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10 Video Games That OFFENDED Entire Countries

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Video games (and their stories and locations) don't always go over so well in certain countries. Here are some instances. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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I AM NIPS (6 hours ago)
ABG (11 hours ago)
Fight of Gods was an absurd game and rightly removed because here's the thing. I'm not a religious guy myself but i'm a big fan of Buddha. Now he wasn't a god nor he ever claimed to be one. He did not believe in the existence of god himself. He devoted his life to peace. And the last thing i want to see see is him being ridiculed in a video game.
Wolf WarMaster (1 day ago)
Didn't modern warfare 2 get banned somewhere?
Kat Min (1 day ago)
Well, my mum thinks anything with violence or sensitive topics in it terrible and shouldn't be made. She didn't even like me fighting Bowser because I "don't know his life".
AmbeSwag (1 day ago)
XD Ghost Recon was like a childhood game for me and it got banned in Mexico. Bruh, I didn’t even notice anything that was related to Mexico in that game even though I played it over and over again quite a few times! :P
Stivers 1 (2 days ago)
I’m a vegetarian in Minecraft lol
N B O (3 days ago)
i think cuba is right i mean you assainate one of thier greatest presidents.They see that as wrong and you see that as completly right.But when Medal of Honor was realesed there was a mode where you can kill american soldiers.And the media was pissed while in many games if you kill russian or chinese pepole that is completly right.
Joshua Hill (5 days ago)
My ex got offended because the antagonist was Hispanic it was fucking far cry 3
Carlos Allegretti (6 days ago)
In Venezuela back in 2009 2010 more or less violent video games got banned cause of mercenaries 2 world in flames, government didn't take too kindly with the game's story not being fictional.
ELITE (7 days ago)
"Video Games only for entertainment purpose only" "Parents must keep watching their child's activities" "This game is only for ADULT" "This game rated [Different type]" etc. We always seen these warnings before but we always ignore it. Its like giving GTA V to your children then complain to the company for violent...
Kristofer Mercer (8 days ago)
7:52 one lady says she was raped by a pokemon in pokemon go
Timothy R (9 days ago)
What re5 that one got some people butt hurt
Callum Bettz (10 days ago)
Take a good look at when you see steve showing the back of his head in the desert. Now why would notch do this. Is he religious or believes in the devil...or was it randomly generated
Callum Bettz (10 days ago)
Made of sand
Callum Bettz (10 days ago)
And strangest thing is in the original trailer steve stands on a religious or demonic cross
Matija Novak (10 days ago)
1,2 k minecraft players offended hahahhah
Spikeyfied (10 days ago)
Fallout 3 was NOT Banned in Germany! It was censored, released and 10 years later it was uncensored released. So do better research.
Yo Ochi (10 days ago)
this is a whole new level of raciest
Lyla (10 days ago)
So many triggered politicians
Ethan Burton (11 days ago)
I have been offended by Fallout
Amir Hamzah (11 days ago)
Abdul Basit Suhail (11 days ago)
as i remember Injustice gods among us was also banned in saudi arab
Nightcore Support (11 days ago)
Yup proud to be Pilipino
SerbiaBall Mapping (11 days ago)
ghost worrior offended me as u kill serbian army in balkan war
mm nn (11 days ago)
It actually made me happy to have an arabic map in bo2
Olle Rehnvall (11 days ago)
Game devs I challange you! Make a game that offends Sweden. Yeah, you can't...
ABSOLUTE FLAME (11 days ago)
"minecraft is encourage kids to violence" that is how real life works and most of us are eating meat
ABushInDisguise (11 days ago)
How is Minecraft violent, it has cartoon violence XD.
Salty Saiyan (11 days ago)
What about saints Row 4 banned in Australia
Aaron Lowe (11 days ago)
Before I watch the video, lets guess that these are all going to be war games.
Aaron Lowe (11 days ago)
Well, shock horror, I was right. There's a surprise.
Dante Chapman (12 days ago)
I just want to say that a lot of your views on why these were band consists of our culture here in America and you're not thinking of their culture their cultures have different beliefs and different standards and you are unreasonable and thinking that they are overreacting
Wade Wilson (12 days ago)
its true tho, what the US fails in, they have to make it seem glorious or show a act as nuking a country something that can be justified
Alpha the gaming gamer (12 days ago)
Wolfstein somewhat offends me
Poor UAE, not able to go on Roblox
Names Tick (12 days ago)
I think the whole Korean thing was because Japan forced the Koreans to fight under their Imperial flag.
Felipe Peraza (12 days ago)
I came to visit Mexico i am sad now
itzshadow fig (12 days ago)
Yes I've been offended by battlefield 1 because they used a sad Macedonian song about Yugoslavia called zorane zorane and didn't give the writer copyright
Sink The fox (12 days ago)
Damn liberals
Lovuschka (12 days ago)
"There's not a place in the world that's entirely peaceful." Well, pretty sure the middle of the Earth is, as it supposedly is just a chunk of metal.
Mionikoi (12 days ago)
Aeris doesn't come back.
teh sloath (12 days ago)
Fallout 4 was banned in japan wasn’t it cause it had nukes and “nukes are bad they did Hiroshima and Nagasaki” yeah what ever get over it japan
Burst (13 days ago)
Id like to see a different country make a game of America being bad and see if America can take it in stride... ...most likely not.
Adam Khaleef (13 days ago)
Never noticed that malaysia actually banned steam.
Ian Guidry (13 days ago)
I’m offended when I’m offended, I’m so offended
terry la torre (14 days ago)
How about Mercenaries 2 and the venezuelan goverment? they banned the game, although Venezuela it's the paradise for pirate games so they only prevented the entry of original copies
Drolkradeht (14 days ago)
My parents got offended when I downloaded a gore mod for Minecraft even if I play r18 an AO titles
Catbag (14 days ago)
What about Postal 2, that offended a lot of countries
paul djepeno (14 days ago)
Wait so Castro shot kennedy
Zero Alpha (14 days ago)
Yes trump supporters got offended by far cry 5 or whatever new farcry there is now lol pathetic
DuElPoKe (15 days ago)
i think turkey just wanted to get away from the minecraft cringe
Shayan Vahabzadeh (15 days ago)
A lot of people played battlefiled 3 in Iran including my self .. WE all enjoyed the game despite the fact that we HATE our government and regime so we kinda enjoyed killing our tyrant army .. :)
Muzahir Abbas (15 days ago)
This youtuber is an idiot who doesnt care of a thing not religious not country wise . Give some respect get some respect .
rico gonzalez (15 days ago)
Two Words No Russian
Yogis Bobo (16 days ago)
Its funny every country that banned or want to ban the game just because it target's them as a country but if it offends you as a country leader enough to ban it then there has to be a large amounts of truth that you don't want out soo
Abdulbar Shams (16 days ago)
I am a Pakistani and I always play BO2 it's basically my favorite game I didn't know that it was illegal in Pakistan
dangerous Bray (16 days ago)
You should do all video games that were banned in america
JaJude DaDude (17 days ago)
minecraft is training for when your camping
Peter Peter (17 days ago)
Shocked this didnt include mw2 no russian mission .
TheUltimate Weipin (17 days ago)
Ahh yes, when my government ban steam because they wamt to protect islam, this also proof my point of Islamic people will do anything to defend islam
Chris Danger (17 days ago)
It might seem like EA games are not available in Iran,Believe me they are. And I'm not talking about the pirated games.
Luke (17 days ago)
they don't understand it thus they ban it... idiots...
Quad Junkeez (17 days ago)
I blew a lizard man's head off in Turok Evolution and my grandmother said she almost vomitted.
Rant Milk (17 days ago)
Could Minecraft be a oversimplified version of life nah
NOOBGUY (17 days ago)
remembering minecraft getting banned makes me ashamed of my country ı wish video games and anime were more serious ı mean the country we helped at korean war south korea has one of the biggest economies in the world mostly cause of video games wtf is out goverment doing
Zephyr Weiss (18 days ago)
i was born to cuban parents and had no issue with BO1's prologue mission lol a true cuban would never love a dictator like that shithead Fidel Castro....
mcciv5wt _ (19 days ago)
Pakistan banned Medal of Honor? wow, they are leaps and bounds ahead of other countries in terms of quality control
Boi Boi (19 days ago)
Madden offend someone cause he said it had no girls in it
Gamer One (19 days ago)
WTF?! I live in Pakistan and COD Black ops 2 isn't banned I play it on my 360
RainbowisticFarts (19 days ago)
This is so untrue 1: Turkey is about the fifth most minecraft filled game 2: Pakistan never banned call of duty neither medal of honor rather its actually popular because people find it funny those buildings in which they live or bought stuff from exploding
WorldWar3gaming (19 days ago)
Russians are just as butt hurt.
final boss (19 days ago)
Banning a 17+ game because its not appropriate for small children....ummm......
the dude (19 days ago)
I'm surprised that any Far Cry game wasn't on here.
Daniel Valda (20 days ago)
I live in Bolivia and the goverment was offended because is true about Bolivia being a narcostate
Mine Play (20 days ago)
Far cry 3 there was a npc you had to kill and the npc wore a potato sack with my country flag
Atef Hajj (20 days ago)
0:52 The ironic thing is that my mom bought a mincraft shirt from Turky for my little brother.
Silica (20 days ago)
*That offended a small number of people who are in charge of banning games Fixed your title.
evilstricker 619 (21 days ago)
Adam Poole (21 days ago)
other countries are too easily offended over small stuff
Tobias Berntsen (21 days ago)
Once met a someone who was offended that OW had women, as in he thinks women should be confined to the house, I was tempted to beat the knobhead up right then and there.
Remy Chambless (21 days ago)
I'm offended by fortnite and battle royals
Exar Kun (21 days ago)
Censorship is all the rave now.
Jonathan (21 days ago)
The most you'll get in America is controversy. Go ahead and make a game where you play as a Muslim killing a bunch of Americans. It will be controversial. It probably wont sell very well. But it wont get banned
Jonathan (21 days ago)
USA is a shit country and it sucks so please stop moving here its a bad country remember how bad it is? stop moving to such a bad country. Stay in your very nice utopia countries and stop moving to evil awful 110% dangerous USA where there are no opportunities and its just such a terrible country
Hikaru Mimiki (22 days ago)
im offended by jeff removing tracers "butt pose" in overwatch. I want my butt pose back :(
Silverscale Derg (22 days ago)
i'm offended at skyrim and their false portrayal of dragonkind as well as stealing the name of our elder Alduin and paining him as a bad light. It annoys me that people are all like "oh the flood god did was good it help clean the world of evil" however when dragons do the exact same thing...they're somehow evil...
Lowkey (22 days ago)
I’m offended by Destiny 2. Cuz it sucks.
FurryParrot (22 days ago)
In Croatia not a single game is banned. Not even Postal 2.
VeggiesForBrekky (22 days ago)
ya i van heem
Marco Almonte (23 days ago)
Minecraft offended non virgins
THE PRO GAMES (23 days ago)
How is minecraft effending turkey
The Pumpkin Guy (23 days ago)
A lot of racist snowflakes in this comment section
Warchief TTT (23 days ago)
only by games that suck and took my money
Kristine Obuchowski (23 days ago)
How about vr Ugandan knuckles that made an uproar
yeet my life (23 days ago)
Idky they pay attention into the story yes it's interesting but I just go for the game play
Lmg mounted And loaded (23 days ago)
I knew ghost recon wildlands was going to be on here
Reback In time (24 days ago)
Metal gear solid V Phantom pain offer Africa .
Dorota Krupa (24 days ago)
1:28 hes standing on a cross
Dorota Krupa (24 days ago)
My mom won’t let me play far cry 5
muhammed shaheen (24 days ago)
Dude I get that ur a gamer a love gaming . But do try to think from the side of the governments banning these games. Some of the. Actually did hurt ethical values. I feel like this was a very one sided video. Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of falcon still

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