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Top 10 Best Horror Games 2016

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Top 10: Action-Horror Games 2016 Makv l - Top PC Games Top 10: Among the Sleep Top 9: Amnesia: The Dark Descent Top 8: Penumbra: Black Plague Top 7: Layers of Fear Top 6: Five Nights at Freddy's Top 5: Outlast Top 4: Condemned: Criminal Origins Top 3: F.E.A.R. Top 2: SOMA Top 1: Alien: Isolation
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Text Comments (44)
simehong2000 (5 months ago)
too bad condemned 2 not for pc
PeriPeriPomPom Desai (6 months ago)
omg the top 10 was among the sheep
Tiv Tonix (11 months ago)
7:11... You owe me a new phone -.-
krenkson (1 year ago)
You forgot one of the best horror games CRY OF FEAR, its free on Steam
Joe Shomo (1 year ago)
nah non of these are my fav(well fnaf is)i like tattletail
OldBen (1 year ago)
Nice man!!You have shown great games,I agree with your list!
Big Juicy (1 year ago)
Next time, do games that were made in 2016 like the video title suggests. Otherwise, just stop making videos if you're that ignorant. Dummies made this video
tjmoke tjmoke (1 year ago)
Obscure one two
Unk nown (1 year ago)
where the link
sm sm (1 year ago)
D Jam (1 year ago)
um...just so you know pritty much all of these games on this list were not made in 2016..
Alan Wake and The Evil Within.
Alan Wake and The Evil Within.
sorry, bro. connection problem.
Alucard (1 year ago)
you said that 4 times...
Alan Wake and The Evil Within. Try it.
Alan Wake and The Evil Within. Try it.
Alan Wake and The Evil Within. Try it.
Asma (2 years ago)
the best game is layers of fear
calitroit45 (2 years ago)
Five nights at freddys is overrated,its only a jump scare game and shouldn't be on the list
Trans Tomato (1 year ago)
calitroit45 basically all games jus scare but that game jumps scares for often
DarthMessias (1 year ago)
So was Pokémon...
I agree but the scariest thing about this game is the lore and if you dig it a bit it's probably based on real events...
AJsVIEW (2 years ago)
+Ahmed The Muslim I don't care whether you respect it or not I say what I want when I want so take a hike and get off my back ya nut job!
AJsVIEW (2 years ago)
Ahmed The Muslim ok so u are retarded. what is written by me is obviously my opinion. who asked u to interpret it as others opinion?????
ryton11 (2 years ago)
3:00 Legendas brasileiras hahaha
Alucard (1 year ago)
Eu acho que é um jogo brasileiro é por isso que está assim..
Richyy!꼬링크 (2 years ago)
Don't put the tag 2016 in the video if you don't feature any from 2016. Also this list is pretty unsolid. Alien: Isolation is not nearly as good as the most of the games here.
Corey Webb (2 years ago)
Some of these games didn't come out in 2016 ???
Hugh Janus (2 years ago)
Only 3 of them did
LastChanceFTW (2 years ago)
The trully horror game is Outlast, noob
Gixxer983 (11 months ago)
Its on the list ....
Hugh Janus (2 years ago)
Nut Nutty (2 years ago)
Amnesia - TDD and Penumbra - BP because have scary monster Penumbra's monster is so much scary. FNAF --- I don't want to talk about who scares from toys? Outlast+WB DLC ---My favourite horror game.Not so much scary but scary i ever played it. F.E.A.R. --- Looks scary SOMA --- Looks scary Alien: Isolation --- Looks so scary.
Nut Nutty (2 years ago)
Condemned - Criminal Origins is no scary but murderers or zombies whatever coming like jumpscare and this makes game horror - scary. =)
Fatih Mabruri (2 years ago)
dread out
Richi Gonzalo (2 years ago)
españolllllllllllllllllllll mrd
poem gaming (2 years ago)
some of these games r from 2015 and 2014...
Richyy!꼬링크 (2 years ago)
+poem gaming Amnesia from 2010...
Andy Garcia (2 years ago)
if mcdonalds called back I could start working and save up for a damn PC!!!!!!!!!!!
Grognak the Barbarian (2 years ago)
Lol that's exactly what I'm doing......weird

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