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BUM SIMULATOR - Official Gameplay Trailer (Day-to-Day Survival Game 2018)

580 ratings | 21224 views
Bum Simulator - Official Gameplay Trailer (Day-to-Day survival Game 2018) • Release Date: October 05, 2018 • Platform: PC STEAM: https://store.steampowered.com/app/855740/Bum_Simulator/ ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (78)
Adelynn (14 hours ago)
this MotherF**ker have a trolley count me in.
Nexures (2 days ago)
is this real lol
億万短者 (2 days ago)
Wizard of Homeless !!
Andrea Massaro (3 days ago)
Fus doh beer? I am pretty sure that was a fus ro dah
SHNAYDER (3 days ago)
The best game ever!Gta sucks in compilation with Bum simulator!)
NRGpony (4 days ago)
Why do I seriously want to play this game
Gwynbleidd (4 days ago)
Macadam Pop (4 days ago)
Sounds like Mr Bean
Rend Blackhand (5 days ago)
Lol this best survival game of the year
blue name (5 days ago)
Half life 3 demo
tiago sparda (5 days ago)
Omg is a dream :v
pedmFX (6 days ago)
shit, this game might actually be cool, lol
TheRandomguy17 (6 days ago)
Ira Clinton (6 days ago)
Did anyone ask for this??
Freddy's Nightmare (6 days ago)
Ira Clinton You're welcome. Lol.
Ira Clinton (6 days ago)
Freddy's Nightmare ohhhhh cool thanks
Freddy's Nightmare (6 days ago)
Ira Clinton no point buying it, you can try it for free just go outside and live on the streets.
Ira Clinton (6 days ago)
Freddy's Nightmare hmm...... ok.... fine!!!
Freddy's Nightmare (6 days ago)
Ira Clinton Yeah the homeless lol.
The Almighty Spank! (6 days ago)
Omg Bowz
This is epic
Mhh I thought I will try it in real life, tired of doing my job but now I don't have to because of this sim, uhhh living the dream!
coon gaming (6 days ago)
Is it going to be on Xbox
Dante Nero (7 days ago)
John Brito (7 days ago)
Bum simulator? Fucken stupid
Albert Gosha (7 days ago)
Satanic garbage.
Yaboi Sugarnips (7 days ago)
I'm getting it
Bull1t (7 days ago)
Hahahahahahahaha i hope for a battle royal Mode :D
JVV 999 (7 days ago)
Khe verga :v
Vaya puta mierda.Los juegos indis son basura todos
Gee Whiz (7 days ago)
Lol - poor people are disgusting freaks - what a clever joke.
Kenet - (7 days ago)
I always wanted to be a bum!
steve m (7 days ago)
Making light of being homeless, lovely lol.
simotherfucking parke (7 days ago)
time to upgrade my pc i thinks
Horu Gamer (7 days ago)
Jajaja what lol..
kataklysm92 (7 days ago)
I really want this
kataklysm92 (7 days ago)
That Cthulhu statue tho
kataklysm92 (6 days ago)
Ide v no I don't think so. I think that statue is just a cool little aesthetic piece that I suppose you can steal and perhaps sell to make your bum some cash
Ide v (6 days ago)
kataklysm92 is this game supposed to be lovecraftian?
kataklysm92 (6 days ago)
1:09 and 1:22
Ide v (6 days ago)
Where is that at the video?
Karkuss The Supreme (7 days ago)
kataklysm92 i was wondering if anyone knew or saw that
Adam Flood (7 days ago)
Not since Goat Simulator has...
Just AGamer (7 days ago)
Please tell me this is for PS4
Bo Mal Patriote (7 days ago)
Mr. Sqishypotatoes only pc
kurisu7885 (7 days ago)
A game with magic beer and attack pigeons......
Mark 13 (7 days ago)
Buahaha ja pierdole polacy :D
Queen FoxE Gamer (7 days ago)
Omg 😹👍💎👑😁👼👸
NCGNexus (7 days ago)
Hi how are ya (7 days ago)
This is a game I want to see at E3
SweetBabyJames78 (7 days ago)
Hancock Returns
я бычек подниму горьковатый дым затяну лючок открою и полезу домой
Parsa Yoosefi (7 days ago)
The game we never knew we wanted
DarkWolf (7 days ago)
*G O T Y*
Face Games (7 days ago)
Sir ravix of fourhorn (7 days ago)
Bro wut
NEX TM (7 days ago)
AVproductions (7 days ago)
Words cant express what i just watched
Lyall James (7 days ago)
Bum simulator official trailer
Superb Trilogy (7 days ago)
Yes, I can now play reality
ضياء ضياء (7 days ago)
Best game ever
Brownies Official (7 days ago)
It looks good ❤😂😂
CDeezy1269 (7 days ago)
What language is this😂
steve m (7 days ago)
Dante Planeta isn’t bum language what the homos speak?
Dante Planeta (7 days ago)
CDeezy1269 it's bum language
iGottaReactToThat (7 days ago)
Drunk Language
Bacterio (7 days ago)
GOTY 😂😂😂
tha hitmann (7 days ago)
😂 wtf
VeniVidiVici (7 days ago)
VeniVidiVici (7 days ago)
Wkoncu symulator Polskiego obywatela😀
Cyka Blyat xd (7 days ago)
"Survival game" lol
GameFreak212 (7 days ago)
is the what happens after my summer car
Mariano Sales (7 days ago)
WeskleyGamer (7 days ago)
Mister Cross (7 days ago)
SKIP GAMERTV (7 days ago)
Mijail Fujiwara (7 days ago)
Hola como estas

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