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7 Times You Made the Game Much Harder by Accident

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Difficulty levels in games are mostly clearly signposted. Occasionally though we stumble across a kind of unofficial hard mode that will, though never advertised as an ‘alternative’ hidden difficulty setting, unexpectedly make life several degrees harder. Consider these times we made a game significantly more difficult for ourselves by accident, and subscribe for a video like this every Thursday. If you decided to play as Nosferatu in Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, or Chris Redfield in Resident Evil, or a Level 1 Chicken in Lord of the Rings Online, you will know the shock and dismay of inadvertently signing up for an enhanced challenge. And if you set your intelligence stat to zero in Fallout? Then good luck to you and your limited conversation options, dummy. --- Outside Xbox brings you daily videos about videogames, especially Xbox One games and Xbox 360 games. Join us for new gameplay, original videos, previews, lists, Show of the Week and other things (ask us about the other things). Thanks for watching and be excellent to each other in the comments. Find us at http://www.outsidexbox.com Subscribe to us at http://www.youtube.com/outsidexbox Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/outsidexbox Follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/outsidexbox Put a t-shirt on your body http://www.outsidexbox.com/tshirts
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Text Comments (4850)
Scott Dean (2 hours ago)
crappy CRAPPY are you kidding me that crossbow is beautiful now your whole list is thrown into question i hope your happy!!!!
SindarNox (5 hours ago)
Damn, than Resident Evil game looks way too sexist
Plasma Specter (10 hours ago)
Really? No hat in that cave from West of Loathing?
Ice Wing the Fox (10 hours ago)
......You were wrong about the Dawngaurd DLC. You can also choose to become partcially soul trapped which is what I did
Mr Death (14 hours ago)
The crossbow is the most powerful bow in the game with the right build play the fucking game right and do more research before you talk shit about it
Charles Brooks (16 hours ago)
Choosing the Dawnguard didn’t make the game harder, at least not for me, but hey, I’m not a scrub 😎
ziva p (1 day ago)
Sure the dawnguard is a little more difficult, but do you get literal huskies and armored trolls following you around with Harkon?
Ducky (1 day ago)
Yeah I unknowingly joined the Company of Champions when I played DS2 on release...didn't know what it did until I had played a good chunk of the game.
Connor Harrison (1 day ago)
Got is a proper word
Stoner Cloud (1 day ago)
So no mention of pokemon gen 1?? Out of the three starters, pick charmander for an unofficial (yet still challenging unless you know what you're doing) hard mode
Bethany Bradley (1 day ago)
I didn't know you could make dark souls harder
CODE MASTER (1 day ago)
It's better when your a vampire/werewolf hybrid, and that's a glitch in the game, not a mod, you got to try it.
Deathless Vigilante (1 day ago)
her face when he says “Jane” because the poultry joke just cracks me up
Peepo Samado (1 day ago)
I think I did the ds2 one... Fuk
kian danysz (2 days ago)
The dawnguard quest weapons are one of the best in the game, only accessible to....... You guessed it ... The dawnguard
Comment Sins (2 days ago)
See...I know you technically don’t list Nintendo games buuuut you should know that in paper Mario, the thousand year door, there are two badges you can equip that make the game exponentially harder. For starters, after the first boss, you can go to the badge shop and buy something called “all or nothing” which makes you hit slightly stronger at the cost of dealing zero damage if you miss your timing attacks. After world 4, you can access a badge from the shop called “double pain” which literally means you receive double damage without any benefits, what so ever. Only the most hardcore players keep both badges equipped at all times.
Francis James Jupiter (2 days ago)
Huh the dewgurd suck
teeonezee (3 days ago)
DLC's SHOULD NOT be on these lists. What a jip
Epic Sans (3 days ago)
You are wrong you don’t HAVE to become a vampire you can choose to be partially soul trapped to continue the dawngaurd dlc
Panzer Man (3 days ago)
You can easily make your game way harder on accident in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. "Oh, you sold that object earlier in the game because you thought it wasn't important? Well, turns out you needed that for a sidequest, so either reload and lose all your progress to get it back, or live knowing you will never complete that sidequest". Add onto that the multiple chances you have of forgetting to save, only to find out the hard way when you die and the game sends you back to your last save, which was 30 minutes ago. And the many times you will make it harder on yourself by not stocking up on ammo, weapons, or medical supplies before a particularly difficult mission.
Justin Frazier (3 days ago)
Vampire the Masquerade was an incredible game. I believe a lot of people never experienced it. It is full of bugs and other issues but the entire game is very interesting. I remember an unofficial patch added a lot of content especially during character creation like choosing what you did in your mortal life. These were determined by your clan and sex. For example I remember one for Tremere clan (blood mages) was your family had always dabbled in magic and you have a natural affinity for magic but your physical gained an additional negative 1. So that maxed it at 3 since that particular family already loses 1 physical for magic power.
Ragnell1221 (4 days ago)
What about Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn? There’s a translation error that makes Easy: Normal, Normal: Hard, and Hard: Insane.
ST. Upid (4 days ago)
i joined the dawnguard becase vampires killed belethor in white run, now i cant grind my blacksmith skill points
Lawrence Hau (4 days ago)
Pickìng deprived doesn't really make the game harder. It just really isn't optimal for min maxing. In terms of git gud it isn't because the game is actually hard, it's because the game isn't a cakewalk. Git gud means learn how to play.
Angel Mercado (4 days ago)
Bruh just started playing the resident evil remake and the character I used was Chris and it was such a pain to use items just to get something I needed just as much as the item I used
McKaylee Pugmire (4 days ago)
I need to point out in defense of Galadriel that chickens are not people but stupid farm birds so anyone choosing that mode should have seen that coming.
TheButters5000 (4 days ago)
Shadow of Mordor and War. There’s always one Orc who becomes an ultimate badass. AND.... revived himself after you finally take him out. I created a monster from a puny lvl 4 Orc called Bolg who would destroy me every time. Screw that guy!
MegaNinjaRyan 6731 (5 days ago)
Chose magikarp, wasted all money and poke balls and release all other pokemon that’s a hard mode
Assassin White (5 days ago)
In Skyrim you don’t have to become a vampire in the later story. There’s an way to give part of your soul to the portal to let you through which makes you weaker but you can get your soul back on a quest that you have to do before you go back through the portal.
Coen Kusters (5 days ago)
Mount and blade Warband, picking a female character makes you less likely to be accepted as a Queen of a new faction or as a noble.
TheSpoopyGhost (5 days ago)
That Dark Souls one looked to be the worst of the bunch
Zawa Games (5 days ago)
Who mixes up a narrator halfway through a video? That was a very jarring change.
Andrew Smetana (6 days ago)
Dawnguard crossbows are actually pretty powerful if you've done the quests... not to mention i NEVER felt like the game was harder because of it? Besides, mods make all the difference anyways to how you want to play.
Maxwell Alexander (6 days ago)
Tomb raider last revelation golden skulls in the first stage, the game got more difficult the more you collected.
oraj aklahan (6 days ago)
Actually joining the dawnguard pays of way more because as already mentioned you get the vampire perks anyway and: battle trolls, free conundrum, almost every crafting station in one spot, huskys, better armor crossbows(the best dragon killers ever) AND it's not getting dark forever
Maarek Steele (6 days ago)
Resident Evil voice acting was garbage. It was like they picked random people off the street.
resiplayerz (6 days ago)
Also Barry's gun 1 shots the last boss if you let him die in the remake.
Axe Ketchum (6 days ago)
You forgot Dead Space, where the more weapons you collected and had with you then the less ammo you found and was available to you, and in Dead Space ammo is life.
Troy Thomas (6 days ago)
Shit title...how would you know what I have done? You work for the NSA or something?
Jeremiah Hawkins (6 days ago)
I'll have to disagree on the last one. Yes, for becoming a vampire lord and a few spells and abilities, however you can only use them in vampire form, while having major disabilities in the sun while in human form. The Dawnguard has no penalties. The crossbow is one of the best early game weapons and can later be upgraded to a dwarven crossbow. The Dawnguard also has some unique spells. It has armored troll and wolf companions. Finally, no, you do not have to become a vampire lord to go into the soul realm. You could chose to, OR have your soul partially trapped, which make you a bit weak while in the soul realm. You do NOT have to become a vampire.
Handsoap Bar (6 days ago)
I don’t really see how joining the dawnguard is hard
Phantom Gamer (6 days ago)
Werewolves are better then vampires in Skyrim
You can run through in the middle of streets as a nosferatu and noone will notice, just don't get too close to anyone. Also once you get obfuscate on level 3 you can just backstab everyone without dropping invisibility.
Vetur Voss (7 days ago)
no, you don't have to become a vampire in Skyrim she gives you 2 options to enter the soul cairn: either become a vampire or have a part of your soul bound to a soul gem...
Grand General Chaotik (7 days ago)
Say you've built up a one handed/shield really meaty build that uses axes. will you A. play the faction that's better for mages, or B. play the faction that gives good, enchanted versions of the things you are best at. Option A is Lord Harkon's court, option B is the Dawnguard
Slyfox750 (7 days ago)
the jokes in this fall a bit flat, and are too cheesy for my taste, but great list. nice editing.
John Ink (8 days ago)
The first Kingdom Hearts chooses difficulty with a personality quiz at the beginning, something I only found out years after seeing reviews that called the game too easy and wondering how I was so bad at it.
Algernop Krieger (8 days ago)
First skyrim playthrough. Picked dark elf because dragons breath fire right? 9/10 have ice attacks -_- what is life
loganxtrmify (8 days ago)
And at the end of the Dawnguard you can become vampire lord even if you're on the Dawnguard side making only four items missing and in my personal opinion only two of them is useful is the ring that gives you 100 Magicka and Magicka regeneration and the amulet that allows you to summon 2 gargoyles one not getting buffed and a add it note almost all of the Dawnguard faction followers level up Infinity only 1 vanilla follower levels up infinitely
Valian G (8 days ago)
I like the crossbow
Ta-Ho-Mas Williams (8 days ago)
As someone who has yet to play Skyrim Dawnguard without the help of stupidly op mods like a lightsaber, unlimited power (actual name of the spell), and the cheat room, I actually find it to be a disadvantage to not side with the dawnguard as the sun no longer burns my skin.
Buccaneer Pirate Man (9 days ago)
On the dawnguard I stayed a mortal you don't have to turn into a vampire at that one part you can stay the way you are and you'll just lose some health like let's say you have 200 health and you go into the portal you'll have 150 Heath while you're in there but you'll get all your health back and plus (I have beaten the dawnguard storyline as a vampire and a human) staying human is way more fun than being a vampire that is if you like a challenge
Lillian Shii (9 days ago)
Chris actually loses his gun running into the mansion. That's about it.
Arianna Silva (9 days ago)
80 quid is 107 usd screw that!
Markotik G (9 days ago)
The leaning round corners was the only good thing about Kinect - but 80 quid to peek round corners... nope 👎
griffey peaches (9 days ago)
This channel sucks
Malte Storm (10 days ago)
The area in new Vegas where you first meet the legion, attacked them before talking and then I couldn’t get through the canyon and ended up giving up
Nediojon (10 days ago)
i broke my ps4 controllers charging port playing alien now thats hard core mode playing and right when the xenomorph appears the controller dying and you having to scramble to find your back up
Miraak Hunterborn (10 days ago)
Boi, being a vampire in Skyrim is hard, you don't regen anything, magika, stamina, and health are lowered, and you get a weak ass spell
Spore4ever Fuk (10 days ago)
Where's "playing on normal" in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn? The japanese version's difficulties were Normal, Hard, and Lunatic. The international release translated them as Easy, Normal, and Hard. The higher difficulties are absolutely BRUTAL in comparison to normal.
Mika Lei (10 days ago)
Personally, perks of being a vampire aren’t as good as the perks of being a werewolf so I have never been interested in becoming one. Companions all the way man
Lucifronz (10 days ago)
For a second, I thought LotR online was Neverwinter Nights 2. The art style and the UI are almost 1:1. Must have had some similar developers or something.
Knightess (10 days ago)
"Oh boy, a new Final Fantasy to sink my teeth into! I'd better get grinding if I want to defeat every bad thing headed my way!" says everyone upon their first playthrough of FFVIII. Hard mode activated.
Corvo Draken (10 days ago)
Being a vampire is harder cause all the sun stuff
Mini Henderson (10 days ago)
I went through the Dawnguard DLC as a Werewolf?? Never became a vampire.
indefinableification (11 days ago)
the masquerade i just remember banging the nicer version (pigtails) of the twins stuck in one body. fallout i got lucky with the first time i played and got the water chip pretty quickly (the warning at the back of the box long forgotten afterwards)
Zachary Narloch (11 days ago)
Sure, 6/7 of those would be a permanent trip to anal bleed lane, but in Dark Souls 2, the Company of Companions is temporary. You can leave the covenant at any point in the game. It basically grants you unlimited farming capabilities with mobs that respawn an infinite amount of times while resting at the bonfires scattered around. When you are finished farming what you need, just talk to the cat shop owner and leave the covenant
Lewis Williams (11 days ago)
I have finished the Skyrim dawngaurd dlc twice without becoming a vapmpier because becoming a vampire sucks I don't need no powers to help me not even the werewolf and the crossbow is actully my favourite weapon especially the dwarven crossbow
Mec Rawr (11 days ago)
who gets a hard time playing skyrim anyway?..
Grim Thoughts (11 days ago)
Sorry, but in the Skyrim: Dawnguard, you don't *have* to become a Vampire. There is a proper choice given for those who don't want to become vampires at all.
Drizzlybear (11 days ago)
100% of your points could have been made in a matter of seconds. this vid should be 3 minutes long if that. Jesus
Illogical Enemy (11 days ago)
I did a play through of skyrim on both choosing the dawngaurd and the vampires it was equally as difficult and fun for both sides I did really enjoy having a crossbow but it was also fun to have the vampire abilities
Mekel Reen (12 days ago)
Joining the Dawnguard isn’t hard, installing Dawnguard before you level up vanilla is. Those max level fuckers popping up to kill named NPCs every time you go somewhere is horrible.
J Michael (12 days ago)
I’m on dawnguard rn and I’m so glad I went with being a vamp
Purnia Louis (12 days ago)
Pffft joining the dawnguard was easy for me, then again i have dawnbreaker which is a very good vampire killer AND i was a werewolf which protected me from vampirism anyway
Tyrone Hinderson (12 days ago)
Rather disappointed "Freeing sorcerer Navlaan" wasn't the dark souls 2 example. THAT really felt like an accident, and couldn't be undone.
Mental Popcorn (13 days ago)
My first time on dark souls 2 I joined the covenant and since ds2 was my first souls game I thought the entire game was just a normal run and gave up around the castle after you finish the 4 main bosses
StereoKev1 (13 days ago)
Sid Meier's Pirates - as you play, your character ages and his stats degrade, making it harder to win tough battles.
anikun2013 (13 days ago)
Dawngaurd wasn't any harder regardless which side you chose, nothing said you had to use a crossbow
ReaverTheSurvivalist (13 days ago)
Being a dawnguard character isn't hard, and it has great rewards. The Dwarven Crossbow, at its best, can instantly kill a mammoth with a sneak attack critical on LEGENDARY DIFFICULTY. You guys just suck at being non-vampires.
The creator of these games are evil dbag life destroying insane people
topbreak38 (13 days ago)
Naming yourself "Zelda."
Raakin shah (13 days ago)
Legit as I was watching the vampire part my bag for no reason dropped. It’s been sitting there for 6 hours.
alex4102 alex4102 (14 days ago)
Any game in which you can starve a chicken can change history I will name my first born chicken dinner
BadAssMutha006 (14 days ago)
What about Silent Hill 4: The Room? It's generally not a good idea to take things from serial killers, but for the love of god, do not take Walter's doll!
Das Moose (14 days ago)
um the nosferatu were known for living that way so i would say they did a good job at depicting that in the game. youre forced to live underground like they are, it doesnt make the game harder, just different.
furious blaze (14 days ago)
My character was so damn overpowered, it didn't even make a difference
stevie bops (14 days ago)
Picking a Nozzie is no secret difficulty, it's signposted pretty well what will happen. You also get a stealth discipline to offset it.
Somber Stricken (14 days ago)
Actually you don't have to become a vampire. I never do because im usually a werewolf. You can make yourself weaker in the soul carin instead
Alex Burhutin (14 days ago)
deprived is the best class though
Sakura Ryuji (14 days ago)
Unofficial Hard mode in Kingdom Hearts right off the bat: giving up defense. No mater of you want the sword or wand as your method of choice to battle don’t give up defense. You royally screw yourself over if you do.
Liam Donley (15 days ago)
Getting killed in Shadow of Mordor
Hedgpig (15 days ago)
That chicken pun was eggcellent
Jax Kitten (15 days ago)
just gonna say this because of Dawnguard from skyrim. I play as a khajiit and that looks horrible as a vampire *shudders*
Nobody Never (15 days ago)
Screw Vampires. You can choose to become partially soultrapped which activates a nice little "finding yourself" kinda quest. And honestly, is the soul cairn so hard, that you can't even make it without full power? Are you a real Dawnguard or not?!
Future Chef Davalos (15 days ago)
I think anyone would know that playing a chicken is harder than player a person.
WalruZ0 (16 days ago)
tbh nowadays if people saw a nosferatu irl theyd prolly just think hes wearing makeup or some heavily body modified weirdo
Vijay (16 days ago)
John Travis (16 days ago)
The "creepy 5th Ninja Turtle named after Picasso". That comment wins the internet forever. Bravo!  :p
Paul Angus (16 days ago)
Going out of my way to grind so I can beat a boss that later turns out to be one of those "unbeatable" bosses who you're supposed to lose to and who doesn't give you any rewards for winning. Fuck those bosses.

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