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In this class I show you the games that I use every day to help my students learn, without them even realising it! I talk about vocabulary games, grammar games, storytelling games and plain old fun games! See you in class! ***** Official Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/canguroenglish/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/canguroenglish/ Podcast: https://www.soundcloud.com/canguroenglish/ ***** Become a patron and sponsor free English education here: https://www.patreon.com/canguroenglish
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Canguro English (6 months ago)
Become a patron and sponsor free English education here: https://www.patreon.com/canguroenglish
Johnny Mnemonic (6 months ago)
Hi, do You know that YT is testing its new feature - Sponsor Button. I have found out from one of my polish YT canals I suscribe. Management of You Tube (google) has chosen most remarcable or most viewed canals in each country for testing. If the idea passed, i will be easier for You and us to support Your great waork Christian :)
Evelyn n.n (9 days ago)
Where can I get those games?? :'3
ShineofPointlessMind (15 days ago)
Dear Santa... I need this toy....
PlayBoyDoBoné (16 days ago)
Eu me divirto muito aprendendo por aqui kkk
You are awesome!!! You really help me improve my English !!!
Learn English TV (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for sharing.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marina Carassato (2 months ago)
I have a lot of fun watching your videos!!!!Can't stop laughing!! I'm in stitches!!!! hahahahYou are so funny!!! You are the best!!!!
hicham chabli (3 months ago)
the best teacher I have seen ever
Elizabeth Moss (3 months ago)
I love your method! I have used taboo in class and I would love to give the rest a try. Now, you made me think that dixit, with instructions hahaha, would also be very good for teaching.
Sodnam Zangpo (4 months ago)
Hi there ! Who is interested in playing game with me to improve together our English !?
Jean Michel Henry (4 months ago)
What the genius!
PANKAJ SHARMA (6 months ago)
Waoooo! Whatever you do ; it just amuses me a lot... tnx for being there for us. Tnx for making us understand lots of things which we never knew before...
María del Huerto (6 months ago)
Hi Christian!!!! I liked your video. I watched it in two different days and I couldn't let you a comment. I don't remember all things in the video. It's interesting and creative teaching English to children and teenagers because it's funnier and easier for them and it isn't boring. When you showed a big box, it reminded me a game I have and my childhood too. I didn't know all the games you showed us. Your video is very good!!!! Kisses.
Peter Williams (6 months ago)
I would like to recommend this website for games to learn English: http://mrmattie.com/
Vanódia Té (6 months ago)
Thank you very much nice work.
LONGUEMARE André (6 months ago)
I love yours vidéos change nothing,good evening from France.
Christian, You are the best teacher! Will you please tell where one can buy such games? Do you know any website? I'm an English teacher...thank you
Canguro English (6 months ago)
Hello and thanks for your kind words! I buy most of my games from Amazon!
416AMQ78 (6 months ago)
Canguro English (6 months ago)
My pleasure!
Maryam Falih (6 months ago)
Hahaha so funny 😄😍, I like it. You inspired me in this video. But where can I find these games? Another thing, I discovered that the best way to teach a language is playing games. Thaaaaaanks a million. 😘😍
Canguro English (6 months ago)
Thanks Maryam! I buy most of my games from Amazon! I hope you have a great time playing with your students!
Wilson Pereira (6 months ago)
Hi Christian, your classes is very very fun, I love the your form of the teach and your speak is very clear I get to understand almost all. Thank a lot for your classes.
Canguro English (6 months ago)
Thanks Wilson!
Pasquale Cangiano (6 months ago)
Just a word: excellent!!!
Canguro English (6 months ago)
Thanks Pasquale!
rickimam (6 months ago)
It's so entertaining to watch you. Thanks for all the inspirations and I wish I would have friends who would be as keen on learning English as I am, to play these games with them.
Canguro English (6 months ago)
My pleasure! I hope you find some motivated friends soon!
Johnny Mnemonic (6 months ago)
I also strongly recommend computer games for learning. Escpecially RPG genre were you have to read a lot of text and need to chose one of the answers in dialogues. that makes you better in reading. Of course the best dialogues are the ones which are spoken by actors. Those games hepls you get new vocabulary as well, because you have to check new words and expresions or you won't understand the plot or you may make wrong choices and even lose. On-line games are good choice too 'cause you can meet and talk with people from all over the world there, write with them or speak during the game. By the way, i have a picture of a girl from highschool-it's called class picture ;D
Canguro English (6 months ago)
Hehehe, I don't have any class pictures from high school! I agree: computer games are great for learning!
Nick Zenin (6 months ago)
Thanks for your lessons, Christian! Where can I get such wordgames. I'm from Russia. Maybe it's possible to order them by post. I work as an english teacher in small village)
Canguro English (6 months ago)
Hi Nick! I order most of my games from Amazon and they deliver EVERYWHERE!
Gabriel Henrique (6 months ago)
Your channel is so awesome!
Canguro English (6 months ago)
Thanks Gabriel!
Great games, Christian. I'd like to watch the second part of this vidio. Your classes are never boring. Thank you.
Canguro English (6 months ago)
I deleted it! Tomorrow is another day!
contebeauty (6 months ago)
I've heard one tip how to learn new words: choose five new per day and turn them into an easy song. This might involve gestures and movements those can help understand meanings.
Canguro English (6 months ago)
Sound good to me!
maitham alsaray (6 months ago)
You are amazing
Canguro English (6 months ago)
Thanks Maitham!
Raquel Castro (6 months ago)
Hi, Chris, how can I get these game? Is there a good website that could you suggest?
Raquel Castro (6 months ago)
Canguro English oh, I realized it after I did a research... Unfortunately these are too expensive for me. As a teacher, I'd like to adapt to my students, but I have to find sth cheaper. Im sure you understand. Do you know any book with fun activities to get the language?
Canguro English (6 months ago)
I buy most of my games from Amazon!
Juan J. López (6 months ago)
Hello Cristian, Lately, you are hiperactive, I almost don't have time to watch all you do. Jajajajaj. Thank you so much for all you can do in order to help so many people. CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR OUTSTANDING JOB!!!!!
Canguro English (6 months ago)
Thanks Juan! I am totally hyperactive at the moment! Try and keep up!
Sanket Thakare (6 months ago)
Oh dear..We enjoy these daily videos so much compared to the weekly ones which involved lots of time and planning. Keep it going.// That was an interesting strategy to end the vlog.// I liked it.// And yes, we would like to see Q&A sessions with the local students.// ^ - ^
Canguro English (6 months ago)
I'm glad you like the new videos! I'll try and keep going!
Rafael Umutbaev (6 months ago)
Randomise is the best one! I want to play it)
Canguro English (6 months ago)
It's such a funny game!
Kati Svaby (6 months ago)
I enjoyed these games with cards very much. I remember my childhood when we use the similar card and squeeze to play each other. Sometimes I say that how many words are which every native 5-year-old child know, and we after so long learning don't know eventually only its written form. When we hear it, we don't recognize it as perhaps we know its written picture. For example what you asked us whether we know what means a "mermaid." I've never heard this word, but I had known its Hungarian equivalent already when I was maximum 5 years old from fairy tales. That's why I think these games bring backs which we have never done in English: THE GAMES.
Canguro English (6 months ago)
I think it's time for us all to go back to playing games!
Kaung San Hein (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for sharing. For this lesson, I've learn that there' re a bunch of games to improve the English skill for us.
Canguro English (6 months ago)
My pleasure! I hope it helps!
Peter Williams (6 months ago)
Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas with us, we really appreciate it.
Canguro English (6 months ago)
My pleasure Peter!
Tariq Hassan (6 months ago)
That's very nice But, Where can I buy such games?
Canguro English (6 months ago)
I buy most of my games from Amazon!
Rosa Casiero (6 months ago)
You're never boring, Christian, I enjoyed watching this video a lot, and i would have liked watching the entire video! Learning English having a teacher like you is like going on a fantastic journey discovering always new things! Thanks teacher, for everything and for the fun! :)
Canguro English (6 months ago)
Thanks Rosa, as always, for your kind words!
Ovgun Music (6 months ago)
OMG! I've never seen a teacher like you. That's a great idea. Thank you very much. Perhabs, I'll use those technicals when I'll become an english teacher:)))
Canguro English (6 months ago)
Yes! Make sure your students are having fun and learning and you'll win!
Felipe José (6 months ago)
Congratulations! You're a hero!
Canguro English (6 months ago)
Thanks Felipe!
You is very cool
mustafa sami thank you
mustafa sami (6 months ago)
You must say ' you are very cool' .
Canguro English (6 months ago)
GRINGOOSS (6 months ago)
I love the intro background music.
GRINGOOSS (6 months ago)
Canguro English Yes, it’s great. Is this your production?
Canguro English (6 months ago)
It's great, right?!
Jorge Brignol (6 months ago)
This is the strongest zebra I've ever seen.
Jorge Brignol (6 months ago)
I Just learnead another frasal verb: "mess around" Thank you Christian! What great teacher!
Canguro English (6 months ago)
I don't mess around!
Jacek Borys (6 months ago)
I watched this video just before go to sleep. I would like to dream about funny english game.
Canguro English (6 months ago)
I hope you did!
Carlos Cortinas (6 months ago)
You'are the greatest teacher I've ever seen
Canguro English (6 months ago)
That's too kind!
Paweł G. (6 months ago)
you are never boring!
Canguro English (6 months ago)
Thanks Pawel!
rodrigo farisco joaquom (6 months ago)
This isn't a library instead it's a gamery. This game of the bucket is fantastic, i have and recommend.
Canguro English (6 months ago)
A gamery! I love this word!
Pablo (6 months ago)
I didn't watched it yet, but for sure I can give you thumbs up before :) You're great Christian!
Canguro English (6 months ago)
Cheers Pablo!
Boyke Kharisma (6 months ago)
Great!! Learning with game, it can makes the words last longer in our mind.
Canguro English (6 months ago)
I agree!

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