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5 People Who Kepts Secret From The World!

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Text Comments (67)
conspiracy7777 (1 day ago)
Absolutely garbage!! The girl to Bowie!! What a shame who believes you!!
tumarfa (1 day ago)
Asking people to subscribe before the video even starts seems like feelings of entitlement. First produce something worthy of subscription, then we will decide on our own.
zain sayed (5 days ago)
i can't believe it
Lorraine Magnotto (6 days ago)
If somebody is sick with cancer I think it's nobody's business but their own. Why should they be obligated to tell anyone of a personal illness? People these days just want to be in on all the gossip and news and get mad if they don't know about it.
Daniel Loughery (10 days ago)
Hitler's skull was tested and found to be female which makes me believe "he" was a female to male FTM
Jamie Nelson (10 days ago)
Bull shit! The treatment he received Abroad has had a more promising result though still being studied. The Whiple surgery passed on has a proven >7< year survival rate. Pancreatic cancer is always a death sentence. Symptoms include lower back pain,, heartburn and weight loss theses everyday common things happen and just never go away persistently getting worse. Lowered sex drive and severe mood swings come with vomiting after meals by the time you see a dr it's stage 4 in this scenario
louis vermeulen (10 days ago)
historic case entire rivpsld contractor conviction lobby variation almost and/or
kimberly stillar \ HWE (11 days ago)
Really dentures is Prof what if he just planted those teeiyh
chris (11 days ago)
I can't stand this guys voice.
david moser (12 days ago)
Office fall somebody wound citizen rich operating
HBBO1 (12 days ago)
Make your Videos on german language pls
Rin Cat (12 days ago)
Top 5 finest ads
Chicken Villa-Brezdin (12 days ago)
Do people ever told you you're videos are so boring and lame?
Cherri Barnes (12 days ago)
Fuck Trump!
Roshan Chachane (12 days ago)
Even an ailing Steve Jobs was way better than Tim Cook
Zain Langille (12 days ago)
Kartar Verma (12 days ago)
yahya s5230 (12 days ago)
i never exposed secrets in my life (people secrets) not mind
Angela Pinheiro (12 days ago)
srrr72 (12 days ago)
Video good..music too loud and annoying
Pay Attention (12 days ago)
live your life as you want - it is our nature to be private - secrets.
J is Scoobysmom (12 days ago)
God rest Bowie's soul. A great loss to his family and the world. An artist without compare. I can't imagine how painful his cancer was, he fought bravely and privately. My greatest respect.
Sonya Gower (12 days ago)
David Stencil Jr. (12 days ago)
I have kept a secret from the world. That secret is...
Cecilia Fenner (12 days ago)
I'm a secret keeper too!!!
Ugandan Knuckles (12 days ago)
It's kept secrets not kepts secret
XxTalosxX (12 days ago)
The body that the soviets found in hitlers bunker wasn't him. He also had an escape route in the bunker so why would he commit suicide. Shits not adding up
Jeffery Silvas (12 days ago)
About Jobs it was no ones business
slick4201978 (12 days ago)
(Steve) gave away too many blow (jobs). Ha ha ha ha
Dragonborn 98 (12 days ago)
slick4201978 that’s insanely inappropriate for the comment section and it’s grossing and not funny at all you disgusting human being
Damarys Dingui (12 days ago)
Most people when they're buried.. The buried most of the secrets with them.. Thanks for the video..👍👌
Jon Olsson (12 days ago)
Ughh, please stop with the gotdamn clickbaiting titles!, please. Thank you
Galaxy_Lover 1237 (12 days ago)
How’s it clickbait?!?!?
Sonya Gower (12 days ago)
Thank you for letting me know it is click bait! im going to unsubscribe! thanks for the info
Scott Davidson (12 days ago)
Poor grammar.
MOFO RICK (12 days ago)
Kepts lol. well now we all know his secret.
Jose Angulo Barraza (12 days ago)
Don't click read more I told you now suffer Almost There Now In 3 2 1 Sorry get out. Never mind Never clicked read more Now Get Out Please Get out now😈
Sapphire Sky (12 days ago)
Who Kepts???
Miggi so bad (12 days ago)
Can you keep secret?
Miggi so bad (10 days ago)
Chanel Marley once you are a girl I love you.
Chanel Marley (11 days ago)
Miggi so bad I got you.
yahya s5230 (12 days ago)
i always do
Miggi so bad (12 days ago)
Chanel Marley I love girls,money and food.
Stuart Macleod (12 days ago)
my secret is i killed all humes last week
Jose Medina (12 days ago)
Vatican us government and etc
Mula Tudi (12 days ago)
Bruh, that title
Bernabe Aparicio (12 days ago)
Mr.bubble Nuggets (12 days ago)
Emperor Romeo (12 days ago)
That baby surely has a big skull.
WISH Tiger (12 days ago)
Gaming & Tech (12 days ago)
Second 2
Marquel Pearson (12 days ago)
How many likes can this get!
IDon't LikeTurtles (12 days ago)
Marquel Pearson 0
The king (12 days ago)
Everyone has secrets and if they share them there not going to be secrets duh..
Crazy talk (12 days ago)
Yeah I'm number 3
Jada Collier (12 days ago)
I love this
VICATA 567 (12 days ago)
deathuponusalll (12 days ago)
Is that title spelled correctly?
Lorraine Magnotto (6 days ago)
No it's not correct. I noticed that too. It looks pretty ignorant.
Goku mui dokkan battle (12 days ago)
deathuponusalll No it means people who kept secrets.
The king (12 days ago)
Jayla I'm Woke (12 days ago)
Savage gamer 21 (12 days ago)

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