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10 Video Games That OFFENDED Entire Countries

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Video games (and their stories and locations) don't always go over so well in certain countries. Here are some instances. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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MICHUACANO GAMING (40 minutes ago)
I think that the bolivian goverment didnt see that ghost recon specifically says that this game is of fiction and does not portray bolivia or its people
LadyKnight24x2 (1 hour ago)
Iran is not in the Middle East lol try abit harder next time. Common knowledge geography is not that hard.
Slim Machado (2 hours ago)
This video makes me proud to be an American.
Rai Aleem Ullah (2 hours ago)
çınar ercan (11 hours ago)
ı live in turkey there was a child that tryed to make a hammock in the balcony with a belt and then he fell to his dead soo our stupid goverment tryed to ban the game (ım not lying this is true it was on the news) (its a mod in minecraft the belt thing )
Madame-Mars (15 hours ago)
Bf1 offended France and Russia by reduce them as DLC.
theoldguy gildarts (15 hours ago)
reallly they removed fight of the gods from steam?? what is a stupid dumb move
Intan Kurnia (15 hours ago)
God your ignorance just screams first world problem. "Why do you care?"
Nova Cornor (16 hours ago)
Its strange Muslims never banned Devil May Cry 3 and Resident evil 4 cosidering these 2 make so much fun of Islam and till this day CAPCOM hasnt chenged the the things that offend Islam in these 2 games.Most muslims are fans of these 2 really wierd ........
Gub Gub (22 hours ago)
No place in the world where it's entirely peacefull eh? Did you forget about Canada?
blablaWTF (1 day ago)
I'm sorry Falcon but in none of these games "America" is the villain, that's one of the reasons why these are not banned or overlooked in America. I wish the publishers paid a lot of money to make games where they made America or Americans look like the villains, then we would have seen how people reacted.
poopy pidgeon224 (1 day ago)
Turkey can ban 343 halo but they cant ban bungie halo
Taufiq Avisena (1 day ago)
WTF man, a fighting gods is okay to you? so dissapointed with this vid
Scorpion 2154 (1 day ago)
i'm from bolivia the thing with wildlands is because the government feels that they have shown what bolivia will become, the whole government has let the cocaine business spread so much that is really easy to find some here, and with the permissions to the production of the base of the drug (hoja de coca in spanish) we are literally becoming a narcostate oh and also, nobody cared about the ban of the game, literally was one of the best sold on the pirate game stores AND ALMOST NOONE KNEW IT WAS BANNED
BuckeyeFan_4eva (1 day ago)
Mw2 online map Favella, apparently there was religious writing on a picture from in the bathroom of a certain building and that was against whatever religion that was being portrayed, to have religious pieces in the bathroom, so the game shut down for a day or two while they fixed it
Blue Coyote (1 day ago)
I'm starting off by saying I necessarily agree with any of this. The difference I think in the Minecraft case is the game is intended to include young children in it's audience. The fact that it is unrealistic in it's portrayal could be seen as confusing in regards to the things being asked. If you do similar things in Battlefront or GTA for instance, the depictions are realistic. Some would argue the unrealistic portrayal in a game such as Minecraft could create a disassociation between the action in the game and the action in real life. I'm sure you've heard all the arguments before. But my point is aimed at explaining why that game would be singled out.
Fasih Mukarram (1 day ago)
i am from pakistan i played blackops 2 and i liked the game
Akis Akis (1 day ago)
"erdogoat" in turkey ban games but he using kids as "soldiers" for his propaganda...amazing??????
Nasty The villin (1 day ago)
Let countries be to their own
Frank Sunderland (1 day ago)
I like this video... but to be honest there's allways people offended in any country by anything... I would like it more this video if it would have mentioned one video game that was cancelled or censored by the US (in some sort of way) due to senstive issues... like Six Days in Fallujah , I understand the reasons why it was cancelled n etherway it was too soon, but well u get the idea... N there are games that has been censored 'cause they were 'racist" or they showed "stereotypical" issues like Jinx from pokemon or skullkidd from Zelda... I'm from México n it never bothered me GR Advanced Warfighter, but the gouvernement here had problems 'cause it showed a mess up México (dangerous n violent) n unable to protect it self (US supremacy, cause they need the US army) n it's comprehensible...more or less... just picture that México is in a civil war n instead of using the mexican army, here comes the kind, nice n always brave US army to the rescue (and I truly believe it's allways brave... that's no sarcasm)... Would it been so hard for the developers to use the mexican flag into the uniforms?... Well YES... there's actually a big reason why not to do that... cause it would had rise the angry of the american "metsicanos" n groups that support the integration ideals, claiming the game to be "racist n stereotypical" n u cannot have US lawyers on ur back... so f©₡k u México... I think every country is guilty of these things in manyways... n there's a little issue that bothers me (a little bit) on the way this video is protrayed... n I will translate as... "Come on man it's just a joke"... yeees... Cause the joke was not on you...
larevilla 321 (1 day ago)
How did these games get banned but gunning down innocent civilians in modern warfare 2’s “no Russian” mission not make this list when that scene was all over the news of people shooting families at an airport. Don’t get me wrong, it’s my favorite COD but I get like it should’ve been on this list for all the media attention is got as to what happened lol
kalt karton (2 days ago)
Wait... what? Ghost reacción got banned on Mexico? But I play it in my original Xbox and it was great fun
Kalfax plays (2 days ago)
these countries need to chill bruh
Walter Madison (2 days ago)
Don't forget that the U.S. tried to ban Postal.
tenebrousabyss (2 days ago)
I'm offended that Watch Dogs 2 portrayed my ultra-left tech bro utopia hometown 100% accurately.
Michiel (2 days ago)
4:00 isnt it because of the iran embargo though?
Don Guevara (2 days ago)
I know a girl who was offended by Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice, because "mental illness isn't a game!" Man....
I Miral (2 days ago)
Also the Fight of Gods game though didn't have Mohammed. Typical: they could offend Christians and Buddhist but did not have balls because afraid of jihadis.
I Miral (2 days ago)
This is why they make 'fictional' place names...because people get butthurt.
william walker (2 days ago)
they are games. they are not real
Ali Fathi (2 days ago)
Yolo from iran , the fact is that there were tons of pirated games for 7th gen consoles in iran and we would buy them for 1/15 the price and brother it was a paradise , but people buy original disks for 8th gen nowadays since we want to access the games online And we played bf3 too , banning the game was really like a commercial, it made people buy this game to see what it really is
Adam Haris (2 days ago)
Now I know why I can't open steam last year
nikola doctorov (2 days ago)
the mexican gov cant fukin catch crack dealer but theyre gonna run after gamers... gud joke m8
Jacob Rice (3 days ago)
Any my little pony game offends me
Logical Detection (3 days ago)
the only games that offend me is(you must pay $20.99 in supply drops to see the rest of this comment)
Baron Wicked (3 days ago)
Here's a solution: stop making games about middle east and communist terrorism, and be original
frep you (3 days ago)
never been offended by a game but a game company EA !!!! they offend every one equally
Airoh264 (3 days ago)
I randomly thought how cool it would be to have a game with Battlefield's scale, graphics, and gameplay but with all nations of the world, or continents, sort of like Medal of Honor Warfighter but bigger, and a campaign in which America isnt portrayed as the Hero, no country is, but rather just letting everyone fight for their country, that'd be fun, imagine a game where North America would fight against Europe vs, South America, vs Australia vs, Asia etc. Lol
Luis Rubel (3 days ago)
Americans: Why you guys offended?! Also Americans: today is 9/11 *triggered*
Phantom Wolf (3 days ago)
Mexico I'm pretty sure actually is run by a drug cartel
Majin Emre (3 days ago)
Thank you turkey hahahaha
isaiah johnson (3 days ago)
I play gta all day killing mfs I don’t see why ppl complain like that’s the only game out there just don’t buy the shit
Timothy Murauzi (3 days ago)
War of the Gods is just a middle finger to religion. Who would make such a thing honestly... SMH
Diabolique Dia (3 days ago)
I was wondering if Ghost Recon: Wildlands would be on the list. How can you not agree with Bolivian gov about it? Have you played the game? In the game it was CLEARLY shown throughout ENTIRE campaign that the country was ran by a narco cartel, heavily corrupted government who did nothing about it cause they were bought out or controlled by El Sueno in some way. Even the special forces(?) Unidad who were created to fight the corruption were on the same side as the cartel. Don't get me wrong, i love the game and i still play it, but i CAN understand how Bolivia is upset by the concept.
ERIC SUN (3 days ago)
I’m from shanghai and lived there for half my life (8years). I’m very proud of my hometown gaining recognition by such big western games! I told my parents about bf4 and they weren’t offended either...
Xy Chen (3 days ago)
I normally like the videos yall make, but this one disgust me. if you actually had those things happen to your people or country, maybe then you would understand how others felt, not saying all the bans were reasonable, but I definitely feel for some of them
Xy Chen (3 days ago)
I normally like the videos yall make, but this one disgust me. if you actually had those things happen to your people or country, maybe then you would understand how others felt, not saying all the bans were reasonable, but I definitely feel for some of them
Lucky Lock 115 (3 days ago)
COD Infinite Warfare and Bo4 offended my brother.
Uday Chawla (3 days ago)
I see a Muslim YouTuber offended by call of duty franchise because they are fucked in pretty much every game
Ezra Place (3 days ago)
3:11 that's a mouthful.
Jacob Brotcke (4 days ago)
I’m legitimately surprised that GTA V isn’t on the list...
Andrew Stirling (4 days ago)
People are so stupid.
ClaimedMinotaur (4 days ago)
This is why I love Far Cry 5, it portrays some Americans as militaristic cultists that murder people left and right. It creates a good (well, moderately good) villain so the player can feel all altruistic just like tons of games before it. And the best part, LITERALLY NO ONE thinks that's how Americans are, because it's FICTIONAL. I understand a little bit when countries with checkered pasts get annoyed when they're portrayed badly, because they're trying to escape their current or previous reputation. But people, it's fiction. I.E. it's not real.
Adventure Gaming (4 days ago)
I was offended my no man's sky
Luis Callirgos (4 days ago)
I usually like your videos, but ur lack of understanding of other countries´ culture,(and worst, the fact that you dont even try it) believes, idiosincracy... is really awful. Tipical, believe in tha tyou are the center of the world and all west society is the normal standard way of thinking, at lest try to read, inform, educate yourself about other countries culture, so you can put in someone else´s shoes. then perhaps you will understand why some of these are banned. I don´t condone banning, but I get their reasons, it is call tolerance. Shame.
TCMPickle (4 days ago)
Well, No Man's Sky offended plenty of people :D
Gamingbros (4 days ago)
I was offended when they killed Soap in MW3
Lego007guy M (4 days ago)
What, no fallout vs india?
laoup26 (4 days ago)
Can wait to see how people will react to a game where you need to kill US soldiers to prevent them from rapeping your son, stealing your oil or killing your democratically elected president to replace him by an islamist theogist dictator.
James Fancy (4 days ago)
your are a falcon you cant play games
Ali Ahmed (4 days ago)
Spec ops line offended Dubai 👌
Debasish Sarkar (4 days ago)
Where is Andrew-The New Guy?
jonsburyhill (4 days ago)
ghost recon wildlands and far cry 5 are basically the same game i love them both but still think this is the case. prove me wrong
AssA2k1 (4 days ago)
#3 is very inaccurate as it was allowed to be sold but not publicly marketed or put on shelves. you could order it or ask for it in a store, provided you could prove you are an adult. sadly this is a common misconception people outside Germany have about "banning" games or other media in Germany. Very few things are actually banned from being sold / bought in Germany. They just get banned from being marketed and displayed publicly.
ItShoxie (4 days ago)
I got offended when in Call Of Duty I think Modern Warfare 2,4 guys killed the people in a airport from Moscow...
Pure (4 days ago)
*makes jihad joke*
C __C (4 days ago)
due the pic u use for WWII japan army actually is chinese force with german gears!! it is a huge difference!! it is like putting a 'iwo jima flag' pic and commented 'Nazi just occupied an island'
Andy Brinegar (4 days ago)
CoD Modern Warfare 2 campaign mission ‘No Russian’. Case closed.
mph seti (5 days ago)
I dunno, when I'm actually offended by something or someone, I step the fuck away from it or them. Turn it off, don't buy it in the first place, etc. I don't go to war over it, or try to keep others from enjoying it. Now if said offense is actually and actively HURTING other people, that's a different story. I am against literal violence, bigotry, violent/dangerous criminal activity, and any actions that purposefully perpetuate said acts. Key word here is "acts"; not thoughts, or images. Getting all pissed over art and entertainment is just stupid. Don't like it? No one is forcing you to watch it.
Oh bummer (5 days ago)
kacper.melted (5 days ago)
The "no russian" mission was almost banned from mw2, memmber? Oh yeah I memmber
Anthony Magerowski (5 days ago)
It even said in ghost recon wild lands that everything is fake
Dhede Madong (5 days ago)
Chronfucius (5 days ago)
Castro was a monster. So was Guevara. Animals... the both of them.
cheesyspace (3 hours ago)
Chronfucius yep like many US Presidents were war criminals, obama, clinton, bush and trump too. Etc.
Henry Bonette (5 days ago)
My mom got triggered by tony hawk's American wasteland because you could run around and smack hobos with your board.
Hungrey Doggo (5 days ago)
it seems like countries like to ban games that take place in their country what are we gonna do next ban forza because it's on earth?
SilverAuron (5 days ago)
Sensibilities are dumb, people these days should really grow up and stop acting like spoiled screaming children...
Simar Sahni (5 days ago)
I agree that this medium of art should be allowed full expression but falcon has really bad reasoning. Like this video is making me support some of the country’s views.
Connor Kenway (5 days ago)
I was hoping "No Russians " would be in this list.
0DDoNe (5 days ago)
911 simulator, lets see how Americans hide the fee fees
Connor Kenway (5 days ago)
I couldn't even PLAY Ghost Recon. It was so bloody hard.
Gerard (5 days ago)
They should make a game that shows the United States overthrowing a democratic government and show it through the perspective of rebel groups. They can take inspiration from the countless of Latin American dictatorships that arose during the 20th century due to US support.
Maxwell Souza (5 days ago)
Street figher 2 told that in Brazil We are Green, Electric and Live with anacondas 😡 😡 😡
Andy Fennell (5 days ago)
Video games themselves. Full stop.
Glith Fox (5 days ago)
That last question you asked in this video is the stupidest one. Why? Two words; Anita Sarkeesian.
O K (5 days ago)
As a Malaysian the game offended the country because our country is a multiracial country. Maybe some Christian and Buddhism offended and report the game to the government.
sundaram chaudhary (5 days ago)
Falcon you have so much knowledge many things I learn from you but on this i am not agree with you many games have valid reason to be banned.
Ahan Bhalla (5 days ago)
Dragon Age Inquisition got banned because "obscenity laws" also include gay relations. Meanwhile, Mass Effect, Life is Strange, Saints Row 4 (potentially) and Last of Us Left Behind are all perfectly fine because it's lesbian relations potentially and India is filled with horny pieces of shit... Is it obvious how much I hate the people of my country and am fucking happy to leave the country in 3 months?
Cianitris Khhours (5 days ago)
Number 5 and 4 may have actually been appropriate, woe
IGOR GABRIEL (5 days ago)
How did you make a video like this and not even mentioned call of Juares? That has to be the most ofensive games ever made
NIMA Ghanbarpour (5 days ago)
yep BF3 was banned in iran. it got me 2 years to find a version and play. 2 yearsssss!
42 00 (5 days ago)
Cod modern warfare
Mensh (5 days ago)
I'm offended by the mummy game They totally portrayed our history and culture.......pixelated
Bob guy (5 days ago)
Buts it's FALLOUT! (Is that what they said?)
Trickser853 (5 days ago)
You actually killed a doppelganger castro in BO1 😂 The media is just so stupid and doesnt check everything.
curtis cokayne (5 days ago)
Some how somewhere someone will be offended by stupid things. I only get offended by duck dynasty because I identify as a duck.
Mr. Hilarious (5 days ago)
Most people are stupid and most aren’t, there are reasons for these countries for banning these video games. You really wanted to criticise them, at least put yourself in their shoes. Just wanted to emphasize empathy here, the world really needs it to become a better place. Not full of morons and jerk asses. I cringed a lot when seeing this type of videos, and yes I’m a citizen in one of these countries. But I don’t even mind. But you so call Americans have nothing to respect and make jokes on everything. Well, even your life is a pathetic joke. Lol, you even make fun of your God. This just showed you people got no respect to humanity. Don’t be a dick gameranx
13Game Maker13 (5 days ago)
Postal 2 anyone? Dont know what it is? Warning, nsfw.
domo bear (5 days ago)
i feel like falcon is being a bit insensitive about why some of those games are being banned/removed. E.g the fight of gods game. For someone who's not religious (or at least someone who knows nothing about certain religions in the game) i guess you could find the game to be fun because who wouldn't want to see an epic fight between powerful beings. But for those who are, I think they would've felt insulted. So i think to avoid any boycotting or something from religious citizens in Malaysia, the government decided to remove it. Next time try to be more sensitive :)
Lord Patriarcus (6 days ago)
Germany banning Fallout 3 = Germany worst country on the planet.

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