
I'm all worried about your safety from bears. Capone too. Especially Capone because he might run after a bear. I hope you have bear spray. Maybe an air horn would be a good defense too. I'm typing this and now you are talking about bears yourself, lol. You don't need heartworm meds. You're out of the zone. Please read this link belowand save your hard earned money... https://terriermandotcom.blogspot.com/2008/05/billion-dollar-heartworm-scam.html
ddAdmire (1 month ago)
I have lived in Alaska all of my life and run/hike everyday and have never had a bear encounter on the trails. I have had bears on my deck and at time they have come up to the screen door at my cabin. I do carry bear spray when hiking and running just incase. At our cabin at times I carry a gun but in 24 years have never had to use it. As for fleas and heart worm in Alaska we dont have to worry about that. Now having crossed the border multiple times I have never been asked for the livestock papers on our pets but always have them. Truth be told we have never had any issues crossing into Canada the only issues we have had is getting back into the lower 48 or Alaska. It has been dramatic everytime.
David Ollikkala (1 month ago)
You should come up Highway 97/197 to The Dalles ,Oregon and then drive to Portland through the Beautiful Columbia River Gorge! You would love it-seriously majestic & beautiful. I live in this area and it is amazing. Donna Ollikkala
Janes Dough (1 month ago)
Beautiful park!  Sad to see all the littering.  Stay safe, and Happy Trails!
rjr 4949 (1 month ago)
Are you subscribed to "Alaskan Motorhome" from Fairbanks and "His and Hers VLOG" from Seward? His and Hers have videos of the trip to and from Alaska you may find interesting. The " Long Long Honeymoon" have videos too of the trip in an Airstream.
poor pooch, my lab shakes when she hears guns too.
Emilie DeLeon Reyes (1 month ago)
There is an add for evaporust tagged on the bottom of your video. I know you were wondering about the adds.
michelle stone (1 month ago)
be safe out there n have a ball doing it !!!!
michelle stone (1 month ago)
boondocking should be called ... parking in gods drive way !!
Jessie Gilbert (1 month ago)
Bear bells are a good idea in addition to the bear spray you mentioned.
Sonya Horyna (1 month ago)
The "Great Northwest" IS the beat!
Heather Renton (1 month ago)
I love your enthusiasm for the great outdoors. You are going to love BC too. I am going to follow your trip and hope we can meet up when you pass through BC. I hope to start my RV life in July!
Marianne Arcuri (1 month ago)
How are you doing with the exercise . walks and running.
Sparkie Lyle (1 month ago)
That Lake nds 2b Fished, Big-Time !
socorro scow (1 month ago)
Damn guns! Quiet is becoming extinct.
Super Day Day (1 month ago)
Look at Capone in the background he so regal looking, you can see what a good mom you are to him, keep safe to you and Capone on your travels.
Carol the Crazy Camper (1 month ago)
I thought Capone was losing his hearing? Why are you surprised when he doesn't listen to you.
Carol the Crazy Camper (1 month ago)
https://www.dfw.state.or.us/resources/hunting/ There is a spring controlled hunt of black bear. Plus you can target shoot on public lands in certain areas. Public land means public.... aka Everyone. Not just boondockers.
Carolyn's RV Life (1 month ago)
Carol, Yes, we all have a right to use public lands, I don't believe I was saying otherwise. That doesn't mean I have to enjoy the sound of gunshots and bombs going off yards from my RV. As it's a free country, I honored their freedom and left
Karen Degenhart (1 month ago)
Bob had a recent video on getting "hot spots" for internet on the road, so i am wondering what you use?
Carolyn's RV Life (1 month ago)
karen, if you do a search on my channel, you will find a coupel of videos on the topic. thanks for watching.
jlions72 (1 month ago)
Don't forgot to keep on Eye open For Big foot ...Your in his hood ......
Gigi Don't Play (1 month ago)
Cesaria Rabearivelo (1 month ago)
WOW you in Oregon...darn girl.... wow So is that trash folks left? Ain't no way in west hell I'd be walking toward what may or not may be a BEAR lol...girl... The cost of gas is HIGH, what will you be paying for petro? Love the music and views at the end..makes me kinda sad....longing....
RA Allen (1 month ago)
I wish I was going with you! In 2006 I was on a 3-week bus tour from Iowa through Canada, The Yukon, then Alaska! Flew home the last day. I was ready to spend another 2-3 weeks coming home, but, flying home was part of the scheduled trip. Still have the maps, hotel brochures & of course pics. Bawwwwwwllllll!
Scenic Driveways (1 month ago)
I - I - I , Me - Me - Me - , My - My - My .... Not a lot of information or substance to your videos . You wouldn't know the difference between an M80 and a Rifle if you held it in your hands . There is nohing wrong with people target practicing !
Carolyn's RV Life (1 month ago)
Hmmmm... 67,000 SUBSCRIBERS disagree with your assessment of my videos. Good luck and happy travels. I hope you find happiness and peace
The place is so beautiful and breathtaking. And it brakes my heart to see that people have to dump sh..t in the wood. Why do people have to be that way. Be careful on your journey. Injoy your trip.
ksgmi9898 (1 month ago)
Say hi to Burlington WA when you go bye..............
Tom (1 month ago)
the smaller gun noises were probably a 22 rifle or small hand gun...the louder ...bombs ..as you put it...were probably a shotgun...anyway they were hunters...or just recreational shooters...if your dog were around such things he would get used to it and not even notice.. my dogs did....but that's because I have done a lot of recreational shooting myself..in the past...although I'm not into shotguns...never could hit anything with one......woodsmn
C Dub's Journey (1 month ago)
Safe 🚍travels Carolyn's RV Life. Finally sliding in to watch...👍😉
C Dub's Journey (1 month ago)
Without a doubt I will. You have great content :)
Carolyn's RV Life (1 month ago)
Welcome C Dub- and i hope you enjoy being a part of the journey! <3
Irvie Martin (1 month ago)
I live in North Pole just outside of Fairbanks. My husband and I bought a log cabin here 7 years ago with the intention of moving back to Washington in a few years but fell in love with the people here and decided to stay. You shouldn't leave Alaska without checking out Chena Hot Springs. I know we are a long ways from Anchorage - the place everyone seems to visit - but we have some of the most beautiful scenery up here. And the Parks Highway is amazing! I hope you enjoy your visit, in spite of coming during tourist season. There are way too many things to see and do in one summer but I hope you make it to the interior. I'd love to visit!
Tom Condon (1 month ago)
Ex-inlaws, I call them my, "Outlaws."
Carolyn's RV Life (1 month ago)
LOL. Love that! ]
Pam Walsh (1 month ago)
You need to stay where you are, all the time, cause, you have never looked happier!
Hannah Loveanna (1 month ago)
Recently in WA two bicyclists were attacked by a cougar. One of the guys died. Be careful.
Hannah Loveanna (1 month ago)
Such a beautiful place. Why do the slobs have to ruin the majesty of such a gorgeous view? Sorry, I just don't get it.
diverdan551 (1 month ago)
Absolute True Freedom in this or any country is pretty much an illusion, name one freedom you have that is not in some way regulated,licensed or illegal ? True freedom is only found through Jesus Christ !!! He is the Way the Truth and the Life and the Truth shall set you Free!!!!!...Have a great trip into Alaska and Canada Carolyn!!!
pa777billy (1 month ago)
One reason I wouldn't want to live an rv life is that the rangers seem to like to knock on campers doors in the middle of the night and I would hate that . Why not knock on the door in the morning , afternoon or early evening . They seem to sense when a female is there . If you scream & yell at them , they might have you arrested and or have your rig towed .
India McMillan-Dickman (1 month ago)
How does bear spray scare? Is it noise/ noxious substance/ both?
MrCrazygurls (1 month ago)
That sounded like a whole bunch of fun lol
Billy Cook (1 month ago)
I'd want to head toward Alaska about the first of July.
Billy Cook (1 month ago)
I was just stating that July, August and Sept are generally the best months for that trip.
Billy Cook (1 month ago)
I won't be doing that trip again, did it two times back in the 60's before the internut and recording everything. :-)
Carolyn's RV Life (1 month ago)
Billy, awesome. I look forward to seeing your videos!
CosmicCountryGirl (2 months ago)
Call the humane society for shots you can save a lot of money.
CosmicCountryGirl (2 months ago)
That is one of my dream places to go "Oregon" I want to look for sunstones, opals, thunder eggs, agates, and petrified wood. Enjoy :)
DreamAngel1967 (2 months ago)
I sure wouldn't want to be out there with someone's bullets flying.... Sounded a little close.
David Bacon (2 months ago)
BURNING MAN 2017 videos have some interesting options for YOUR rv! Alaskans would love it!!!!!!!
Annie B. (2 months ago)
That sounds like gunshots . : 0
Penny Lee (2 months ago)
Beautiful there love yah Carolyn
Kathy Adam (2 months ago)
Wow! What a perfectly beautiful location for BOONDOCKING. Your Beautiful Smile told me just how incredibly happy you are being in the Northwest. You are beaming with happiness. Your smile puts a big smile on my face. Thank you for making my Day Better. Sounds like a 410 rifle. Darn noises interfered with our solitude. Oh CAROLYN, what a perfect shot of the reflection in the water hole. Great job !!!! Give CAPONE big hugs and sweet kisses for me. I just love his personality. 1 in a Million. Safe travels I'm so excited about your/our trip. By sharing this with all of us you help in so many ways. I personally can't thank you enough for all you have given to my life and well being.
awesome thumbnail tho 🤣✌️
Kathryn Browning (2 months ago)
Wow. Beautiful. :)
ann sharp (2 months ago)
Get used to guns cuz it will be the same in Alaska
versatec1 (2 months ago)
why ridiculous ?
holl ahna (1 month ago)
Carolyn's RV Life Baaam! And there you have it. 100 % agree with you 💜
Carolyn's RV Life (1 month ago)
because it was fucking l loud, it was a popular camping place with kids and dogs roaming around. i have no problem with guns, but i believe gun owners need to be more responsible about where they shoot. Not a hundred yards from a busy highway with families camping yards away. Would you agree?
Jill (2 months ago)
Capone looks satisfied
Ruth Brown (1 month ago)
Imam a fan but info no Facebook anymore more
Mar Thivierge (2 months ago)
If Heaven exists, it must look a lot like this place.
Carolyn's RV Life (2 months ago)
Mar, yes isn't it a beautiful spot! Glad you enjoyed watching
Sweetvanteas Honestly (2 months ago)
Be careful for mountain lions please. The local papers had a death in Washington state this morning. They come into town sometimes in Mill City OR. Just be aware and check with local authorities mabey. Peace.
Debra Fry (2 months ago)
Dashbshots (2 months ago)
Yes, get the health certificate. But you may not even be asked about it. Especially if he's sleeping quietly in the back out of sight and you aren't searched. Get ready to see mountain goats, black bears, moose and bison in Canada. Have your insurance and registration cards within an arms length and easy to find. Also passport and drivers license. Medicine in original containers. Don't forget to transfer money into Canadian.

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