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How to speak naturally in English: Reduction Mistakes

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Have you heard how native speakers shorten their words when they speak with each other? This is called "reduction", and you may have already started using this in your own English. If so, watch out for some common mistakes when reducing words. The expressions "I havta", "I wanna", and "I'm gonna" are examples of reductions. If you have never learned about reduction, now is your chance to understand native speakers better, and to become more fluent in English yourself! Test yourself with the quiz: http://www.engvid.com/how-to-speak-naturally-in-english-reduction-mistakes/ TRANSCRIPT Hello. Do you have problems understanding when native English people talk to you? Yes? If your answer is yes, this lesson is for you. Second question. Do you know how to reduce words in English so that you sound more fluent? Maybe? Maybe you're not sure. Okay. Perfect. We're going to do three things in this lesson. The very, very first thing that we're going to do is I'm going to teach you why you don't understand when native people speak to you. Two, I'm going to teach you how to reduce words in English to make you sound more fluent or to help you sound more natural. And three, I'm going to help you with some mistakes that you maybe will make when you are reducing these words. Some of you have already learned how to do the reductions in English. Hold on. You still have to watch this lesson because unfortunately, you're making mistakes when you do this. So three things; one lesson. Let's hit it. Reduction mistakes. Good. The first thing we have to know is regularly how we say these words. So for example, if we have "it", "she", "he", in English, we have "wants to". If we have "I ", "you", "we", and "they", we have "want to". What's the difference? One difference makes a world of difference because "he", "she", and "it" have the S, the way that we say this in the reduction is going to be different than if there was no S. So check this out. "I wanna; you wanna; we wanna; they wanna." Perfect. Your turn. "I wanna; you wanna; we wanna; they wanna." This is how we reduce "want to". So the reason why you don't understand native speakers is they will say to you, "Do you wanna beer?" "Giovanna? Who's -- I'm not Giovanna. This is my friend Giovanna. How do you know her name?" We don't say, "Do you want a beer"; we say, "Do you wanna beer?" It's really, really, really fast, and we never divide "want to"; we say "wanna". If we have "it", "she", and "he", we say "wantsta". So "it wantsta; she wantsta; he wantsta". Your turn. "It wantsta." Good. "She wantsta; he wantsta." Good work. Do it again. Okay. You got it. Good. So when you have "he/she/it", you have to say "wantsta". When you have "I/you/we/they", you have to say "wanna". Good. This is a mistake. You cannot say "it", "she", and "he" with "wanna". I hear every day people saying, "She wanna go home." "She wanna go home? No. "She wantsta go home." So you have to be really, really careful with the S. We call this subject and verb agreement. If you have "he", "she", or "it", you have to put the S on the verb. Even when we speak quickly and we reduce things, it's really important that you have to put the S on the verb again. This rule never fails. So "it, she, or he wanna"? Mm-hmm. This is a mistake. Please be careful can your S sound. Are you ready for another one? Are you excited? Again, we're playing with the basic subjects of "I", "you", "we", "they". Okay? The next set of verbs we have is "have to", so "I have to go." So maybe you're at a party, and maybe one of your friends who speaks English says, "I havta go." "I havta? What is 'havta'?" You think about it, and you go, "Ah. 'Have to'. You have to go." "Yeah. I havta go." We don't say "have to"; we say "havta". If we're talking about another person, he, she, or it as a thing, again, because of our subject and verb agreement, we have to change this to "has to". So in the reduced form, we're going to say "hasta" like "pasta". So "I havta", "you havta", "we havta", "they havta". Your turn. Go. Good. "He hasta", "she hasta", "it hasta". Go. He -- she -- it -- you got it. Good. Uh-ho. Mistake. It's the same mistake as here. You can't say "he", "she" or "I havta" because "havta" is only for "I", "you", "we", and "they". This is a really common mistake in written grammar and also in spoken. Even when it's reduced and spoken informally -- or slang if you'd like to -- we have to be very careful, when you're reducing words, that your grammar is still okay. Oh, grammar is always there to haunt you. Okay. The last one. Very, very common, we say "I am going to". We say "I'm gonna". "I'm gonna go home." "Gonna? Who's 'gonna'? Where's 'gonna'?" We don't say, "I'm going to go home." We say, "I'm gonna. I'm gonna go." Your turn. "I'm gonna go." Good.
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eduardo alavez (5 hours ago)
you are the best teacher around the word i love you
MaYa , (11 hours ago)
💜Nice thank you very much 💜
Mary joy Reyes (17 hours ago)
how about singular name? Rose wantsta?
Ivan santos (1 day ago)
adorei suas dicas!muito bom.
Sam Vaves (1 day ago)
Check it out! Amazing vocabulary boost! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIBnhOfNqC0
Abdul Shaheen (2 days ago)
Hercules Souza (2 days ago)
You are spectacular. wonderful.
Amrina Hoq Prima (3 days ago)
best teacher ever love you keep going
Duhaツ (4 days ago)
Can we use gonna with they / we / you ?
Ahmed Mohammed (6 days ago)
I really like your style😊 and you look beautiful too 😊
Lu Pcy (7 days ago)
I really love you Your way in explanation is sooo interesting ❤️❤️
Sarah Elrefaey (8 days ago)
Thank you Ronni
Sherlyn Estrera (9 days ago)
I really love watching her videos. It hepls me to improve my english grammar.
Najmi Sumayyah (13 days ago)
You really help me. Thank's🙏
Moom Boom (15 days ago)
I love sister again next vidio
Umut Dibek (16 days ago)
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Leticia Oliveira (17 days ago)
Green card?
Reynaldo Martinez (18 days ago)
how about we,they,you going to mam?
kalaivanan tamilaruvi (18 days ago)
please teach grammatical mistake ....
Sparky sparks (19 days ago)
Come On ! This video is to teach foreign people to speak very poor,pidgin English,its pure crap & should be ignored.
Angelica Albuquerque (22 days ago)
I want to learn English, but it's very difficult, I'm watching your videos every day, I'm Brazilian.
Verónica Senger (23 days ago)
Omg i love u. U are the best teacher ever
vui ngoc (23 days ago)
I m gonna love this video
I'm from Russia and I really love your youtube lessons. They're great! Lots of really important information. Thank you for this.
gabriela gabi (25 days ago)
Too bad you have to understand English before to follow the course. I consider this course very good especially for pronunciation
Remi Wasselin (26 days ago)
Dear Ronnie, I think that there is a small mistake on your movie..."t" looks missing: "I havta" is correct but not "it havta"... I'm right?! 😅
I love this woman! Especially due to her lessons about sex.
King tower (27 days ago)
i watched because i want to focus speaking english for pt3
Actually, the "v" in HAVTA is reduced to "f" = HAFTA. Inheritance from Germanic.
Likkook Jeon (28 days ago)
can we put those forms in our writing?
Maritza Cardona Mejía (29 days ago)
I loved! The way you teach! 💖💖💖
Momin khan (1 month ago)
Thanks Mam for lecture its very helpful to reduction mistake Mam kindly please prepare lecture to reduction spelling mistakes because most time i forget the spelling of words. How i improve my spelling when i write some questions/incovice/letter on paper so through cell phone or computer its easy to write because its auto correct spelling but its difficult on papers. Thanks Mam
Nguyễn Hữu Vương (1 month ago)
you are the best english teacher on Youtube,thanks ♥
jinson romero (1 month ago)
wow i didn't know that, thanks a lot, best regards
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vijaya bharathi (1 month ago)
Ronnie thank you sooo much the way you are explaining and teaching naaaa it's so impressive Iam just beginner but i improved alot after your classes reallly iam fortunate to find a wonderful person like you 🙏🏼 God bless you
vijaya bharathi (1 month ago)
Ronnie thank you sooo much the way you are explains and teaching naaaa it's so impressive Iam just beginner but i improved slot after your classes reallly iam fortunate to find a wonderful person like you 🙏🏼 God bless you
candido florez (1 month ago)
you´re very funny while you are explaning the lesson
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Good speaking
что она несет
Daniel Clavel (1 month ago)
I'm confused with the example: Do you want to beer? or Do you want a beer? Also, is it possible to reduce "I have to go" with "I havta go"?
Jackson Amaral (1 month ago)
cool your lesson. i learned english by myself in brazil. today i just watch the us breaking news to get the american english.
Dr. MB (1 month ago)
Thanx, Ronnie
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I really like your lessons . You've taught me about things I've always been wondering about.
gregory celis (1 month ago)
i like how you teach.
Micaela Alvarenga (1 month ago)
Excellent class Ronnie!!! it was very useful :) i'm studying to be an English teacher. Regards from Argentina.
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i would like more videos about this. thanks ! you are the best!
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I never heard of wants-ta before Ive only heard of wanna because I always use that word
Raul Sanchez (1 month ago)
Hey since your a teacher in the English language I would like to know why do white people always use the word ya like for example I love ya or How are ya amounts many other ways? That really confuses me does that mean I have to talk that way?
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Igor Bael (1 month ago)
I appreciate too much your lessons. I'm from Spain and I'm learning English. Thank you
Biba Bella (1 month ago)
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Golden MaverickEagle (1 month ago)
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Eu sou brasileiro mais alguém?
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The first time i saw "i wanna" was in a video's song of Mandy Moore, it is "i wanna be with you"!!
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Zero Hero (1 month ago)
Soheila Yousefi (1 month ago)
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I'm Samir and doing Mba If you wanna do practise in English so I'm here for you What'sApp +918445284300
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Gameplay Y más (1 month ago)
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Jeferson Betogen (2 months ago)
I like your voice! And i like you.
Amanda Matos (2 months ago)
Hi, I am brazilian and I'm studying english. Do any could help me please?
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i love you, you is so funny, by brazil
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Way of teaching is excellent
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I love your teaching

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