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Ambien Danger

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If you take it, go to bed and stay there!
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Stacey (4 months ago)
Take this and plan on going to jail.
Linehaul Al (1 year ago)
Your right. It's great to sleep. But Go to bed.Not a medication you can function on. For sleep.And long term, try 10 years.I've been without it for a few weeks and could not sleep.I dozed off after total exhaustion only to find every sound was amplified and was staring at the ceiling .Could not fall asleep. I tried alcohol it was horrible, although Xanax seemed to help. Your on the money.
Always Smile More (2 years ago)
Pass em all to me...lol its only way I can sleep 🙄
Benben Medina (5 years ago)
I Thank you so much. Its been 4 or 5 weeks taking, and to be honest I don't like the way it makes me feel. I never had the strange side effects, but I don't like the idea of having them in the future. I found myself not being able to sleep when I didn't take, so I didn't like that. I am taking half now, since I have a bad anxiety due to my pregnancy, but will see other alternatives. Did you take for sleeping problems as well? Thank you again!!!
Benben Medina (5 years ago)
How did you quit taking it? I have been taking for 5 weeks and I want to quit.
sunairjet (5 years ago)
I am about to quit these. I don't take ambien for the sleep just to take away the pain and shocks. Heminevrin (related to a barbiturate) makes me sleep. I will cut down on ambien carefully and look at schedules and listen to pharmacists
Ryan Brown (5 years ago)
Yea THANX I got to stop I'm 25 now I gotta grow up
Ryan Brown (5 years ago)
I'm a lunitic when I take it I fucked up I got my script of 30 I took 2 blacked out I don't remember going to the store but I walked to the store bought a carton of smokes and a 12 pack of beer but I quit drink em a year ago quit smoking to but I bought that cause I woke up next morning 5 beers left and no ambien so I took the hole bottle and lil over half of 12 pack next time I get it I'm having my aunt hold the pills for me and give them as perscribed
Lorlin Light (5 years ago)
Well I did try that but it gives me restless leg syndrome and it drives me crazy and then i still cant sleep. So thats a no go with me. :(
gardensofthegods (3 months ago)
Lorlin Light ...that's really interesting because my son had restless leg syndrome and I don't know if it was after he got on Ambien or what.. but thank God he's no longer on Ambien
Lorlin Light (5 years ago)
Well i tried cutting the dose but then it does nothing for me. :/
coffeefish (5 years ago)
Cut the dose in half.
Lorlin Light (5 years ago)
I keep finding random cups in my room when i wake up after ambien.... like 10 cups. lol
McCall (6 years ago)
Ambien scaes the Hell out of me. I was fine for several nights. It was fine till I woke up one morning and it was obvious that I had been up and about.
1justinburger (7 years ago)
He's right!!

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