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Phrasal verbs - OFF - make off, get off, pull off...

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http://www.engvid.com/ It's time to get off your ass, and pull off some advanced English learning! Learn a whole lot of new phrasal verbs, all using 'off'. Don't wait. Watch this lesson now... before someone makes off with it! http://www.engvid.com/phrasal-verbs-off/
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Text Comments (265)
thank you teacher you are very good
theexperiment asd (1 month ago)
You said looking at a 1000 verbs . Or should we say a 1000 verb . ?
danietka (1 month ago)
I love James' lessons!!!
Manoj Shukla (1 month ago)
Good work
LYDIE Mbwese (2 months ago)
Clear and nice. Thanks
Gavin Tryde (3 months ago)
*This Mr. Earthworm is so funny, I ALWAYS laugh my ass OFF*
SAM MEMON (4 months ago)
Andrea Giraldo MD (4 months ago)
May I ask you a question? After off Do I have to use gerund or infinitive ?
Iulian Chirita (4 months ago)
really good schematic explanations, I got some print screens :D
Mr. Spadex (5 months ago)
Do native speakers know all these phrasal verbs. please fo reply..
Junior Farias (5 months ago)
'Get outta here' 😂😂
Igor A (6 months ago)
James, thank you for your clear and unconventional explanation of wide range of topics, it has helped me to pass the B2 test required for the job I am applying for
Ahmed EwE (6 months ago)
you wanna visit Cairo you are a welcome man.
Kitti's Cat (7 months ago)
Super class!!!! Thanks a lot. Greetings from Colombia
Adelmo Cavalcante (7 months ago)
Nancy Ruiz (7 months ago)
A masterclass teacher the best explanation I've eveen learn..thank youso much! You are the best!!
jk 18 (8 months ago)
You are a great Teacher!!! Thank you from Greece
Veronika Tender (8 months ago)
That was the extremely useful video! Big thanks to you!
Jorge Martinez (8 months ago)
Good lessons
Nancy Ruiz (9 months ago)
Great !! I get it !! Thank you teach !!
Said Serbilind (9 months ago)
for the Germans and the Dutch. this off particle is very similar to the german -ab and the Dutch -af. scare off = af+schrikken, ab+schrecken round off = af+ronden, ab+runden just checked the etymology dictionary and saw that this "off" is originally from Old High german -aba
moront83 (10 months ago)
James, You are the best, man!!!! Great lessons!!!
Kinga Janas (11 months ago)
such a great video! thank you!!
Lalit Gupta (11 months ago)
You are great teacher
Nakintu ProxyDivine (1 year ago)
Marcio Roberto (1 year ago)
Very nice, and 10 out of 10.
Zohaib Hassan (1 year ago)
i like your starts, it is always interesting and inviting..
wenbo Li (1 year ago)
Does anyone want to practice english by talking through skpye? i can speak german, chinese and english. my account: wenboliii
Ivan Martínez (1 year ago)
Yes, add me on Skype, my count is : ivan_martinez10@outlook.es
Wagner (1 year ago)
Me too,we can do it
Ivan Martínez (1 year ago)
I would like to take with you by Skype
Hã ÿét (1 year ago)
Thank u James!
Gustavo Henrique (1 year ago)
i watched this lesson and went to watch gotham... i suddenly see the phrasal cordon off. Nailed ! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Jamilah Mellan Radia (1 year ago)
keep it up sir! thank you so much!
Lucas Tovani (1 year ago)
i loved it , even more because i could understand it all. That means i'm getting better. thanks for the video
연샄캉 (1 year ago)
I like your good mood when teaching !
Goldie Wan Kenobi (1 year ago)
immmmm tirrrrrrreddddd......hahaha so funny
rafa arteaga (1 year ago)
THUG 4 LIFE my Bro !
卓郁文 (1 year ago)
love you~~~~~ great!
suja pn (2 years ago)
u know the special way of explaining phrasal verb
Salhi Khaled (2 years ago)
I didn't quite understand the phrasal verb to round off
プロットZ (1 year ago)
what a good explanation Luis , that example was very nice .
Luis Fernandez (1 year ago)
round off is when you're talking about an estimated value, for example when you're in a math test and your result is 4,56, one usually uses one decimal so you will round off to 4,6 you will estimated or truncate the number by one smaller.
Emad AL Homsi (2 years ago)
"Goodbye cruel world" LOL :D
Mahdi Alatas (2 years ago)
yeah finally, i pulled this off, thank you James!
roniedson pereira (2 years ago)
I´ve seen someone teaching this way! keep it up!
Ivina Jamyle (2 years ago)
Brazil here \o/ Anyone else? :D
Sara Toktosunova (3 months ago)
Gabriel Rodrigues (5 months ago)
Sim!! <3 :)
Junior Farias (8 months ago)
Ivina Jamyle hiii
João Victor Pereira (1 year ago)
here too
Ivina Jamyle (1 year ago)
I totally agree with you :)+Mardoqueu Mardock 
Taís Lisbôa (2 years ago)
Great way to explain!! Love your method!
Ashley Ellis (2 years ago)
Good video!
Ali Heidari (2 years ago)
thank u . i realy got off.
Lucas Batista (2 years ago)
10 of 10 thank you, you're the best
GlunchBowl (2 years ago)
0:31 You were wrong! You said "I'm quite pissed off" and you needed to say "rather pissed off" because the idea of "pissed off is negative! Quite=Positive Ideas Rather=Negative Ideas.
Christian Agravante (2 years ago)
hey you pissed me off. haha, don't worry, that was only a joke. thanks for this ,keep it up.
wong annie (2 years ago)
your teaching is so constructive and clear to a non-native speaker! And the idea of knowing particles rather than the verbs phrase is agreeable!
Jacek Małolepszy (2 years ago)
I love this guy ! Keep going with that !
Sandhya Kumar Seth (2 years ago)
Very clear speech and engaging !
Hello, James. How are things with you? Thank you so much for the lovely videos! By the way, any team in the world can beat the Brazilan soccer team. Definetely we're not the best ones at soccer anymore! LOL! The World Cup in Brazil was such a dreadful thing when it comes to our economy, corruption, political unrest, anyway... It was just a disaster. I wonder how lucky the other candidates were when they 'missed out' the opportunity of having such a thing held in their countries. We all wish all that money could be spent in Education and Health and Public Transportation and Infra Structure....and so many other things...... Thanks again Greetings from Brazil
CloSe AlG (2 years ago)
i'm getting off on your  unique style of teaching , thank you so much :)
Josito MTL (3 years ago)
Phrasal sucks.
i get off on watching English Videos on Youtube :D
Gansukh Purevdorj (3 years ago)
It was very useful Thank you
Q Jadero (3 years ago)
thank u james. have a nice day.
The best from the best :)
Tarek Saied (3 years ago)
Hello form cairo :) thanks
Sĩ Nguyên Vũ (3 years ago)
well now you've just pissed me off with your lessons.just kidding =))
CRYPTOHAWKS (3 years ago)
Is nooot a bug!!!! rss... worm, hahaha Thanks about the video!!! ^^
Dan Lurny (2 years ago)
+kady Coelhoss If it could have not died it would become a bug!)
sweetdreams 789 (3 years ago)
please please the drawings are sloppy and the markers are half-dry.
why did worm commit suicide?
Ашот гейм (3 years ago)
Bravo,James.A perfect video!
Star Light (3 years ago)
How can I stop liking your lesson? It is so awesome!
meilo cat (3 years ago)
I set off in the morning. My wife scares me off to go to work. My boss tells me off all the time and threatens to write me off. I am so pissed off to the point that I want to jump off the bridge then it came the brilliant idea of just making off with the company's money. I become rich and all my colleagues would say how could he pull that off?
Ansha Smith (3 months ago)
I understood more after I read this.thanks
이상민 (4 months ago)
More phrasal verb [then I hit on a brilliant idea of making off with company's money] HOW about that?
Kitti's Cat (7 months ago)
Good job!
Phrasal Verb Friends (10 months ago)
Marcio Roberto (1 year ago)
Very well!
jesson pulutan (3 years ago)
thanks man, it helps a lot, I'm just wondering if you have a facebook account? then I will able to keep in touch with you.
Glodus Muspell (3 years ago)
juanitokickboxing (3 years ago)
I don't like the way he explains lessons
manolete 46 (1 month ago)
juanitokickboxing fuck off
back off bitch!
Young WebDeveloper (3 years ago)
I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else is searching for mother of bride speeches examples try Barkola Mother Bride Blueprint (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my colleague got amazing results with it.
Luna (3 years ago)
I don't have trouble understanding what they mean, and even if I do I can just look them up online. What I have trouble with is knowing when to use them or how to construct them. Like when I learn a new verb, how would I know if that verb is used alone or in phrasal verb form. For example the verb "clean"; It can be used alone or in phrasal verb form "clean up"; But wtf is the difference? I never got that. The verb "close"; I always though I could just use it like "close the door", but once I heard someone say "do you want me to close it up?" (meaning a door) and I'm like holy fuck this is so confusing. This is why I'm always afraid to use verbs because I never know if I'm using them right ;_; And I haven't found anyone who can help me or has had the same problems.
Ibrahim Alımcı (3 years ago)
take from me as much as that. i have same trouble but i have an idea too. i think, when they use phrasal verb to define same mean without phrasal verb they actually want to emphasize what they say. its my theory.
La Mayeta GS (3 years ago)
I like to learn English with you! Regards 😉
Matemática Para Todos (3 years ago)
Great video i've been learning a lot of english by watching Engvid.  I barely noticed time passing by and finnaly i get all the tricks.  Thanks! 
Radu Munteanu (3 years ago)
Karl El (3 years ago)
I really get off this lesson. You're the best teacher ever, keep it up.
Shaomei Zhang (3 years ago)
Osama El Khalfaoui (3 years ago)
18 Other teachers dislikes this
Abdulelah Albariqi (3 years ago)
خخخخخ يقطع بليسكك
Monica Sings (3 years ago)
You teach very interesting..and friendly..and funny..and handsome! Hugs!
Monica Sings (3 years ago)
I like your teaching! It's interesting and you're handsome!
Natacha García (3 years ago)
WOW!  I finally took in this lesson... Yours is the best teaching method ever! "How did you pull that off? Nobody else could do it, but you could, because you're special!" My hat is OFF to you! :)
Djibril Camara (3 years ago)
I do appreciate your lessons, you are a very good teacher. I wanna speak fluently like you.
Hassan Haval Haji (3 years ago)
Mr james, I have never seen a method like this, and it's away better and practical.
олим Rizaevich (4 years ago)
Rosie Rose (4 years ago)
ahmed yassen (4 years ago)
such an awesome guy ,awesome video and u r so funny too .really like it 
1sola1verita (4 years ago)
I agree about teaching phrasal verbs using particles, good approach
Evelyn Maryel (4 years ago)
Teacher! Thank you very much for your lessons, you helped me a lot :D you are an excellent teacher
Leticia Gonzalez (4 years ago)
What a great explanation!! I love it! Thanks I will keep watching you!!
paola balcacer (4 years ago)
hahahahah great
Nga Tran (4 years ago)
could you chat wecam with me via Skye?
I've seen a lot off your lessons and you are still not PISSING me OFF
Sandeep Thakur (4 years ago)
He is just little bit typical to understand , may be I'm not native speaker.
real great explanation, I'd like to see more advance level lessons , idioms lessons. Thanks a lot ! watching you and studing from you 
Awdaly Saleh (4 years ago)
Thank you very much telling me this wonderful lesson so I'll pull of everything .
K.S.A Al-anizi (4 years ago)
yo man what is up? Thnx to u I can now understand what those mean And keep up don't round off ur vids make it round up dude . And thnx a lot
aprendiendoidiomas (4 years ago)
Very well, James. Because Spanish doesn't take this type of construction, it is more than interesting you teach it this way. Thanks, James.
1Flower2010 (4 years ago)
Very clear explanation!
Vegan Make Peace (4 years ago)
how about pay off ? it means finish
Himanshu Rawat (4 years ago)
Hi ! James,Himanshu from India. Firstly many thanks for teaching on line. Love your videos. I have trouble using` would`. sometimes we use it for present tense , such as : I would go there instead of I will go there. Would you make a video on this, pls.
Sérgio Luz (4 years ago)
C'mon, Female Canada Soccer Team is great! =) I agree, your explanation is really clear, and makes curious about something. Back here in Brazil people use the expression "making off" refering to scenes of a film making, e.g. instructions of the director, make up, etc. I have searched the web and only the meaning you give in your explanation. Does this expression make any sense in English? Is there any term for this sort film about the film? Thanks, and congratulations.
Jem Manalastas (4 years ago)
My bro is good in Math because he always round off his age er' time he'll be goin' out for a date LOL.

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