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7 Times You Made the Game Much Harder by Accident

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Difficulty levels in games are mostly clearly signposted. Occasionally though we stumble across a kind of unofficial hard mode that will, though never advertised as an ‘alternative’ hidden difficulty setting, unexpectedly make life several degrees harder. Consider these times we made a game significantly more difficult for ourselves by accident, and subscribe for a video like this every Thursday. If you decided to play as Nosferatu in Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, or Chris Redfield in Resident Evil, or a Level 1 Chicken in Lord of the Rings Online, you will know the shock and dismay of inadvertently signing up for an enhanced challenge. And if you set your intelligence stat to zero in Fallout? Then good luck to you and your limited conversation options, dummy. --- Outside Xbox brings you daily videos about videogames, especially Xbox One games and Xbox 360 games. Join us for new gameplay, original videos, previews, lists, Show of the Week and other things (ask us about the other things). Thanks for watching and be excellent to each other in the comments. Find us at http://www.outsidexbox.com Subscribe to us at http://www.youtube.com/outsidexbox Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/outsidexbox Follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/outsidexbox Put a t-shirt on your body http://www.outsidexbox.com/tshirts
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Text Comments (5325)
Darien Haines (10 hours ago)
They did the same stuff w the small keys in re2 for Leon lol.
Solidmoon (17 hours ago)
The Evil hat in West of Loathing. Ya they say its hard mode but its more like "bend over for a reckoning" then just hard.
Mc fetron Ion (22 hours ago)
You don't have to become a vampire, you can give an offering to the ideal masters then steal it back before leaving.
Alanis Murphy (1 day ago)
I only have fallout 4 and all my point things are 5 or4
Olaf Maier (1 day ago)
What about Graphene?
Sans (2 days ago)
5:13 It literally tells you that you can't play a nosferatu and go topside
Icalasari (2 days ago)
...How is turning into a chicken accidentally making the game harder? What person looks at the option to become a chicken and goes, "Clearly this has no drawbacks whatsoever and won't make the game a hellish nightmare!"?
Niclas Lööf (2 days ago)
Lazy video, the Dawnguard part especially, wasnt there SOMEONE in the writers room who had actually played Skyrim?
Antonydabossman (3 days ago)
In the dawnguard you can also give up half your soul like I did.
Jonathan Brown (3 days ago)
Actually I'm the Dawngaurd did you can get soul trapped instead of becoming a vampire
Luke H (3 days ago)
I love how Jane always looks proud after a horrible pun.
Gamily (3 days ago)
Potato waffles and turkey dinosaurs
Josh Kallenbach (4 days ago)
I'd argue that regen penalties you have to deal with as a vampire are way more annoying
Spencer Carr (4 days ago)
Oh man, poor Nosferatu, that game was weird, and this is coming from someone who played 6+ years of VtM LARP.
dacika44 (4 days ago)
laughed so hard on the Fallout scenes....:))
Being a Nosferatu becomes easy once you max out obfuscate; also the feeding on rats makes the sewer part with the big monsters easier. Gangrel is probably the easier one though (I've only played Nos and Tremere)
Jawad Kabir (4 days ago)
She can put stuff in her bra
king ghidorah (5 days ago)
14:23 wat are u casul?
Geoff Rogers (5 days ago)
Yeah being dawnguard is the way to go when playing skyrim. That rune axe is freakin' amazing against the undead seeing as it's bugged and just gets more and more powerful with every undead creature you kill.
Dragtox (5 days ago)
tales of vesperia gives you a much harder final boss battle if u get all the ultimate weapons and that most likly gona put you back to grinding
Ghalaghor McAllistor (5 days ago)
A poultry reward...are you yolking with us?
Meme Machine (6 days ago)
I once tried doing a sick trick in resident evil 4 and fell down from a building and then my health was almost down i want to die
BlackSiyah (6 days ago)
4:31 Needs a remake. 😃
Gilmaris (6 days ago)
Does Jane remind you of David Mitchell, or is it just me?
Spud Bud (7 days ago)
I knew about nosferatu when i got the game. Still wanted it lol
The.Inferno (7 days ago)
You can just be partially soul trapped the second time you are asked to be a vampire in Skyrim
Crazygamer88 TRCG88 (7 days ago)
Joined the dawnguard, became soul trapped, werewolf all the way.
Kenneth Wilkinson (8 days ago)
black ops veteran... let the 'nades spam
Drejzer (8 days ago)
B-but Pikachu&Snorlax are easy...
Red (8 days ago)
I would totally join the vampires for no other reason than that I really like vampires, and that transformation looked awesome.
Jesus Alvarez (9 days ago)
they try too hard to be funny
Олег Козлов (9 days ago)
No Hard Hat from west of Loathing? Shame on you
Victor Bowman (10 days ago)
Being in the the Dawn gaurd is easy, you just need to get the quick shot perk in the archery tree.
Jesse Blagg (10 days ago)
Also terraria
Patrick Star (10 days ago)
Dawnguard, what to choose, in the words of outsidexbox. "An amazing transformations capable of all sorts of stuff, or a crappy crossbow" Dawnguard, what to choose, in the words of everyone playing the game. "A transformation giving you a pathetic stat boost, removes your armor, enchantments and weapons making it possible for everything in the game above lvl 10 to kill you in 1 shot, or the most powerful ranged weapon in the game while still being able to become a vampire lord anyway and receive the heal undead spell through a glitch". What a choice, what a choice.
MajorDisappointment (10 days ago)
Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow is the highest damage per hit range weapon in Skyrim , woop. (You need to be a Dawnguard for it)
Jasper Gregorio (10 days ago)
being a vampire sucks
frost (10 days ago)
Tfw you put in skyrim to appeal massive audiance despite your arguments being completely falsy, lol. Having crossbow since low level is incredibly overpowered, you can have your claws I will have my long range one shot kills ty.
Potato Kitty (11 days ago)
I thought dawngaurd was kinda easy though? And i am really bad at playing games soo
Terrax Gaming (11 days ago)
first time I played khii i never equiped APB rings because the ABP wouldn't stay forever, removing my skills equiped. Don't judge me I was a kid
Arish Zed (11 days ago)
we need anothe vapire masquerade redemption set in dark/mid ages
jack frost (11 days ago)
In all honesty being a vampire in Oblivion was more of an unofficial hard mode than joining the Dawnguard in Skyrim. You don't even take active damage from the sun.
Leo Carlo Aguilar (11 days ago)
Welp i done kicking ornstein and smough 12 times in a row because its git gud and memorize and predict movements 😁😑😑
Sky Tower (12 days ago)
Europa Universalis 4 (please excuse my spelling if its wrong) siding with the pope. You get pulled in many, many wars, as you swear to protect smaller countries with an alliance system not unlike what caused the world wars.
Kirby (12 days ago)
Aw, I was expecting Zero mission starring Mecha ridley
Phil Rytz (12 days ago)
"having low intelligence in fallout makes it much harder" YuB: 1 intelligence. let's name him "Stupid"
Winter Kein (12 days ago)
Solutions to Dawnguard being hard: Be a werewolf or upgrade the crossbow
Alex Zander (12 days ago)
Probably thousands of people already said this, but you don't have to become a vampire on Skyrim DLC. You can finish Everything just fine as a human. ( I mean, not werewolf or vampire) ok, maybe not everything but most of things. Also, no one expects you to use the crossbow or the armor of the vampire hunters. And the game is only as difficult as you make it to be. If you start dawnguard with mastery conjuration and 2 permanent storm atronachs, it can be pretty easy. You don't need to be this overpowered but it's not a faction specific issue.
Forrest Hayson (13 days ago)
I was a vampire. Every. Single. Time. And then i shouted at the dawngaurd with the bend will shout to finish their questline
naturelass (13 days ago)
in the case of the dawn guard just become a werewolf they seem to have no issues with werewolves or at least they did not when i last played and werewolf will give you some help against strong vampires and vampire lords.
Sabin1981 (13 days ago)
Anybody who has watched The Running Man knows why Jill can carry more than Chris.
Miqseri GX (13 days ago)
Brandon Holian (14 days ago)
Wheres this man looking? I cant......pick.......an.........eye.
Michael Cox (14 days ago)
Okay zero intelligence in Fallout might make things hard, but it also makes them kinda hilarious.
potatoman potatoman (14 days ago)
my options at the end of the video were upside down
kiya vocalizer (14 days ago)
The fucking fallout one omg
Princess Molestia (14 days ago)
In SolaToRobo an unintentional way to make the game harder is.. simply have too many action replay codes active at the same time, having too many active will cause you to DIE IN ONE HIT.
musse pigg (14 days ago)
nosferatu hard mode? they get such sick bonuses in stealth the game becomes a walk in the park, cant walk among the living? lul make yourself invisible….
Sanæri Ravn (14 days ago)
I love your puns Jane! Keep 'em coming! ^_^
RENEGADE (14 days ago)
also there are a lot of downsides to being a vampire
mike long (15 days ago)
Jill has two inventory slots in left and right bra/tit😂
Alex Newsome (15 days ago)
You don’t have to become a vampire at all in dawngaurd just pick the soul gem option
David Harris (15 days ago)
And if they gave the nosferatu Mike Channell's hairstyle it would be even more terrifying.
Void Heart (15 days ago)
A crappy Crossbow, that is one of the best ranged weapons in the game?
Patrick Helm (16 days ago)
I played as a werewolf in Skyrim all the way up into completing the Dawnguard DLC. I was able to get by without becoming a vampire via quest option. Thought you should know that.
sfbuck415 (16 days ago)
if joining Dawnguard is hard mode then Skyrim needs a hard hard hard amazingly hard mode
Jonathan Gillooly (16 days ago)
I used a mod that buffed certain weapons you get depending on how far you are in the game, and so I got a crossbow in skyrim that has a power of about 110.
abortedlord (16 days ago)
HIT THE BAD THINGS REEL GUD! Oh man, I wanna steal that sound byte and make it my text tone. Hahaha.
Toddy Surcharge (16 days ago)
I would have to say over-leveling in Last Remnant. Never played an RPG before that game where leveling made the game super hard (since the enemies scale in a weird way to you). It goes against all you ever learned.
Shadow Master (16 days ago)
How about that time in West of Loathing when you wanted to wear the Hard Hat?
Dragondave17 (17 days ago)
"Playing as Chris Refield" - I laughed. I remember that one.
Mieke Bergmann (17 days ago)
U did not mention so called "adaptive AI" (example SC/SC2/HoS), where if you play against computer, it learns from mistakes it made against you and over time becomes so proficient in fighting you, that what in the beginning looks like easy walk in the park turns out to be a nightmarish difficulty later on. HoS being a slightly warped case though as computer not only learns from you, but also is blatantly cheating if you prove to be too good for a fair play, regardless of difficulty you actually have chosen (you can get your nose bloody even on easiest of difficulties given you played on it long enough)
Slapnutts McGee (17 days ago)
Oh man hearing that Chiasm song makes me want to play VtM:B again.
TheSpawnfan (17 days ago)
git gud, i solo'ed Ornstein and Smough, after the first 20 times they beat you, you get used to their moves.
Daniël Van Zyl (17 days ago)
The nosferatu does have some awesome perks and you can flirt with the guy in the sin bin. . .
Samuel Jurgensen (18 days ago)
There was a time on jak and daxter where you had to shoot all these robots while guarding something I forget the details but the controls were inverted and I thought that's just the way it was. Look on the menu and it turns out somehow my controls had been switched. I spent so long playing with the controls inverted. It must have been weeks.
Evan Dugas (18 days ago)
I picked the dawnguard over the huskies
Omni HeliX (18 days ago)
If that was you on the phone, and you on the bus... Then who was flickering the lights...? *Lights flicker, everyone looks to the light switch. Sees Noseferatu* Noseferatu...
Razvan Constantin (18 days ago)
How is being in the dawnguard hard ? And no You don't need to become a vampire later in the game for story purposes And who would become a vampire when you have the better option on being a werewolf ?
Robert Lofgren (19 days ago)
Where did you get that Rod Serling shirt?
Questionmark (19 days ago)
I never had much difficulty as the Dawnguard
hunter killer (19 days ago)
being dawngaurd was easy hell being a vampire was harder by the fact of needing to use the potions during the day instead of just killing the enemy and being done with it and if you upgraded the crossbow it ignored 75% of armor and you can make the bolts plus enchant the crossbow to ignore the other 25% and have life steel making everything but dragons push overs then there is also the fact that werewolves are just better and the ring of hercine takes 10 min to get if you know the map locations
WayneTwitch (19 days ago)
DARK SOULS IS NOT FUCKING HARD IM TIRED OF HEARING THAT its pretty damn easy i say so myself.
JLSpeaks (19 days ago)
Also, siding with the Dawnguard is especially hard because not only do you have to traverse the Soul Cairn and defeat the dragon instead of just walking up to the dragon and and learning its shout, but you also have to do the Darkfall Passage and Forgotten Vale without vampire powers which is such a drag. I don't know about anyone else but it took me hours to get through the Vale.
Karma Black (19 days ago)
What makes it even harder is Barrys refusal to kick all the doors in the mansion in.
David Loewen (19 days ago)
+1,000 likes for Jane's pun.
David Loewen (19 days ago)
ALWAYS happy to see _Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines_ getting some love. :-)
Rusty Blader (20 days ago)
How the hell is dark souls 2's covenant of champions an accident?
Dancing With Fandoms (20 days ago)
Valt! Valt!
Adam Barnett (20 days ago)
I think evil within 2 should be in this as well (SPOILER ALERT), because if you're going for collectibles you will make yourself get followed by a creepy ass ghost who can pop up at random times go through walls and teleport you to parts from the first game.
Benjamin Timothy (20 days ago)
odudi (21 days ago)
When she told that pun about the cloak with the look on her face right after i died. I guess whoever worked hard just to get that lame reward was a victim of "fowl" play.
im am Giuseppe (21 days ago)
Nooo....I want the com-pu-ter chip.....JUST GIVE ME THE CHIP. lol😂
Antoine (21 days ago)
"And with a face like that, the artist you'll be named after is Picasso" ... Thanks for the laughs :)
Stoob (21 days ago)
Assuming 'Normal' difficulty means 'Normal' in your first game of X-Com.
Nazael Rahl (22 days ago)
Joining the Dawnguard is the harder option? I have several dungeons filled with burned by magic, torn apart by werewolf, shot by arrow or head sliced off by katana vampire corpses that would dissagree with you.
Wolf Doggie (22 days ago)
Chris isnt the master of lockpicking so he wouldnt need a lockpick. He is the master of boulders.
A Furry (22 days ago)
the vids are switched...
Drake Kay (22 days ago)
HAAHAA CReepy Fifth ninja turtle@!!! HAA HAA
Drake Kay (22 days ago)
NO! She is carrying HIS gun, she doesn't even own one!!!!! HE brought two weapons!!! haa haa just as likely scenario!

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