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Woman whispers for help in a chilling 911 call

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A woman pleaded for help to an Ohio police dispatcher while her alleged abductor slept just feet away. CNN's George Howell reports.
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Dominique Castillo (15 hours ago)
ASMR, sorry... I leave
TechDeckBros _ (19 hours ago)
minty chip (21 hours ago)
What town was this?
Ghostcatcher64 (2 days ago)
God that's creepy and horrible... Poor girl and poor victims, hope he'll get raped in prison, that's the only way i hope someone gets raped, after doing such horrible shit
Jaliyah Hobson (2 days ago)
Wtf dispatcher he’s sleeping quiet down he can hear you if you’re talking super loudly through the phone
TheToadster (2 days ago)
I've always wanted to be a dispatcher and boi let me tell you: that job is hard as hell. It takes strength to be in an emergency situation and keep a calm and steady voice. Their job is to get a clear description of what they are hearing because 911 calls are often used as evidence in court. Imagine calling 911 and hearing another equally hysterical person on the other end. That's why they are trained to stay calm no matter what and to ask as many questions as possible so that there is no confusion on what is happening. Theyre also trained told to try and keep the caller calm by having them focus on answering questions instead of freaking out about what's going on. On top of all that they have to relay all that info to police, fire, or an ambulance. That means recording/typing down all the info and sending it to first responders. I know there are bad dispatchers out there. Also keep in mind that people prank call 911 all the time. They are human and doing their best to get the best possible outcome for the situation. Y'all gotta stop giving dispatchers shit, they help save lives
TheToadster (2 days ago)
"the operator is asking too many questions!!!!1!1!" Jeezus how do you think a dispatcher should react??? Caller: I'm kidnapped! Dispatcher: welp. Good luck with that (:
Stephanie the dino (2 days ago)
0:25 she says yellow not no...
George Ferreira (2 days ago)
We seriously need a fucking micro-chip program. It would practically stop all crime. Now people say it would infringe on our rights... Every law today is aimed at protecting writes. A constitutional democracy like yours is the absolute worst form of government. Here in Canada we are a constitutional "monarchy" taking the power out of the hands of politicians and putting it into experts and environmentalists. Today is Canada's endoctrination of The Cannabis Act which legalized marijuana for recreational uses, not just for medicinal purposes.
George Ferreira (2 days ago)
Good job by the dispatch operator!!! If it was the same operator who handled the case of the three girls in Ohio then it might have ended differently. God bless Jesus Christ and the great work of our police. I'm in tears right now.
chi yuen siu (3 days ago)
kill all cops secretly.
Layla _Cookie Playz (3 days ago)
Brave girl
Isaiah Davis (3 days ago)
This dispatcher said is there anyway to get out.like bitch do you think shell be there still
O m g
Dead Cat (4 days ago)
Curt Gamer (4 days ago)
You know I hate fucking people like that
Kawthar Bakhach (4 days ago)
Kidnapped woman whispering: "How much longer?" Dispatcher: *w a t*
Soph Nz (4 days ago)
Funny how people in the comments with no fricking education or knowledge of the job of a dispatcher are here trying to be smart..😂😂
Sara (5 days ago)
I thought it was mehh and not a real situation until they said they found dead bodies!!! Whatt thhheee fuuucckkk how is she so calm
Baddyforall (6 days ago)
Omg. America is a shit country posing as great outside giving an illusion. But the truth is the exact opposite. It's a grave yard
mirna cosme (6 days ago)
Ok i know the dispatcher is doing their jobs..but when its a situation like this u shouldn't ask so many questions when she clearly said the guy is right next to me..he could of heard her talking and killed her before the cops got there
Keakea Uili (6 days ago)
All dispatchers need to be like this woman
Aubree Shea (7 days ago)
I’m glad the man “Shawn” was given the death penalty he KILLED a FREAKING GRANDMOTHER and tried to kill that poor girl god bkess
Monalisa Tauanuu (7 days ago)
So brave
bigberb fLaP (7 days ago)
0:26 I didn’t know this but *she said yellow*
Liv in the wild (7 days ago)
Who else noticed the dispatcher said oh sh**t I woke him up and the caller said just put the phone down should be other way round 😅
A. L. (7 days ago)
Holy @#$& just get there!!!!!! This is horrifying!
Muaadh Rahman (7 days ago)
White people smh
Emma Parce (7 days ago)
0:024 “No” she didn’t say no she said yellow
Emma Parce (7 days ago)
Lene Ring (7 days ago)
I live in Phoenix, AZ. When I called 911, they showed up 2 hours later.
Scottie Ross (8 days ago)
Creepy as hell.
triginta (8 days ago)
This brings me to tears every time I hear this. I’m glad she’s safe.
Captain no filter (8 days ago)
These grafted devils are so sick
hiwahiwak _ (9 days ago)
1:14 they messed up, it says dispatcher but that was the caller
Christroyer ! (9 days ago)
Dillon Robson (10 days ago)
MiamiPush2theLimit (10 days ago)
Omggggg scary
sharon ferguson (11 days ago)
They lady was blessed.
poppyisnotonfire (11 days ago)
Wow what a bitch “What’s the problem?” In a really can’t be asked attitude as well
Mt. Gamerz (11 days ago)
20 min 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Emily (12 days ago)
Why the lady talkin so loud damn
that.boy.rainy (12 days ago)
Her voice is so soothing
Kapeish (12 days ago)
doesnt anyone like the sound of the whisper?
Judy is High (13 days ago)
Thank god that woman is safe!
Sarah S (13 days ago)
They need 911 texting. It’s so loud to make a phone call and talk.
hamster _girl (13 days ago)
That God.
Sistah SOULjah11 (13 days ago)
Omg is she lucky! How did she have access to a phone or is he that stupid he didn't take hers off of her? Either way a blessing, because she surely would have been a 4th body!
S'Q MCLEAN (13 days ago)
God is good all the time 😇....
Turbowat? (13 days ago)
But yea, give up your guns. it's safer that way.
Charxlotte (14 days ago)
I wish we could text the police.
Julio Hinojosa (17 hours ago)
You can, it's called a TTY (teletype)or a TTD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf) fire stations and first responder get text messages through there
Wolfy Liisu chan (14 days ago)
Her voice is so calm I'll be panicking like no stop
The Noob (14 days ago)
That's like rape
Gerbil Jerome (14 days ago)
........"can u tell them to come back" Wtf lol
MMD 1 (15 days ago)
Holy Shit. That is one brave woman.
Bitchyoua Mess (15 days ago)
its always the white men they got small dicks no girl wants them so they kid nap
Rose G (15 days ago)
Please don't let him out. *LIKE EVER* No what? Better yet bring back the electric chair 🌀
O Relly (16 days ago)
Seriously this lady is retarded!!!! Bitch are you serious?!?!
moody b (16 days ago)
Ryan Drayton (16 days ago)
White people
Watermelon Pie (17 days ago)
She was so brave
MR_Sun _Wu_Kong_TV (17 days ago)
Fuck the dispatcher!.. too much question!. Idiot police... its emergency. !
Dispatcher: is there a bathroom in the house? Umm no this house was built without one wtf?
Tamar P (18 days ago)
they need to get there faster and have more stations so they don’t all rely on one
oh I understand (18 days ago)
Still sleeping? Wait what this is the question my teacher often ask me lol?
Skid (19 days ago)
If I was her I would just jumped on him and started to have a good time with him the grab the taser and taser his nuts till he bleeds out of his eyes.
lavette gayles (19 days ago)
Wow! my hats off to the woman, the dispatcher, and law enforcement, she wouldve been another one of his victims. Thank you lord.
Let Your Light Shine (20 days ago)
zoola mae (21 days ago)
They need to further train dispatchers and also police refreshment of skill are needed as well. This could have turned out very bad for that woman that dispatcher should have told her to be quite after the knew the location. He could have killed her for that call and theeeeeeeen they leave the house without checking it first then she had to tell them to come back. Thank goodness the kidnapper was a dunce
Clelia Estrada (21 days ago)
2:13 & 2:17 ...
Kristie Riley (21 days ago)
It's hard to locate on a cell phone the point of the matter is they saved her from being another victim
Tom Brady (21 days ago)
Fucking hell they found 2 bodies he was going to kill her, glad this sick fuck is rotting in jail and they saved her life.
Colder (22 days ago)
Crystal Dime (22 days ago)
OOF Ohio is a really scary place;_;
Terrie Wixson (22 days ago)
God showed mercy on her that day
Kind9 (13 days ago)
...and gave the middle finger to the two victims who were murdered before her.
This dispatch lady - she's horrid
xJahx (23 days ago)
Hope he gets raped
MrAMYJACK (23 days ago)
Firstly what a smart thinking and brave Lady. Secondly I'm positive most Police do their best for society after all image dealing with the scum on this earth. I personally value their presence in what I do in life.
Janette Chilson (23 days ago)
Is that 911 operator insane ??? Why does she keep asking her questions ?? He’s sleeping and she keeps making her talk .. freaking idiot !! Get the address and shut the hell up !
Cree Ingles (24 days ago)
She’s so lucky she got out alive.
D’ Jaguar (24 days ago)
Just stop saying negative things about the dispatcher. This was a happy ending y’all. Their job isn’t easy so be easy on them. I read a lot of negative comments against the dispatcher but not one negative comment for the killer/kidnapper. Y’all smell that shit? You see all the mistakes of the dispatcher but don’t give a shit about the evil person 🤨 who’s the real stupid?
Fluffy_Pancakes 0329 (24 days ago)
Thank you god for giving her courage.
kaaumi chigusa (25 days ago)
20 minutes is way too long for the police to get there
Chou Yang (25 days ago)
Bless her
Kerrie Ellis (25 days ago)
God had to be on that girls side because that man killed 2 others..pray for others...you dont know what angel you are dispatching to save a life!!!
Nancy Deis (25 days ago)
Reading alot of these comments kinda gets me mad...not at police but at the people hating on them. If it is taking 20, 30 or 60 min for a cop to come..how about find out why. go to media go to police chief go to mayor etc. I highly doubt that these officers say who shit there is a abduction call but i am hungry so they can wait. There are so many rules and regulations stopping police from doing stuff. I know they are just as frustrated cause they are either useless or murderers. Maybe citizens need to take control. Urge more officers hired and better training. More community officers who are just out n about talking to everyone even the gangsters and druggies.communities start having self defense courses or gun safety etc if applicable. Neighborhood watch....i know when i was growing up it didn't matter if it was a weekend in summer etc if you did something stupid every adult knew and they knew who you were and who your parents were and were held accountable. now if someone tells someone elses kids to behave they are sworn at and threatened by the parents. Take our communities back. know the neighbors know their vehicles and watch out for each other Stop COP HATING
William Blakeley (25 days ago)
now he will be in protective custody because rapist woman beaters child molestation dont go in jail Either...maybe if u get an eye for an eye wouldn't have no free food & sleeping. kill a human YOU die . 👋✌again god bless her .hope she can cope with what happened .she should be Honored .
William Blakeley (25 days ago)
omg Jesus took care of it & thank him for that..Sad how Many others ..give me 3 minutes with him..he will be hurting the rest of his life ..should of tazore him in his nuts .
_Optimist_ (26 days ago)
666 dislikes. Could my day get any worse?
read more (26 days ago)
666th dislike sorry had to do it
whatif (26 days ago)
why there is no GPS.how she could talk and he is not awake ..story wrong .maybe she is the killer
dennis hopkins (26 days ago)
she was so lucky
Swedish Holmberg (26 days ago)
Wow, just WOW... Wow...she is ine very very lucky young lady and this putrid, evil sick, vile wretched piece of garbage needs the death penalty, quick like.
Miss Knoitall (26 days ago)
Oh my word, that's scary.
Patch Cat (26 days ago)
I would have tried to kill him while he was asleep
Lennon Roberto (27 days ago)
Wow. Great job from both caller and operator. They had nerves
Anonymous Anonymous (27 days ago)
Oh my gosh he was a serial killer she would’ve died if they didn’t come
Jonathan V (27 days ago)
SiCK ass people SMDH. This world needs a reset button
Narcissism (27 days ago)
Wow she would have died if she didn’t make that call.

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