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Remembering the life of Anthony Bourdain

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Anthony Bourdain, the chef and gifted storyteller who took TV viewers around the world to explore culture, cuisine and the human condition for nearly two decades, has died at the age of 61. CNN's Alex Marquardt reports. How to get help: Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.
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Sweetiepiepizza (17 days ago)
Another Clinton murder......
john doe (17 days ago)
I met Anthony bourdain and he signed my books ,,,tell you the truth i donot want those signed books no more i anybody wants a signed book $75 email me its authentic
celebtrvl (23 days ago)
Ted Turner started CNN. Bourdain reinvented it.
Lazaro Diaz (28 days ago)
Miss you man. I am watching Parts on Netflix again.
Spencer Frank Clayton (1 month ago)
Very sad about the suicide, but he said he would poison the president!!! Nasty anti-American liberal.
Lim Cynthia (1 month ago)
So sad...no closure😭
B X (1 month ago)
I love and hate u Anthony. U were my path. My guide in this fucked up world. I used u as inspiration..and u killed urself?!? Fuck u. U deserved it
Aziz Henein (1 month ago)
Eddie Chan (1 month ago)
Just watched the Remembering Anthony Bourdain CNN Special. As genuine, and oftentimes moving, as the tributes were, it's as shallow and a huge missed opportunity to present depression (as a mental health issue) as the cause Anthony ended his life like so much other talk shows. Too easy. I speculate the Harvey Weinstein scandal, how his girlfriend Asia Argento is part of that, the #MeToo movement, and his passivity as a celebrity chef/media personality on sexual harassment in the industries played pivotal roles in his final decision. He was very frank, public about his past and thought about these issues for the past year. Valid or not, I think he genuinely felt guilty and played a complicit role in all the sexual harassment/assault scandals going around. It's like his "inner demon" was telling him "This Not my Doing = Not my Problem"-ism is NOT RIGHT. You are guilty by association and by your passivity for not calling out your perpetrator friends! How can you live it down?" This really gnawed on his soul/being, I think... Total speculation on my part, of course. It's a very hard pill the swallow but I think it's unfair to just blame "it's Depression" as the sole cause and not to learn from what Anthony was thinking in that hotel. Anthony did right to the world with his shows. Are we doing Anthony right by not thinking/discussing? I wrote the above not to lay blame on Anthony, blameless or otherwise in the court of public opinion or whatever. I meant to bring out his humanity and all the complexities of the human condition that HE wanted to bring out in his shows. He's raw, he's genuine, and I love him, respect him so much for what he is as a human being and all that he allows himself to show us. Very, extremely sad. I'm borderline depressed since hearing of his passing and I thought of the above possibilities many times a day everyday since. So much craziness in this world now, but there isn't another Anthony Bourdain to turn to.
Holden Caulfield (1 month ago)
I will miss that voice and the way he could talk to anyone he came upon. I will never forget what he did for the food business. Don't tell me Asia didn't have something to do with his decision. One minute he was giddy in love with this woman next she is in Rome hug ,kissing and dancing with that reporter while Anthony was in France.WHY???
james miller (1 month ago)
People wake up and smell the trophy. He was hunted down and killed like in those low budget 1970's films, his poor mother did not even get her own autopsy done and he was cremated too quickly. If there any signs of struggle on his body or under his fingernails they are gone forever. All this and for what, ugly and mentally unstable Rose McGowan who had so much plastic surgery she looks like a painted balloon and Asia Argento who looks and sounds like some exotic fruit. Both women are fruitcakes, both with failed acting careers. The most tragic thing is he had a little daughter and will not see her grow up. If was he was boring and self involved like Mario Batali or Gordon Ramsay he would still be alive today.....
I'm very sad. He was a great chef and storyteller. Why did he have to leave us? RIP Anthony Bourdain. We will all miss you.
Saveea Paris (1 month ago)
anglianchannel (1 month ago)
go back to Palestine you Muslim liovng CNN puppet
Lovemuch (2 months ago)
RIP, your legacy will live forever.
meditation kids (2 months ago)
You got this beautiful life not only because you work hard also you did good in you past life; you do so well in this life, you should have a beautiful " next" life ahead,," Struggle" is part of leaning journey! The beauty of " Parts unknown " is the courage to take on whatever adventure ahead instead of ending your journey on your own; I hope you will find your way out...You are the hope for so many people...I hope you will  overcome Karma...https://youtu.be/YE5JBbL_N4w FOR YOU!
shellyme e (2 months ago)
I was immediately drawn to Anthony Bourdain from the moment he arrived through our televisions. His wit and charm were effortless, and we hooked. He was not at the scripted mess of reality shows that we are now bombarded with now. I just pray that this tragedy of losing such a special human being like this is going to maybe help some start talking more about depression and substance abuse, I also pray for Anthony's family, that they find some comfort and peace. We will mourn with you... God Bless you A. B.
Amelyn Reyes (2 months ago)
Look for Love!
NavMiguel (2 months ago)
All the success in the world couldn't conquer his demons. Bummer. Cheers, Bourdain. Life goes on.
friendofcoal (2 months ago)
Wasn't his suicide non-intentional, maybe it was Autoerotic asphyxiation. This is what killed the actor David Carridine and INXS singer Michael Hutchence, too.
Tatsujiro Kurogane (14 days ago)
If that be the case, let's hope he went whilst happily touching parts unknown. The police said that the knot he used was rare but not particularly well done, so one could say he probably made the leap with no reservations.
Abul Sheikh (2 months ago)
So sad and unbelievable: RIP. I loved his shows; which gave me the liking to see the world .
Queen Caridad (2 months ago)
Loved his show Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown...watched it all the time with my family...RIP Anthony Bourdain
come2haiti (2 months ago)
Anyone who goes to the rough parts of Haiti and stays at the mystical Oloffson is tough. Very strange indeed. He was a down to earth guy who can relate with very poor people.
L.M. Malcolm (2 months ago)
Give it a rest. 22 veterans die everyday and all you lament about is this entitled, no-talent anti-white liberal POS. A fucking COWARD....
Geno Adams (2 months ago)
Killed himself like a little coward! The world isn't a place for weak individuals like him.
lebodownunder (2 months ago)
Is this real
lebodownunder (2 months ago)
jino y (2 months ago)
I took a walk through this beautiful world. I felt the rain on my shoulders la la lala lala . Rest In Peace Tony.
Angela L (2 months ago)
All I can say is be kind. You don't know who is hurting. And to those who are cruel to those with mental health problems, I would be ashamed to be you!
Dark Nate (2 months ago)
Another one bites the dust..
Tatsujiro Kurogane (14 days ago)
I think there was more choking than biting
charmaine clarke (2 months ago)
Your were a light that shines beautiful around the world..
Eric B (2 months ago)
To bad.
drake rodriguez (2 months ago)
Humans care the most about someones life once they are dead
A B (2 months ago)
Just when we Pee-on peasants think they got it all and have the best life’s, they remind us they don’t. Him Robin Williams and Hernandez all hung it out there to show us the truth about Hollywood/celeb life/being famous. Be thankful for where your at in life and don’t covet these people. Truth be told he is a coward to leave his 14 year old daughter behind.
Critical Look (2 months ago)
Rumor has it that Anthony Bourdain was *_well-hung._* :
Tatsujiro Kurogane (14 days ago)
And yet the police claimed the knot was not well done, so one could say he stayed true to himself in the end. The real irony is how choked up people are getting.......some people wrote with seeming sincerity that they felt like they had a knot in their throat when they heard the news.......oh, the hilarity of it all. Perhaps that is the most poetic tribute to a shallow and callow man whose middling class pretence encouraged so many posers?
Adam Baum (2 months ago)
What an ASSHOLE, how could he commit suicide when he had an 11 year old daughter? TOTAL SCUMBAG!
giải trí vlogs (2 months ago)
Rip amen
Joseph Mingle (2 months ago)
Waaaaaah, waaaaaaaah. Another (((anti-white racist))) bites the dust. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Alexander41🎶 (2 months ago)
John Mildner (2 months ago)
He had terminal cancer... That's a FACT !
anglianchannel (2 months ago)
fuckin piece of CNN shit, at least the cocksucker won't be voting in 2020
LibraWarrior (2 months ago)
Some of these comments make me frown and wonder is there still human “common sense or polite conducts of respect?” What ever happened to the laws of morality and the values we were once instilled. Shame on all of you posting negative thoughts, Karma is deeply a bitch these days I’d be careful. May Anthony Bourdain, a man of talent and virtue, and that brought families together at the living room with no phones, Rest In Peace with much love. ✌️🙏✊😀♎️❤️✌️
Tatsujiro Kurogane (14 days ago)
What would a preachy middling class pseudo-sophisticate like you know about Karma? As knotty an issue as celebrity suicide might be it's presumptuous of lessers like you to try and choke off the discussion amongst your betters. The way to appreciate the karma of a case like this would be to give them all enough rope to hang themselves.........which is pretty poetic given what happened.
anglianchannel (2 months ago)
he was on meth and heroin you dummy. he hated Trump that's why he died
Jerry Day (2 months ago)
The greatest foodie ,of all time.THE GOAT.there will never be another. He's the reason I have the nerve to try different foods.and act like I know.lol.im gonna miss him greatly.may GOD bless you and your family.
victor vargas (2 months ago)
being famous mean nothing seek Jehovah God while may be found remember Jesus died for you... study the bible...
Matthew Smith (2 months ago)
because I'm a gangsta havin fun I'm strapped with a gat when I'm I'm Rollin thru Compton
Howard B (2 months ago)
The guy had everything and he takes is own life...Stupid
mar dileo (2 months ago)
He wanted Trump dead sooo he deserved
anton notna (2 months ago)
I hope nobody follows him. Now he is in front of God. Judgement.
Idiot can’t get help. This is horrible. He’s strong and wise and did this?
MyTV (2 months ago)
One of my favorite shows
Jenny Mason (2 months ago)
Some have demons so bad that can't shake em off and this news is most definitely heartbreaking. Rest in Peace, sir.
l1mmg0t (2 months ago)
Anyone addicted to drug alcohol chemical substances becomes trash
vito perrone (2 months ago)
sigh :( You made me hungry and now you make me sad.
Bessy Habtom (2 months ago)
Stay away from drugs, I don't understand we are told this all of our lives but yet people still touch it ? What's so fun about touching something that you know millions of people have died from? Anyway, RIP Anthony Bourdain you were a hero in the cooking world. I loved all of your shows.
swavage415 (2 months ago)
bourdain was just about to tell liberals how shitty they are and was murdered
Henri Brunot (2 months ago)
Tell me all you can, I am very pessimist about Anthony's suicide.For me to believe , only some good investigation result. I don't think people like that Guy that I only know through TV show would commit this type of suicide...Tell me all you ...
druidboy76 (2 months ago)
Rest in hell Anthony you selfish hateful liberal piece of conceited arrogant shit.
MrColdwatercanyon (2 months ago)
No comment 😔
Johnny Shabazz (2 months ago)
You really have to start wondering when it seems that those who have the most to contribute and teach in this world keep wanting to leave it.
Forever Young (2 months ago)
Selfish act from a selfish man....... where's the teachable moment on his suicide!?!?!
Tatsujiro Kurogane (14 days ago)
The police did report that the knot he used was rare but not well done, so there's some poetry even whilst many are choked with grief.
Styxhexenhammer666 (2 months ago)
Now CNN's already slumping ratings will take another nosedive since he was the most popular (and the only trustworthy) person on their entire network.
JohnJD1302 (2 months ago)
Babylauncher3000 I second what you said too, coming from a Filipino who's only American news network in my home's TV box is CNN. Although even I don't watch TV often anymore...
JohnJD1302 (2 months ago)
Styxhexenhammer666 He will.be missed... _but umm can we not with this political and media stuff for just a sec? thank you._
Babylauncher3000 (2 months ago)
*@Styxhexenhammer666* I'm so tired of seeing this oudated notion that tv ratings somehow indicate success anymore. (a) CNN is basically the only American news network you are going you find regularly outside of the US. Trump even bitched about it on a trimp to Asia. CNN's viewership is likely far larger than you realize. (b) Cable Television is what's dying. Everything is moving towards on-demand content and as such live TV Ratings are pretty irrelevant in the digital age. (c) If you really want to know their influence look at their Web traffic.
Mr B (2 months ago)
Another rich white person who had it all at their fingers and committing suicide...woe is me If he was black, no one would care. Be he did it himself than the cops killing him for no reason. RIP
TheGreen Jarret (2 months ago)
Milking the cow. You forgot the best bit : I would poison Trump if i had the opportunity... Comment section gave me self-esteem cancer. Man was a mean drunk, no better than the next hobo. A simulator.
Kenneth Royer (2 months ago)
Kate Spade FAKED HER DEATH and Anthony Bourdain FAKE HIS DEATH....Just wait 2 or 3 weeks there will be a third FAKED DEATH. All to drive alcohol sales and antidepressant drugs as people become "FREAKED OUT" over these highly successful individuals who are allegedly dead. Their rationale is with all of that money and fame which they have neither, they will be certain to fall to the same fate! So booze and drugs keeping big business profits robust by a few FAKE AS HELL DEATHS!
Jennie Sunshine (2 months ago)
I've never been in a posh hotel, so my assessment could be wrong, but Anthony was pretty tall and not a lite weight. Are there shower stalls high enough and strong enough to hold his weight while he struggles to survive? Our bodies natural instinct is to breathe. His body would have fought. Unless, he somehow broke his neck???? But how? I'd like to see the bathroom. And as for Robin Williams and Kate Spade, HOW does someone hang themselves from a door knob? I mean, SERIOUSLY. Come ON!!!! They were murdered. And if you ask, "By whom?", then you yet to have eyes that SEE.
Middle Man (2 months ago)
To me one of life’s greatest joys is opioids
Muh Opression (2 months ago)
He realised he was on CNN ➰😵😱
Chica Allichi (2 months ago)
eroediv1 (2 months ago)
alcoholic finally could not handle reality!!! deal with it people!!! he made his choice 🤪
Rick Ricky (2 months ago)
Whether you agreed with him or not, his demeanor is appealing, relaxed, simple, cool, a good listener, captivating voice and an excellent story teller. He's the mixture of a celebrity and the regular guy next door. I've never seen a celebrity person so relaxed and being himself like there's no camera or crew around like Anthony Bourdain. Great guy and a greater loss. Rest in peace Anthony, I pray and do hope you're in a better place now.
Erjann Jireh Fernandez (2 months ago)
Sz Ki (2 months ago)
Iconic figure. Big loss.
Andrew Dolokhov (2 months ago)
Of course, if he were alive, we would have to imprison him for the rest of his life for the murder of Anthony Bourdain. It is only an accident that he has avoided prosecution.
Blue Grass (2 months ago)
working for CNN causes acute depression
redomega24 (2 months ago)
A friend?? It was fucking Eric Ripert... his best friend... and I hope he's ok.
eric strickland (2 months ago)
the chef that never was seen ever cooking anything just drinking and eating someone else's food and insulting only gentile chefs.
Clare Butterfield (2 months ago)
Chris page (2 months ago)
What a fucking coward! I feel no sympathy for you Bourdain! You left two kids behind you worthless cunt, the love for your children should've stopped you from doing that!
Barn 7 (2 months ago)
Never seen a person who respect other people and their culture with such passion. What a loss. Rest In peace brother. You'll be missed by people around the world. Please people get close to GOD. The devil is a crafty Nemesis to the children of GOD who comes to kill steal and destroy. We rebuke the devil in Jesus name. Amen.
Hope Happy (2 months ago)
Grace Antonio (2 months ago)
Allan Parker you said it. People from all parts of the world have one basic commonality: to have a meal & usualy, to enjoy sharing a meal as a social interaction that fosters well being amongst those gathered around the food.
Hiluxtaco (2 months ago)
Farewell, Anthony.. 😭😭
Dagoose Krishna (2 months ago)
Cassie Carmichael (2 months ago)
The evil government killed him and called it a suicide, as they've done to many others. The illuminati will fool the public at all means, masking the truth. The government didn't like him because he spoke the truth and knew the truth.
pathnativejam (2 months ago)
NO.... This can't be. How many Americans found hung in the east? No way in hell this is a suicide! We need an investigation and numbers need to be ran.
Nathan H (2 months ago)
How many men have to fall from manipulative women who do shameful acts before men wake up...MGTOW Froever Forver MGTOW...great man gone cause of the attacks of an evil women, shameful...SLAG:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5807979/Asia-Argento-embraces-Hugo-Clement-shared-attack-Harvey-Weinstein-Cannes.html....I would trade 1000 of her lives to see one more show by him
Kenny Hyllberg (2 months ago)
FUCK, I'm so sad
Brian M (2 months ago)
It is a shame he couldn't have kept politics out of the show.......i would have liked it so much more had he done that......later antony b.
Laurel Clark (2 months ago)
I love you Anthony, thanks for all the travel & magic stories
John McCordic (2 months ago)
🙏🕊️😎👩‍🍳👥👥👥👥👥✌️💘👣💞🐯🌹🍅🥑🍆🥔🥕🌽🌶️🥓🍗🍔🍳🥙🍕🥞🥖🥐🥘🍲🥗🍜🍚🍣🍺🍸🍷🥂🍽️🍴🥄🔪🌍🌎🌏🗺️🏘️🗽🛫🛬🌈🎬🎞️🇨🇦rip you will be missed feed the gods you taught me so much 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 about food travel places people. Thank you. Jan. Van BC CDA. Be at peace ✌️🙏👑
Hu Jiaming (2 months ago)
Michael Persian (2 months ago)
He was filming in France and he was fine. Fake news about him
Michael Persian (2 months ago)
He was the best writer but He didn't write any note before his suicide?? Why famous people died in France most time???
NYC Top corals (2 months ago)
forget this loser, never follow up with him. goes around chinatown allday getting free meals and portraying his the best. bullshut reason for his suicide is unknown but what a loser taking his own life.
Son of Man (2 months ago)
my favorite heathen on TV, poor bastard, hope GOD has mercy on him
mixalis (2 months ago)
RIP Mr Bourdain, i looked forward to each and every show you did, loved to watch them, time and time again.. You were a brilliant person, will be missed !!
Thomas Paine (2 months ago)
No matter our political differences, this is something everyone can agree on Anthony Bourdain was great guy and will be deeply missed by many, RIP.
Sanji Kun (2 months ago)
Damnit i used to respect him so much.. now he's just a coward.. what a shame
Sanji Kun (2 months ago)
Who cares.. he finished weak.. coward
M Joy (2 months ago)
the world is in  mourning rest in peace the friend of humanity our dear Anthony Bourdain!!!

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