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EdenPure WORKS!

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These things lowered our energy bills better than $100.00 per month and we have a 7 month winter up here.
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darlene muscoe (3 years ago)
Go To: www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/edenpure.html
enlightened (3 years ago)
Nate Ngzcaz (3 years ago)
 I checked into supplement heating.. a lot.  If you want to heat one or two rooms and let the rest go I suppose these work. But so does an inexpensive box heater. A heat pump is the only way to use electricity that is energy efficient.  I bought 2 mini split combo AC/Heat units. These work efficiently although I like the hot water baseboard that is the main heating source for our home. I just don't like the oil bills.  If Edenpure worked as efficiently as the heat pumps I'd have several..
Ricky simplecommentary (4 years ago)
BINGO! FINALLY someone speaking from experience as I have instead of a bunch of calculations that mean Jack Squat. Thank you for writing!
Ricky simplecommentary (4 years ago)
Bla bla bla... None of this means crap to me. All I KNOW is that ours work exactly as I've said so take it or leave it. Trying to convince me otherwise is a waste of your time. Thank you.
mad hamster (4 years ago)
1500 watts x 3.4 = 5100 BTU the EdenPure has a rating of 110 cfm at 5100 btu the lesko towers are rated at 20 to 30 CFM at 5100 BTU what this boils down to is that the EdenPure will heat 3 to 4 times the space for the same watts 1500 x 3.4 or 5100 BTU dont get me wrong the lasko is a good heater and in a 250 to 333 SF room would preform = to the EP but a EP will heat a 1000 SF room a lasko will not so it depends on your needs room size,heat displacement, price and thermodynamics
mad hamster (4 years ago)
i have 2 Eden Pure heaters i live in a mobile home in mn and have had them since 2006 7 years and going strong they work beter than any space heater i have tried they are more than a space heater they heat my hole house try that with a crematec cube heater in fact i have let my friends use them when there furnace crap out in the winter and they where amazed
Texas Mann (5 years ago)
The idea is so simple people just can't believe it... They think they are so smart, they do not hesitate telling everyone how knowledgeable the are-all the while-the have no clue. In a few years every heater will be based on this concept because it really does everything it says it can do!
PutzStew (5 years ago)
Have you tried this unit in your garage? I'm looking for a good way to keep my garage dry and below freezing temps for the winter?
Nils Osmar (5 years ago)
You make a valid point, though it's actually more like buying a banana for $2.00 when you could buy it for fifty cents. Infrared heaters tend to be four or five times the cost of ceramic heaters. But some people like the way they produce and distribute heat better than ceramic or oil filled heaters, and find the difference in price negligible. (My ceramic heater cost me $55; my friend bought an infrared for $200; we both saved hundreds on our central heating bills, and both are happy.)
Tiger baws (5 years ago)
my bill goes way up with those cheapo radiator type heaters which produce little heat after hours of use. the edenpure heats very well is super quiet many people i know dont even cut on heat pump or furnace anymore the edenpure heats the whole house
colt553 (5 years ago)
You leave out the most important part, which is that you're paying hundreds of dollars for the SAME amount of heat you would get from a $40 heater. Whether it's infrared or resistance, the amount of heat produced is equal to the amount of electricity input. In this case 1500 watts input and 5000 btu output. So of course it "works" but it's a little like buying a banana for $50 when there's one on the shelf next it for 50 cents.
Lauren Lowe (5 years ago)
Did you contact customer service perhaps they can troubleshoot with you? Their number for service is 800-839-0966
Noah Ramos (6 years ago)
@Shorby99EK hahahahaha its so true.
David W (6 years ago)
@simplecommentary Small space heaters are not the same as they were when you were a kid. Not even the ones that are $15. Where's the edenpure made, china? How long do they last on average before they fail? They don't try to sell you garbage little junk like extra filters for "shipping and handling" do they? They saw you coming from a mile away. Proof that a con artist is always a step ahead of their mark.
SuperPussyFinger (7 months ago)
They’re made in Canton, Ohio. Clearly, knowledge isn’t your thing.
sheaner18 (7 years ago)
i have one and its lowered my bill by $20.00 :D:D
ZEUS Apolo (7 years ago)
I am very happy with mine..I even bought an extra one for the hall....works wonderfully............
Shorby99EM1 (7 years ago)
@simplecommentary Bose is just a radio. Just a 1/4 tuned T line, But that is another scam all in its own.
eric repine (7 years ago)
i agree with u i have had several heaters none are lik,e eden pure i don`t care what that negative guy says.eden pure puts out better heat.
Shorby99EM1 (7 years ago)
One of the few people that love there 800 investment. I have 2 Lasko towers i paid 96 dollars for that heat the house the same as these do. People need to understand you can only get 5000 btu out of 1500 watts of electric. These do the same thing as all the other space heaters out there they just cost 4 times the amount of money.
kurtzim62 (7 years ago)
eden pure has a built in humidifier, if you put water in it, it will humidify the air. my apri air 560 humidifier on my whole house furnace seems to work great. I live in st. louis missouri. cold as hell in the winter. dont need a piece of crap space heater.
kurtzim62 (7 years ago)
richard karn says he loves his edenpure heater in his california home. i guess it works great when you have 75 degree days every day of the year. i paid 25 dollars for my 1500 watt space heater and it works fine.
Victor Poulin (7 years ago)
@TheLizardKing1967 That's awesome. I want one but how much is my electric going to go up. How much did yours increase in a month?
jocamiah (8 years ago)
How much electricity does it use?

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