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10 Glitches In Gaming That Are Very Strange

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Video games have become such an immersive medium that they feel almost like real life, but as is the case with reality, sometimes things get totally weird and twisted. In gaming, these situations are known as “glitches” and while some of them might make us laugh with joy, others have the unique power of making us have nightmares for weeks. In today’s video we are going to take a look at 10 of the creepiest video game glitches that are disturbingly strange. Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Nadespam (4 months ago)
What game is in the thumbnail?
LonelySoulSearcher (5 months ago)
what if Bethesda glitches aren't mistakes ? they're all intentional 😮 and the mannequin glitch in this video for skyline, I think, is definitely intentional
Adolf Hitler (5 months ago)
emre yenen (7 months ago)
Take a look at AC Unity scary face
Antonio Tomašić (8 months ago)
What about Manhunt 2? Like for example when you decapitate someone's head and they float away... This glitch usually happens in barn and also when blow cops head off with a shotgun and his faceless face still follows your movement when you are circling around him and also his body gets frozen in place. Freeeeakey stuff! :D
Miles Upshur 2 (8 months ago)
What was the game in the thumbnail?
Pictavienne (8 months ago)
I've been playing Skyrim for nearly 6 years now and I've never met the infamous living mannequin. I knew they were a thing but never actually knew what peoples meant by ''moving''. I though it was a arm moving or just the head, not literally walking around !
Pictavienne (8 months ago)
Also I was expecting the Faceless glitch from Assassin's Creed Unity to be in the list !
Kevin Johnson (8 months ago)
when you buy the digital download for fall out 4 the glitches get worse 100x more lol
Teddy Stevens (8 months ago)
plant indicator cooperation alfzf investigate love record compensation physician.
Ethan Robbins (8 months ago)
how about top 10 daredevil characters in video games
Ritwik Dandapat (9 months ago)
Where is Assassin's creed Unity??
Colin Wilstead (9 months ago)
What about that baseball face glitch?
mitchell mote (9 months ago)
I can't decide whether the manimals or mannicans we're the scariest x_x
njokuman (9 months ago)
the last scene for the red dead redemption bug was freaky.
BronyGamer1990 (9 months ago)
Correct me if I am wrong but there is a glitch in MLB The Show ( forgot which one ) but one of the players faces looks like a beehive when he is standing on the pitcher mound
Panda Xkills (9 months ago)
In Crysis 1, there's a glitch that makes a big ass shark fallow you on land!  It's easy to make it happen: just find a boat, go to the limit of the map, dive for a few seconds, then go back up on the boat (you must make the boat move by punching it), the shark will hunt your ass until it kills you even if it's on land! xD
i had a glitch in fallout 4 when all the npc's were only wearing underwear it was extremely weird
Sabrina Xkills yeh it was, it was i got surprised when piper talked to me, but the glitch fixed itself after i got jumped and killed by 4 deathclaws in the glowing sea.......should've bought my explosive minigun and not the spray and pray, lol
Panda Xkills (9 months ago)
and hot... Don't forget hot. xD
Ethan Fisher-Perez (9 months ago)
There's sub-human and then there's the people that loot everything in fallout 4
ApexDan (9 months ago)
Lol that voice, can't tell why it so familiar
XYGEN CG WORKS (9 months ago)
Hmm! not an original content , The same footage the same list being used by others . well a quick buck is more important than quality content .
Hold on there, Slick (9 months ago)
remember when YouTube comments were actually about the video, not people being like whores
Dirk Ruddy (9 months ago)
This title is retarded.
cr0nosphere (9 months ago)
That hitman bug was really fucking creepy.
Johan Dale (9 months ago)
In Call of Duty 2 (Operation Supercharge) there were some dead German soldiers mumbling and making facial expressions.
MrBingoBaller (9 months ago)
I was hoping the MLB 2017 early development face glitch would be on this list...if you haven't seen it, THAT is nightmare fuel
J Turns (9 months ago)
look up MLB no head glitch that should be number 1 on the list that is scary and will give nightmares
damianea103 (9 months ago)
The thing is the battlefield 3 glitch only happened in the beta so you should have said battlefield 3 beta
Mohammad Hayyan (9 months ago)
Earth O' Pedia (9 months ago)
one doesnt simply put "creepy" and "strange" in a same sentence
Kieran (9 months ago)
0:57 I see the new DLC for little nightmares is out
FAROKINGS (9 months ago)
Keir Penman (9 months ago)
sometimes when you kill someone in bf 1 there body fly's in the air
Keir Penman thats not creepy
SeshiTheGamer (9 months ago)
This channel is growing as hell
Philip Crotty (9 months ago)
Am i the only one who feels like they saw this already? lol. Idk about anybody else but this entire video seems familiar. Not only did i recognize every single clip but i felt like i even remembered him saying some of the jokes for the parts. By the end of the video i felt like i remembered so much of it that i thought it was just one of the many videos that YouTube didn't put "watched/the red bar" on the thumbnail. then i saw how it says it's posted today. So I'm obviously crazy but is anyone else crazy with me? lmao.
Philip Crotty (9 months ago)
Nekrosis they used to be awesome! it just changed recently though when they announced it in a video saying there is going to be "changes" to improve their channel which one of the changes were the thumbnails that they are going to look more attractive "not clickbait but marketing" is what he said lmao
Nekrosis (9 months ago)
Philip Crotty Yeah, unfortunately, it seems like people don't really think twice when watching videos now :/ People continue to support these greedy liars who don't put any effort into video making except a logo and an intro
Philip Crotty (9 months ago)
Nekrosis oh i know lol it's just really weird cuz i remember it being crag hero as well lmao. this actually did happen with another channel i watched and i immediately unsubbed when i saw him lie about it In the comments. he did a video then reposted the same exact one like 7 or 8 days later but changed the thumbnail and title. at first it was just a low move but when people started throwing riots in the comments lol he basically called everyone crazy in a nice way and then kept saying he never posted it the week before.
Nekrosis (9 months ago)
That's because the lists of most game channels are pretty much copy-and-paste. Not blaming Frag, but this video isn't original
Plank (9 months ago)
Johnny never lets me play
Ryan Gorsegner (9 months ago)
I used to think that you knew nearly all video games really well, and your still someone that believes that skyrim mannequin crap? Everyone knows that's fake c'mon
johny cordero (9 months ago)
I think the manimals from red dead redemtion should be a cheat in red dead 2
Christopher A (9 months ago)
Bethesda: Glich or "Feature"
Shoe Hunter (9 months ago)
truamatic? yeah right
Bacon Bits Gaming (9 months ago)
They left out the one in mlb 2017 with a he messed up gace
Mountain Juice (9 months ago)
10 games we got mocked for playing on low volume
gilang rizqy (9 months ago)
that living mannequins at Skyrim...
Legit (9 months ago)
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Captain_diabetes (9 months ago)
Legit Thebest You're Right!
NathanPandaGuy (9 months ago)
Legit Thebest correct
Wogjko Playz (9 months ago)
Subscribe to Keemstar!- PewDiePie
Captain_diabetes (9 months ago)
Wogjko Playz gay
Earth O' Pedia (9 months ago)
wickedanonymous (9 months ago)
notice me fraghero
FragHero (9 months ago)
wickedanonymous senpai acknowledges
lapislucas001 (9 months ago)
iv never seen the fallout 4 one
Garry Sutters (9 months ago)
I got my dick stuck in my ps4
Kevin Johnson (8 months ago)
hit eject, should be able to push that piece of twine right out no problem
terence table (9 months ago)
you have a small dick then
Hi (9 months ago)
Garry Sutters haven't we all
DeadstrokePR (9 months ago)
chris o oneal that makes sense
Rangeesh Assassino (9 months ago)
every game is strange with these glitches , bitches
Kaiden Wharton (9 months ago)
75 viewr
Panda Xkills (9 months ago)
Well, that escalated quickly! xD
Kaiden Wharton (9 months ago)
Why because ur racist
Kaiden Wharton (9 months ago)
8th like
d har (9 months ago)
hopefully this is an nice video!!!!
Kaiden Wharton (9 months ago)
Holy crap I'm early
Xander P (9 months ago)
FragHero please respond =D
mitchell mote (9 months ago)
FragHero best response ever xD
FragHero (9 months ago)
Xander P yo
The One (9 months ago)
Frag you rock
sly812 (9 months ago)
BailableBody (9 months ago)
First !!

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