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"Milk and Cookies" ~ Melanie Martinez ▷ Cover by Isabella

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This is my cover of the song "Milk and Cookies" by Melanie Martinez. I hope you'll enjoy my humble music video and cover :) I love this song, there's something magical and sinister in it. I sincerely thought that it would be easier to record it, but instead I spent 3 days trying to make it sound more convincing and plausible. I still haven't achieved the perfect sound imo, but, nevertheless, I felt optimistic to record the video and share it with you. As for the message of the song, I believe that the girl is in love with someone who, in her opinion, doesn't treat her the way she wants. She strives to get his attention (much like Helga from "Hey, Arnold"), gets angry and irritated when she is disatisfyed, but at the same time her true deep feelings are more pure and tender than it might seem at first sight. Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/isabella.quinns/ VK(in rus) group - https://vk.com/isagaming Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/isabella-quinns Askfm for Q&As - https://ask.fm/Isabella_Quinns I OWN NOTHING BUT MY VOICE.
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Text Comments (61)
GalaxyBear (4 months ago)
dont say bad words please
Joe Kur (5 months ago)
very creative with your expressions and awesome voice haha and those eyes that change from cute to deadly= wow
Isabella Quinns (5 months ago)
Thank you! <3
Shadow The Hedgehog (6 months ago)
I wish I could sing like you
Christal Wolf (7 months ago)
Loved it <3 Absolutely loved your style!
layla clint (9 months ago)
This video is amazing i love the song
Isabella Quinns (9 months ago)
Skyler Skull (9 months ago)
I really love this cover, you have such a pretty voice Isabella, I really like your outfit and makeup as well. I'm horrible at anything involving makeup, good job! =)
Skyler Skull (9 months ago)
I'm happy that your happy xD!
Isabella Quinns (9 months ago)
Thank you so much! I am happy to hear this <3
Darko Takashi (10 months ago)
Melanie Martinez :) :) :)
Doberman DOG (11 months ago)
Yay thank you I'm such a crybaby
Rainbow Beast (11 months ago)
(Br here) I love you Harley Quinn♡ cantando Melanie... amo ainda mais :) hehehe
Isabella Quinns (11 months ago)
lol, ok, thanks :)
Rainbow Beast (11 months ago)
Aii adorey
Bernadette Peters (1 year ago)
wow! your vocals really fit melanies songs. you should Sing mrs. potato head next. I feel it goes well with your voice.
Im a monkey (1 year ago)
who ever sang song well......they did a horrible job!
mywa sasi (1 year ago)
You should have so much more subs omg **-**
mywa sasi (1 year ago)
+Isabella Quinns you're welcome QwQ
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
Thank youuuu
Julie P (1 year ago)
You MUST have more subscribers ! Your work and your voice are awesome! This one and the Omega flowey's theme are my favorite songs of your channel ❤️ (Sorry if my english is bad, I'm french 😜)
Neko Chara Dreemur (1 year ago)
omg great job it's so good!
Sebi Undertale (1 year ago)
you know română
Sebi MERCY eu vorbesc romana!:)
Sebi Undertale (1 year ago)
🍪 🍷
Sebi Undertale (1 year ago)
do more undertale
Sebi Undertale (1 year ago)
mercy died
Sebi Undertale (1 year ago)
Soza (1 year ago)
Умничка :)
hatusne miku kawai (1 year ago)
so cool
hatusne miku kawai (1 year ago)
like si hablas español :v
Pea cy (1 year ago)
Ура Мелани.Вы с Мелани великолепны😍
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
ООоооо благодарю :3
eatsik (1 year ago)
cool i have been subbed since the gravity falls vid :)
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
oh, nice :)
Trisha is a LEGEND (1 year ago)
the auto tune is making my ears bleed
Trisha is a LEGEND (1 year ago)
Isabella Quinns bOI
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
+Cheya Peel poor editing isn't autotune :D
Trisha is a LEGEND (1 year ago)
Isabella Quinns bOI r u deaf?
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
Cheya Peel I don't even know how to use an autotune, to be honest. But I definitely know what it sounds like, and even though I confirm that this cover is quite mediocre and has its flaws, I still can't hear any traces of autotune or Melodyne. (cuz I only use reverb ;)
Trisha is a LEGEND (1 year ago)
Isabella Quinns or at least you tired to use it but u still sound bad lol
RAINBOW DASH (1 year ago)
I love Melanie Martinez and your beautiful voice nice job! 👌👍☺
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
Thanks, Dashie! :D
Knight of Breath (1 year ago)
Wow! This sounds amazing! :D And I just love your music video! Your outfit is so cute X3 Great job!
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
Thank you, dear ^^
Pixelmann HD (1 year ago)
I like it! Please more cover :) its really nice!
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
Thank you :)
Okynaua (1 year ago)
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
Maria Fox (1 year ago)
Ура!! Мелани! Идеально в твоём выполнении,можешь испытать Carousel либо Soap
Karamelka Taya TV (1 year ago)
+Isabella Quinns Изабелла, вы осознаете российский?!
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
Спасибо огромное! <3
Sparrow (1 year ago)
i want the cookiiiiiies
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
Cookies for everyone, with and without poison and any taste you wish ^^
Sparrow (1 year ago)
sam de man yay!
Sparrow (1 year ago)
sam de man poison tastes good!
sam de man (1 year ago)
Thefriendlycat Should I give you the suicidal hotline XD
sam de man (1 year ago)
Thefriendlycat but they are full of poison...

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