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Woman whispers for help in a chilling 911 call

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A woman pleaded for help to an Ohio police dispatcher while her alleged abductor slept just feet away. CNN's George Howell reports.
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pureLSD (5 hours ago)
Of course this shit was in Ashland
LDRElectricHue (7 hours ago)
He kinda looks like an older version of Ryland Adam, Shane Yaw's boyfriend.
Georgi Damyanov (15 hours ago)
Stupid dispatcher keeps asking her unnecessary questions ... she could have waken him up and he could have killed her.
Firman Syah (22 hours ago)
Calls 911 For Emergency.
Tiffany Jackson (1 day ago)
It’s not stupid. Bring help.. thank god he didn’t wake all the way up and hear her. Then she would of been dead too. All this technology but you asking me about how to get out DONT you think she thought of everything that’s why she call you. Locate the call and send help. Tf
Lizz Blair (1 day ago)
Omg this is that lifetime movie.
Lizz Blair (1 day ago)
This dispatcher is kind of a bitch.
Blackbird (1 day ago)
He had a UAV
nicola Reay (2 days ago)
Jesus, that's one lucky lady
chelle 0731 (2 days ago)
Some 912 operators are really deaf and ask the stupidest questions!
xilinor (3 days ago)
He's white, he's still alive. A black dude would've been shot to death without getting any chance to comply.
Frame 50 (3 days ago)
I got chills when she whispered “He’s got a taser”.
Reon Baruah (3 days ago)
That's one deep sleeping mofo lmfao....bet he never slept again
louis hooray (4 days ago)
this is awful to hear, i feel for that poor girl😩x
BurningPillow (4 days ago)
I always wondered why officers take so long to just show up... Well, if the police station is far away, I can understand why it would take so long.
Oliver Carberry (4 days ago)
It's a killer 911 call
Chloe wilson (5 days ago)
Good Lord what is wrong with these 911 operators? Do you have to give your measurements, ss #, and any other means of id?
Deborah Lovett (5 days ago)
I'm trembling w fear. How v lucky she was to have stayed on the line and he - serial killer - didn't wake before the cops came. 😖
Denise Mitchell (6 days ago)
sounds about white
KxylaSxms (7 days ago)
I watched this video, obviously feeling for the woman but the second they said "found the remains of 2 bodies" my jaw dropped to the floor and I started crying. This could've easily ended a lot differently and I wish the other women had the chance she did. Thank God she walked out okay.
Very very lucky woman
Sumitra Chiluka (7 days ago)
Wow m so happy she got rescued
Amber Lancaster (7 days ago)
EXACTLY why I carry a concealed firearm! I am waay too little (not age wise, I am 23)! ALWAYS protect yourselves! No matter what!
Jood Almutairat (7 days ago)
he fine asf tho hmu
Praise the Lord God for his tender mercy upon this woman.
nananana ohoh (8 days ago)
they found 2 bodies that girl could've died
Nigel Yazzie (8 days ago)
Sprint towards & jump out the glass window😁😂 #AdrenalineRushSavesLives
Skyy818 (9 days ago)
Dam wtf’ Thas some scary intense stuff... there’s so many crazy’s out there & it’s crazy that this type of stuff actually happens in real life.
Dazyredfox87 (9 days ago)
Ridiculous, This girl is amazing!!! I'm in tears smiling she's safe & that pos is 1 of many going down.
kitkatz 93 (9 days ago)
I wonder how many yrs he’ll get probably not many murder now a days doesn’t seem to give much time, but you sell drugs or something see you in a couple decades! Cgr Ktz 🤔
miresly777777 (9 days ago)
Great Job by that dispatcher!! Now that is applauded by me...👏👏👏☺Very well handled.
jumoke Aladese (9 days ago)
she l is lucky she was not killed by that wicked man that has been killing innocent women the wicked never go unpunishe
J T (9 days ago)
Noel Cancel (9 days ago)
Omg 😮😮😲😲😔
Best Fiddle (10 days ago)
Holy fuck these operators ask so many questions...
Mikata Cleveland (10 days ago)
OMG she was lucky!!!!!
angielou123 (10 days ago)
Omg she was gonna be next
Fiona Cahill (10 days ago)
She obviously tells the 911 that the house is "yellow" , but it writes she says "no". That would have helped speed things up if they got that right. So glad they got her as he was obviously going to kill her.
Emm Emm (10 days ago)
Instead of « no » is it just me or did she say yellow ?
lenguaje experto (11 days ago)
excuse my english. how did the operator knew the adress?
Megan Risoli (11 days ago)
If she didn't call.. she'd probably be dead..
Shannon F (11 days ago)
Thank god she was able to call!! She would have been next and they may not have ever known he committed any crimes!!🙏😢
popinfresh (11 days ago)
Holy crap, I am glad she’s ok. I’m guessing she didn’t know about the other bodies cause that would have freaked her out even more. She stayed pretty calm considering how scared she was.
Nathan Yager II (11 days ago)
"No, please hurry" = "Yellow, please hurry"
Miss T (12 days ago)
Wow 😱
KJ 5000 (12 days ago)
He is a decent looking guy, if he wasn't such a psycho he could have a steady girlfriend instead of murder charge.
Mag O (12 days ago)
911 dispatchers must be the biggest morons in the world, last video 16 year old boy pleads for help dying of suffocation in the back of a van and dispatcher laughs at him and accuses him of lying. He dies and the retard is put on administrative leave.
83017 ! (13 days ago)
lol this dispatcher 😂 i mean she tried
JCA (13 days ago)
I'm confused 00:26 yellow or no???
Kim McLaughlin (13 days ago)
She said yellow not no
Giveaway G0D (13 days ago)
oh man thank god!
IfNotMe ThanWho (13 days ago)
satmtcak (13 days ago)
Hope this mother fucker enjoys hell and prison when he goes
mary mattering (13 days ago)
i don't why they are asking so many questions and risking him waking up
LSX BIRD (14 days ago)
Wow are you freakin serious are we playing 21 fucken question ??? That’s why I fucken hate dispatchers ! Like enough with the fucken question track her call down see where the calls coming from make a move fast send police to the location where the phone is calling from !! Wow that’s why fuck the police carry your Gun at all times. Don’t rely on the police to help save your life , only person that can save you it’s yourself
Justin G (14 days ago)
The dispatcher clearly needs a fucking hearing aid and is a retard
detubeme (14 days ago)
Yo that's some scary shit.
Brian Newton (14 days ago)
I have tears as like I'm sure many others here. You are so strong, and as someone who only knows you from YouTube, sends a powerful message of determination and willingness to others never give up on anything..stay strong!!
Kory Stewart (14 days ago)
stop asking questions
Bloom ASMR (14 days ago)
Idk why 911 have to ask soooo many questions when someone is clearly panicking and scared like how is she gonna come out of the house when he’s sleeping in the same room and how is she gonna remember the colour of the house omg
Serena.Saint.James (15 days ago)
Jesus, took them 20 fucking minutes to show up to an abduction?! What, they too busy writing tickets, jesus christ she's lucky to be alive considering he murdered two other women as well.
Countrycowboy08 (15 days ago)
Whoa. Really chilling phone call. I thought these only happen in Hollywood movies! You know that movie The Call with Halle Berry? Yeah.. This is chilling!
Brayli Veres (15 days ago)
Oh my goodness.
Koz Scarface (15 days ago)
dispatcher is asking way too many questions for an urgent abduction call. at least let her know people are on the way and tell her to stay on the line and THEN ask for the details. jesus. dumbass baby boomers.
Scott Holder (15 days ago)
Chop his balls off and make him eat them
Becky G (15 days ago)
Ashley Swanson (15 days ago)
my gosh. God Bless, Amen.
Jin's Umbrella (15 days ago)
The last part shocked me like yall didnt say he was a killer damn
Rica Doll (16 days ago)
They fucking ask to much question instead of HURRYING to the scene !
Deb (16 days ago)
Oh my gosh, did they go there then leave... she says "tell them to come back, come back" .... how scary and close. Amen she was rescued by the police.
Ricardo293029 (16 days ago)
Glad he was sentenced to death in June, absolute filth I hope it dies quick
Willore Winchester (16 days ago)
a few minutes that seem endless and if he would have seen her, he would kill her!! omfg men are mad... fucking bastards!!!
The police got there but she still had to fucking escape, like bitch what?🙄🙄🙄
Madison Buckle (16 days ago)
Wow. She’s so lucky.
C.i m (16 days ago)
Omg, she could be easily be dead. Thank god. Good job girl!
samantha swan (17 days ago)
Damn shes lucky
Icynibba (17 days ago)
I feel the horror from just hearing this
Miss Mitchell (17 days ago)
Great Dragon (17 days ago)
but did he rape her?
avaorchid (17 days ago)
Thank God a dispatcher who took the caller seriously and didnt hang up or tell her they couldnt help her
ZEUS FUSK (17 days ago)
I swear its like i was listening to this live.. waiting and see whats about to happend...
Steph Anie (17 days ago)
TWO BODIES god above why won't you strike this man down where he stands?
Greta Piperkoska (17 days ago)
Au au. She was gonna be next. Miracle. 😱
Tracey (18 days ago)
I was not expecting that ending. She's very lucky to be alive knowing that.
sna ojao (18 days ago)
Strange how Ohio is home of so many perverts. Brock Turner. Dude w the girls locked inside. Teenage boys videotaping rape victim. Jim Jordan. There's so many. One dude had ton of dead women in his home in Cleveland.
Mini Wolf (18 days ago)
The operator needs to stop talking so loud.
Geras Katinas (18 days ago)
0:22 yellow? or no ?
alexandria valera (18 days ago)
That kinda sounds like a kidnaping movie but amen
olivia r (18 days ago)
the police shouldve never left the damn house in the first place. what the fuck.
Abby Normal (18 days ago)
so glad she made it ,and sad for the other unfortunate victims. the world is an unsafe ugly place.
Anthony Kershaw (19 days ago)
Does anyone know who are the victims name
Oreo the Appaloosa (19 days ago)
People who murder for fun or kidnap for fun DESERVE the death penalty and it better be very painful and a slow death as they BEG for it. Then put a fucking bullet through their head. That's how it should go and people are too much of a pussy to change it
lisa white (19 days ago)
OMG This girl is so so lucky. Thank God she escaped this monster.
Kevin Richards (19 days ago)
You do the crime you do the time!
Entertainment Only. (19 days ago)
Can dispatcher track the incoming call?
Onel Hernandez (20 days ago)
terrible job by the cops they fucking left...
Valerie Freeman (20 days ago)
Frightening. Put up your fucking hands. He's done.
I was scared through the whole thing
Oopss7 (21 days ago)
She did an amazing job staying so calm throughout, though

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